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Thread: Custom phrases

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    I always say things like "I knew my Darkrai and I would win!"

    ^^^Lol ubers don't suck

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    Here's what I plan for another two custom trainers, Venom and Krystal.

    Entrance: Time for venom's strike! (if it fits)
    Start of battle: Face my power!
    Sending out: Your turn, ______!
    Switching: Great job!
    Win: The power of venom is unexpected.
    Lose: Huh?!

    Entrance: Fire. Water. Earth. Sky. (If it fits...)
    Start of battle: Let's do it!
    Sending out: Let's go! ____!
    Switching: Rest now, _____.
    Victory: A legend lives on!
    Loss: How embarrassing...
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    As for me...
    Entrance: Nice, time to spend!
    Start of battle: May the best wins.
    Sending out: _____, let's go!
    Switching: You battled very hard.
    Win: The result is... unexpected...
    Lose: You fought very well.
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    Entrance: All hail the Soviet Union!
    First Pokémon: For Mother Russia!
    Switch out: You worked hard, comrade.
    Send out: Go, comrade!
    Victory: Glorious exposition, comrade!
    Defeat: The world will never be fair...

    Trainer name: Stalin

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