New thread, again. Also, chaining is the same in D/P/Pt.

  • Discuss chaining only.
  • Don't offer/request to trade!
  • Don't ask foolish questions, such as "How do I chain pokemon?!" Read the F.A.Q.
  • At least three Sentences per post, please.
  • If you don't have the game yet, please don't post about what you will do... >>
  • Do not post posts merely about "Congratulations" or whatever. It is a shallow post and will be threatened as SPAM!
  • If you don't wish to comply with the rules, you will be infracted.

Things to Consider While Chaining: (by shadow3944)

1. The animation for the pokeradar grass patches appear above the fog. (Very useful for people chaining Bagon)
2. For Chaining in the sandstorm, be in a very dark place, have your DS (Preferably a DS Lite) on highest light setting, and have it be around 11 Am. It should be very bright and easier to see the grass patches. You can also tilt the screen a little to semi-invert the colors and see better.
3. Every chain breaks for some reason. (Yes, they all do. It's in the coding.)
4. Magnet Pull attracts Steel type pokemon.
5. Static attracts Electric type pokemon.
6. Synchronize attracts pokemon with the same nature as the pokemon with Synchronize.
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And Merbear's guide as well.
    Spoiler:- Merbear's Guide:

Good luck!

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