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    Default FB Bank

    Welcome to the Fizzy Bubbles Bank
    This bank is, in short, a safety-deposit box for your rare candies. Rare candies are a luxury and as we all know, useful for many purposes. As such, they are highly sought after and need to be kept safe. This is where we come in.

    - All rare candies you own must be posted in the bank.
    - All deposits must have a link accompanying them showing where you received the candy, along with an explanation as to what you are doing with it (deposit, pokemon level raising, etc)
    - All withdrawals must be explained, and a link posted to show where the candies have been used.
    - Any candies used on pokemon level raising must include the pokemon’s original level and the level it is being raised to.
    - After a deposit or withdrawal has been made and your candy stats edited by me in the main thread do not edit your original post. Make another as this saves confusion.
    - Credit is not available so please do not ask for a loan.
    - You should have only ONE post in between updates. Altering a post prior to a bank update is not allowed, but if you have multiple transactions between one update and the next, then you should edit the one post with all transactions. Not doing so will ensure all deposits are ignored, and a possible candy ban placed upon you.
    - Deposits of candies obtained more than four weeks prior to your Bank post will not be accepted.
    - Transactions will be accepted for people who are on holiday so long as I've been informed via PM, but no transactions of any kind will be accepted for inactive members.
    - If you have not posted in FB for at least one month you are considered inactive and your balance is moved into storage. This keeps the current list clean, making it easier for me to edit. If you return to FB at a later date and need your balance restored, all you need do is contact me and I'll return it to this thread.

    Rare Candy Records:
    allishinca 10
    Arc_Angel 262
    CyberBlastoise 36
    Dark Searchman 30
    DaveTheFishGuy 42
    EpicSquirtle 01
    Escalion 48
    Ex-Admiral Insane 70
    gmoyes 51
    Icarus 66
    John's Knight 38
    kaisap112 42
    lilbluecorsola 715
    LucarioArtcunoSuicunLover 43
    MarbleZone 20
    Missingno. Master 11
    myahoo 178
    Myrrh 82
    OkikuMew 111
    PeeGee 77
    Quilavaflare 06
    Rakurai 223
    Rayzen 31
    swampertforever 21
    Thrain 51
    uhhhhh 50
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