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    I have never nicknamed a Pokemon...until Black 2. I don't know why I all of a sudden decided to give them unique names (maybe I just decided to be more fun?). But I only name the Pokemon I use in battle, all the others stay the same.
    These are the Pokemon I use and their nicknames:

    Blaziken - Blaze
    Nidoking - Nicholai
    Zoroark - Loki
    Dragonite - Nyx
    Infernape - Zuko
    Lucario - Anubis
    Houndoom - Dante
    Carracosta - Leonardo
    Rapidash - Ashes (Shiny Rapidash with grey flame)
    Pidgeot - Maverick (Whenever I train him I play Highway to the Dangerzone :P)
    Charizard - Shadow (He's a shiny black one)
    Gyarados - Red (He's a shiny red Gyarados. Yeah I know, not very creative)
    Cobalion - Porthos
    Terrakion - Athos
    Virizion - Aramis
    Keldeo - D'Artagnan (Yes this Keldeo is hacked, and no I never use it for online battling. I do have a legit Keldeo, in resolute form, but I hacked a second one just to be able to give it this nickname :P)
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