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    Hello! I'm the original author of this story and the link to this fanfiction can also be found her

    I'm a huge Yellow fan but I mainly support FeelingShipping and LuckyShipping.
    Don't expect too much because I just recently started it.

    Rating: T
    Genre: General/Romance
    Pairing: GreenxYellow, RedxBlue, some SapphirexRuby, GoldxCrystal

    Hello, Readers, I just wanted to let you know that this is my first fanfiction so I'm sorry if you find this distasteful, but I'll try my best.

    Disclaimer: I do not own Pokemon or any characters from it.

    Silently observing the surroundings stood a small girl uneasy about leaving home on her own to start her life as a college student. She was nervous but calmed down after looking at the breathtaking scenery. “ It's beautiful....”. Taking in a deep breath, the young girl looked around and studied her surroundings taking in every aspect of its beauty.

    The buildings were humongous and richly coated with expensive paint that did it justice. The fields were amazingly vast and shined with a glossy green from the patches of grass located in front and around the structures. The halls and pavement were also clean and nicely decorated with statues and monuments placed here and there of most likely previous heads and the founding fathers of the school. At the center of it all was an intricately shaped fountain that curved and bent in many directions however it resembled some kind of symbol, possibly the schools crest. The site made her relax and eased some of the tension that had built up. Never before had she seen such lovely scenery, but then again she didn't get out of her city much, at least not since THAT incident, however, that's a different story.

    She walked forward until she reached the fountain. The water spouting from its tips were magnificent and clear. Facing her head down, the girl examined her reflection. Her blonde hair was tied swiftly in a ponytail but fell forward dangling closely to the water. Her yellow eyes revealed her emotions, her anxiety mirrored in the water. The girl looked on nervously thinking to herself, 'No, I'm finally here, it isn't the right time to chicken out, I have to keep moving!' She balled her fists and placed them near her chest then shot one into the air.

    “Right! I can't stop now, I'm here for a reason...” she trailed off. Closing her eyes, a voice played inside her head. 'You can do it Yellow!' Smiling with determination, once more the young blonde set forth to locate her dormitory with her luggage trailing behind.

    The young blonde continued nervously as she passed strangers who were most likely her seniors. Due to an overflowing number of students attending this year, Yellow was placed in the junior's dorm and of course, had no idea how to get there, plus she didn't have a map. After questioning a few residents, she finally reached the dorm.

    The sun had almost set by the time Yellow arrived to the junior quarters. 'Wow, I didn't think the campus was that big, I could have been lost for hours if someone wasn't there to point out directions!' she grimaced and sighed. Standing in front of the room she made sure it was the one. If she remembered correctly, her assigned roommate was a junior named Blue. She began to ponder about what her roommate was like and noticed a guy had walked passed and stared at her. Blushing furiously, she quickly grabbed her stuff and reached for the door. Sweat-drop. He must think I'm some kind of idiot just spacing out like that. She laughed inwardly.

    Wait. Yellow froze then looked back aghast. 'A GUY' she thought. She had been so focused on finding her room that it had just occurred to her that she was going to live in a co-ed dorm in a co-ed college. Yellow began panicking. What if my roommate's a guy?! Gahh, Yellow don't panic!!

    Too caught up in her thoughts she didn't notice the door open. In front of her was a beautiful brunette with gorgeous features and a height at about 5'6'' dressed in fashionable clothing, but what caught her attention the most were her incredibly deep blue eyes that were fixed on her. Yellow could only gape at the beauty.

    Blink blink. Yellow didn't move and continued to stare at the her. The said girl in front formed a smile and stuck out her hand. “Hi, I'm Blue, you must be my new roommate.” Suddenly feeling shy, Yellow embarrassingly accepted her hand. “Umm, hi! Sorry, for standing out here like an idiot, I was just- waahhh! ” Blue had yanked the smaller girl into the room so suddenly and almost violently, that she nearly tumbled over.

    “You're a freshman right? You must have gotten lost on campus huh, anyways, your side of the room is on the left, now, let's see what you got” ignoring the blonde, Blue turned to the door spotting a suitcase and a few bags but nothing that seemed fragile or too heavy to carry. “Is that all you brought?”

    “Yes, I don't really have anything important so I just brought what I thought was necessary to live on a daily basis.”

    Blue eyed the girl from head to toe. The small blonde wore a plain sweater that was a little too big on her with jeans that were somewhat faded and also noticed that the girls hair was a mess even though it was tied in a ponytail.

    “Uhuh...and I'm betting that suitcase over there contains all of your clothes as well.” “Umm, yeah?” she answered questioningly, she felt a little uneasy after being stared at so intensely.

    “Right, you might consider buying some new clothes, hey, I'll take you shopping since you don't know your way around yet!” A grin plastered on her face. Yellow examined Blue's side of the room and noticed it was decorated with numerous frames, ornaments, and other material. She could tell from one glance that the girl seemed to own a lot of clothing already, not to mention they looked quite expensive. Blue wore a blue and black spaghetti strap on top of a thin white one that fit her curves nicely and hung pass her waist. It had flower prints on the corner that stretched toward the center. She wore a matching black miniskirt with leggings underneath. Her white boots went perfectly with her attire. “Maybe I'm just an excuse.' thought Yellow. Nonetheless, she liked Blue, especially her friendly and open attitude.

    “We'll go tomorrow, I've got something I need to do at the moment, but if you need a map of campus it should be over there” Blue pointed towards her shelf on the right side of the bedroom then walked towards the door but turned back. “I'll get my friend to help you get settled in.” With that she ran out the door shouting “ HEY RED!!!! What's cute, small, YELLOW-”.

    Whoosh. Urkkk. Crash. Boom. Splat. Zoom. Poof.

    “ You didn't tell...huff....anyone..huff... did you??!” Leaning against the door was a familiar looking boy panting heavily with his black hair cast on all sides of his head. He straightened his back and stood at about 5'9'' still breathing heavily and eagerly awaited her response.

    Blue let out an evil smirk. “Why, my dear Red, whatever could you possibly be talking about? I just wanted to introduce you to my new friend”. Toying with Red was one of her favorite hobbies and she never grew tired of it. She let out a small chuckle and pointed towards Yellow. The boy turned his attention to the small girl, locking their eyes. Gasp.

    “Yellow? Wha-”

    “Red! You-”

    “I thought-”


    “Oh? So you know each other?” Blue questioned with interest. And here I thought things couldn't possibly be more entertaining.

    Smiling, Red continued “Yeah, me and Yellow met when we were younger and became friends,” his gaze landed on Yellow “but I haven't seen her since I moved.”

    The girl blushed feverishly. “ Y-Yeah, it's nice to see you again R-Red.” Blue observed them intently realizing what was going on. The girl obviously likes Red! A wicked smile graced her face as she thought of ways to tease them. Oh, this is going to be fun. Evil was written all over her. “Right, well, I gotta go so I'll let you two little love birds get reacquainted” Wink.

    “I-It's not like that!!” exclaimed the two with blood tainting all over their cheeks.

    “Hahaha, sure, whatever you guys say, I'll see you two later~” With that, Blue walked off laughing openly yet not enough to be hysterical. I can play more later.

    Silence ensued as Yellow was left alone with her crush from and for many years now. Red was kind and sweet not to mention he was always there to save her when she was in trouble. He was always the happy fellow who would cheer her up when she felt sad, plus his goofy grin was enough to make her smile. It's no wonder why she fell for him. But that was in the past, things are different now. Damn she was nervous, but Red being Red was first to break the ice.

    “Ahhh....Sorry about Blue, she can be.....assertive, well whatever you do, try to stay on her good side at all times, but don't ever let her get a chance to control you!”

    “Huh, what do you mean?” This certainly piqued the girl's attention.

    “Just try not to let anything slip” His tone was weak and anxious.

    “Why, I mean Blue doesn't seem that bad, she's been nothing but nice since I met her.....?”

    Red dipped his head down and placed his hand above his chest, clutching his shirt tightly.

    “She...She-” his voice shaking and trembled slightly. He looked so troubled.

    “Red, are you alright, if you don't want to talk about it, you don't have to force-”

    “No...I...” He lifted his head and locked his eyes with hers sending shivers down her spine. It was her first time seeing him like this.

    “It's okay-”

    “Listen! Listen well...this...may be my only chance...” He walked over and startled her with his actions, now he was just inches away from her. H-He's so close. Things were moving so quickly she didn't know how to react. Her heart beat faster for every passing second and suddenly he dropped his head just above her shoulder. Her breath hitched in her throat and her heartbeat grew louder. Moving slowly, he leaned close enough to feel his breathe.

    Just a little closer and our lips might meet. Yellow couldn't contain her blush at the thought. He'd never been this close before. His lips almost brushed against her cheeks but instead he whispered silently into her ear while she held her breathe.

    “Be warned”.

    “Huh?” Confusion was undoubtedly written all over her she continued to listen.

    “You don't know what she's capable of....” Red pulled back and turned away looking down at the floor. 'He looks so broken and miserable right now' thought Yellow 'Something isn't right. Why- '

    “Ahaha...” Her thoughts were cut off by his laughter. She watched as he looked up towards the ceiling and take in a deep breath and sigh.

    “.....Tears of agony... cries of terror...temptation to draw ones own blood!” Eh? She could see sparkles.

    Red stepped back and let out a small sad smile but continued nonetheless “The pain she inflicts not only harms the body, but scars even the mind and tortures the soul! Pity the poor creature that is unfortunate enough to cross her path for once tangled in her web of vile destruction, all hope is lost, no, there never was any hope to begin with!” Yellow was completely dumbfounded. Red took another step back releasing a dark broken laughter while covering his face with his hand.

    “I have witnessed her wrath myself more than once and even now every fiber of my being screams in fear at these thoughts. This body has endured so much for so long yet there is no escape once she grasps onto your deepest darkest secrets. Like a living hell, her punishment holds not even an ounce of divinity. Once it is over, no, that is a lie for there is no end to her cruelty! Stripped of ones pride, honor, dignity, even one's identity she leaves only one thing behind. The ability to deceive not her but ones own mind muddled in endless woe.... but even then, there exists no salvation....Demise is inevitable”


    “..........................” He waited for her reply but was given none.

    “.....I see you are left speechless in awe by my confession”

    “Anyways, let's get your things inside and settled in, we've got a long year ahead of us” he reverted back to his usual self moving along as if nothing had happened while Yellow was left agape.

    Red walked over to her luggage and brought them in. “ So where do you want me to place your stuff?” … answer....

    “Do you need me to do anything else? If not then I'll be on my way then, I still got some stuff to catch up on sorry I can't stay and chat with you any longer.”


    “Okay, then I'll see you later. Bye Yellow” He smiled and walked out.


    What the hell just happened?? Please oh please just let every thing be some kind of disgusting nightmare because I ate that weird looking....mushroom? Is this because I accidentally mistook the lady's hair for a rat and accidentally kicked at the mayor and caused a panic attack throughout the city. I swear it was an accident, so please just let me wake up from this horrific dream. I'm sorry, I'm sorry I promise it'll never happen again. Opening her eyes and then shutting them, and then repeating the steps she continued to pray eagerly however it was no use. Frustrated, Yellow could only relieve her stress verbally. “Damn you, you, grrrr, whoever is up there!” Even though Yellow just cursed the heaven, she wasn't one who normally cursed but taking into account what she just witnessed no one could blame her.

    From that moment on, Yellow was plagued with nightmares of a torturous Blue and an exaggerating drama queen/Red who knew no bounds of delivering creepy speeches as well as harboring the scary ability to switch personalities in a instant. She may never be able to see them the same way as she did before. Oh and she might want to stay away from sparkly stuff for a while, too. Heaven and Hell may have forgiven her, but it didn't mean she would go unpunished.

    Now alone in the room Yellow decided to unpack her stuff and hopefully preoccupy her mind because right now, she just wasn't in the mood to let out her.... feelings, not after the events that unfolded. She placed her clothes in her closet and made her bed then put her cases and containers under it, however, left a single box out. It contained something special to her and she cherished it dearly so she decided to place it on top of a shelf out of reach from wandering eyes and hands. Yellow wasn't much of a decorator or at least didn't have anything remotely interesting to display. Her side of the room remained plain if not somewhat empty. After setting up the rest of her stuff she was once again without a task. Sigh. I've been sighing a lot today. She was unlike her usually chipper happy-go-lucky self due to accumulating stress. Hmm..maybe I should get some fresh air, yeah, that should do it. She smiled once more before leaving her dorm.

    Yellow had been wandering around for about an hour now. The view looked so different compared to how it looked in the day, but she didn't care because it was still beautiful. She could see the night sky clearly and the moonlight added a magical touch. The campus was quite in tune with nature featuring a lot of exotic plants, trees, and flowers. She wouldn't mind sleeping outside every now and then, however, she didn't exactly have the necessary equipment for outdoor activities. Time sure flies by when you're having fun, she thought. Speaking of time, she had lost track of it while distracting herself with the surroundings and didn't notice that it was too dark to see her way back,but then again she had no clue where she was in the first place. Maybe if she had been at the school longer she might have been able to get back by herself, but it was her first day not to mention first time exploring the campus.

    Not knowing what else to do, she decided to roam around hoping to somehow find a path leading back to the dorms. Instead she managed to get herself stuck in what she supposed was a forest. She was getting cold and was also pretty hungry. What else could go wrong? Did I wander that far off? What if – What was that? She could have sworn she heard something on the other side of the trees. Even though Yellow was frightened, this could be her chance to get back. The girl could only hope that whatever was on the other side was a human. Fortunately, it was. Upon arriving at the source, she came across a large lake with a boy standing at the bank. Without a second thought, Yellow rushed over to the person.

    Alarmed by the sudden movement, the boy turned around just in time to see a girl running towards him as if she were on the brink of death. The girl however did not slow down and instead slipped forward right in front of the boy and crashed into him. The impact sent him flying backwards and also knocked the breath out of him when she slammed into his gut. Both the boy and the girl stumbled and fell into the lake.

    Yellow had been the first to surface and panicked when she did not see the boy. Looking around she didn't see any signs of him and ducked back into the water. Swimming a little deeper, she found the boy unconscious, sinking further into the water. She swam over to him and grabbed his arm slinging it over her shoulder and put her other arm around his waist and started peddling to reach the surface.

    Once she reached the surface, she swam over to the bank while carrying the boy, well more like dragging the boy. She could tell by the way he leaned over that he was quite tall and his frame was lean but muscular. He also weighed a lot more than her so she had a bit of trouble getting him out of the water. After setting him down, Yellow wasted no time to check on the boy's condition. She checked his breath and noticed he was barely breathing and lay her head above his heart listening to his heartbeat. He was still alive but she needed to do something quick.

    In high school, Yellow had taken health and safety but missed part of the CPR segment due to a cold she caught days before. By the time she came back, the class had almost completed the lessons and worked on the drills and procedures. She wasn't completely cured yet, so they let her sit out and watch from the side to make sure no one would catch her cold.

    Fortunately for her, the boy started to move and cough out water. Opening his eyes, he saw a frantic girl above him with their faces only inches apart.

    “Are you alright? I'm sorry, I didn't mean to knock you out like that, I was just trying to- I mean, you should rest right now! Sorry” The girl was flailing her arms around and close to tears.

    “What are you doing here?” said the boy in a cold tone struggling to sit up. Yellow stiffened at his words.

    “Uhhh, well you see, I got lost out here and tried to find my way back, but instead I found you and then I rushed over because I hoped you could help me get back....I'm really sorry for slamming into you.” Yellow got nervous but was also afraid and embarrassed at what had just occurred. She might have saved him but it was her fault he ended up like that in the first place. He had every reason to be angry. She waited for him to say something but he remained quiet.

    After a moments silence, he finally stood fully restored. Yellow noticed his movements and looked up. He just stood still as if he were waiting for something.

    “Well, aren't you coming, unless you wanna stay here by yourself?” Yellow gasped, he was helping her!

    “Thank you so much, I wish there was some way I could repay you!”

    He said nothing and turned around and started walking back. Yellow got up and ran over to his side so she wouldn't get left behind.

    The walk had been really quiet and that made her awkward. She looked up at him and examined him for a bit. The boy, no, the young man, was really quiet. Judging by his expression she noted that he didn't mind the silence. He was calm and reserved and seemed to know where he was going so she just followed. She was also right when she thought he was tall and built. They were both still soaked and that allowed her to see his form. His shirt stuck to his skin revealing his toned body. His hair was also damp and flat yet still spiky. Because of the darkness, she couldn't tell what color his eyes and hair were.

    “Where do you live?” said the young man. His voice was somewhat deep but still masculine.

    “? Oh, I'm staying in the junior dorm”

    The boy turned around and gave her an inquisitive look.

    “Ah, I'm a freshman, but due to the number of students I was assigned there instead”

    He nodded and continued walking.

    “We're here” he said. They were standing in front of their quarters

    “Do you live here too?”


    “I see...” He didn't seem like he wanted to talk much so Yellow let him be. Despite his cold exterior and short responses, Yellow found him interesting and a pretty decent guy.

    As they walked inside the building they both headed in the same direction. He must be a junior, maybe he lives nearby? Thought Yellow. The halls were lit and everything was clear. She turned her attention to him once more and saw that his hair was brown. Feeling her gaze, he turned to face her catching her yellow eyes. Yellow blushed when she noticed his stare and blushed even further realizing that he must have realized that she was staring at him. His eyes were a rich green, piercing yet mesmerizing. His face was handsome and his gaze alluring, she couldn't help but stare at the man. It took her a while before pulling away. She finally reached her room.

    “This is my room, thanks for everything you've done for me” She reached for her door but it dawned on her that she didn't bring her key! First the map and now the key! Frustrated, Yellow began to bang on the door as quietly as she could. No one answered. Blue was probably still out. Yellow sighed again. Her stomach growled. Damn, she had been so preoccupied that she hadn't eaten anything all day.

    “Need help again?” Yellow eeped! Swinging around, she was shocked to see him still standing behind her, smirking. She blushed in embarrassment knowing he witnessed everything. Too, embarrassed to reply, only squeaks came out.

    “Just follow me” Yellow looked at him questioningly but decided to follow him. They walked further down the hall and reached the corner room. He unlocked the door and went inside using his hands signaling for her to come in. Yellow stood still fixed on her spot eying the room. A guy's room. Could she trust him? Would he try and do something to her? What if he was only helping her so that- As innocent as the girl was, being cautious wouldn't harm anyone.

    Scratch that thought. It was as if he read her thoughts, he sent her a deadly glare. This guy is scary!!! So as not to provoke him any further, Yellow hurried stepped into the room. She noticed two beds, one side clean and tidy while the other disorganized and somewhat dirty. She saw him reach into his drawers and pull out some clothes. He handed her a button up shirt and shorts to go along with it. She forgot that they were still completely soaked.

    “I'll change in the bathroom, meet me outside once you're done, I'll take you to the dining area” and then started walking out. Yellow was shocked! She didn't think he would be so kind.

    “W-Wait” He stopped and turned to look at her.

    “My name's Yellow, what's yours?”


    “Thanks Green” She smiled at him appreciatively and then he left, closing the door behind him.

    Filled with gratitude, she happily accepted the clothes and changed into them and being the small girl she was, the shirt and short were still too big for her, but nonetheless comfortable. Yellow headed towards a mirror located near the door and looked at her reflection. Her hair was a mess. She took down her ponytail and spotted a comb on a nearby desk. I hope he doesn't mind me using it. She fixed and straightened her hair leaving it hanging to dry. There, much better. Feeling a lot better she exited the room.

    Green waited outside for her to come out and when she did, he noticed her appearance changed drastically compared to before. Her hair was down and straight and she looked better wearing his clothe more than her own. It was a little big for her but she didn't look bad in them. He heard noise coming from the girl. Yellow blushed again and placed her hands on her growling stomach. He let out a small chuckle but quickly hid it.

    “Come on, I'll show you the way” Yellow was taken aback , but smiled even brighter.

    “Yeah, I'm really glad I met you! I'll definitely pay you back some how, promise” Green looked at the enthusiastic girl before setting off towards the cafeteria with her following behind.

    With a smile, Yellow thought 'Today's been full of surprises,' but it wasn't bad.

    I think I'm going to enjoy myself a lot this year.






    I'm sorry for the incredibly long chapter so I'll try to make the next one shorter, but if you have any suggestions or comments, they are greatly appreciated.
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