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    Default Prepare for crit, Proby...

    Ok, so recently I have been spriting a little more, mainly due to competitions, but other stuff as well just if I felt like it. In other words, this is my gallery V2

    My current WIP, a scratch of a an electric/fly type based off a puffin

    I call it "Staffin" (Static- Puffin)

    Oh yeah, and while i'm at it, I'm also STILL working on Biby
    Version 2: [IMG]http://i45.*******.com/2w69t21.jpg[/IMG] Version 3:
    Remember him?

    Please crit this, I need to make it better.

        Spoiler:- others:

    I have been working on my fusions quite a bit, and I think i have improved a little.

        Spoiler:- Fusions/Splices:

    I've not done many since I stopped for a little while, so here are what I HAVE done in between.

        Spoiler:- Re-types:


        Spoiler:- Scratches:

    I have started doing trainers, as well. I've done three.

        Spoiler:- Trainers:


    A weird fusion

    Voltorb as a beach ball

    A fusion made to look like a boy scout

    Please crit, I want to improve, any C&C will be taken and listened to, as long as it's not to my personal liking (for example: "I think that you should put this pattern on it" if I don't agree.)

    I'll make sure I edit!
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