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    Just south of Goldenrod City in the Johto region, there lies a small house. To passersby, there's nothing really of note about this building. It looks very much like any other house. Hundreds of people a year pass by it without giving it a second thought.

    But to those who know the building itself and those who dwell within know that they are unlike any other in Johto. The old man and woman who live there aren't outgoing, and don't have many friends. To most, they're referred to as the Daycare Man and Woman. To family and friends including famous Pokemon Professors, League Champions, celebrities, and others, they're Fred and Susan Jones.

    In their heyday, they were famous Pokemon Breeders and Trainers. When they retired from Training life, they decided to spend their days breeding Pokemon. Incredibly particular about their clientele, It is to this couple that Pokemon Professors come to when they want to hand out Pokemon to beginning trainers. After all, anyone could breed Pokemon—but the best Starter Pokemon come only from this little house in Johto.

    But as well-respected as their Starter Pokemon bloodlines was, there was one other bloodline that was guarded far more jealously. That bloodline was their Eevee. In all the world there was no arguments from anyone when it came to who bred a superior Eevee—the Jones' Eevee had no equals anywhere else in the world.

    The Jones' acquaintances ranged from former travelling Partners Samuel Oak, Agatha Fraley, and Blaine Bradley to protégées Lieutenant Hiram Surge to the mysterious Gym Leader Koga to Kanto's Pokemon star trainer Lance Dracamoda. The Joneses had at one point had the premier Breeding store on Saffron City's Scissor Street--where only the best Pokemon Breeders had their shops, but old age and early-onset Grandparenthood had brought their Professional career to an end.

    Samantha Stinton grew up rubbing elbows with the children and grandchildren of her grandparents' friends, and spent every summer away from her home in Snowpoint City helping her Grandparents with what light breeding they still practiced.

    Unlike other children, she never saw any reason to go on a Pokemon Journey, since her parent's Pokemon Mart brought in Pokemon of all kinds and she spent so much time at her Grandparents' house.

    Sam looked up the book that she was reading behind the counter as cold air rushed into her family's Pokemon Mart, accompanied by a trainer that looked thoroughly miserable. Sam smiled and got to her feet as she recognized the trainer. “Hey Crasher,” She said cheerily. “Enjoying the weather?”

    The man glared down at the teen, trying his best to look scary, but it was difficult with the huge man wearing layer upon layer of winter clothing.. “Water is meant to flow, not freeze,” he groused, his eyes twinkling on either side of the strip of blue cloth formed his mask. The material came down over the top of his head, then ran to the bridge of his nose, then split, crossing underneath each eye to meet around the back. “What are you doing here?”

    Sam laughed and hugged the Gym Leader. “It's nice to see you too! I haven't seen you since Aunt Lucy's wedding!”

    Bob “Causher” Wake's laughter echoed through the store. “It's good to see you too, brat!” the man's arms, as big as logs, wrapped around her. “Any family of your grandparents is family of mine!” the former professional wrestler let Sam go. “I just thought that you would have gone out on a Pokemon Journey by now!”

    Sam made a face and walked back to her counter. “Oh,” she said. “That.” she brushed a strand of black hair behind one ear.

    “Don't tell me that Pokemon Battles still scare you?” Crusher said quietly, suddenly serious. The big, masked man looked around the store, suddenly not as comfortable in its small small confines as he had been. “I thought you were getting over that.”

    “I tried,” Sam said quietly. “I really's just not something that....” She stopped, and stared at the ground. “Some kind of Legacy this turned out to be” she said, even more quietly. “Grandparents are the best Breeders the world over, both of my parents were world Champions, and now their daughter is scared of the entire thing.”

    The bell over the door jingled as it opened and admitted another person. Sam didn't look up, but she heard Crusher turning behind her. “I suppose I can guess what this is all about,” a feminine voice said brightly. Sam blinked, and turned to face the newcomer. “Hey kiddo!” Lorelei Belle Winters stood there, wearing a light blue trenchcoat. “Enjoying the springtime?”

    Another of her family's friends, Lorelei was the Pokemon League Champion of Kanto, but rarely dressed the part. She eschewed high fashion, and made her claim to fame that she had never worn formal attire unless she wanted to. Of course, she didn't dress like a slob, either. She walked a fine line that only she saw, and paid no mind to what the rest of the world thought.

    Sam brightened. She always liked visiting with Lorelei, not just because she usually brought presents with her. Lorelei had never allowed her fame to change her, unlike scores of her parents' friends. Lorelei never knew where she was going in life, but she spent every moment enjoying the trip. That was probably why she and Crasher got along so well—although she never agreed to date the Gym Leader—no matter how many times he asked.

    “We're on a heatwave!” Sam said brightly, gesturing at a digitial thermometer mounted on the door. “It got up to fifteen degrees yesterday!”

    “Wow! That's crazy, girl! Next thing you know they'll be putting in a beach and then it'll be just like back in the Sevii Islands!” Lorelei laughed. Sam sneaked a glance at Wake and saw that he still wore his concerned look, but ignored it. She didn't want to talk about it any more, and he could see that. Unfortunately Wake wasn't the kind of guy to drop things like this. Lorelei strode up and slipped her arm underneath Sam's arm.

    “So spill! How many hearts have you broken since I saw you at your grandparent's last summer?” Lorelei grinned at her. Lorelei had been one of the younger trainers that her parents had become friends with, and had been the older, wiser sister that Sam had never had.

    Sam grinned. “More than you have!”

    Lorelei laughed. “The whole point of dating someone is to NOT break their heart!” Lorelei pointed out playfully. Sam and Lorelei both shared a laugh.

    “Your Glaceon's doing pretty good,” Crasher's voice interrupted their merriment. The pair looked over at the Gym Leader. Crasher's massive fingers were scratching the Ice-Type Eeveelution behind its long ears. “You're certainly raising her right.”

    Sam grinned. “Raising Pokemon is no problem.” She felt Lorelei's hand on her arm, and smiled at the older woman. “Thanks a lot for coming out, guys,” she said quietly. “It really means a lot to me.”

    She felt Crasher's mighty arms wrap around her. “Hey, come on, squirt,” he said gently. “You only get one Sweet Sixteen.”

    “We both feel like we helped raise you,” Lorelei added softly. “There's no way we're going to miss this.”


    “Is everything ready?” Patrick Johnson looked up from her desk at the Client. He had come to her several months before, looking to hire the Tyranitar's Dragoons for an operation. They were paying a lot for something that seemed perfectly legal, and the explanation the Client had given—a Public Relations promotion for some company that made Pokemon trainer products—felt a little flat. But that didn't matter. He had been hired for a job, and he would see it through

    Patrick leaned back. “The Dragoons are the best,” he said quietly. “We will be there on schedule and under your budget.” He paused, then peered up at his customer curiously. “I have to say, it was difficult to get the permits to close down Route 34 for the day. You won't be making any friends by shutting down a very well-traveled Route for over six hours. My Public Relations experts agree that you'll probably be breaking even as far as public sentiment goes, or possibly even lose any ground you gain with this event.”

    The Client glared at him and straightened his expensive, Sinnoh suit. “Do you have a point?”

    Patrick smiled. “Just that it's curious. Shame you aren't paying us to ask questions.”

    The Client smiled. “That's why I like you and your Dragoons, you know.”

    Patrick smiled. “As long as you're paying, you're in charge, Boss. You know that.”

    The Client nodded, turned, and walked out.

    Patrick took a deep breath and got to his feet. It was hard to believe all those years ago that he had started out merely as a Pokemon Trainer trying to be the best that he could be. Now he was the founder and leader of one of the Region's toughest band of mercenaries.

    Patrick looked in the mirror and still saw the energetic light that had shone in his eyes when he had set out all those years ago. Look at him now. Expensive, custom-tailored suits, his red hair immaculately styled, a hundred humans in the Dragoons, and over a thousand Pokemon to choose from for any operation.

    This operation, if you could call it that, was to be security for the massive bash that was being throwing outside of Goldenrod City. Well, and have a few of his men fight for the masses.

    Plus that other, unrelated operation they were going to be doing in the area. Patrick turned back to his desk and took another look at the plans he and his men had come up with before turning away, satisfied.

    After all, that was why he did what he did. For the money. And he and his merry band made money hand over first. Not that everything was necessarily aboveboard and legal.

    Patrick smiled.

    This was gong to be fun.


    “So, this is the new place, eh?” Lorelei asked, looking around the apartment. Sam grinned. She had asked her parents if she could move to Snowpoint to get away from the family name, and they had gotten her her own apartment, and set her to work in the Snowpoint Pokemon Mart, which her family also owned. Lorelei had never been to Sam's Snowpoint apartment before. “Not quite as roomy as the Champion's Palace.”

    Sam laughed. “True, but I've heard that things went to pot in the Palace ever since you kicked Mom out.” She had taken Lorelei to check out the new place, but Wake had retired to the Snowpoint Pokemon Center's hot tub.

    It was a small, one bedroom apartment. It wasn't much, but it was all that Sam and her Glaceon needed. It wasn't spotless, but it wasn't a Grumpig's sty either. A ratty couch sat in one corner, facing a TV and a table that had seen better days. Her family could have gotten her an entire house furnished with the latest furniture, but she had always wanted to pay her own way and not coast on her family name.

    Lorelei raised an eyebrow. “Meow, you're catty today,” she remarked, leaning over to inspect a couch. “Is there any particular reason?” Lorelei straightened up to look at Sam. “Does it have anything to do with what happened years ago?”

    Sam made a face. “Kind of. But I still don't want to talk about it.” Lorelei nodded. “It's just--” she paused, looking down at her feet. “I've kind of been considering going out on a journey?”

    Lorelei grinned. “Look at you,” she grinned. “Little Miss Trainer? I never would have guessed it!” Sam slapped at the older girl, but the Champion ducked out of the way. “Seriously though,” Lorelei said soberly. “I'm glad that you think you're finally ready. Mew knows I gave up trying to convince you years ago.”

    Sam smiled and watched her Glaceon stretch out on the doormat. “It's not something you get over in a month.”

    Lorelei shook her head. “No, it's not. Like I said—you're making progress, and I'm proud of you for that.”

    Sam looked over at Lorelei. “So am I catching a ride with you to Johto, or am I going to have to start my journey early?”

    Lorelei laughed. “We're ready to go first thing in the morning. But first I have to check out the Temple. I hear that it is impressive.”

    Sam nodded. “Yeah, it is. I don't go there often, but it's amazing each and every time.”

    Lorelei laughed. “Don't worry, we'll be off first thing tomorrow in plenty of time.”

    Sam smiled. “I just don't want to miss getting my Starter Pokemon. After all these years of me not wanting to Journey, my grandparents are going to have a big bash planned for the start of my journey.”

    Lorelei shook her head. “Isn't Glaceon your starter?” she asked.

    Sam grinned. “My grandparents won't think so. They'll want me to have a 'proper' Starter Pokemon.”

    Lorelei laughed. “Well, they know better than anyone. Besides. If anyone knows how to throw a party, I've heard that it's your parents.” a smile split her face. “There is no way I'd miss one of their parties.”


    so this is starting off a bit slow, even if it is a prologue. I'm setting up things in a different manner than normal. Normally, I just put everything out there and don't have a lot of things not explained right away. This time, I'm relying on my characters and that you will be curious about them and what they do.

    and in case you're wondering if this is a Journey Fic--

    kind of.

    it will certainly have Journey-esque elements, but won't be 100% OT.

    hope you liked it!

    I was actually inspired to write this by Soul Silver.

    time to sleep and then stat playing again
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