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    Rated PG (currently, will list next to the prompts any that might go beyond that)

    Alright, I originally planned to put this up on my live-journal after finding a fic contest group. Sadly my account seems to have vanished so I'm stuck without it, so I thought I'd bring it here, luckily I saved my prompts so I won't forget them. Well, here it is then:

        Spoiler:- Prompts:


    “You better not forget to keep training; I don’t want you falling behind.” A stern male voice said as two boys walked into a small town known as New Bark town. The two boys strangely resembled each other in certain ways, both stood at just less than 6 feet tall; however one boy had eyes that were a deep red naturally whilst the other had amber, almost golden eyes. Beyond their height, their resemblances stop. One of the two boys, the one who had spoken first, wore black gloves that were used to insulate any electricity, and they did come in handy often, and was holding a red cap in his hands. His hair was a thick mass of spikes which looked far too disorganized to be done on purpose. His red jacket bore no sleeves and was unfastened to show the main body of his black shirt beneath. Light blue jeans were worn out, tattered around the ankles where they had scraped on the floor too much. His white sneakers were even more tattered however, the boy was glad that they hadn’t run into any rain on their return trip or his feet would have been soaked through to the bone with just how many holes were in them.

    The other boy’s clothes were worn just as much, if not more. On his head he wore a yellow and white cap, worn backwards, as thick tufts of hair stuck out from under his hat and covered across his right eye however it did not impair his vision. Over the hat was a pair of old goggles, one of the lenses having a small crack in. Like the other boy, he had a red jacket however his was half hanging out of the yellow backpack he was carrying in his left hand, a black shirt like the other boy clung tightly to his chest. On a strap on his back was a peach coloured red, a billiard cue, which the boy had taken with him everywhere. Yellow shorts covered his upper legs but showed off his bruised and, admittedly, muddy legs.

    “Yeah I won’t forget my training, not like these guys would let me slack off anyway.” The second boy had a smirk cross his face as a short popping sound was heard from his bag; a bright white light shining out as a form appeared to his shoulder in the blink of an eye, the form took shape to a rather short creature with a rather large head when compared to the rest of its body, a long tail wrapped around the boys neck as if I anchor the creature in position. The light faded away almost as fast as the light appeared as the creature was shown fully to be the purple monkey Pokémon, Aipom. The boy brought his arm up and gave the Pokémon a gentle scratch behind the large eyes.

    “Well just in case…Aipom, if Gold here slacks off, you have my permission to display that new secret move we’ve been working on.” The boy winked as the monkey used its paw as a sigh to salute him.

    “Secret move?” Gold questioned, looking between his Pokémon and the other boy. “Red! What have you been teaching my Pokémon?” Red brought his hands up defensively.
    “Just something that could help them out, nothing huge.” He turned his back and started walking. “Now come on, I promised your mum I’d get you back by dinner time.”

    “Oh, and what’s she gonna do about it?” Gold gave a short laugh and jogged a little to catch up. “Slap you on the wrist?” The smirk returned to his face. “Or…” He was cut off by Red.

    “Don’t say it Gold!” He warned.

    “Or do you want Yellow to do that?”

    “God damn I will smack you if you keep this up.” Red tried to sound serious though he couldn’t keep a very straight face. Gold decided to just push him further.

    “Well I guess if you don’t want her…she is quite cute.”

    “Yeah, go to hell Gold.”

    “Told ya.” Gold muttered under his breath, it wasn’t a secret to Gold that Red and their old friend Yellow, a blonde haired girl who lived near Red’s home town in Kanto, both had crushes on each other. They stopped their play-arguing as the white walled, three-story house that belonged to Gold and his mum stood before them. As Gold was about to knock onto the door, he never got the chance before it flew open and the boy was bombarded with Pokémon: the sand coloured shrew, ironically named Sandshrew, the pink blob with a tongue larger than it’s body, Lickitung, and finally another more egg shaped pink blob Chansey.

    Meanwhile, perched in a tree was a boy of the same age as Gold though he was very much different from the boy on various levels. The boy had long red hair that fell down to his shoulders, gleaming softly as the rays from the sun struck the strands in just the right places. Whereas Gold always looked to be energetic, this boy was much calmer in appearance, an improvement to how he often seemed a slight bit angry every second of the day. The tone to his eyes, much like with Red and Gold, which have a grey colour, most people however say they are silver, matching his name Silver. He was wearing a long black trench coat that was wide open, the tails falling freely from the tree branch. A black and red trimmed short was worn beneath as well as grey pants that were once worn rather baggy but were now much tighter around his legs.

    Silver watched Gold return and felt a wave of relief and happiness to have him back in New Bark town. He grunted as he cut short the feeling and turned his head away. Even so, he couldn’t keep his eyes from wandering over and tried hardest not to start laughing at seeing the boy being tackled to the ground by the Pokémon that had lived with him and his mother for years. He felt a nudge to his shoulder and brought his attention to a thick branch above him where his black weasel with some rather sharp claws was prodding him. Silver softly rubbed the Pokémon’s cheek, it then started nodding and making motions towards Gold’s house. He looked back again and saw Red waving to Gold as the two parted ways. Gold led his Pokémon inside and shut the door behind them. The Pokémon kept nudging him. “Fine Sneasel…I’ll go over and say hi.” He groaned as he slid out of the tree, his Pokémon smiled, clearly happy that his trainer was going over.

    What felt likes hours was the four minutes and twenty six seconds Silver spent walking over to Gold’s home and knocking on the door. Gold must obviously have been close to the door as grunted curses were heard behind the door. Instead of Gold answering the door, instead was the fire Pokémon that Gold had received from Professor Elm many years ago; Typhlosion. Stood on the beasts shoulders were a small yellow mouse like Pokémon with almost diamond shaped ears Pichu and on the other…Silver couldn’t even recognize the Pokémon that stood on Typhlosion’s opposite shoulder. The red haired boy just stared blankly at the Pokémon standing before him. Typhlosion smiled at the boy, obviously recognizing him, he then nodded though emphasized his down movement, Silver didn’t understand it right away and needed his Sneasel to tug at his coat and point down until he realized what Typhlosion was trying to tell him. Lying beneath the Pokémon was Gold, looking like he had been pushed down and his Typhlosion had stood over him to prevent him getting up.

    “Well…hi Silver. This is a surprise to see you.” Gold let a wide smile cross his face, at first he’d thought it’d more likely be Crystal or maybe Professor Elm, but being Silver had obviously surprised him.

    “Yeah well…I thought I’d come by to check up on you and your progress.” He lied; Sneasel hid behind Silver and s******ed. “Shut up you.” He barked. Gold laughed from the floor. “You can shut up too!” He yelled down at Gold this time, this only made Gold laugh harder until Silver cracked and gave a very short laugh.
    “Ha! I got the great grand Silver to laugh!” He cheered victoriously. Silver just rolled his eyes at the boy before an awkward silence overtook them. “Good to see you again Silver.”

    “Yeah…you too Gold.” He half smiled down at the boy, lying beneath the Typhlosion.


    Authors note: I'm hoping to update this at least once a week and continuously keep 4+ pages at a time, this was just a one off to start off.
    I've been pondering this new Pokémon I want to give Gold, however I can't decide, I want it to be one caught whilst he's been at Mt. Silver so my plan was Makuhita or Buizel, hence why I left the exact detail out, if anyone could advise me on which, I'd be grateful.
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    ah, sorry, I always forget to add the rating. I've added it now to the top of the post.
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