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    Default . // Nikopol

    . // Graphic Shop

    . // Status


    . // Rules

    1. General SPPf rules.
    2. For the sake of my sanity, I BEG YOU, don't give me images off ImageShack.
    3. Use the form. It has its reason.
    4. Don't hotlink the graphics. Save them on your computer and upload them on your own Photobucket/******* or whatever else you use.
    5. Give me a good quality picture to work with. No sprites either.
    6. When you get what you wanted, use it.
    7. Don't rush me.
    8. One request per post.
    9. Don't request when there are three people on the waiting list. Unless you're on my friend list~ 8D
    10. I'm not accepting any workers.
    11. Short text. I can't fit fifty pages on a banner.
    12. No more than one image unless it's for a header.
    13. Credit pl0x.

    . // Examples

    1 // 2 // 3

    4 // 5 // 6


    . // Forms

    HTML Code:
    [B]Icon* / Banner / Header[/B]
    [B]Main colour:[/B]
    Copy, paste, edit.

    Get rid of "Icon", "Banner" or "Header" depending on what you want.

    *All icons will be 100x100 if size is not specified.

    . // Warnings

    All of you who are unable to read get a warning.

    First warning - Three days ban
    Second warning - A week ban
    Third warning - Two weeks ban
    Fourth warning - Permanent ban

    . // Failures

    Extreme Floatzel
    Rhyperior vs. Sharpedo
    Chelsea Star
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