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    Default Gods of an Unown World

    Gods of an Un(kn)own World: A pokemon RPG.

    Game Administrator: PokemonBreederChris
    RPG Estimated Start Date:March 6th, 2010
    GM Note: SIGN UPS ARE STILL OPEN!!! (11 Legendaries Left!)

    * It has been good to see, this month, the interest in this RPG. We have enough members, and now are about to start the Role Play. LSU's always accepted, until the last Legendary is taken.

    * This
    * Is A
    * Test to See
    * If I can Breech



    Everywhere, everywhere vision blurred. Dust littered the skies, flung from the torn crags and craters scattered below. Howling winds slashed across misshapen stone pillars, piercing at the sky. Smoke rose from molten rock cooling, muddied water bubbled as it seeped back into the dirt. Sparks flew rampant against dead charred foliage. Ruins of stone, brick, and iron were buried beneath waves of sand, barely showing the grandeur they once held. The remains of a battle that shook the very foundations of PokeEarth has come to an end.

    This area would never seem to ever hold life, it was a barren wasteland, a graveyard to hope, a harbinger of despair. Yet amidst the dusty skies, a large enigmatic figure was seen, floating. It was looking down at a large crater, dark purple tinted energies swarmed around it. Within the crater a humanoid being - a man - raised to one knee, struggled to stand. He was coughing, panting, his body had given up, but his mind still striving forward; he tried with all its strength to stand against the floating figure, but his limbs remained too weak to stand. The floating figure laughed at the fallen man's failed attempt, and with a smirk raised his hand toward the man.

    A loud whistle sounded as dark energy took a spherical shape in the floating figure's hand, and with a snap, the ball of energy shot straight to the man. An explosion of dust erupted, the Man was propelled up into the air. The floating figure pointed his palm to the man, and gravity ceased around him. The man was floating, though moved around as if he were constricted.

    Coughing up blood, the man spoke. "You'll never succeed! I--others will stop you! Claim you! Control you!"

    The floating figure laughed again, its dark eyes looking straight toward the Man. No word was exchanged from his mouth. Instead a booming voice that echoed across the entire battlefield sounded. <On the contrary, Giovanni, I have already succeeded. I Shall rule this pathetic world, and no one can stop me.>
    The figure stopped, and through Giovanni in an orbit around it. Corpses of creatures occupied the craters. A large whale's tale stuck out from hardened lava. < The earth, the ocean, the skies all bow down to me.>

    Giovanni was thrown into the rockwall of a raised cliff, leaving his own imprint. All around him light, of the purest black, danced around in the shape of lightning. They pounced off the air leaving ripples in their wake.

    <Not even day, or night, life, or death, space, or time could stop me from achieving my goal, I will ressurect him, the one to challenge the Creator.This world will be Mine.> The voice became violent, as it spoke. <You are mere mortal, chasing after a dream you will never achieve.>

    Giovanni, with one feeble arm, grasped his left shoulder. bit his lip, and kept his heavy eyes open. "You will fail...I Created you...You are rightfully Mine." He roared.

    <On the contrary Giovanni.> The floating figure glided over to Giovanni. <It is not I who is rightfully yours, but you who is to be mine.> Giovanni's eyes grew wide, as the enigmatic figure touched his body. A purple flame grew wild, engulfing his body. The figure laughed as the man's body combusted and burnt to ashes.

    <Nothing can stand in my wa-> As the enigmatic figure gloated, backing away from the wild fire he had caused, a brilliant light shot out toward it. The figure turned around dodging it barely. The beam left a burnt mark in the figure's shoulder.

    <You.> exclaimed the figure as from the ruble another humanoid being collapsed; it had used all its energy in that last attack. As the enigmatic figure turned however, its own spell had taken to him. He was burning. His body began to combust.

    <What? No. I cannot be defeated. Never> Roared the booming voice, as another dark sphere grew from the being's palms. The sphere grew and grew, engulfing all light that came to it. The figure created a black hole. Winds violently erupted, rocks began to levitate toward the black hole. The fallen corpses jerked as the black-hole devoured all in its wake.

    A flash of light, then nothing, complete darkness. Echoes of sound danced in the distance. The winds that the black-hole had created began to roar much loader, they screamed with despair. At the nearby coast, waves crashe down on the sandybeaches, shaving away the land every thrash of a wave. The entirety of the world grew violent as this black hole grew and obliterated. A light flashed again, the world erupted in a blanket of white. Absolute silence happened, for only a brief second. This second however felt like eons until a crackling explosion sounded as a cluster of meteors began to fall to Earth.


    Sirens rang as large balls of fire crashed down into the towering skyscrapers of a proud civilization. crowds of people stood on the streets in a dumbing awe, as people cloaked in red, in white, in blue univorms tried to usher people away - into safety. Giant metalic birds hovered across the city's streets weilding lights and cameras. It was only a brief instance, but out of nowhere, a cluster of meteorites came crashing down all around this proud city. A city full of silent pride, as buildings only grew taller. It was a concrete jungle. From a window overlooking this sudden chaos, stood a man peeking through the blinds.

    The man held a dark smirk over his fine silk suit. He dusted off his shoulders and took hold of his bag. The bag had a company's insignia upon it. Rocket Bio-Genetic Sciences.

    "So, they have finally come..." The man silently said as he closed the blinds.


    Sparkling light dances around you, as your eyes first open, blinking to adjust. You are alone, you are naked, you are confused, trying to recall only hazy memories. Who am I? Where am I? Why am I here? are all thoughts that go through your head. You try to move your arm, wait, that doesn't feel right....does it? You inspect your feet, your body, your face. Is this me? You try to recall but you can't. You are quite confused, and can't remember anything. You start to feel alienated, you become frightenned, and ashamed, your body, exposed, it does not feel right. Though, something inside you, gives you a feeling of great power, of great enlightment. You take a deep breath...

    You are a God of an unknown world.



    Something catastrophic has happened. Where once was a proud city now remains a large crater, a barren wasteland. A great battle has shaken the very foundations of the PokEarth. Something of great Power stirred the pokemon of Legend across the lands, guiding them to these 'now ruins' only to have them fall one by one to to each other and this Power. As the last legendary fell, laughter echoed across the lands. A dark abyss opened, shadow covered the lands. A portal was opened, but to where? A new dimension. You wake up, everything unknown. You are naked and find yourself in a strange world, with no memories, except a strange feeling. A Feeling that you do not belong, that you are something greater, but what, you cannot recall. In this RPG, you set off on a journey of discovery, a journey to uncover secrets of what happened, what this battle was about, who is behind it. However, you are trapped on...Earth.


    This is a free form, free for all RPG, where you are guided along a set journey but free to make your own decisions on what to do. Who will you make allies, who will you be your enemies? What will you do to find the answers, with only a strange feeling and human instinct to guide you.

    You are a legendary, that has been transformed into a mortal human. You, must now go out, meet others of a similar aura, and uncover the mysterious that surround you and the world surrounding.

    You cannot recall much, but you do have an idea on a few things. You have a feeling that you are not who you are. The reflection in the mirror is you but, at the same time, not you. You might have a reoccurring dream, of dark energy bathing you, giving you serene comfort, and intense pain. Something about you, a power that surrounds you, guides you, calls out to you, acts as a sixth sense. This power is driving you forward, but you can't find reason to it.


    This pokemon RPG is set in the real world, so the laws of physics, and laws of nature apply. Technology of the Pokemon World does not exist, however a certain company has began to make prototypes of such mechanisms. As for abilities, shooting laserbeams out of the eyes, or conjuring fireballs is not illegal, but I trust that people will use common sense when using them, as most abilities can be double-edges swords.

    The initial setting takes place in New York City, and the surrounding area. It will likely change and go across the other lands of Earth, however that is up to where the members and plot takes us. That is also to say, that at times, this RPG could become cross-dimensional. The beginning of the RPG will be a discovery and growth plot, full of love, betrayal, adventure, and despair. Choose wisely your actions as the smallest thought can have the gravest of consequence.


    Your character is mortal, with a strange power about them. Your characters will be ''missing in action'' if the Terms of Joining are not followed. I expect that people who sign up, are willing to post with activity. If there is a rut and fall of inspiration to post, I will try hard to rekindle sparks for this RPG.


    Terms of Joining:
    Follow the standard RPG Forum rules, however, in addition to them, I include these pieces of information. In Joining this RPG, you agree to the following statements.

    1. Activity. It is an issue. No one wants an RPG to die. If you are to be away or are unable to, or even honestly have no inspiration to post, please contact me via PM, and I will work things out with you. If there is no post within 10 days after your last post without you contacting me, then you give rights so that your character will temporarily be an NPC or ''missing in action.''

    2. As the GM, I have the right to "bunny" if it involves with forwarding the plot. I will contact a player first however, for options, as I will not strictly do it without knowledge and thought from the player. I am the master of the past, present, and future. Many events that occurs are finding about what happened right before they awoke in this world. That being said, I will control the ''memories'' of the legendaries based on plot-specific points. However I will not control the actions or anything in the present. I might nudge events to occur for a specific player for the future. I bunnying will rarely occur, except when involving discoveries of the past.

    3. You are allowed, in fact, encouraged to create other characters, ''alternates'' as they are called, or NPCs. I will give you free-verse on any character you create, as I trust you will follow the guidelines and plot of this RPG. However, if you have any doubts you are welcome to drop a PM by me, and I can work things out with you. Sign ups are not required for NPCs, but are preferred. Also depending on the activity and interest in this RPG, I might allow people to play as other Legendaries that aren't taken.

    [Accepted/Pending/Reserved list]

    1. Jirachi - Tumbleweed93 - Hikaru

    2a. Lugia - Cdra1617 - Rain

    2b. Latios - Cdra1617 - "Lars"

    3. Darkrai - The Jewel of Life - Tiana[INACTIVE]

    4. Rayquaza - wolfrain23 - Soul Muzic

    5. Moltres - InnerFlame - Cat

    6. Entei - Tundra_Wolfmane - Runner

    7. Zapdos - Hakerius - Natalie

    8. Suicune - GenericUserName - Setzer

    9. Groudon - TheBlackGlove - Terra

    10. Ho-oh - .:Lemon Tea:. - Teresa

    11. Azelf - greywolf123 - Roderick

    12. Latias - Mimori Kiryu - "Travis"

    Articuno - Reserved PokemonBreederChris

    Available Legendaries:

    Mew -
    Raikou -
    Celebi -
    Regirock -
    Regice -
    Registeel -
    Kyogre - Reserved for CyberBlastoise, until March 6th, 2010.
    Deoxys -
    Uxie -
    Mesprit -
    Heatran -
    Cresselia - Reserved for Tundra_Wolfmane, until March 6th, 2010.
    Phione - Reserved for InnerFlame, until March 6th, 2010.
    Manaphy -
    Shaymin -

    Forbidden Legendaries:



    Based on your character, I have three ratings Approved, Pending, and/or Denied. If you are approved your character is acceptable to the standards of this RPG. If you are put as pending, you are required to edit before you may be accepted into the RPG. Denial means that your entire character design is rejected. If Denial happens, you are still allowed to participate, you only need a new character design.

    I only allow three pendings per character design, if you fail to edit appropriately the fourth time it is submitted, the character is denied. A custom RPG sample is required for the character if you are on your second and third strike with pending. Well beneath is the sign up form, I hope you have fun and enjoy the RPG. Thank you for stoping by, have fun!


    Sign up Form:

    Name: ((The title that was given to you when you first ''awakened.'' This could of been given, or thought of by yourself.))
    Legendary: ((The legendary that is your character, available legendaries are shown from the list.))
    Gender: ((As most legendaries are gender-unknown, you can be creative here, with exception to the few gender specific legendaries such as Latios or Latias.))
    Age: ((The biological age of your legendary, how they appear as human. Keep age in range to human life expectancy. Very young or very old is acceptable if given appropriate reason, else keep it a reasonable age.))

    Description: ((The physical appearance of your character; what others see at first glance. In description include your height, your weight, your physique. Hair style and color, facial features, and eye color. Also physical abilities and limitations can go here. Include cosmetics and clothing options as well. Mind you, clothing should be generic, as you are awoken naked. Clothing could be symbolism for the type of legendary or personality.)) Be creative, be descriptive, have quality. [Two paragraphs minimum]

    Personality: ((The internal appearance of your character, the psychology. In personality, include in general how your character acts, feels, and portrays themselves. As even without memories each being has their own unique psyche. Your character's goals, characteristics, hopes, desires, fears and phobias, secrets can be part of their personality. Would they be introverted or extroverted, action before thought, or thought before action? Are they selfish or selfless? What is their philosophy on life, and their morale standings? Do they have any superstitions or quirks about them? Personality can be the most complex of the fields, basically what is required is the generality of who they are mentally.)) Be creative, be descriptive, have quality. [Two paragraphs minimum]

    Origin: ((For the origin, what is required is the ''birth'' of your character. The awakening after the prologue, where your legendary wakes up as Human. Basically, ever waking, in a strange unfamiliar world, with no memories of yourself, how would you survive? You are basically a blank slate at the start. What can go here is the origin of your 'name,' your first few days becoming aware of the world around you, how you are adapting both mentally, physically or socially. Where are they located, The RPG starts around New York City, as the primary setting.The origin of your character, the unique prologue of your character before the story's actual start.)) Be creative, be descriptive, have quality. [Three paragraphs minimum]

    Miscellaneous: ((Any and all extra information, like odd talents or tastes, that would not fit in the other categories, go here))

    Aura: ((The aura is the innate ability of your character in relation to the legendary that you are. The Aura is the only thing that makes the legendaries beyond simple ''human.'' It is something that surrounds them always giving off subtle energies and affecting the environment around them in some way. The Aura itself can only be seen by others that are legendaries, and ignites when another legendary is near by. The aura acts as a sensor in this way. Think of what the legendary stands for, that is what the aura should relate too. The aura should be simple, and nothing life threatening or extreme. The legendaries are mortal and can die. Also, there is an odd tattoo, more so birthmark upon your body, which represents your Aura. Describe to what the tattoo appears, and the location, if it can be concealed or is visible for all to see. This can later evolve into other powers and abilities as the RPG progresses; as for now, keep it simple. Also, as a side note, your Legendary will also inherit some talents unique to them, though I am leaving that up to common sense.)) Be creative, be descriptive, have quality. [one complete paragraph minimum]

    RPG Sample: ((Required only for Reservations. I am looking for quality more than quantity. Dialogue-heavy samples are a turn off, but acceptable. I ask for something with nice descriptors if you can. If you are given pending status for a second time, a freshly made sample is required upon the second edit to test more your writing and RPing skills.)) Be creative, be desciptive, have quality. [Please put in Spoiler Tags]
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    Gods of an Unown World

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