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    Default BF tricks and tips-For beginners



    So, I'll present tips and tricks for the BT here.

    A lot of threats roam the BF. The ones I struggle with are (with counters) are:
    Magnezone-Garchomp with Earthquake
    Garchomp-Kingdra with Draco Meteor/Ice Beam tank Blissey
    Lairon/Aggron-Stalling back with Blissey/Earth Power Tanked Heatran
    Ninjask-Ninjask with Toxic and Aerial Ace
    Flygon-A speedy staller, preferably an Ice Beam Blissey that knows Toxic, or like countering Garchomp, a Draco Meteor Kingdra

    ~Good Items~
    There are a few decent items you can use, notably these (if you can use them right, I've included the best ways to use them)
    Life Orb-Good for the annoying Pokémon, as well as using it with Toxic/Will-O-Wisp in Double Battles to beat up all Sashers (yes, all of them pretty much)
    Flame Orb-You can use this to either Psycho Shift burns onto enemies, only the fact that when used with Guts, your Attack is still down a stage, but you still get the Facade boost.
    Toxic Orb-Like Flame Orb, but better for competitive really, as you can deal more Facade damage with Guts and all, and Jirachi (in competitive) can Trick and not be Poisoned if something goes wrong.
    Choice Items-Not much to say. Only if you need to hurt your opponent bad, use them. If you have a need for speed, use a Scarf. If you love power, Choice Band for Physical, Choice Specs for Special, Scarf for tricking/speed (as above)
    Leftovers-Use for tank support.
    Plates-If you're using a set such as:

    Electivire@Zap Plate
    Rain Dance
    Thunder Wave
    As you can see, the set runs on Thunderbolt and Thunder. This is more of a Tank-Vire in a way, so no Life Orb, Choice Items ruin you, Damp Rock may be useful, but this shows how useful Plates can be, so it's just an example, you get it?
    Muscle Band/Wise Glasses-If you want a Life Orb for 1 category, use these. The Muscle Band increases Physical power, the Wise Glasses for special. The catch is that you don't lose HP, these items are really useful.

    ~Trick Room~
    Trick Room, a move to make slow Pokémon go super-speed, and fast Pokémon slower than that PMD2 team of Slowpoke and Slakoth (credit to who can tell me their team name, I think it's Team Slacker)
    Basically, don't add Weavile in here, as poke_noob already said to use Weavile over Umbreon in a Trick Room team, he did something wrong. Anyway, Ninjask (the fastest Pokémon in the BF) will be slowest, so you want Pokémon like:
    Dragonite (kinda)
    And many more...

    And also with that, you need at least 2 Pokémon with TR, the best are:

    This is the average TR set (with a little strength) for Slowbro to end this post:

    Slowbro@Wise Glasses
    Trick Room
    Thunder Wave
    Not too average, not too shabby. That will do when you add custom EVs and all.

    So, I hope this gets stickied, peace out.
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