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Thread: [Intro] A Lugia fan soaring into the new horizon known as Serebii Forums

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    Smile [Intro] A Lugia fan soaring into the new horizon known as Serebii Forums

    Hello everyone here at Serebii Fourms! I am a new member here, and have just recently made a account today! As you can see, I am a die-hard Lugia fanatic! I guess I should explain a bit of my backstory since this is a intro.

    I wasn't always into Pokemon in the past. In the past, I was into the Sonic series (looking back now, I hate myself for missing out on such a amazing series, and Lugia merch that is not for sale online anymore ;-;(I'm looking at you Sky Temple.)) and that is how it was in the past. I used to be into Pokemon when I was a baby though, I didn't have the games, just the show and cards, so every Pokemon game I have was bought between 2016-2017. It wasnt until I decided to buy Pokemon Ruby at my local Game Store, that I got into the series full time. After getting stuck at the Elite 4 (Glacia was so damn hard back then, even with my Groudon, it was impossible for me at the time), I later got Omega Ruby for the 3DS, and I loved it to death! The new fully 3D secret bases, the Mega Evolution, the Primal Evolution too, and just about everything! I remember the day, I was searching online, for all the games legendary Pokemon, when I saw Lugia on this site, it was love at first sight, which got me to get Alpha Sapphire (digitally), and thus I got Lugia and fell in love with the legendary pokemon. I later became a bigger fan, and a fan of Lugia, and I even went to a Montreal convention and got SoulSilver (it came with the outside box, working Pokewalker, and game in the case with manual, all for $150!) I started SoulSilver then, and became addicted to it. I eventually got Lugia in it, and the cutscene, along with the second movie, The Power of One, made me what I am right now, a massive die-hard Lugia fan!

    So that is my bio basically! Now for the other stuff. I like to Shiny Hunt, in the Pokemon games! I have gotten legit shinies before (Gold/Silver: Caterpie. X/Y: Shellgon, Braixen, Pawniard. ORAS: Absol, Sandslash(traded to best friend), and currently soft resetting for a Shiny Lugia in Alpha Sapphire right now!), even in the second generation! I also recently ordered a Pokemon Gold/Silver Lugia and Ho-oh GBC carrying case! It came in, and it is so cool!

    So that is all for my intro! Hopefully I can get to meet all of you fellow members, and maybe even possibly, staff members here at Serebii!

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    Hello, follow the rules, respect mods, be courteous to others, and have fun.

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    Hello and welcome to the forums AWildLugiaAppeared, hope you enjoy the community here!

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