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    New Years challenge by XxM!styxX. It’s 10:00 pm PST…with two hours to spare. XD


    By – adrenaline


    11:50. “Wake up…wake up.”

    “Hmm?” Ash rubbed the sleep from his eyes. A meager yawn brought him out of his temporary lapse of unconscious. Blurry eyes land on the glowing television set then to the girl beside him.

    Misty rolled her eyes. “Come on, you promised you’d stay awake this time,” she shook him playfully by the shoulder.

    The fuzziness began to clear from Ash’s mind, and he sat up straight on the coach. He must have dozed off, for the third time tonight. A slightly irked Misty sat Indian-style to his left, with a bucket of popcorn on her lap. She grabbed some by the handful and destroyed it in one or two bites.

    He leaned in to see her choice of snacks: A king-size soda, red vines, chocolate covered unknowns and the aforementioned barrel of popcorn, which on second glance looked glazed with caramel. The very sight made his stomach churn. It was probably her dinner too.

    “Gross. How can you eat all that?” he grumbled.

    Misty licked a caramel drenched finger clean. “Please – you like candy too.”

    “Not for three meals a day. You should really learn to eat better.”


    “I don’t know how you can keep your figure when eat so bad.”

    “I have a figure?”

    “Never mind.”

    Misty giggled, tossed in a piece of chocolate and downed what’s left of her soda. The straw makes a choking sound as she forced out the last of the liquid; and with a satisfied moan, continued devouring the popcorn with glee.

    “So, how long is this supposed to last?” Ash turned back to the television set.

    “Till Twelve…just like last year…and all the years before that,” she said through yummy crunches.

    Ash stretched, trying to work out the kinks still plaguing his body. “I still don’t know why you wanted me to stay up for this. Pretty boring if you ask me.”

    “Boring?” Misty echoed. “New Years isn’t boring, it’s fun!”

    Ash took a second look at their surroundings. It was some party. They were the only ones there. Delia went to sleep hours ago. Tracey usually spent holidays with the Oaks. Brock went home to visit family, as did May, Max and Dawn.

    For some bizarre reason, Ash and Misty would spend New Years Eve together. Two years ago it was at Professor Oak’s lab. Last year everyone pitched in to rent a room at Saffron City’s luxury hotel suite. But this year everyone had plans, except for them.

    Ash continued watching the broadcast, with just enough interest keeping him from shutting the TV off himself. This year’s show originated in Golden Rod. Thousands of people came from every city and region to see the ball drop at the stroke of midnight.

    The camera panned to a massive mechanical Voltorb stationed on top of the giant rod. In just a few minutes, it would plunge to the meticulous counting of the crowd and end in a brilliant display of colors, lights and confetti. Yeah, pretty boring.

    At least there was a Voltorb. It was probably the only thing keeping Ash interested. An electric Pokémon using ‘explosion’ to bring in the New Year did make some sense. A brief chuckle escaped his lips as he mentally exchanged the fake Pokémon with a real Voltorb. Now that would be entertaining.

    “Don’t,” Misty grinned, as if she knew exactly what he was thinking. “Ash, why don’t you like New Years?”

    He shrugged without eye contact. “I like New Years fine. It’s all the stupid resolutions I hate.”

    “Resolutions?!” she echoed again. “I love New Years resolutions! What’s wrong with them?”

    “What’s right with them? They don’t do any good to anyone!”

    She pouted. “Well, you’re wrong.”

    “Am I?”


    “Really? How about when Brock promises he’ll lay off the swooning every year? Last time he went a good seven minutes before Nurse Joy strolled in. Or that year when Tracey wanted to take up photography – that didn’t last long. May and Max tried swearing off arguing with each other. Don’t even get me started on Dawn’s ‘no makeup for a week’ thing. Forget it!”

    “Bad examples, Ash.”

    “All five?”

    “Yeah, I mean resolutions are suppose to improve your life. It’s a way of making you a better person. Come on, trainer-boy you can relate to that.”

    Ash scoffed. Curse her for trying to appeal to his competitive side. A staring contest with the television was a better option than talking with her.

    “I think they’re nice,” Misty started again, not missing a step. “They test your strength and character. Ash, don’t you think resolutions are romantic?”

    He glanced at her with an inward chuckle. The very fact she asked him that proved how little she knew him. Maybe, she was just being hopeful. Regardless, Ash lost his match against the TV and met with her eyes.

    “I’ll bite,” he started. “Let’s do them. Right now.”

    “Do what?”



    “Sure, we still got time.” His eyes grazed the ticking clock. 11:55.

    “Alright. I think—”

    “Nope,” he interrupted with a grin. “I get to choose yours.”


    “It’s more fun that way. You in?”

    “In,” she replied, with no hesitation.

    “Let’s see. Well, first we’ll start with your diet.”

    “My diet?”

    He pressed on. “You need to eat healthier. A few vegetables here and there, some high fiber cereal in the morning. You get the picture.”


    “Oh, and would it kill you to catch a non-water Pokémon for a change?”

    “I have!”

    “Not recently.” The more his smiled grew, the more she wanted to rake her fist across his face. “You could stand to be a little nicer, you know. The ‘Cinderella-youngest-sister-everyone-hates-me thing is getting old.”

    She twitched. “Excuse me?”

    “Everyone’s got family problems, jeez!”

    “Okay, okay, okay,” she sputtered out to quell his onslaught. “How about you, Ash? Did you think you were all wonderful and perfect?”


    “You’re not. You’re gonna start reading!”

    “Hey, I read!”

    “Books, Ash! You’re going to read a book. Every day.”

    “EVERY DAY?” he gasped, horrified of the thought. “Can’t it be once a month?”

    “Nope. You have to starting training harder too.”

    “What’s wrong with my training?”

    “How many times have you beaten Paul again?”

    “Low blow.”

    “Fine,” Ash grumbled, pressing his hands against his face.

    Misty barred her teeth happily. This was fun. “You have to be more romantic too.”

    “Romantic?” he winced.

    “Yep, the new Ash is going to be more romantic.”

    Ash groaned uncomfortably and rubbed the back of his head. Maybe this wasn’t a good idea after all.

    Misty went on. “I’m talking about roses, romantic movies, poetry – the whole bit.”

    “No!” Ash stood up. “I’m drawing the line there! I can deal with all the other stuff but I won’t do that.”

    “You have to!” she matched his level. “This was your idea!”

    “Well, you can’t make me!”

    “Yes I can. It’s part of the rules.”

    “Fine! You want me to be more romantic?”

    “Yes, I d—”

    She didn’t get a chance to finish because he covered her lips with his. He caught her by the waist, titled his head and savored the ungodly taste of caramel, artificially sugared cherries and Dr. Pepper.

    Her body straightened, she shut her eyes, parted his lips and slithered her tongue inside. Before she knew it, the kiss was done. She fell back onto the coach in a daze hearing Ash stomping off upstairs to brush his teeth, mumbling incoherently. Misty touched her lips and smiled.

    12:01. This year’s gonna be fun.
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    That was really cute. You've captured a lot of the emotions related to New Years. I can really relate as I spend most of my New Years eve eating junk food (stomachache later, but who cares?), trying to keep everyone else awake, and pretending that the New Years rockin' coverage isn't boring me to tears. So this one really hit home.

    I suppose Ash probably thinks his little deed takes care of his "romantic" resolution for the entire year. I think Misty might disagree.

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    good going on the challenge, adrenaline!!!! very cute with the resolutions idea!! Although the Misty-eats-lots-of-junk-food bit suprised me.
    cute none the less A+!!
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    Thanks everyone for the reviews. Writing this little one-shot was really fun to do. Maybe I'll do more down the road sometime. Till then...
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