Here I go, into the end, here's my team for the Tower (I wont post EVs, my spreads are pretty much standard)

Stealth Rock
Double Team
Leading up is this thing. It is amazing-only 44 SpA EVs in there and the damage it deals is amazing. I'll SR, then Toxic, then Double Team. Repeated but using Psychic and those EVs always make this guy one worthy lead. I have outstalled most trainers alone with this set.

Garchomp@Choice Band
Stone Edge
Dragon Claw
Another deathtrap, only this guy leaps into combat and comes out victorious, this guy has caused tear-ups on PBR before. Once, I fought a Snorlax and OHKO'd it with ONE OUTRAGE. It's why I don't use Brick Break, even if Weavile poses a threat. Outrage rips up Ghosts and Darks for Uxie.

Scizor@Occa Berry
Bullet Punch
Swords Dance
Brick Break
Wing Attack
Everyone detests Wing Attack, but it destroys Heracross, Pinsir, and many other Pokémon. You will all fear this guy, him and Garchomp are the majors-all 3 of these Pokémon together make Scizor uber and this guy has got Occa Berry so I can counter all Pokémon with this thing.

Close Calls
Battle 63-VS Registeel, Zapdos, and Heracross
Battle 66-VS Dusknoir, Hitmonlee, and Suicune
Battle 67-VS Torkoal, Shedinja, and Garchomp
Battle 79-VS Porygon2, Blissey, and Regice

Win streaks
Try 1-91
Try 2-84 (critical hit)
Try 3-103
Try 4-102
Try 5-70 (current)

Rate and comment, I've put weeks into development, I'm aiming for 150, I shall get there.