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Thread: Diamond/Pearl/Platinum Discussion Rules - READ BEFORE POSTING

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    Default Diamond/Pearl/Platinum Discussion Rules - READ BEFORE POSTING

    Diamond/Pearl/Platinum Discussion Rules

    D/P/Pt's new rules thread of joy! Read them, love them, live by them! They're simple enough, but failure to read these before posting/abide by them can result in warnings or infractions.

    Note the rule "Don't discuss unannounced games" - this means Do not talk about the possibility of DPPt remakes here!!

    This is probably the worst problem here - too many threads are made which are just about a simple question. Rather than make a new thread, use the Help threads which are at the top of their respective sections - otherwise you will recieve an infraction and the thread will be closed. Also check the D/P/Pt FAQ thread before asking a question, as well as the main site.
    • Team-related stuff - teams, movesets, etc goes in the Battling/Rate My Team sections.
    We have the In-Game Team Rate forum and the Older Gen Competitive Team Rate forum. If you want help with a Pokemon’s moveset, or with your teams moveset, then it belongs in one of those two forums - it does NOT belong in the 4th generation general discussion forum.
    Note that non-DPPt specific polls belong in the Pokepolls section, not here. Also, other stuff that's not D/P/Pt-specific goes in Past Pokemon Gens Discussion or General Pokemon Discussion.
    • Do not minimod.
    This is acting like a moderator when your not - e.g. posting to say 'this thread doesn't go here!' and so forth. If you find something that’s against the rules, then send a report and it will be taken care of. If you notice something that is strictly forbidden (i.e. porn, linking to a bad site, etc.) then do not spam in the thread but report instead - failure to do so will mean you'll get an infraction as well.
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