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Thread: I'm New Here!

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    Thumbs up I'm New Here!

    Hey guys and gals, excited on different discussions...Thanks!

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    Dating Korrina in y :P


    Hello my wonderful new friend! :3 Have a mango! *give's you one* I'm Triox, the happiest korrina fan girl! *curtsy* I love cute things, too! I'm even hanging out with a hamtaro plushie at my computer right now XD

    I hope we get along well! Maybe you'll wanna tell me what some of your favorite kawaii and cute things are too? Maybe some cute pokemon, like pikachu, eevee, or skitty? Either way! Its nice ta meet cha *fist's pound's it with you*
    I'm a girl lol
    Gay, happy triox! Wait, gay also means happy, right? :P Riiight?

    Mew is my favorite pokemon
    I have a MAJOR crush on korrina and i think she's totally awesome! best gym leader ever. Should be a champion. May make a club for her...
    I have autism and try to keep an open mind about things. My life can get weird.
    My new av is manlay to me <3
    My new forum! All are welcome to join! Just, you know, be nice and stuff while you're there^^

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