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    Quote Originally Posted by enchantress View Post
    Meetan: Previous Balance: 02 candies. Depositing 24; Withdrawing 26. New Balance: 00 candies.

    * Again, if you're not already hyperlinking please start doing so.
    * In future if you candy up your Pokémon without linking to their last level gain I will deny the transaction so PLEASE remember to link as proof of their current level. Linking to your Members Post is NOT proof of their current level as each time you raise them this post is edited. You need to show WHERE your Pokémon gained their last level as that is the post that will remain untouched on this forum. In two years time should I wish to backtrack to account for each level your Pokémon has gained I want to be able to quickly and easily do so and that can only be accomplished via direct linking to each individual level gain whether it's through the Daycare, candy up, zones, etc,. However they are raised, the trail needs to be clear.
    * Meetan: In future if you make an error please don't have a candy "disappear", instead go back and correct your mistake. Additionally, you're going to need to state clearly the level you're raising your Pokémon FROM (with the appropriate link attached), and the level you're raising it to. I spent more time than necessary trying to make sense of Swinub's level gains including it's Daycare stays but am still not entirely sure it's right because we had no starting point. I'm sorely tempted to deny the entire post and have you repost it properly, with each transaction on a separate line, but I don't want to be sifting through it all again next time. Please take extra care in future to pay attention to detail, and please post all of your transactions on separate lines.
    Depositing this candy from the Pokemart.
    Using it to raise Swinub to Lv. 35. (Tess: from Lv.34 - Lv.35)
    Depositing one rare candy from the Cable Club. (Tess: I see you trading a candy on this link, but not receiving one. Please repost with the correct link.)
    Withdrawing one rare candy to trade to Takeo in the Cable Club.
    Depositing a rare candy from the Pokemart.
    Feeding Swinub a rare candy, raising him to Lv.37 (Tess: From Lv.36 - Lv.37)
    Depositing one Poke Mart candy.
    Depositing ten rare candies from the Updater rewards thread.
    Feeding Swinub all eleven rare candies to raise him to lvl. 49
    (Tess: From Lv.38 - Lv.49; Where is the Lv.38 link?)
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