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Thread: Pokemon TCG Club

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    Default Pokemon TCG Club

    Welcome to the Pokemon TCG club, to discuss all Pokemon TCG!

    What is Pokemon TCG?

    Glad you asked. It stands for Trading Card Game, and Pokemon has one.

    Here are the rules:

    1. *Insert all SPPF rules here*
    2. No one lining. This is one lining:

    hi id lke 2 join plz
    Some one-lining is tolerated, if it's on topic and actually has a message to it.

    3. ^That's also an example of chatspeak, which is not allowed.
    4. Stay on topic. Don't have the club discussion be about video games, etc.
    5. Don't ask to be co-owner. If you ask, you probably won't be co-owner. HOWEVER you can ask to be a Supporter.
    6. If you want to join, please fill in this application:

    Years playing the TCG/Experience:
    Favourite card and why:
    League/Tourny player:
    Brief reason for wanting to join:


    Username: Nidoprince
    Years playing the TCG/Experience: I started around a few months ago, but I'm not a total rookie.
    Favourite card and why: Deoxys EX (I opened it with my friends) or Hitmonlee Legendary Collection reverse holo (It's got amazing firework foil on it).
    League/Tourny player: League player, haven't been to a tournament yet.
    Brief reason for wanting to join: I love the TCG and practicly arrange my deck and go to the TCG forum of SPPF every day!
    Other: I'm starting to go on Redshark and figure out how it works.

    7. Be active! If you are not active for a month, you will have to rejoin.

    8. If a co-owner or owner is inactive, everybody will recieve a temporary rank-up.

    Active Pokemon (Owners and Co-owners):

    Nidoprince 18

    Supporters (People who help out with the club):

    GalladeTheGreat 12

    Benched Pokemon (Members):

    darklord18 3
    Liriane 2
    Mi10ticFan 1

    KO'd Pokemon (Banned Users):


    Now for a little more explaining...

    The owner is the head honcho of the club. He (I, Nidoprine) can ban, infract, and accept/deny members into the club and elect co-owners. The owner has complete control over everyone in the club (Except for SPPF mods, who may post if something serious is up).
    The co-owner(s) are the back-up for the owner. If the owner is taking a vacation or something, the co-owner(s) gets the exact job of the owner. They regularly do everything an owner can, except elect co-owners and control the club completely when the owner is active. They have control over everyone listed below.
    The supporters are the ones who are like the co-owners, but do jobs for the club such as supplying topics, providing fanart, helping with the club layout, postcounting etc. They can do that, and accept/deny members into the club. If the owner is inactive, and the co-owners are too (Or don't even exist) one of them will be handed the owner's job.
    Members are what keep the club alive. They can suggest things to owners/supporters/co-owners, but the minute they something does not mean it will happen.


    What's your favorite card (not Pokemon but card in general)?
    What type of cards (lv x, SP, EX etc) did you like?
    About how many rare cards (including promos) do you have?
    What are you hoping for in the new LEGENDS series?

    Current Poll:


    Thanks for looking!
    Last edited by Nidoprince; 14th January 2010 at 12:21 AM.
    Quit. For real this time lol. Moved to Pokebeach as Tyaniking a long time ago. The only thing keeping me here was the games corner and the really fun RPGs, but those are out, so I started going to the TCG section, but that's pretty much dead. I'm trying to get into the video games, but most of my time is devoted to the TCG, so IDK how it's gonna go. If I get back into the games, I'll probably come back. Besides, most of the other TCG crew moved to Pokebeach as well. Any of my groups or games may be closed or they may be remade by anyone who wants to. I give full permission. I'm sorry I have to leave, but that's just life.

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