Du nuh nooo nooo, nu nu nu nu nooo.

YES, it's that time of the year, and we all know what it is, tomorrow it's

FRIDAY whoooo

..what?..New Years? The **** is New years, Friday, man FRIDAY, w000t.

OHH, NEW years day, ohh, that's a little different then isn't it, 2009 and is nearly over, the decade, the naughties, the double 0's the..whatever else you can call it. But it's over, and what shall 2010 bring us? *shrug* You just got to make your own future, but what do you say, shall we go out with a bang, and with that i have one delightful goodie bag for you all, and because it's the decade's over with lets make it a little special.

what I have for you is this:
2010 Goodie bag which includes:
x1 2010 New years ball
x1 2010 New Years Popper, which when popped over one of your pokemon the magical streamers will grant +2 levels to said Pokemon
x1 Super Pass
x3 Mysterious Gummi
x3 Sky Gummi
x2 Rare Candies
x1 10,000 coin pass for CfP

and that's it for another year, lets hope you have a good night and get sorely ****** that you can't remember the night...it might be a good thing =D