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    Hi guys, I'm not new but I have never really, without failing at it, started my own thread so I have no idea where to ask my question. Basically, if someone can point me to the right direction for my question please :
    I just bought, off the internet since it's not available in stores anymore, pokemon white and it seems like a fake (tiny sim card popping off the top, etc.). Now what can I do about it? Should I play it? Is it cheating? Also, do fake copies usually have any bugs (since it's technically a ROM) and do u guys know what happens if I transfer my pokemon through Bank to XYORAS?
    Thank you for ur help

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    I would keep it as far away from your system as possible. It could damage your 3DS, even if the chances are low, and there's little else to be gained by playing a janky counterfeit game.

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