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Thread: Hi everyone!! :3c

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    Red face Hi everyone!! :3c

    Hello! Long-time Pokemon fan here, and I've been replaying Platinum lately. It's really fun. :P

    Anyway, as my username implies, I absolutely LOVE the new Pokemon announced a few days ago!! It looks like a robot bunny with a poofy dress and I want a thousand of it. x3 My other fave Pokemon are Rayquaza, Lopunny, Houndoom, and Vaporeon.

    Other things I love are FNaF, Undertale, Sonic, animals, and drawing. I'm also a furry, but I only do clean art. ^^

    Feel free to message me! I hope to have a good time here.

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    Hello there, welcome to the forums! I'm sure you'll like it here

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