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    Hey, everyone! I'm Ardentex and I've been a Pokemon fan since the franchise started in the late 90s! Not too long ago, I started making videos on different games I loved, which made me re-invested with the series, since I stopped paying attention to it after the Generation 5 games and their sequels came out. Needless to say, I'm not the biggest fan of Gen. 6 & 7's games or Pokemon design you'll ever meet.

    I'd also like to tell you a bit more on how I became obsessed with the games back in the day. Even though I played the games growing up on my first GameBoy, watched the anime religiously and collected all the original card sets, I never considered myself a true fanatic until I discovered the Let's Play community back in 2009. The guys like Chugga, Datai and SpiritofSteel (kudos if you recognize that name) made me want to not only play the games that have come out until that point, but also pick up a DS, learn the newest generation and master the ones I've already beat numerous times. Those events made me stumble onto Serebii in the meantime, and I've been a regular lurker on the main website checking up on the current-day anime updates and game news.

    The same happened not too long ago, as I've now started my own channel, almost a decade later as a full-blown adult. Don't get me wrong, I'm new to the forums and this format, but I'd love to become a member of this community and get to know and possibly like the new games just as much as I'd like new visitors on my channel, to grow a core audience and get some more eyes on the Let's Play I've just started and am really proud of, as a newbie.

    That's all from me, looking forward to meeting a ton of new friends, hope you have a great day!
    My FireRed & LeafGreen Let's Play!:

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    Welcome to the forums.

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