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    Default Burning Love (Rocketshipping)

    This is my first story. It is rated PG13 and i hope that you will enjoy my Rocketshippy tale! NOTE: This has been edited and in my opinion I've edited it for the better... see for yourselves!

    It has been awhile since we saw Ash, Brock and Dawn. Currently, Ash is a Pokemon Master, Dawn is Top Co-Ordinator and Brock is a well known Pokemon Breeder. But, what about Team Rocket? Well Jessie, James and Meowth have now left Team Rocket and have decided to start a different life in picturesque Sunyshore City! They have also befriended Ash, Brock and Dawn and are now good friends with them. They have accepted their feelings for each other. Not only that but their lives are completely different now: Jessie is now a host for 'Sinnoh Now', James is an accessory compiler for Pokemon Contests and Meowth is an advertiser for Pokemarts. Has this change in their lifestyles been benificial for all?

    It's a bright and sunny morning in Sunyshore City. The sea rolling in shore and roaring peacefully, the sand glowing in the sunlight. What a beautiful view for the lucky people living in the appartment block overlooking the sandy beach. Who's fifth story window do we see open? It's Jessie and James'! A typical Saturday morning for them...

    ''Saturday mornin', love it so much, with alittle 'R n R' for us hard workers'' Meowth yawned as he walked to the balcony and collected his glass of water. His wide blue eyes basking at the beauty of the glistening sea in the morning, feeling the cool sea breeze brush his whiskers. His ear twitched as he heard movement from the bedroom. It was James just waking up and getting dressed into one of his 'work outfits' trying not to wake Jessie in the process. He was fastening the buttons on his shirt as Jessie woke up. ''Morning, sorry if I woke you'' James soothingly said.

    ''It doesn't matter and since I have the day off, I was going to do some shopping.'' she yawned then stretched her arms.''Off to work then, without breakfast?''

    ''Well, I was expected in earlier today as there is a big contest this afternoon. I need to create more accessories. So, I'll see you later.'' James replied as he leant over and kissed Jessie on the cheek.

    ''Have fun. Oh, Ash said that he was going to drop by later, with Brock and Dawn'' Jessie replied.

    ''Ok, if I'm not back in time, send them my regards. Bye'' James added as he opened the door. Jessie waved him good-bye. He softly closed it and smiled at Meowth who turned around as he left. James walked to the elevator and pressed the button.

    He exited the apartment and as he was walking down the street, two people approached him. ''Sir, we are currently conducting a survey on the Sunyshore Market and we would like you, a resident of Sunyshore, to tell us what you think about it.'' The woman said. James looked slightly uncertain.

    ''Um. I need to get to work if you'll excuse me.'' he politely said.

    ''Please come to our office.'' The man said as they both led James to a building in a secluded forest just outside the city.

    ''Is this the office? It's abit far from the city centre, isn't it?'' James asked, very puzzled.
    The woman sighed as she was fed up with James' questions and uncertainty so she sent out a Mismagius and ordered it to use Hypnosis to keep James under their control. ''You're coming whether you're busy or not.''

    ''There's someone who needs a 'word' with you.'' The man chuckled.

    James was dragged into the darkness of the building. The door was slammed behind them all and Mismaguis was floating next to it on the inside.

    Later that evening, Jessie and Meowth were sitting on the sofa waiting for James. ''Where is he? He's not supposed to be THIS late!'' Jessie questioned, sounding concerned. Meowth looked at her, concerned aswell.
    ''Maybe he had to stay late, I'm sure he'll be fine working awhile longer.'' Meowth said trying to comfort Jessie.

    An hour later, there was a knock at the door. Jessie lept up and opened it. Ash, Brock and Dawn were standing there. Jessie's heart sank. ''Hi Jessie, It's been awhile.'' Ash cheerfully said then taking note of the concerned look on her face. The smile faded.
    ''Are you ok? Is there something wrong?'' Dawn asked. Jessie invited them in and they sat down on the sofa.

    ''Well, what's wrong? I hope it's not serious.'' Dawn asked again.

    ''I was wondering if you have heard from James today because I sure haven't and he said that he will come back for lunch and to see you guys. I'm really worried.'' Jessie sighed. Tears were gathering in Jessie's crystal purple eyes.

    ''We were on a picnic and haven't seen him all day.'' Brock said. He looked at Ash, then Dawn, then back to Jessie. He was slightly worried.

    ''Yeah, we were at Lake Valor, then came here to visit you.'' Dawn added. She shifted in the chair.

    ''Meowth and I haven't seen him since this morning- and if you haven't seen him either and neither has his boss that means; he's gone missing!'' Jessie sobbed. The others gasped.

    ''No, he can't have right?'' Dawn questioned, sounding scared.

    ''But how? If he was just going to work, surely someone must have noticed.'' Brock added. Meowth nodded as he walked back to comfort Jessie who was so close to crying now.

    ''Don't worry Jessie, we'll help you find James'' Ash added sounding determined. He stood up and was ready to look for his friend.

    What happened to James, will Ash, Brock, Dawn and Jessie be able to find him? Find out soon...
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    Default Burning Love Part 2

    Part 2...

    Jessie slipped on the first pair of shoes that went with her black skinny jeans and marroon tank top and ran outside to look for James. In the street Ash, Dawn and Brock were searching for him. Dawn looked around then she noticed a Police Notice on the lamp post. It read ''Pokemon Thieves: After Any Pokemon BEWARE!'' Brock, Ash and Jessie looked at it aswell. Then Ash had an idea. ''I know how we can make the search alittle easier'' Ash then tossed two pokeballs up and sent out Staraptor and Gliscor. ''Guys I need you to look for James from the air, if you see any clues then bring them back here, ok?'' Ash instructed. Both Pokemon nodded and flew off.

    ''Great idea, Ash'' Dawn said. Her eyes still scanning the poster.

    ''I just hope he's alright'' Jessie replied. They continued to search the streets for Jessie's lover. But, no luck. Jessie was so worried that no words could describe her feelings.

    Meanwhile, on the outskirts of the city, James has just snapped out the hypnosis and was dazed. ''Huh? Where am I, what's going on?'' He questioned. Wriggling in a chair that he was tied to. Suddenly, in the shadows there were two dastardly laughs that echoed through the building. They sounded oddly familiar. Two figures emerged from the shadow ''Cassidy and Biff!'' James gasped.

    ''The name is Butch, not Biff! How many times do we have to go through this? Seriously!'' Butch snapped.

    ''Whatever, anyway someone wants a word with you and you alone'' Cassidy explained. She pressed a button and a big screen came down and switched on. The strange man was lurking in the shadows, then he revealed himself, it was Giovanni!

    ''What do you want? I'm not part of Team Rocket anymore'' James glared. All James wanted to do was be with the one he loves.

    ''Ahh, James. Long time no see. Now, I'll keep this short and sweet, either you and Jessie separate and stop meddling with Team Rocket's plans or I'll have your home and everyone in it blown to pieces, I have had enough of you! So, it's your choice.'' Giovanni scemed. James glared at him on the big screen. He couldn't believe what his old boss was saying to him. This was evil, even for Giovanni.

    ''I choose neither, I love Jessie and I will never leave her or have our home and lives destroyed. Now let me go.'' James argued. Cassidy and Butch glared at him. Cassidy sent out Houndour in a flash of light.

    ''Either choose or you'll be char grilled by my Houndour'' Cassidy bargained. She took a step closer leaned over then cackled infront of James as he glared at her.

    Just outside, Staraptor flew over and scanned through the window. James was in view and Staraptor recognised him so it flew back to Ash. At the same time, Gliscor found a suitcase that looked like the one James puts his creations in for work. So Gliscor picked it up and flew back.

    ''Look, Gliscor is back and he has something'' Brock said, pointing up. Gliscor flew over and handed Ash the suitcase.

    ''Oh my gosh! It's James' suitcase.'' Jessie noticed. Moments later, Staraptor flew back and was trying to show them where it saw James.

    ''I think Staraptor knows something and wants us to follow it'' Dawn said. She was watching Staraptor trying to guide them.

    ''Ok Staraptor, show us what you found'' Ash requested. Staraptor took off and the others followed. They soon found themselves on the outskirts of the city at an abandoned warehouse.

    ''This must be it, thanks Staraptor, return'' Ash said taking out Staraptor's pokeball. In a red flash, Staraptor disappeared in it's Pokeball.

    ''Let's go, I need to find James and make sure he's okay'' Jessie instructed. They burst through the door and to their surprise, they saw James tied to a chair and Cassidy and Butch standing infront of him.

    ''James!'' Jessie gasped sounding relieved.

    ''Oh, Jessie. Thank goodness you came but be careful, I don't want anything to happen to you.'' James replied.

    ''How touching, please excuse my throwing up!'' Cassidy s******ed.

    ''What do Cassidy and Hutch want with James?'' Brock asked. Just then Butch glared. His temper was growing thinner.

    ''The name is Butch not Hutch!'' he complained.

    ''Look, it's Giovanni. Let James go!'' Ash demanded. He lept forwards yelling demands at the screen. Giovanni just sat in his chair laughing sinisterly.

    ''Not until he gives me his answer.'' Giovanni eventually replied. He leaned forwards in his chair eagerly waiting for James' response.

    ''I already told you, no!'' James interrupted Giovanni's laughing. He was angry at Giovanni threatening him.

    ''What's going on, James? Tell me'' Jessie was worried. She stepped forwards with her hands across her chest and nearly crying.

    ''It's not your business, Jessie'' Cassidy snapped. Houndour was growling viciously as it stepped towards Jessie. So Jessie stepped back, feeling slightly intimidated by Houndour.

    ''Choose James. Lose the girl, lose the home or be grilled.'' Butch demanded.

    ''What! How can you do such a thing?'' Dawn was surprised at the threat. She really didn't like Cassidy and Butch and neither did Piplup, it was sqeaking angrily.

    ''We'll get you both out of this, don't worry'' Ash eagery said. Cassidy, Butch and Giovanni were laughing arrogantly. Just then there was a thud behind Ash, the door slammed shut and was being guarded by the Mismagius' psychic attacks. It emerged from the shadows.

    ''Oh no, we're trapped'' Dawn panicked.

    ''Houndour, Fire Blast now!'' Cassidy ordered. Fire was building up in Houndour's mouth and soon it engulfed the air in a cloud of smoke. Everyone disappeared in a burst of intense flame.

    Now, with their plan to rid of Jessie and James unfolding, Team Rocket and Giovanni have got them all trapped in an abandoned warehouse. How will they be stopped, will they be able to save each other before it's too late and they get grilled. Find out soon...
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    Default Burning Love Part 3

    Part 3...

    The fire exploded from Houndour's mouth and it engulfed the air. Surrounding Jessie, Ash, Brock and Dawn in an intense orange flame. James assumed the worst as they disappeared in a flash of orange. But, no, they were fine. It was Mismagius' Reflect!

    ''Look, Mismagius saved us!'' Dawn cheered.

    ''What?'' Cassidy was shocked at the treachery.

    ''I thought I recognised that Mismagius. It belongs to one of my co-workers.'' Jessie said. ''But that means you must have been stealing Pokemon from the citizens of Sunyshore City, it's been happening for ages, why did you do this?!'' she yelled over the roar of the fire and sounding slightly annoyed now. The blaze was spreading fast.

    ''So, your the ones on those posters'' Dawn angrily pointed out.

    ''Yeah and we done it because we need them to try out our new toy and seeing as they won't obey us we used our hypnotic bracelets and they work perfectly.'' Butch chuckled. ''Hey Cassidy, let's deal with that traitor Pokemon.'' he continued turning to Cassidy. She smiled.

    ''Ok, Houndour use Flamethrower.'' She ordered.

    ''Go Shuckle. Use Hyper Beam now.'' Butch instructed releasing Shuckle.

    Mismagius used Psybeam and both Pokemon were knocked back. ''Pikachu use Thunderbolt!'' Ash yelled as Pikachu jumped over the ring of fire. Zap! A flash of yellow light sparked from Pikachu's cheeks. Shuckle and Houndour were unable to battle anymore.

    ''Hey, where's Meowth?'' James wondered to himself. ''He's missing out on teaching Cassidy and Butch a good lesson or two.''

    ''Piplup, Use whirlpool to put out the fire before it spreads any further!'' Dawn said releasing Piplup from her arms. Piplup lept up and a mighty Whirlpool splashed down on the fire and in a smokey blur it was gone.

    ''Oh no you don't, Muk go! Use Smokescreen.'' Cassidy cackled.

    ''That's our neighbour's Muk.'' James said as the Smokescreen reached them. Pikachu crawled over to James and used Iron Tail to free him, trying not to inhale too much of the Smokescreen. The others were coughing from the amount of smoke. As the smoke cleared, the screen went off and Cassidy and Butch were gone with the townspeople's Pokemon. They were out of sight and no sign of a clear exit route.

    ''Oh Jessie, are you okay?'' James yelled as he ran over and tightly hugged Jessie. He spun her around and kissed her on the lips.

    ''I'm fine but what about you? If Cassidy hurt you then she is SO gonna get it!'' Jessie said.

    ''No, I'm fine.'' James replied kissing Jessie on her forehead.

    ''C'mon, we gotta find Team Rocket.'' Ash said.

    ''Maybe they went through a secret passage as the door is blocked and there is no other possible way.'' Brock said moving some crates.

    ''Good idea.'' Dawn added searching behind a box. They all searched all over the huge, echoey warehouse until...

    ''Maybe here, guys.'' Ash said pointing to a hole in the wall.

    ''Let's go and get those Pokemon back and stop those crooks once and for all.'' Jessie confidently said. They all went through it and saw Team Rocket loading Pokeballls into the back of a truck.

    ''Darn, how'd they find us?'' Cassidy questioned. ''The hole was at the back and well hidden by crates. I guess they wanted to follow in our glorious shadows'' she added showing off.

    ''You might as well give up.'' said a voice from the shadows.

    They sounded very confident and familiar.

    Find out who the vioce is next time and if they are siding with our heroes or Team Rocket...
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    Default Burning Love Part 4

    Part 4...

    The figure emerged from the shadows...

    It was Wendy, the lady in charge of the Johto Team Rocket!

    ''There you are, Wendy.'' Cassidy smirked. Jessie and James glared at her.

    ''Who's she?'' Dawn asked.

    ''She is in charge of the Team Rocket from the Johto region. She always hated our work.'' James said with detest in his tone.

    ''Nice to see you too, James. Wish I could say the same about Jessie, but I'd be lying.'' Wendy cackled. Her deep green hair shining in the light.

    ''That's enough! Give back the stolen Pokemon!'' Ash ordered.

    ''They don't belong to you and we're gonna take them back whether you like it or not.'' Brock added.

    ''Oh really?'' Wendy retorted. ''Go, Magmortar!''

    ''Let's go Pikachu'' Ash confidently ordered.

    ''Overheat now! Then go into Flash Cannon.'' Wendy yelled, she had a good mix of combinations up her sleeve. The Overheat exploded around everyone and created a drastic rise in temperature. The heat made Jessie feel dizzy.

    ''Jump and use Thunderbolt!'' Ash countered. It was a direct hit. A light was slowly emerging from Magmortars wrist but, Flash Cannon missed and made a hole in the wall when Pikachu jumped. ''Now use Iron Tail then Thunder.'' Ash called. He had some combinations too. Dawn was impressed in Ash's combination variation. It was another direct hit and Magmortar was still standing however. Jessie fell backwards out of dizziness and James caught her and wrapped his arm around her waist. '' Are you ok?'' he asked.

    ''I'm fine, I guess the heat made me feel alittle dizzy.'' Jessie replied leaning her head on James' shoulder.

    Suddenly, a bang and the door flung open above and lots of footsteps came thudding through the tunnel.

    ''Not so fast!''

    ...''Meowth! You made it.'' James exclaimed in delight.

    ''You got it, though it would've helped if I had a map of where you's went.'' Meowth joked. There were lots of Police officers behind him. They ran over and arrested Team Rocket. They put up a struggle so a Police woman sent out her Beautifly to use Stun Spore.

    ''Our Police Honchcrow saw you in the window and noticed the fire so we also got the Fire Department, but there is no fire anymore.'' Officer jenny added.

    ''Jenny! The fire may have been extinguished but my burning desire to be with you will never die.'' Brock chanted. Croagunk lept out and used Poison Jab on Brock... as usual.

    ''Did you bring Nurse Joy to heal my poisoned and broken heart.'' Brock stammered whilst being dragged away by Croagunk.

    ''Speaking of burning desires, mine for you is engulfing my heart and it is too strong to ever be put out.'' James soothingly said to Jessie. He kissed her for a long few moments on her cherry-red lips.

    ''Awww'' Dawn whispered. Ash and Brock were smiling behind her, trying to maintain their 'manliness' by showing no further emotion.

    ''I will have my revenge! Never forget, you used me in the academy, Jessie!'' Wendy angrily yelled.

    ''We will get out and become the best Rockets ever, you'll see.'' Butch confidently yelled.

    ''We will rise through the ranks and take over the world when we get out of here!'' Cassidy was enraged by yet another defeat. The Iron door of the POlice van was slammed shut and Team Rocket were carted off to Jail.

    ''We already stopped Giovanni, the Police in Kanto went to his HQ and arrested him so no need to worry about him anymore.'' Jenny said when she was leaving.

    ''Wendy is just jealous.'' Jessie laughed.

    ''She's one short-tempered woman.'' Dawn added.

    ''Hopefully we'll see no more of her.'' Ash was tired of all of the battling he had done today.

    Back at their appartment, Jessie and James were standing on the balcony looking at the sunset across the sandy beach. Meowth was sleeping on the sofa in the living room. The whole city glowed orange as the sun was setting behind the pink clouds.

    ''Thanks for saving me. I love you so much.'' James whispered.

    ''Well, I would never let them hurt you, and thanks for refusing their horrible deal for me.'' Jessie replied.

    ''I love you too much to choose something like that.'' James added putting his arm around Jessie's waist. She leaned in closer to James' chest.

    ''I love you too.'' She added. They both gazed into each other's eyes and moved closer and closer until their lips met. A long kiss sealed the permanent love that burns in both of their hearts...

    The bond of eternal love is greater than any hatred, and will always bring many happy years for all who desire it...
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