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Thread: Nicknames - What do you name your Pokemon? & Nickname Help!

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    ^ How about Hanumon for your Ambipom? It's the name of a Hindu god, who is the god of wind or something, but he apparently led an army of monkeys to fight a demon king. 8D He was apparently one of their most powerful and intelligent deities.

    I nickname all my Pokemon that I plan to keep or actually train. I don't nickname Pokemon I catch only to unlock something in the game or if I'm using them to trade. I sometimes have a theme, but when I have a looooot of Pokemon, as I do in Pearl, I just give each Pokemon a name that I feel suits it individually.
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    I need a name for a quiet nature female espeon(currently jedi)

    My team is.......
    sceptile>>>>>>>>>>>>just a bunch of symbols
    espeon>>>>>>>>>>>>jedi(needs renaming)
    infernape>>>>>>>>>>punch(my friend calls it punchie)(knows fire&thunder&mach punch)
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    I nicknamed my Palkia, Tardis. (A Doctor Who referance, since the tardis travels in space and palkia keeps space stable)

    Does anybody have a good nickname for a Uxie?
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    ^Well... Dr Who is probably better known for time travel but he basically does the whole space travel aswell :P It's still a good name.

    Call Uxie Tails... only if the other two are named Sonic and Knuckles though. how about a name meaning sleep or something to do with what happens when it's eyes open? Think about the legend surrounding it or something.

    Or Marzipan... call it that.

    I rarely name my pokemon. I've named my entire first ev trained team:

    Typhlosion - Bakutarou - Got it from the pokemon manga i've read online
    Espeon - Nekomata - Some sort of lucky cat i beleive?
    Tyranitar - Gojira - Does it need explanation?
    Houndoom - Cerberus - Ok so it doesn't have three heads but it looks like a hell hound anyway.
    Kingdra - Shenlong - Mythical "Spirit dragon" thought to have controlled wind and rain... mines has rain dance so makes sense!
    Crobat - Taborc - Well... use a mirror! Read it backwards!

    Also my Starter Empoleon is called Zabulon as a Night Watch reference and i have an Electabuzz called Gesar, also a Night Watch (and Day Watch) referance.

    I also named my Sneasel purely because i was so pleased with her ability to steal awesome items from pokemon so i called her Matilda... don't know why but it's a good movie anyway!

    I also have a Blastoise from Leaf Green called Galapagos. Fitting name i feel.

    I also named some of my shinies:

    Lopunny - Pinky - yes really original... my first shiny ok i was excited!
    Magikarp - Rincewind - Most useless shiny i have due to it's nature and ivs and the fact i can get it's evolution in HG/SS. Rincewind is the most useless wizard in Terry Pratchett's discworld stories.
    Ampharos - Denryu - I beleive it's japanese name? Sounds nice and i occasionally say "Denny" or "Denny-roo" outloud when using him :P
    Slowbro - Florence - Well i like Florence and the Machine and it's a female Slowbrow and it is a really odd and daft name to go with such a funny looking thing.
    Togetic - Pie - Cute name for a cute pokemon =P
    Shinx - Flash the male from Flash Gordon and Amber the female as she is a nice bright warm yellow.
    Tyranitar - Shichi - I looked this up apparently means "seven" or "seventh" This Tyranitar was the 7th one in a chain.

    I try to go for names derived from mythology especially Japanese, Chinese and Norse mythology however it's difficult to match the names to the right pokemon. Also some names from the Final Fantasy series or latin names work well

    I'm thinking of naming my shiny charizard Tyr Norse god of War if i remember right. Or Tiamat... it's a cool sounding name of something from Final Fantasy. I also need a name for my shiny Beldum soon to be Metagross.

    I just remembered i had really lame names for my third gen pokes as i used to name quite alot.

    Bodom the Blaziken named after the band Children of Bodom
    Jezebel the Girafarig although that's the coolest name ever.
    Metallica the Beldum... it's metal...
    Iron Maiden the Lairon... it's metal...
    Link the Ludicolo from Zelda haha
    Cloud the Altaria... yes
    Dahlia the Grumpig - named after the band The Black Dahlia Murder.
    I'm sure i had a minun called Megadeth and a plusle called AC/DC. Now i don't particularly like Plusle or Minun and so since i hate megadeth it works out... but i like AC/DC so that argument fails.

    Oh and a manectric called Thunder. At least that one stays away from band names... oh god what was i thinking? Stupid band names geeze how effing lame is that. -_-

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    I named my Infernape nacho, Omastar gary, Roserade natura, Bronzong faceprint, named my skuntank stinky,

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    I named my Platinum team after Greek Gods and Godesses.

    Moltres - Hephaestus (God of fire)
    Aeolus - Honchkrow (God of wind)
    Cybele - Venusaur (Goddess of nature)
    Aphrodite - Milotic (Goddess of love)
    Gaia - Donphan (Goddess of earth)
    Ares - Gallade (God of war)

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    The most recent thing I nicknamed was a omanyte called Starfish. :3

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    I like naming pokemon from other games, thing, books etc.
    Shiny Machamp-Hulk

    But I like the idea of Ratchet and Clank, I might name, Monferno Ratchet and Beldum as Clank

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    i named a clefairy pinky (STOP LAUGHING)

    Side Note:i also raised it to lvl 100
    Ones Training for worlds: more to come...

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    i need a nicknames for meganium.any help?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kiruria View Post
    Cresselia - Izanami (Japanese moon goddess)
    I hate saying it, but Izanami is one of the creation dieties in Japanese lore. Wierder still that she dies, but I've seen a Native American story very similar to the story of Izanagi & Izanami. Tsukiyomi, the moon goddess, was born from Izanami's left eye after she died giving birth to Kagatsuchi, the fire god.

    Also, I have a female Tyranitar that's nicknamed Jezebel, but I think it could be better? Any suggestions?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kenny51508 View Post
    I nicknamed my Palkia, Tardis. (A Doctor Who referance, since the tardis travels in space and palkia keeps space stable)

    Does anybody have a good nickname for a Uxie?
    Heh. I did the same thing with my Palkia in Pearl. But in Platinum, I named my Dialga and Palkia Hawking and Hartle, after the physicists.

    Even better, I caught Dialga in a Timer Ball, so when it appears, that ticking clock appears. Palkia's in a Dusk Ball, so you get the dark void-like cloud.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Scalgon View Post
    Steelix - Iron Dick

    Don't get me started on Palkia.
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    I don't nickname in Diamond, and all I can remember from Pearl is Sturnus (Genus of the starling) the Starly. In Platinum, however...

    Torterra: Chelon, after Chelonia, the genus/order/something of turtles and tortoises.
    Golduck: Sally. Yeah... I was feeling lazy and never bothered to rename it. But hey, at least it is a girl.
    Gallade: Masaharu. Sounds properly Japanese for a warrior such as him.
    Mamoswine: Pancetta, as in pancetta ham. One of my stranger names.
    Giratina: Zhao Long. Long is Chinese for dragon, and Zhao just makes it sound cooler.
    Rotom: Blitz, I think. The only pokemon on my Platinum not on my battling team that I bothered to nickname. Not sure why.

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    I Nickname many of my pokemon, I just give then names based of real life things and translate them to spanish. Example My Milotic is named Agua Dulce Spanish for Fresh Water and or Sweet Water.
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    I nickname all of my Pokémon (sometimes even giving two or more the same name lol). Here are the names of my current team:

    Empoleon - Empresseon (female Empoleon)
    Tropius - Delicio (tasty fruit)
    Luxray - Rekka (personal, inside joke with bf)
    Gardevoir - Blossom (sakura blossom)
    Infernape - Quometor (comet, fire, etc)
    Milotic - Mirakarasu (jap name ish)

    Here are some of the more interesting names I've came up with:

    Oddish - Dishy (lol)
    Diglett - Monotony (one)
    Dugtrio - Trinity (three)
    Tentacruel - Feeshee (only word I caught of its dex entry was "fish")
    Weezing - Garbarrage (garbage and barrage combo)
    Jynx - Hexiss (hex and kiss combo)
    Flareon - Nawty (all I remember of Stadium is Flareon wiggling its bum XD)
    Mareep - Eep (lol)
    Sudowoodo - Woodosudo (made sense to me at the time)
    Wooper - Supa Upa (was listing to ABBA at the time lol)
    Girafarig - Farigiraf (corruption of original name)
    Silcoon - Silasilasi (don't ask)
    Cascoon - Casacasaca (again, don't ask)
    Lotad - Atadlo (adorable)
    Sableye - Ge'mar'kii (wanted a weird name with apostrophes)
    Numel - Lemun (cos of its colour and, you know, Numel backwards)
    Bidoof - Doofbi (so cute)
    Shellos Pink - Peanut (wait for it...)
    Gastrodon Pink - Butter (wait for it...)
    Shellos Blue - And (wait for it...)
    Gastrodon Blue - Jelleh (lol)
    Leafeon - Synthetica (sounds organic)
    Glaceon - Diadustica (similar ot Leafeon's name)
    Porygon-Z - Origami (the folding Pokémon)
    Rotom Wash - Rotowash (we use one at work to wash carpets)
    Rotom Cut - Rotomotor (the motor inside the lawnmower)

    Beyond that, I got nothing ^.^ I always name my Unown as Annon plus whatever letter they are (so, Unown in shape of A is named Annon A).

    Thanks for reading my nicknames x

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    I named my Lapras Glace, as I believe it means Ice in French...

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    I named my Lapras Glace, as I believe it means Ice in French...

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    I usually name my main team

    Platinum Team

    Togekiss=Luckywag(Metronome :3)
    Garchomp=Dragomaw(needs renaming)
    Volbeat(shiny!)=Netherbug(idk :3)

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    Anyone have advice for a male Jolteon nickname?
    I tried Zeus, but it seems unoriginal.
    I also tried Rayo (Rai-Oh), which means lightning in Spanish. I think this one is OK, but I'm not really sure.
    I don't use themes in my nicknames and I don't like names that are hard to really hard to pronounce.

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    I recently caught a Male lv 18 Pikachu in the Pokemon Mansion's Garden.
    Now nicknames normally aren't my bag, but I nicknamed him "Lucky"
    for two simple reasons.

    #1 He was Adamant Natured, which is kinda cool,

    and the main reason,

    #2 is because he was Holding a Light Ball!!!

    I tried to find a Pikachu with a light ball
    in the third Gen, and failed.
    He is my first Pikachu I have captured
    that was found to be holding the said item.
    I'm training him up, he is about lv 23/24 now.
    The Light Ball is NFT!
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    i ususally just name the pokemon i clike or have a connection with. like i named my whole main team in platinum:

    typlosion: dacitile( dacite is the kind of lava that is full of ash)
    altaria: fuzofdeath
    raichu: shocket
    golduck: psyguy
    heracross: titanis
    glaceon: wind chill
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    I only nickname my lolwut pokemon:
    -My HM slave Bidoof~Kopa (a special kind of food i always laugh at its name).
    -MY happiny~Pinpuku (her original japanese name,because i LOVE the way she says it in the anime).
    The rest important pokemon are not nicknamed^^

    -Kurumayu-tachi " we can't wait to become sweeping samurai Hahakomories

    Minna no pokemon getto da ze~

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    can any one give me a nick-name for a tropius?
    i cant think of one just yet
    Feed him

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    Tropius is primarily rooted in ancient creatures (sauropods) and legends (Mokele mbembe), as well as things plants do (phototropism and geotropism) so I've primarily based my nickname suggestions of the base fundamentals of its conecption and design:
    Tropisuaro - coming from Tropius and Sauropod.
    Sauropius - coming from Sauropod and Tropius.
    Photropis - Phototropism corruption.
    Geotrpois - Geotropism corruption.
    Banana - due to its Banana necklace.
    Mokele - coming from the Mokele mbembe legend.
    Mbembe - coming from the Mokele mbembe lengend.
    Delicio - the nickname I gave my Tropius (you're welcome to it) x

    Jolteon I feel is very difficult to nickname. I've tried to remain very general with my suggestions because, personally, I'd base it's nickname on what its essential counterparts (Vaporeon and Flareon) are named. However, here are my suggestions:
    Jolt - short version of its current name.
    Thorn - due to its appearance.
    Thunders - Japanese name.
    Lightning - Jolteon's species.
    Needles - due to its appearance.
    Muud - stores electricity based on mood.
    Blitza - Jolteon's German name.
    Voltali - Jolteon's French name.
    Jyupis - first half of Jolteon's Korean name.
    Seorida - second half of Jolteon's Korean name.
    Revolteon - the nickname I gave my Jolteon (you're welcome to it) x

    I hope these are helpful to you both in some way, even if they inspire you in some fashion ^.^ good luck x

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