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    Default Fanfiction Soundtracks

    Well I haven't seen one of these around here in a while, so I figured I'd remake it.

    So here it is: Fanfiction Soundtracks! Post a soundtrack to your fiction(s), keep them within reason, and abide by the rules. Discussion about other people's song choices is also encouraged, provided there is no flaming.

    Soundtrack for Four Island High:
    1.Mutt (Blink-182)- Group Theme
    2.Homecoming (Green Day)- Mike's Theme
    3.Second Chance (Shinedown)- John's Theme
    4.Welcome to the Black Parade (My Chemical Romance)- Flashback Theme
    5.The (Shipped) Gold Standard (Fall Out Boy)- Ending Theme

    Soundtrack for The Sevii Islands Saga:
    1.Thnks Fr Th Mmrs (Fall Out Boy)- Group Theme
    2.Ben's Theme (National Treasure)- John's Theme
    3.Who I am Hates Who I've Been (Reliant K)- Mike's Theme
    4.21 Guns (Green Day)- Lindsey's Theme
    5.Baba O'Riley (The Who)- Joey's Theme
    6.Who are you? (The Who)- George's Theme
    7.Anthem (Blink-182)- Theme of Chapters 1-10
    8.War? (System of a Down)- Theme of Chapters 11-20
    9.Man Overboard (Blink-182)- Theme of Chapter 21
    10.The Ring Goes South (Lord of the Rings)- Theme of Chapters 22-30
    11.Before the Lobotomy (Green Day)- Theme of Chapters 31-35
    12.Stay Together for the Kids (Blink-182)- Theme of Chapters 35-42
    13.Beat It (Fall Out Boy)- Theme of Chapters 43-45
    14.Reckless Abandon (Blink-182)-Theme of Chapters 46-47
    15.Gladiator Theme- Theme of Chapter 48
    16.Duel of Fates (John Williams)- Theme of Chapter 49
    17.Battle of the Heros (John Williams)- Theme of Chapter 50
    18.Vader's Redempition (John Williams)- Theme of Chapter 51
    19.Alliance Assembly (John Williams)- Theme of Chapter 52
    Bonus Track-20.Rich Lips (Blink-182)- Scott's Theme

    Soundtrack for The Sevii Islands Saga-The Price of Freedom:
    1.Benjamin's Theme (The Patriot)- Vincent's Theme
    2.Camden (The Patriot)- Initial Battle Theme
    3.Guliford Courthouse (The Patriot)- End Battle Theme
    4.The Patriot Game (Clancy Brothers)
    5.Lycanthrope (+44)

    Soundtrack for O Come O Come Emmauel/The Gospel of Emmanuel(Partial):
    1.O Come O Come Emmanuel-Prologue Theme
    2.O Come All Ye Faithful- Chapter 1 Theme
    3.We Three Kings- Chapter 2 Theme

    And thats it for me. :]
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    Hey :D I was going to post this thread sometime, so I guess I'll just post in this one P;

    The Sapphire Story //

    1. I Got a Feeling - Black Eyed Peas
    2. We Can Try - Between the Trees
    3. Hummingbird - nevershoutnever! (Cole's theme)
    4. Want - Adam Lambert (Theme for Fic)
    5. I'll Be There For You - The Rembrandts
    6. Electric Feel - MGMT (Dominik's theme)
    7. Kids - MGMT
    8. Beautiful Dirty Rich - Lady GaGa (Blair's theme)
    9. Where I Belong - Motion City Soundtrack
    10. Please Don't Leave Me - Pink (Cory's theme)
    11. A Time For Yohe - Bewteen The Trees (Wilson's theme)
    12. Anywhere But Here - Safetysuit
    13. Sweet and Low - Augustana
    14. Together - Rabbit (Krypto's theme)
    15. This Is For Real - Motion City Soundtrack
    16. Kissing You Goodbye - The Used
    17. The Unwinding Cable Car - Anberlin
    18. Mad World - Tears For Fears (Gary Jules' version, though) (Kalmin's theme)
    19. Smother Me - The Used (Dillon's theme)
    20. Baby Come On - +44


    EDIT: Changed some songs :)
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    gah, the only thing that I don't like about these threads is that people post a load of anime music, how are you supposed to find and listen to that!?

    Manaphyman's choices we're a lot better (in a being able to find the music way, his taste in music isn't that great, lots of emo kid music and CSI fanboying) Whilst brilliant songs, there are far better Who songs :P

    Soundtrack for my fic... I don't really have a soundtrack for specific things, I think it clutters it down it too much meaning. I just enjoy a general 'feel'

    I'd say listening to the entirety of these albums would give you a good idea of the feel.

    OK Computer - Radiohead
    Hail To The Thief - Radiohead
    Aenima - Tool
    10,000 Days - Tool
    Lateralus - Tool
    Ride The Lightning - Metallica
    Master Of Puppets - Metallica
    Train Of Thought - Dream Theater
    Metropolis Pt. 2 Scenes From A Memory - Dream Theater

    That is basically where I get a lot of my inspiration from. And just in case you hadn't noticed, that basically is, those four bands (plus various others) are the entirety of my iPod, I have every album by each of these artists. I suggest listening to everything these bands have ever produced to get an idea of where my writing goes.

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    For my (not-so-soon) upcoming fic, anything Enya. Enya's songs just works so well with a journey fic; it's like her songs imprint vivid imagery of beautiful vistas and whatnot when I listen to it.

    Also, The Traveling Song by
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    (in a being able to find the music way, his taste in music isn't that great, lots of emo kid music and CSI fanboying) Whilst brilliant songs, there are far better Who songs :P
    This was extremely rude and uncalled for. Someone else may think your music is sub-par, but the whole point of this thread is really to showcase our different musical tastes. No one else here seems to be namecalling and declaring their the Superior Taste. There's really not any excuse for a snide jab like that, especially when the vitriol is so obviously directed at one person. It's quite immature.

    Oh, music, right. These are all connected with ol' "Reflect."

    Mutemath Clipping
    Mutemath Control
    Death Cab for Cutie The Ice is Getting Thinner
    Kerli Beautiful Inside
    Kerli The Creationist
    Frou Frou Let Go
    Switchfoot Golden
    Switchfoot Home
    Shinedown Sound of Madness
    Matchbox twenty Shame
    Matt Nathanson Little Victories
    Audioslave Be Yourself
    U2 Original of the Species
    Aracade Fire Wake Up
    Muse Starlight
    Snow Patrol Run
    Train Counting Airplanes
    Keane Crystal Ball
    Foo Fighters Let It Die
    Coldplay Fix You
    Coldplay Death and All His Friends
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    Quote Originally Posted by Diddy View Post
    gah, the only thing that I don't like about these threads is that people post a load of anime music, how are you supposed to find and listen to that!?
    I'm pretty sure it's called Youtube. You'd be surprised how much you can find there ;P
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    Ugh, too many bands to name but basically, while writing my stories I generally listen to...

    OK Computer - Radiohead
    Fear of a Blank Planet - Porcupine Tree
    In Absentia - Porcupine Tree.
    Aenima - Tool
    Master of Puppets - Metallica
    Ride the Lightning - Metallica
    Reign in Blood - Slayer
    Images and Words - Dream Theater
    Octavarium - Dream Theater
    Heartwork - Carcass
    Follow the Reaper - Children of Bodom
    The 1st Chapter - Circus Maximus.
    Cowboys from Hell -Pantera
    Chaosphere - Meshuggah
    Don't Break the Oath - Mercyful Fate
    The Hours That Remain - Mercenary
    Countdown to Extinction - Megadeth
    Sad Wings of Destiny - Judas Priest
    Ample Destruction - Jag Panzer
    Brave New World - Iron Maiden
    Buried in Oblivion - Into Eternity
    Finished with the Dogs - Holy Moses
    The Dark Ride - Helloween
    Fabulous Disaster - Exodus
    Act Seven - Creamatory
    Operation Mindcrime - Queensryche
    Alien - Strapping Young Lad

    And many, many more....

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    Ah, about time this returned.

    I could only collect a variety of things that I listen to while writing Three: H/Rt-314. These are the ones I listen to regularly, but the artists or OSTs as a whole are generally reliable indicators of the feel. Some of these match specific scenes, others are relavent to characters. Some songs I think the band would perform. Pick and choose as you will.

    Three: H/Rt-314

    A Perfect Circle
    - Gravity
    - Pet (and by extension, Counting Bodies Like Sheep to the Rythmn of the War Drums)
    - The Outsider
    - 3 Libras
    - Passive

    - Lithium

    Lisa Gerrard:
    - Towards the Tower
    - In Exile
    - The Sea Whisperer

    Sigur Ros:
    - Untitled #1 (Vaka)

    3 Days Grace:
    - Pain
    - Animal I Have Become
    - Riot

    Breaking Benjamin:
    - Unknown Soldier
    - Dance with the Devil
    - Believe
    - Away

    - Push It
    - Tell Me Where it Hurts

    - Parabola
    - Lateralus

    - Sandstorm

    DJ Raaban:
    - Drop the Base

    DJ Nate:
    - Beginning of Time


    Peter Gabriel - Running to the Rain
    Tomas Newman - Lost in Time
    Angel (Season 1) - Hero
    Angel (Season 4) - Home

    And... this.
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    Well, my fic hasn't gotten particularly far yet but there are some songs I think would suit certain people and places. Some haven't made an appearence yet but maybe the song choices will intrigue people enough to read on. XD

    Rai's theme - A Punk by Vampire Weekend
    Zach's theme - Generator by The Holloways
    Ethar's theme - Standing In The Way Of Control by The Gossip
    Psymon's theme - Somebody Told Me by The Killers
    James' theme - Hello Conscience by The Zutons
    Bruce's theme - Fire Starter by Prodigy
    Orion's theme - United States Of Whatever by Liam Lynch
    Skylar's theme - Malcolm In The Middle Theme by They Might Be Giants
    Cyrus' theme - Viva La Vida by Coldplay
    Cassandra's theme - You Could Make The Four Walls Cry by The Zutons
    Lauren's Pufferno's theme - Polkamon by Weird Al Yankovic


    Tempest Village - La Bamba by Los Lobos
    Youthville - Put Your Records On by Corinne Bailey Rae
    Pinelake Town - Not A Lot To Do by The Zutons
    Serpent Forest - Danse Macabre by Camille Saint-Saëns
    Archeal Town - Haunted by Evanessence
    Russet City - Our Velocity by Maximo Park
    Redwood Grove - Rooftops by the Lostprophets
    Distortion World - Nightmare Pt.2 by The Zutons


    Rai's dash from Chapter 1 - Miss Alissa by The Eagles Of Death Metal
    Riven Peak scene from Chapter 2 - Mountain Song by Jane's Addiction
    The heroes encounter Xerxes - The Pretender by the Foo Fighters
    Theme of the end - New Divide by Linkin Park
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    Ok, here's my soundtrack for my Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series.

    Dimentions of Darkness: The Explorers of Nightmares/the Core/the Beyond

    1. You've Got a Friend in Me Randy Newman (Piplup and Chimchar's Theme)

    2. Land of Confusion Genesis (Grovyle's Theme)

    3. The Good Left Undone Rise Against (Dusknoir's Theme)

    4. Don't Stop Believin' Journey (Wigglytuff Guild Theme)

    5. Viva la Vida Coldplay (Darkrai's Theme)

    6. Creeping in my Soul Christine Lorentzen (Book 1 Theme)

    7. The Final Countdown Europe (Battle in the Hidden Land Theme)

    8. Go the Distance Disney's Hercules (Book 1 Ending Theme)

    9. Down to Earth Peter Gabriel (Book 2 Theme)

    10. Send Me on My Way Rusted Root (Piplup and Co. Book 2 Travel Theme)

    11. Eye of the Tiger Survivor (Training Montage)

    12. Still Ben Folds (Book 2 Ending Theme)

    13. Hero Bionicle (Book 3 Theme)

    14. No Way Out Phil Collins (Prison Theme)

    15. On My Way Phil Collins (Piplup and Co. Book 3 Travel Theme)

    16. Keep Holding On Avril Lavigne (War of the Beyond Theme)

    17. The Spirit of Adventure Disney-Pixar's Up (Book 3 Ending Theme)

    18. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Theme Pokemon Company (Series Theme)
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    Funny how I start to compile songs for my characters and I find a thread to post it all in. I'm going to link the titles to a video on Youtube. If I'm doing something wrong then someone please tell me.

    Dedication Through Light and Darkness Character themes
    Jyharri's theme: Bruce Faulconer - Goku's Super Saiyan 3 Ascension theme
    Sydnie's theme: Paramore - CrushCrushCrush
    Brandon's theme: Puddle of Mudd - Blurry
    Mio's theme: Pop Evil - Hero
    Aeolus's theme: E Nomine - Das Omen
    Stacy and Craig's theme: Silverstein - Smile in Your Sleep (Dance Remix)

    Dedication Through Light and Darkness other themes
    Team Lustrous: Nobuo Uematsu - One Winged Angel
    The Black Organization: Yasuharu Takanashi - Akatsuki
    Jyharri and Stacy: Basshunter - All I Ever Wanted
    Jyharri's Victory - Toshio Masuda - Victory
    Blaziken's Sky Uppercut: Toshio Masuda - I'll Do it Right!
    Credit goes to MagicMochi. Check out their shop.

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    While it is very reminiscent of a lot of journey trainer fics, it held my attention. It stands out among a lot of the other fics I've read lately and I'm excited to continue the story.

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    But of course.

    Quirky little songs for a quirky little fic.

    | F i n d i n g . A c a i |[Soundtrack]

    1: A Nervous Tic Motion of the Head to the Left // Andrew Bird

    2) Energy // The Apples in Stereo

    3) Fluorescent Adolescent // The Arctic Monkeys

    4) Hunting for Witches // Bloc Party

    5) Sunny Moon // The Cat Empire

    6) Everybody Here Is A Cloud // Cloud Cult

    7) Ole Black 'n Blue Eyes // The Fratellis

    8) Wine Red // The Hush Sound

    9) Gold Guns Girls // Metric

    10) We've Got Everything // Modest Mouse

    11) Fake Empire // The National

    12) Send Me On My Way // Rusted Root

    12) Phantom Limb // The Shins

    13) Dr. Worm // They Might Be Giants

    14) Family Tree // TV On The Radio

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