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Thread: Nicknames - What do you name your Pokemon? & Nickname Help!

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    I have never nicknamed a Pokemon...until Black 2. I don't know why I all of a sudden decided to give them unique names (maybe I just decided to be more fun?). But I only name the Pokemon I use in battle, all the others stay the same.
    These are the Pokemon I use and their nicknames:

    Blaziken - Blaze
    Nidoking - Nicholai
    Zoroark - Loki
    Dragonite - Nyx
    Infernape - Zuko
    Lucario - Anubis
    Houndoom - Dante
    Carracosta - Leonardo
    Rapidash - Ashes (Shiny Rapidash with grey flame)
    Pidgeot - Maverick (Whenever I train him I play Highway to the Dangerzone :P)
    Charizard - Shadow (He's a shiny black one)
    Gyarados - Red (He's a shiny red Gyarados. Yeah I know, not very creative)
    Cobalion - Porthos
    Terrakion - Athos
    Virizion - Aramis
    Keldeo - D'Artagnan (Yes this Keldeo is hacked, and no I never use it for online battling. I do have a legit Keldeo, in resolute form, but I hacked a second one just to be able to give it this nickname :P)
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    For my Pearl Nuzlocke I'm basing the names on the catch locations. For a named area, the Pokemon name just starts with the same letter or two, eg "Orion" for a Geodude caught in the Oreburgh mines or "Victor" for the starter met at Lake Verity. For a numbered route, the Pokemon name starts with the symbol of the chemical element with atomic number = route number minus 200. Either way, I'm using names that are normal(ish) for people.

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    Lo and team from Black 2.

    Serperior: Severus (Named him after Severus Snape from Harry Potter. When he was a Snivy his name was Leaf but after he evolved into a Serperior I changed his name. The way Serperior looks with its head held high deserves a name that sounds grim and serious.)

    Lucario: Riley (If my Lucario had been female her name would have been Udine but since I was stuck with a male I named him Riley after the trainer in pokemon Platinum/Pearl/Diamond. I know that sounds lame but there's something about the name Riley that fits Lucario)

    Swanna: Francis (Meh. Since my Swanna has a vain nature I named him Francis...I know that sounds weak but the name sounds fancy enough.)

    Arcanine: Aries (The trump card in my team and I was more then happy to name him Aries after the God of War. I could have named him Mars but Aries was more fitting)

    Chandelure: Violet (I wasn't really keen on naming her I just lumped her with Violet.)

    Beartic: Conan (No comment)

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    My favorite nickname is Teriyaki for Terrakion, I put that on my Terrakion for VGC and someone else had the same nickname on theirs in a battle, but mine was mispelt.
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    I RARELY nickname. Once, I was in the Bug-Catching contest, and I caught a Scyther. I thought I would win, but I lost to a Weedle. A WEEDLE. I nicknamed the Scyther 'Loser'.
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    i dont nickname them unless, i got a really cool name picked out (and remember that you cant change it if you transfer it. (to this day i regret naming my level 100 wailord in sapphire 'doofin'))
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    I always nickname my Pokemon... Every single one, including legendaries.

    My team in Pearl is:

    Essence the female Mismagius
    Plush the female Blissey
    Lil Cherry the male Cherrim
    Carmilla the female Crobat
    Monsterio the male Bastiodon
    Icicle the female Empoleon

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    Yeah, I only nickname the ones I like... and only if I can think of something good (not often)

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    I can't think of all the nicknames off the top of my head, but...

    Infernape - Sparks
    Luxray - Flash
    Gyarados - Fin (was being sarcastic at the time, can't be bothered to change it)
    Bibarel - Sawtooth (it's a beaver. the name fits)
    Scyther - Katana
    Bellsprout - Creeper
    Aerodactyl - Fang
    Giratina - Darkstar
    Dialga - Timelord
    Palkia - Silver
    Drifloon - Spiritsong
    Finneon - Flutter
    Garchomp - Snapjaw
    female Gible - Lockjaw
    Vulpix - Fireheart
    Dodrio - Bolt
    Regigigas - Titan, Rex (meaning "king"), or Maximus

    Et cetera...

    I have a shiny Floatzel named "Sparkle". It's a male, too

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    You probably all know Mirage the Mew.....

    In Diamond and Pearl, I had a pair of Beautifly. The male I named takeshi, the female Kasumi...

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    I like to nickname my pokemon because it makes them unique.

    Typhlosion: DemoneX (I thought it was cool)
    Togekiss: Sozouryoku (Souzouryoku in Japanese means creativity, but I took out an "o" to fit it)
    Vaporeon: Taki (Waterfall in Japanese)
    Gengar: Nightmare (I would have named it something else but I was too lazy at the time)
    Smeargle: Smudge (It paints and I think it's really cute)
    Gyarados: Chaos (It's a Gyarados!)
    Gyarados: Tsunamir (Like tsunami)
    Pikachu: Sugar (After a Pikachu in one episode I saw)
    Hitmonchan: MachyMachy (After the move mach punch)
    Charizard: Blazeblade (Firebreather with razor sharp wings)
    Dragonite: Draykon (A dragonish name)
    Umbreon: Tsubasa (After Tsubasa in Gakuen Alice, who can control people through shadows)
    Meganium: Charly (I didn't like Charlie and so replaced "ie" with "y" and it stuck)
    Pidgeot: Skylera (Flying type taking to the skies)
    Mamoswine: Baromir (It sounds strong)
    Espeon: Rukaan (I honestly don't know)

    Those are all I can think of off the top of my head. I don't name legendaries.

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    I've been nicknaming my starters since the first game I played (White), but I don't normally nickname other ones.

    I believe during my play of Platnium only my Piplup had been named... I named it Pip.
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    I don't nickname my Pokémon a lot, unless I do a wi-fi battle with a friend or something. :b

    Otherwise, I'd just call them by their original names.

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    Well i dont usually name my pokemon but i used to have a Infernape called Blaze in diamond and a feraligatr when i first played soul silver called Bonnie after my guinea pig that pasted away though feraligatr was a boy LOL... i usually name random pokemon i catch that are not used in my team names.
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    Any regular pokemon I catch I just name after whatever comes into my head at the time;
    Chimmy (Infernape)
    Trust (Scizor)
    Lollipop (Ambipom)
    Spitfire (Blaziken)
    Skipper (Swampert)
    Umi (Uxie)
    Zeta (Azelf)
    Draco (Charizard)
    Valkyrie (Shiny Staraptor)
    Fang (Gligar)
    Replay (Pikachu)

    However, starting with the last two shines I caught, I've started naming them after the songs I was listening to when I caught them:
    Trooper (Shiny Magneton) - (Shadow the Hedgehog, Above the storm, Sky Troops remix)
    Love (Shiny Luxray) - (Radar Love, Golden Earring)

    I plan to continue the theme as I catch more.

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    I don't nickname much but mine that I have come up with usually have to do with the original name, or just random:
    Mismagius: Maggie
    Giratina: Mr. G (this isn't really like I meant but the name came out of nowhere in my mind and I liked it so..)
    Drifblim: Drifline (Randomly made up)
    Dusknoir: Donnie
    Gengar: Genny (Heh)
    Electabuzz: Elliott
    Blaziken: Buddy (mostly because I thought of him like a partner pokemon)

    Nicknaming can be fun ^.^




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    I like to go to google translate and turn the names from English to latin like shadow=umbra so naturally I name my umbreon umbra

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    I have ALWAYS, from the very beginning of my Pokémon player career, nicknamed my Pokémon. That way they feel more unique and special and it's much harder release them or something like that when they have nicknames. I also like to come up with all kind of new nicknames though I usually end up using something very, VERY obvious like giving name Luca to Lucario or Wingy to bird Pokémon or Dragon to Dragon Pokémon...

    For example, my team in SoulSilver (while playing adventure trough) included these Pokémon:
    Serena, female Feraligatr (Serena is a big spa/water park in Finland)
    Clover, female Ampharos
    Flower, female Vileplume
    Sergei, male Ninetales (you can't even imagine the epicness of this name: "SERGEI used FLAMETHROWER!)
    Ruby, male Espeon (first I named him Ivan but changed the name since I already had Sergei)
    Drake, male Dragonite (naming him was hard and I tried different names before I named her after Dragon-type using Elite 4 trainer Drake in R/S/E games)

    My adventure-trough team in Platinum:
    Flare, male Infernape
    Usagi, female Clefable (Sailor Moon's name in Japan)
    Chen, male Whiscash
    Gabby, female Garchomp
    Sakura, female Roserade (sakura is cherry blossom in Japanese)
    Chi, female Raichu

    My current team in Diamond (in which I recently beat Elite 4):
    Terra, male Torterra
    Ember, female Rapidash
    Valentina, female Blissey
    Luca, male Lucario
    Oscar, male Octillery
    Flashy, male Luxray

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    I used to call everything what I thought they were (Bird 13 was transferred to the PC!). As I thought Bidoof looked like a dog, I eventually had a Bibarel called 'Dog'.

    Anyways, in my Youngster Joey Challenge, I have a Rattata called 'Top %', a Piplup called 'Boat', a Starly called 'Airplane' and a Bibarel called 'Slave'.

    Oh, and I love giving my Pokémon human names like Alfred.
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    Quote Originally Posted by appelpower View Post
    I used to call everything what I thought they were (Bird 13 was transferred to the PC!). As I thought Bidoof looked like a dog, I eventually had a Bibarel called 'Dog'.

    Anyways, in my Youngster Joey Challenge, I have a Rattata called 'Top %', a Piplup called 'Boat', a Starly called 'Airplane' and a Bibarel called 'Slave'.

    Oh, and I love giving my Pokémon human names like Alfred.
    Heh, my boyfriend also has a Bibarel called Slave since it is his HM Slave and I always object to it And I've also had a Pokémon called Boat though it was Lapras. I couldn't change the name anymore since I transferred him from another game so I bred a new Lapras called Lorelei and gave Boat to my boyfriend while trading.

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    Well, my team in Platinum is:

    Zari (F) - Slight corruption of saru, monkey
    Roark (M, Shiny) - Shiny Cranidos/Rampardos are grey and red. Guess which redheaded Gym leader also uses one?
    Bueal (M) - Cutesy name derived quite simply from Buizel
    Duskwing (M) - Dark-type and also a crow, so associated with dusk/nighttime + it's a bird
    Velvet (M) - ...No particular reason. Perhaps because his fur would be soft like velvet, maybe?
    Rhythm (M) - Named after a Grass-elemental cat character of mine because Leafeon is a Grass-type and very vaguely feline. Plus he'll have Grasswhistle, someday... and said character is a musician. Unfortunately I cannot call this one senpai

    Notably, there is also:
    Avios (M) - Derived from avian, which Staraptor is.
    Shocker (M) - Self-explanatory, yes?
    Thorn (F) - Because roses have thorns. This would be that moment where you can feel free to tell me "Duh".
    Skunkatsu (M) - Because I watch too much Naruto and the idea of him yelling KATSU when he explodes amuses me...
    Distant (-) - Because the realm that Giratina lives in would most certainly be considered distant from the realm that Pokemon takes place in... Yes, let's go with that.
    Night (-) - There are just way too many connotations this could have... Pick your favourite. And if you can't think of any, I think you need to go play more Pokemon.
    Mask (-) - My staple was usually the delightfully hippie nickname of Wyndflower. And then I ended up making this rather odd Shaymin character who was afraid of flying and wore a "mask of nonchalance" to please his current trainer. Literally, in a sense.

    All in all, upon my first playthrough of Platinum... I had a slightly better grasp of nicknaming, so these suck significantly less. I think. Probably not. Oh well...

    Also it would seem my snark is showing oops + this post has massive abuse of strikethroughs
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    Loch Ness

    Wolf Pack

    Super Fly



    That's what I've named mine at the moment.
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    Well, here are some of my most memorable pokemon nicknames:

    - Vulcanus
    - Aurelius
    - Arcturus
    - Vero
    - Valencio
    - Azalea
    - Kratos

    (imagine a Druddigon lol) - Exekias

    - Asphaeos
    - Snapdragon. she's red. XD

    And I dream of breeding and EV-training the perfect Charizard and naming him Apophis!
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    Kyurem Glace
    Lucario auramancer
    Groudon clash
    Rayquaza ozone
    Mienshao whiplash
    Garchomp legend
    Swampert marsh
    Blaziken torch
    Those are just a few will have more soon

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    Cool name for palkia but seems more fitting for lugia

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