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    Here's my sign up. I hope it meets your standards.

    Name: Curran
    Legendary: Mew
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16

    Description: Curran stands at a medium-tall height. His build is slender and athletic he is as fast and strong as he appears. He has tan skin for someone who appears to be of Celtic descent with no visible acne. His fiery orange hair is somewhat long, falling just past his earlobes, and pin-straight and his bangs serve to perfectly frame his dazzling emerald eyes.

    His ears come to an elf-like point and have a pink triangle tattoo on the back that looks like a cat’s ear. His face is moderately long, yet a little rounded with high cheekbones and smooth cheeks. His eyebrows are fairly thin when compared to his peers. The expression that is usually adorning his face is one of both wisdom and curiosity. His features seem to by fairly sharp and pointed. All aside from his nose, that is. His nose is actually quite petite and comes to a rounded, straightforward point.

    Curran’s wardrobe varies from day to day, but always has a red/silver color scheme. One of his typical outfits is a silver shirt with red trim at the bottom with a red and silver striped sweater over it. The sweater itself is quite interesting in construction. His sweater cuts off just above his hips, but his top continues down another quarter foot. His sleeves, on the other hand, manage to extend a little past his wrists, ending just before his thumb. His pants are silver, red, and white plaid and go down to a pair of shoes that are designed to resemble shadow the hedgehog’s air-skates and have a matching color scheme. Atop his head rests a silver bucket hat with red rings embroidered onto the brim.

    His other outfit is a red, skin tight turtleneck with sleeves that reach just above his elbows. The top itself is a poly-cotton blend and cuts off roughly an inch and a half below his sternum, revealing a faint -yet very much defined- six pack. Over this he wears a sleeveless, silver-colored jacket with a lighter gray inside that is usually left open. When he wears this outfit he wears a pair of gray, stonewashed jeans that seem to be right there in-between regular and skinny cut. With this outfit he wears a pair of red, half finger gloves made from the same material as his top. His shoes with this are a pair of red, slip-on vans with gray ankle socks.

    Personality: Curran is innocent like a child and occasionally gullible. He cares about all life, and will often put someone else’s safety before his. His most obvious quality is his purity of heart; he is always kind and caring. He tends to be calm with a very level head. This is not to say that nothing can rattle him, he is actually easily startled or scared. Curran is fairly curious and willing to try new things at least once. It is this curiosity that often gets him into sticky situations, luckily he usually has his friends there to bail him out.

    His general demeanor is fairly kind and outgoing. He still remains quiet and serious, but he is much more outgoing and willing to put his two cents in. The two constant traits he has is his ease of scaring and startling; especially by thugs, gang members and thunder. His typical reaction when presented with any of these is to duck behind one of his tougher-looking friends for protection or –in the case of the latter- duck under the covers. Even though he is easily frightened, ghost stories and haunted houses don’t really scare him that much due to their predictability (and the horror movies he and his "mom" watch every Friday night); they may, however, get a scream of surprise -especially if the source is behind him- and an occasional jump behind his closest -physically speaking- friend for cover.

    The first thing people notice about Curran is his high levels of energy. He tends to be very adventurous with a can-do attitude. On his free time he usually explores the urban jungle some people call New York City. He can find his way anywhere quite easily and his sense of direction is impeccable. He is very good with animals and is viewed by some to be a modern-day St. Francis of Assisi*.

    A teen began awoke in a back alley along New York's fifth avenue. He stood up and looked around as he tried to figure out where he was. He looked down to discover that he was naked. Upon realizing this, his face became a bright scarlet. His cheeks would have made Groudon seem pale. When he looked up he saw a woman in her mid-thirties closing up a shop his face did the unimaginable, it turned an even brighter shade of red. He quickly moved his hands to cover himself up. The woman looked at him in shock.

    “Who are you? What happened?” She bombarded him with questions, probably even more shocked and embarrassed than he was.

    “I… Don’t know.” Was all that he could whisper in response.

    The woman sighed and let him into her store, she gave him a few pieces of clothing that she thought would look good on him. They sat down and began to talk. With every passing moment the woman was beginning to become more and more reminded of her younger brother. Not because of how he looked, but rather how he acted. She soon decided to take him in and unofficially adopt him. He soon began working as a clerk at her store. He is also one of the male models in the store's bi-monthly fashion show.
    Miscellaneous: As stated above, Curran currently models for his mother-figure's boutique. He sings baritone, but is capable of hitting the occasional high note.

    Aura: Curran’s aura allows him to communicate with any animal he comes into contact with. to other legendaries he appears to be encased in a pink energy sphere. His tattoo (or rather tattoos) is probably among the most simple yet intricate. For starters he has a pair of pink, cat-ear-shaped tattoos, one on the back of each ear. In addition to that he has a pink line tattoo running from the base of his tailbone and up his back that resembles Mew’s tail. However, by far, the most intriguing one is a barbed-wire-like ring that runs around his navel; though it is hard to see unless he is in the presence of another legend or mortal danger in which case it will glow hot-pink.
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