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    Hey potential club readers *waves hand* This is (if it is approved) the Buffy The Vampire Slayer club. Unless I've missed something, this is the first Buffy club on the forums.

    This club is (obviously) for fans of Buffy or related media - whether it be the TV series, the spin-off Angel, the comic book continuation of the TV series, the original movie, the proposed remake, additional comics . . . although both TV series have ended, there is nevertheless opportunity to discuss practically anything about the Buffyverse - heroes, villans, demons, spells, fights, funny moments - heck, even character's outfits. The point is, there's loads to discuss about the Buffyverse.

    The Rules

    • All SPPf rules apply here; if for some reason you're lost, here they are.
    • There's only one conditions to joining - no post count requirement, no "you have to have been a member for a month" or anything like that - simply, you have to copy/paste the following quote into your registration to prove that you're read the rules. The quote is:
      She likes cheese . . . I'm not saying it's the key to her heart, but Buffy . . . she likes cheese.
    • Alternately if you're on a device (like 3DS) that doesn't allow copy/pasting, instead write (in italics):

      She likes cheese.

    • Fail to complete the registration properly (aka don't have the quote) and I'll give you one more chance. I'll politely quote you to remind you to re-read the rules, and then ask for you to re-submit your registration. If you haven't read the rules after being reminded, tough luck. Continue posting in the thread and you'll be warned, then reported . . . it won't look good for you.
    • Be active. I'm not expecting you to post every single time you can without double posting, but don't just join to have your name on the list. Contribute. I'm not going to ban you if you don't post for x amount of days (I can't be bothered keeping track of that). Just be sure to be active!
    • No SPAM, no flaming, no double posting, no pointless posts - basically, keep it nice and keep the thread clean. As far as "pointless posts" go, use your judgment - make sure your post has enough content to continue the discussion, a general rule of thumb is two to three sentences - good sentences too. Nothing like "Buffys hot. Riley sux. Twilight is a Buffy ripoff!"
    • Respect all members.
    • Respect all characters, episodes, writers, artists, actors - while it's fine to have your opinion, we don't want stuff like "willows a f*g" or "joss wheddon is the only good writer."
    • Have fun

    ~Member List~

    kjt (I'm all lonely! Somebody else join! )


    Ok, so I don't actually have any banners or anything to post here; I'm not the best artist in the world. Instead, I'm inviting any artists who feel they're up to it to submit a banner for the club. If you do do this, please post both the banner (as an image) and the link. Thanks to anyone who gives this a shot


    So, if this club does get approved and people are interested in joining, we'll need a discussion topic to start us off . . . I'm thinking what do you like best about the series? Give us a little bit about your history with Buffy too - when you watched it (like when the episodes were "new"), how much of the series you've seen . . . stuff like that.

    I suppose I'll give you my Buffy history. I started watching this year. I'd heard the series mentioned but never seen it before. I saw it on one night and decided to watch (it was the first episode, Welcome To The Hellmouth). Every Saturday night it was on, the whole first season. I was disappointed when it was replaced by another show. I then stumbled across the end of season one and start on season two airing on a different channel. They have five episodes every Saturday. I watched all of series two that way. Eventually I decided to look around the internet and found the complete series DVDs for $130 (that's New Zealand Dollars BTW). So I bought it, and have just started watching series five. I'm loving it.

    Now, for what I like best about the series - probably how it can still remain funny even though there's an apocalypse coming, or the characters are in the middle of a showdown. Buffy's sassy-ness is definitely one of the main contributors, all her mid-slaying puns.

    I'm gonna stop now, not gonna pour my heart into this post just to find that we don't get any members
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    I'm allowed one bump to get this back to the first page . . . here goes nothin' . . .
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