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    Thumbs up Rate Your Nicknames! (Need raters!)

    Edit: I'm only one person and can't possibly rate everyone's alone! (I made this thread months ago, went back to college, check the forum weeks later to find it still alive with tons of requests!) I'd appreciate it if everyone made an effort to rate someone else's too.


    I think Pokemon's nicknames are all too under-rated! (Pun not intended...) Nicknaming your Pokemon makes them more personal and less like objects or monsters. Since I started playing when I was 10 I've named my Pokemon and have ever since for the past 10 years. EVERY Pokemon gets a nickname in my games! What about you? How do you name yours?

    Here I'll rate your Pokemon's nicknames based on fitness (how well it fits the specific Pokemon), creativity, uniqueness (avoidance of cliches), overall theme (Ex: Frank, Bob and Xavier, the latter doesn't go well), look (how the actual name looks) and flow (how it sounds).

    So a Sandshrew named "Timber" would rate higher than one named "Sandy".

    Feel free to share your thoughts on other's names too! Chime in!

    Make sure to mention the Pokemon, name and gender, and any other notes.
    Remember this is just for fun, no hard feelings! I encourage others to rate eachothers.

    Here are my teams and their names for you to judge:


    Togekiss - Fable (M)
    Dragonite - Ophelia (F)
    Dusknoir - Lenore (F)
    Torterra - Albion (M)
    Tauros - Altair (M)
    Porygon-Z - Zork

    Torterra - Athenry (M)
    Crobat - Yazoo (M)
    Luxray - Katana (F)
    Milotic - Atlantis (F)
    Hypno - Banquo (M)
    Rapidash - Yahrling (F)

    Groudon - Ganondorf
    Absol - Sickle (F)
    Gardevoir - Larz (M)
    Walrein - Trusk (F)
    Sceptile - Link (M)
    Salamence - Inji (F)

    Yellow "Assume all (F)"
    Venusaur - Eden
    Blastoise - Serra
    Pikachu - Avril
    Charizard - Thorn
    Nidoqueen - Zula
    Lapras - Juno
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