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Thread: 4th Gen Discussion Rules - READ BEFORE POSTING

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    Default 4th Gen Discussion Rules - READ BEFORE POSTING

    4th Generation Discussion Forum Rules

    This is the new version of the 4th Gen Discussion Rules. Read them, love them, live by them! They're simple enough, but failure to read these before posting/abide by them can result in warnings or infractions.

    This is probably the worst problem here - too many threads are made which are just about a simple question. Rather than make a new thread, use the Help threads which are at the top of their respective sections - otherwise you will recieve an infraction. Also check the D/P/Pt FAQ thread, and the HG/SS FAQ thread before asking a question, as well as the main site. This section is not for giving you help, but for discussion the 4th gen.
    • Team-related stuff - teams, movesets, etc goes in the Battling/Rate My Team sections.
    We have the In-Game Team Rate forum and the Competitive/Online Team Rate forum. If you want help with a Pokemon’s moveset, or with your teams moveset, then it belongs in one of those two forums - it does NOT belong in the 4th generation general discussion forum. As for battles, look for one here.
    If you want to trade Pokemon or want a specific Pokemon - use the Trade Forum section, not the 4th Gen section.
    Threads like 'Which Pokemon is better - X or Y', 'Who is your favourite character', and so forth belong in the Pokepolls section, not here.
    • Do not minimod.
    This is acting like a moderator when your not - e.g. posting to say 'this thread doesn't go here!' and so forth. If you find something that’s against the rules, then send a report and it will be taken care of. If you notice something that is strictly forbidden (i.e. porn, linking to a bad site, troll thread, etc) then do not spam in the thread but report instead - failure to do so will mean you'll get an infraction as well.
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