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Thread: Conquering the Frozen Tower: Articuno Stars in My New BT Team!

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    Default Conquering the Frozen Tower: Articuno Stars in My New BT Team!

    No, Going for the Gold is still in use, but I know I'm not going to beat V4E with it, so I've decided to simply try a new idea for fun. So let's cut to the chase.

    Spiritomb@Choice Scarf
    -Pain Split

    Lol, it's the third slowest (after Duskull and Dusclops) TrickScarfer in the game. What makes him so attractive for the role isn't speed, but the fact that he has no weaknesses, and the ability to drain his opponent's PP using Pressure and Grudge. Nothing OHKO's him, so I should be able to easily Trick the Scarf at the bare minimum. Once that is accomplished, I can use Grudge to drain the PP of their last move, making them totally useless when my Sweepers come in. If I would be better served by it, i.e. if my opponent is locked into a setup move, I can use Memento to drop their stats, allowing an OHKO if Swampert come in, while for Articuno, an OHKO is assured. Pain Split is simply there to weaken opponents that are locked into Attacking moves (if Spiritomb isn't going to faint in turn 2), so that Swampert gets an easier KO. EV's maximize defenses, giving him a 151 in Defense and Special Defense, and a 157 in Hp.

    Swampert@Chesto Berry

    RestChesto CursePert. The Physical counterpart to bulky CMCune. He'll come in if there's something the star of the show can't handle, such as a Fire Type, Rock Type, Electric Type, or Steel Type, or a Pokemon locked into one of those moves. Wait, did I just list all of Articuno's weaknesses? That's the point. The only thing I wasn't really sure about was his last move. EQ is STAB, but it would've left me open to several Pokemon, namely Gyarados and almost all Grass Types. Articuno laughs in the face of Grass Types, but Gyara could've be a problem. To that end, I've sprung for Return, with it's awesome coverage on everything but Shedinja and Empoleon when combined with Waterfall.

    And now... Introducing the Star of the Show...

    -Sheer Cold
    -Mind Reader

    Now do you guys see why Articuno is so beastly? As long as she has Sub up, she's virtually indistructible. Switching into a Struggling or weakened Pokemon allows her to set it up with ease. Roost is for healing, should it even become a necessity. Finally, Mind Reader and Sheer Cold ensures an OHKO on anything without the Sturdy ability. Palmer should be shivering from both fear and the cold with her on my team.

    And that concludes the team. Comments and Suggestions appreciated!
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