Wow, I forgot about Charmeleon in Oak's Lecture. They showed the bit when it just evolved in March of the Exeggutor. That thing looked so awesome in the ancient times. Now it has lost that vibrant redness

Shame that there were only two Charmeleon's in the whole of the original series (Ash's, and that one from the glassmaker in the Crystal Onix Episode)(Ow and Richies in the Whirl Islands bit of Johto)(and Oaks in Movie4)

@ The 4th Kira.. That still doesn't make any sense at all, except if you're talking about Splash. Gliscor had Sand Attack, and that was the move that made it win vs. Bastiodon (It wouldn't have gotten an opening for Fire Fang otherwise). So whenever Ash's pokemon do get a move that doesn't do damage, (still few and in between I might add) It's still very helpfull.