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    Can i slot in here please?
    i will only crit & praise one
    first of, all i love the idea as its hard to make steel pokemon that
    are all ready done.
    first of all, the shading is a bit off
    if its the color of the 'steel' then use more 'metal' colors
    eg-use them off steelix or something. or making it more robotic
    also steeleon suffers from something a like to call cornerage
    basically, the edges are very 'square' and need to be rounded off
    i will try to give you an example for you once my computer
    loads quicker

    i hope this help on this one

    aslo dont quit

    biatch im fabulous

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    ok, heres a bit of praise to start, i like your idea's, i've never seen a puffin (is that what they're called?) pokemon, so that is new to me and i like that .

    and hey, don't worry, we all start from somewhere, when Yami first gave me crit, i thought it was harsh too, but then i went back an read it a few times and it started to click, i made some new sprites, again they were crap, but it wasn't until the other day, after about 2 years of spriting, while watching my friend. Everything suddenly clicked, i understood shading and everything. so just be patient and in time, things will come.

    now for some more crit:

    I like the steel eevee evo, it's been done a lot before, but dont take offence to the next thing i say, but it looks kinda basic, and thats what i like about it, other's have blades and what-not stuffed onto them. I like what you've done by just making it look like it's metal.

    Abnoche, i like the idea, maybe, instead of scratching it, you might want to try a fusion of other things first, to get a general idea of what it would look like, then try and scratch over that. That's what i do when i can't get an idea right, and it really seems to help.

    so i hope these tips help you, have a good christmas

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    Ok, so I am no good at spriting. However, I do have an artisic eye. I will try to help you and give you some advice if you will listen.

    Ok first of all Kudos on the idea of a Puffin pokemon. It's unique and I haven't seen it before.
    You seriously need to work on the sprite. The lineart seems incredibly wobbly, the head not even being a perfect sphere. Lineart usually follows a pattern of dots. I'll try and show you what I mean.
    This is what a sphere is meant to look like. Notice the dots are follow a pattern to make the perfect sphere shape?
    Now this is a messy sphere, like your puffin. Notice how broken the shape is, with dots all over the place.
    Try to use smooth curving shapes rather than rushed jagged ones.

    Now for the shading. Like many other posters have said, you need to pick a light source and stick with it. I'll show you what I mean.

    Now, lets say my crappily drawn sun is our light source. That means our highlights (the lightest colour) is closest to that area. The darkest colour (shadow) is the furthest away, because that's how shadow behaves.

    Same goes for most of your other sprites, really. Hope this helps at least a little. :/

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