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    Hi. I'm TimKish. I specialize in mixing 2 Pokemon sprites and fusing them together to make new and fake ones.

    Here are some basic reminders if you want to join.

    1. You need to go to my page and ask first.
    2. If I say yes, then I will send you an invite.
    3. Whoever joins must follow the rules, or I will remove them from the group.

    1. Listen to me.
    2. Don't put any swear words or anything to that value/ anything worse.
    3. This is a group thing. We need to discuss things before we do them.
    4. It is also a group for Pokemon sprites. We need to remember THAT'S WHAT THIS GROUP IS FOR.
    5. Don't make fun of somebody's work if you think it's bad.
    6. HAVE FUN!!!

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    1 completely wrong section
    2 not all people have to listen to you
    3 I think this is also created already

    biatch im fabulous

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    No spamming.

    be sure to read the rules of every section before posting ;)
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