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    Default Standard OU Peaked #35 on Smogon leaderboard


    Hey sups its me back again with another RMT except this time I managed to have a lot more success this one. This team peaked at #35 on the leaderboard. While that isnt that great it was my first time ever getting to the leaderboard and thats why this team is really special to me. Im actually looking to kinda revamp this team and not so much show it off but yeah if I could get any help I'd greatly appreciate it

    This team is basically based on wearing out your opponents team with super hard hitters like Choice Band Tyranitar and Scizor, this team is also designed to give you an advantage when battling most of the metagame because of the Scizors and Latias. As you most likley know these pokemon can be trapped with either pursuit (latias) or with the ability magnet pull
    anyway getting the momentum in a battle is really important and this team really help you do it. Another reason for this team's success is its ability to perform well against basically every type of playstyle out there if used correctly.

    While this team doesnt have the greatest synergy it makes up for it with pokemon that resist a great deal of moves, and have a powerful array of attacks.



    Closer Look:

    Jirachi @
    Nature: Bold
    Ability: Serene Grace
    Evs: 252 Hp l 40 Atk l 216 Def
    -Iron Head
    -Stealth Rock
    -Thunder Wave

    Ahhh the old annoyer jirachi. Most people think this thing is scarfed which is great because I always Set up Stealth Rock. Reflect helps my rather slow team take hits much better and has saved my *** many times. Thunderwave and Iron head combine togather to for the paraflinch combo that is just annoying for anything to take down. I know this thing is trapped by magnezone pretty easily so I have to play jirachi very carefully but he won't like thunderwave too much anyway Scarfers can be taken down but Sub is game over for rachi. Still I like the boost of reflect over Fire punch. He stacks up well with most leads although he has some he cant touch but Im almost guarenteed stealth rock up and thats a big plus for me

    The evs call for Maxed out HP, hit a jump point in defense and allow for some power with STAB iron head. I didnt want to put too many evs in attack with only one attack.

    I tried a couple different leads in this posistion and I really like the extra bulk jirachi added to my team, and the ability to flinch things to death lol

    Salamence @
    Nature: Naive
    Ability: Intimidate
    Evs: 16 Atk l 240 Spa l 252 Spe
    -Draco Meteor
    -Fire Blast

    If you dont know what this is then GTFO of my RMT. Mixmence is just plain deadly Destroying anything not named cress with a combo of Draco Meteor and Outrage. Earthquake is to hit the non levitating steels trying to absorb a Dragon attack and whatever steel earthquake can't kill Fire Blast will demolish.Salamence's Intimidate ability can also prove useful when menacing late game Lucario / Scizor think they can run through my weakened team. Salamence provides a rather solid Fighting-type resist as well as 90 / 80 Def, which is nothing to laugh at when coupled with Intimidate. Salamence / Rotom-H / Latias form a solid defensive core that can keep up tempo, something most offensive teams struggle with. Rotom-H helps to stop threats like Choice Band Scizor or Swords Dance Lucario from running through me with ease, whereas Latias can come in on the majority of bulky waters with ease. Salamence's role is sometimes harder due to it's Stealth Rock weakness but no matter what Salamence will play an important role in the match, whether it be killing off half of the opposing team or simply intimidating a physical threat when needed.

    Sala's evs go for max speed because beating the other base 100's with 176 evs is just amazing. 16 atk evs give outrage a bit of a kick, not that it needs it, and the rest is dumped into Special attack to just take a chunk out of anything with draco meteor

    The reason Mixed Salamence was chosen over any other type of Salamence is its ability to do immediate damage against the opposing team. Causing pain for switch ins with a Life Orb Draco Meteor is a great way to weaken the opposing core. Outrage also provides an unparalelled late game sweeping tool which comes off an incredible 135 base attack stat. Flamethrower and Earthquake round out the moveset thanks to the ability hit different types of steels. For example, Earthquake to hit Heatran and Fire Blast to hit Forretress and Skarmory

    Suicune @
    Nature: Bold
    Abiltiy: Pressure
    Evs: 252 Hp l 252 Def l 6 Spa
    -Calm Mind
    -Hidden Power
    -Ice Beam

    Suicune adds some much more physical bulk to the team. With the abiltiy to set up on many things he finds a place in many teams today. While he seem part of the offensive car he's just as much a part of the defensive core stopping stuff like DD gyarados, and mence from rampaging through my team. Another thiing suicune is great at is drawing in latias and rotom. You see they like to trick good ol' suicune only I can't let that happen I switch into tyranitar and they get a pursuited leaving there team open to suicune. Although it would be nice to have some form of recovery I just cant seem to find a place to fit it in here. I sometimes think about ditching calm mind for rest since TBH I really don't use it too much but I've never actually tired it. Overall im pretty happy with him in my team as I only have a problem with him when he draws in Celebi and Roserade because I dont do too well with either the former causing me the most trouble.

    I didn't feel a need to invest in Special attack here as I don't want to pull of a sweep with suicune I'd rather play it safe and have all the attacks in my arsenal to dispose of some troublesome pokemon that may think they have a free switch in.

    So yeah.................................

    Scizor @
    Nature: Adamant
    Abiltiy: Tech.
    Evs 248 Hp l 252 Atk l 8 Spe
    -Bullet Punch

    Scizor, the mindless U-turning spammer, finds its way into this team, much like it finds itself on many other teams since Platinum's release. Scizor is a secondary check against fragile offensive Pokemon such as Weavile thanks to its Technician and Choice Band boosted Bullet Punch. Scizor acts as a safety blanket against Dragon Dance Salamence as well should it manage to set up amidst the sea of attacks. Infact, Scizor is like a 4th part of the defensive core this team boasts, except instead of checking offensive Pokemon, Scizor tends to check defensive Pokemon. Scizor is the main switch into Thunder Wave Blissey since it can easily U-turn out or OHKO with Superpower. Scizor is also the primary check against Cresselia since U-turn does quite a bit of damage. Defensive Calm Mind Latias is another Pokemon Scizor can easily counter thanks to it's Dragon-type resistance and decent SpD stat.

    Scizors evs outspeed 6 Speed vaporeon and just max out Attack and the rest of the evs go into his Hp to help take more hits from random suffs.

    Its a scizor its always on my team.

    Magnezone @
    Nature: Naive
    Ability: Magnet Pull
    Evs 40 Atk l 216 Spa l 252 Spe
    -Flash Cannon
    -Hidden Power

    A pokemon that can automatically beat the #1 used pokemon in the game? huh Yeah thats magnezone his ability to trap scizor and other steels is just so freakin awesome I could pass up on it. I decided to scarf him because I needed a way to outspeed the starmies and the infernapes that could otherwise cause my team much trouble. Thunderbolt and Flash Cannon are the STAB's of the set and are often used the most. Hidden power fire is used to get the OHKO on scizor that can be killed by thunderbolt or aren't locked into bullet punch. Explosion allows me to go out with a bang and take out some unsespecting blissey occasionally. Although signal beam would help with celebi I cant pass up on explosion.

    The evs let me outspeed +115's and below which is very important because it allows me to get the KO on starmie. The 216 evs in special attack hit a jump point and the 40 atk evs are to power up the explosion.

    Magnezone is another member in my trappiing trio and really goes well with tyranitar.

    Tyranitar @
    Nature: Adamant
    Ability: Sand Stream
    Evs: 252 Hp l 252 Atk l 6 Spe
    -Stone Edge

    Yeah a beast a dog a mutha****ing problem Choice Band tyranitar adds so much hit power to the team and helps pursuit off latias and rotoms without will o wisp. he also is my only real switch in to zapdos which is kind of sad but he's the best I got. Pursuit is there for obvious reasons and is one of the greatest attacks in the game often times Ill switch in suicune then go right back to tyranitar becuase often times tyranitar has the ability to pursuit whatever switching into suicune for a good amount of damage for example: blissey loves to swith in to suicune. Crunch is a good STAB and provides a good way to deal damage without having to worry about shaky accuracy. Stone Edge hits a lot of incoming switch ins hard and gives tyranitar a chance to OHKO scizor after some stealth rock damage. Earthquake lets me hit other tyranitars and hit zapdos on the roost which is pretty big if I predict right .

    The evs max out Tyranitars attack and hp so he can take hits and dish out bigger ones.

    Tyranitar is probably the glue of my team

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