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    Default Pokemon Trading Card Game: TCG

    Well, figured i would try making a Pokemon TCG game here on serebii.
    Here is how it would work, this thread will be where you make the requests for a card battle, where you would post your moves during your turns, and so on.

    Now, seeing as the card game can be easily cheated when you just have to "Trust your opponent" that they actually drew the card the said they drawed, this is how we will play it.

    We will have a list (Anyone who wants to be on this list, just ask me and ill put you on there) if you are on that list you can be requested to be a neutral party in that card battle. I will get into what this will entail later in the post. (I will use the word Judge in place of neutral party in this post)

    For those who want to have a card battle, this is the procedure you would follow:

    #1 Make your Deck and make sure it follows this format:

    1 Name of card - set - number of the card in the set


    1 Bulbasaur - Base - 44/102
    2 Ivysaur - EX Crystal Guardians - 35/100
    3 Venusaur - Secret Wonders - 20/132

    You will do that for each card in your deck, and there must be 60 cards for the Judge to accept your deck.

    Tips and Requirements for deck making:

    1) Use the serebii Cardex for info on the cards, it has almost all of them in there, and you can figure out what set a card is from, and the number of the card in the set.

    2) Do not type
    1 Bulbasaur - Base - 44/102 x4

    If you want more than one of any given card in your deck then type it like this (you will see why later):

    1 Bulbasaur - Base - 44/102
    2 Bulbasaur - Base - 44/102
    3 Bulbasaur - Base - 44/102

    Remember, you must have 60 cards listed in this way to play.

    3) You do not have to type a set for energy cards, just type:

    1 Energy - Grass
    2 Energy - Water
    3 Energy - Fire

    4) Here is a sample deck, it shows the correct format for typing out your deck:

    #2 You would post in the thread and find an opponent and a neutral user to judge the card battle.

    #3 You will Pm your Deck (With the correct format) to the judge.

    #4 Whenever you are required to Draw a card, shuffle your deck, search your deck, flip a coin, etc, you must notify the judge.

    For the Neutral Users (Judges)

    These are our current Judges:
    ansem the wise

    If you want to be put on the list, just let me know.

    Once you have been contacted on this thread to judge a battle, this is what you should do:

    Get both players decks (I would recommend using a word processor to store them until the battle is over)

    Copy and paste the decks they gave you into this site:
    Or a similar site, and use it to randomize/"Shuffle" the deck and flip a coin. (I would just type in:


    And see which one comes outs on the top of the list)

    This is the format that I will be using when I judge a match (Use whatever is good for you) for the word processor:

    (I will put the cards currently in the deck here)

    Prize Cards
    (I will C+P the first 6 cards off the randomizer into this spot)

    (Its a good idea to keep track if a card is discarded, because they may come back into play later)

    In-Hand cards
    (cards that are in the hands of the players)

    In-Play cards

    I just like to keep track of where all 60 cards are.
    And I would keep 2 of these, one for each player in the game.

    Note to the player:
    When posting, i would use this format:

    Active pokemon: Bulbasaur - Base - 44/102 - HP40
    Attached: Energy - Grass, Energy Grass, Hit counter

    Benched Pokemon 1: Virizion - Emerging powers - 17/98 - HP100
    Attached: Energy - Grass, Hit counter, Hit counter

    Benched Pokemon 2: Grovyle - EX Dragon - 31/97 - HP70
    Attached: Nothing

    Please make clear, what you do with each post (Are you attacking? Using a Trainer card? Etc. And please say when you end your turn)
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    Bump+ Further info

    I will post a sample game after one has been played, but this is how the game will go (For the most part)

    The judge Shuffles the decks, and removes the first 6 cards as prize cards.

    The judge then Pms each player the 7 cards in their hands.

    Both players then decide their active and benched pokemon and Pms them to the Judge.*

    The judge then posts both players active and benched pokemon* and flips a coin to decide who goes first.

    Now, whenever player ends their turn, they must alert the judge so that he can Pm the other player their "Card Draw" at the begining of their turn. And on the first turn, the judge should automatically pm the player who goes first their first card draw.

    *remember the suggested format.
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