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I wish Jessie won her 4th ribbon here, oh well.

I wonder why they're making such a big deal out of Zoey. She has about the same appearances as Paul does overall.
And you see how much they've made a big deal out of Paul.

Overall, loved the episode. I love Nozomi/Zoey, so to see her in a contest, and to see her with Kirlia and Lefeon, is just so damn epic!

Zoey is an awesome character, and she's definitely earned my respect, she's one of the only reasons I watch DP, and is my favorite rival of the saga.

To see Candice be her crazy, yet lovable self was awesome.

As for Dawn, it's still clear she has a lot of work to do, but that's what makes her character great, because the writers actually show her work hard, try, and improve. All of her Pokemon looked great.

Surprised Buneary and Mamoswine didn't get showcased together, being they both have some Ice History.

Prays Buneary gets used soon, or at least gets an episode.

IDK, what people are talking about as far as Lefeon's design being off, I think because Zoey has it, and if Zoey gets a Gallade, people will probably be upset that Paul doesn't have one.

Zoey must have pulled a Drew, because she said that it was Kirlia and Lefeon's debut for the Grand Festival, and they must be pretty strong to have taken out Mamoswine and Cyndaquil so quickly.

Paul's appearance was nice, it really foreshadows Ash and Dawn stepping up their game for the last stretch.

Seeing every member of Dawn's team, I'm very curious to know how they all will work together, and begin to flow like the ocean.

This episode also raised the bar, showing more respect for Jessie. She really has passion for this, and if she doesn't make the Grand Festival, I'll be devasted.

I'm not that fond of understanding Japanese. However, this episode marks the 4th time I've heard Dawn and Zoey say that they'll meet in the finals of some sort, and this time, they mentioned the Grand Festival.

If Dawn and Zoey are the Final 2, it definitely is unpredictable, and a full turn around from May's past Grand Festivals.

Besides, Nando isn't all that great, and if he isn't epic the next time we see him, then he really shouldn't have the Grand Festival or League title.

I also loved how Dawn used the wonderful Fire and Ice combo with inspiration for the food Candice introduced. Classic