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Name: Travis (or Tiana as she is called by her “mother” and “brother”)

Legendary: Latias

Gender: By his body standards, he is male, but Tiana identifies as female, so I will refer to her as a female.

Age: 17

Description: Travis, although called Tiana by his “mother” and “brother”, is a rather normal looking person. She has a standard sized height of a male, since that is what her body resembles. She stands at about 6’0’’ and has the buffed chest and shoulders of a maturing male. Tiana is very embarrassed by her broad muscle and physique, and because of that, hides under very big, baggy clothes. Tiana is a very thin person that being her body is mostly skin and bones. She doesn’t have very strong muscles and is relatively weak in her arms and legs. She has tried to get stronger lifting more, but it’s just very hard for her to do so. Tiana also tries to hide the fact of being male with loose pants, mostly sweatpants and/or loose jeans. If you were to look at Tiana from a distance, from her body only, it would be hard to tell that she is actually a male. Her skin is light pigmented, mostly a light shade of pink.

Tiana is an innocent looking girl. Her hair is a short brown, very straight and almost cut board like to her head. It sticks out on the ends sharply, almost as if she stuck her finger in a light socket. Her eyes are relatively tiny and are a bright blue. It’s the first thing people notice when they look at her. Tiana’s lips are a bit bigger than most people, and are a very bright pink. She’s also very insecure about them but her “mother” will usually help in making them less noticeable. Tiana loves makeup and her face is usually very defined with eye liner, mascara, lipstick, and foundation, all applied by her “mother” since Tiana has a rough time herself getting it on the exact way that she wants it. Tiana’s “mother” tries her best to get Tiana to look more like a female than a male but it is physically impossible to get it to look perfect.

Clothing for Tiana is a problem. Tiana hates that she resembles a male when the one thing she understands is that she is female. When attending school for the several times a week when she goes with her “brother” she wears the male school uniform which consists of a plain white undershirt with a blue stripe around the bottom edge. Overtop is a blue jacket of the same color as the stripe with long sleeves that reach just to Tiana’s wrist. On the breast pocket area on the right side is the school’s logo, a large A with a circle around it in gold trim. The pants are similar to the jacket except for no logo. The pants reach down to Tiana’s shoes and lay carefully over them. There is a stripe of gold on each side of the pants facing outwards. Her shoes are traditional dress shoes. Tiana much rather wear a skirt, but with her defined legs, she knows it would look extremely odd and since her “mother” signed her up as a male, Tiana goes to school as Travis, a very conservative male.

As for what Tiana wears around the house is completely different. Tiana usually wears a red blouse with a v-neck. The sleeves are ¾ lengths down her arm and cuff at the ends toward her body. The collar is popped and there is a small diamond on each edge of the collar. She chooses to wear a skirt around the house, a knee length jean styled skirt. Her white socks are pulled up to the middle of her legs and she wears the same shoes as from her school clothes.

Tiana is never seen without her watch, ring and her moon shaped earrings.

Personality: Tiana is a people person. She loves to be around others and piping in on conversations. She likes to hear herself talk and voice her opinion. However if someone were to tell her to be quiet, she shuts up instantly, almost as if she’s been turned down like a radio. She is very insecure about letting people into her little world, however. She doesn’t trust people very often and more likely than not, will choose to be alone or leave others alone if she feels like a burden on their conversation. The best way to get to Tiana’s heart is through her stomach. Tiana usually will act before she thinks and that usually gets her into trouble. But Tiana is selfless and will do anything for anyone else. Even though she is insecure, she will do whatever it takes to those she believes is her “family”.

Tiana is very knowledgeable, and is very smart. She knows how to read the language from being taught by her “brother” and the fellow students at school. Tiana’s only problem is taking jokes seriously. Jokes usually go right over her head and she doesn’t fully comprehend how their supposed to be funny or strange in any way. Tiana thinks about the realism of the joke, rather than the funny part. She also has trouble with synonyms. Tiana is so sure that words don’t have multiples and that only one word means one thing.

Everyone has a dark secret, and Tiana is not separated from this common trait. Her dark secret is mostly about her origin. Where is she from and who is she? Tiana believes she is a female, but the realism of her body being male makes it hard for her to even think about her past. If she identified as female, then why was her body fighting against her? Tiana tries not to think about it too often because she knows that she can’t change it. Tiana wishes to become a teacher, but doesn’t know how her gender confusion would hinder that dream from becoming a reality. If she doesn’t know herself, how can she teach anything to anyone else?

Tiana is a very secretive person. She doesn’t like to show what she feeling on the outside. She holds all of it in. If she’s sad about something, she won’t cry or sob. She will keep it inside until it explodes, mostly at night when she cries in her sleep. If she’s happy or excited, she’ll simply smile and not really share how she feels. It’s all kept inside and doesn’t show her feelings. Tiana is friendly and will be friends with anyone. She’s a typical girl and loves romance between people but doesn’t really talk to the opposite sex because of her situation.

Origin: A young, twenty year old boy named Nick, walked home down a main street in Manhattan. He was walking home from the small community college just down the road. He carried a small backpack on his shoulder and kept up a pretty fast pace. Nick is in a hurry; his friends are meeting him at the mall in an hour to hang out to start the weekend. He closed his jade eyes as the wind picked up, blowing the leaves around him. The last thing he needed was the leaves to attack him and get his school uniform dirty again. Last time that happened, his mother had a cow and talked to him for about an hour over how hard it was to clean a jacket covered in leaves. Nick slowed his pace as he reached a somewhat busy intersection. As he waited for the white light to say he could walk across, he spied an alley down the other side of the street. That was toward his house and would probably get him home faster. Nick sprinted across the street when it was safe to do so and walked over toward the long alley. Windows and doors of abandoned apartments were boarded up tightly. The ladders of fire escapes were broken and hanging by only a screw or two. The metal creaked in the magnified wind between the two brick buildings. Nick suddenly felt maybe he should’ve taken the regular route home, even if it would’ve taken about twenty minutes longer.

Eventually he saw cars in the distance, the next busy road which led to his house. He dashed toward the exit, only to see it covered by a gate. Nick cursed his luck and turned toward his right, seeing another way to get out. As he walked carefully down this darker part of the alley, he saw a figure near a dumpster. It was leaning against the dirty garbage can and twitching in its sleeplike state. It wasn’t until he got closer to the person that he realized it was a young boy and the boy was stark naked. Nick stopped before getting too close and hesitated. What if this was a druggy…? Or what if it was a male prostitute or something? He started to walk past the figure until he heard it speak…or what he thought was speech. The person’s mouth wasn’t moving but the closer he got to the young boy, the more he thought he heard talking.

Help me. Help me. Help me.

Nick looked around to see if anyone was near him and he didn’t see a soul around. He wasn’t sure if it was the voice in his head asking for help that creeped him out or if it was the fact that there could’ve been anyone in that alley ready to steal his money. The dark haired teen leaned down to the unconscious boy.

“Hey…are you okay?” Nick asked, shaking his shoulder. “What’s wrong? Do you need some help?”

The strange looking boy started to awaken, his eye lids fluttering. When his eyes opened, Nick looked straight into the empty blue eyes of the boy. It took about three seconds for the boy to realize someone was in front of him. As soon as he realized it, he screamed out in a whelp and scrambled away from Nick as fast as he could. Nick stood up, taken aback by the way the stranger reacted.

Nick happened to notice strange tattoos on the boy’s body, from the back of his arms to his neck. It was an intricate design of triangles, diamonds, weaving lines and what looked like words. It wasn’t letters from the alphabet though. It looked more like letters from ancient times, like the Greeks and Egyptians did with small pictures to mean words, places or people. If that was a tattoo, it had to have hurt like hell to get it on such sensitive areas of skin. Nick decided to ask the boy later about the tattoo. At least until after they were somewhere they didn’t have to worry about being attacked by thieves.

“I’m not trying to hurt you.” Nick said calmly. “Were you asking for help? I know it’s weird, but I heard a voice asking for help. It’s no weirder than seeing you sitting here, naked and for the world to see…”

The naked boy looked down and saw that he was, in fact, naked and scrambled to cover up his private area by pulling his knees in and holding them tightly to his chest. He stared at Nick with blank eyes and tried to read his movements, but was confused at the same time. He couldn’t remember anything. Not even why he was naked, who he really was or why he was in an empty alley. This boy was very kind. It was as if he could feel his kindness emanating off him like heat. He had called him “a boy” but he didn’t know if that was right. It didn’t feel right. Something was off.

Nick pulled his backpack off his back. “I have some clothes. Well, they’re my gym clothes, but it’s something for you to wear. You know what I’m saying, right? Clothing?” He pulled at his own uniform and the boy nodded. “Great. Here. Do you need help getting it on?”

Nick walked slowly over to the boy and handed him a shirt. It seemed like he didn’t understand how to wear it and so Nick carefully dressed the boy in his gym shirt and shorts. Afterward, the boy nodded and actually cracked a smile.

“Well, look at that. You do know how to smile.” Nick said. “Do you have a name? Or…do you not remember?”

The boy shrugged. “I don’t know. I can’t remember anything about myself.” He spoke. Nick was surprised. He almost sounded like a girl.

“Okay…uh, how about I call you Travis? That’s my character’s name from a video game and it’s a pretty common name. No one should think anything of it.” Nick suggested.

Travis nodded. “I like…it.” He smiled again and grabbed onto Nick’s arm. “What…is your name?”

Nick grinned. “My name is Nicholas. But everyone shortens it to Nick. Like a nickname. Get it?” He laughed and Travis nodded, showing he understood. “Do you want to come to my house? My mom can probably help you better than I could.”

Travis agreed with him and walked just behind him, looking around. Going with Nick seemed like a better idea than staying in an empty alley with no one around. Maybe walking with Nick would remind him of who he was. Or who he was meant to be. Nick had called him a boy but that word wasn’t what he would’ve used to describe himself. Or maybe he was just confused. He didn’t know if he would ever be sure of anything again.

Nick walked slowly down the street toward his home and Travis walked just behind him, looking around at everything, as if he was absorbing his new home. Nick pulled out his keys to his home as it came into view. It was a two story peach colored home with three rooms on the second floor and a large living room meshed with the kitchen. Nick inserted the small key into the lock and turned, opening it slowly.

“Mom…? Are you home?” Nick called out, throwing his backpack onto the floor near the small bench where coats hung while they’re not being used. “I need to introduce you to someone.”

Nick’s mother, Diane, came down the stairs. She was a chubby woman, but not so fat it looked unhealthy. She was wearing a red blouse and blue jeans, carrying a basket of clean, folded laundry, mostly towels and dish rags for the kitchen.

“Hello, honey. Who’s this with you?” Diane asked, sitting the basket on the bar of the kitchen.

The teen hesitated and then pulled his mother aside. “I know this is going to sound really odd, Mom, but I found this boy in the alley. He was unconscious and naked. I gave him my gym clothes so he could cover himself up. I couldn’t just leave him there; it’s weird but I heard a voice as I past him asking for help.” Nick sighed. “I’m sorry…I just didn’t know what to do.”

Diane smiled. “We can help him, just to see where he belongs.” She saw the relief on her son’s face. “You’re a very kind person, Nick. Let’s see what this boy knows about himself and see what we can do.”

The young woman walked over to Travis and grinned. “Hi there, sweetheart. Do you know who you are?” Diane showed the boy over to the couch and Travis sat down.

“No, not particularly.” Travis said. “I can’t remember anything before Nick waking me up in that alley.” He put his hand to his head. “All I remember is black…nothingness.” Travis shuddered and hugged himself. The darkness was terrifying in his mind and it scared him to even try to think about it. He suddenly felt a hand on his own and looked up into the gentle brown eyes of Diane.

“It’s okay dear. You don’t have to force yourself to remember. You can stay with us. We have an empty room upstairs that isn’t used for anything.” Diane smiled.

Ever since that day, Travis has lived with Nick and his mother. He became the second son that Diane never had but wanted and the brother Nick had always dreamed of having. It was about a month after living with them that Travis felt like he was a prisoner in his own body. He didn’t feel like a ‘he’. Travis asked one night at dinner what it meant to be a boy or a girl. Diane explained that there are some people who are meant to be either one because of the way their body is made, but they feel in their heart and soul that they were actually supposed to be the opposite. Travis agrees with her when saying that he feels female and that the way he dresses for school is uncomfortable and not who he feels he’s supposed to be. From that dinner on, Travis became Tiana and has been portraying a girl in the home and a boy outside the home. Tiana’s “family” has become her most precious treasure and she will do anything to protect them in any way that she can.

Miscellaneous: Tiana is an eater. She’ll eat almost anything anyone can put in front of her and doesn’t really gain any weight from doing so. She’s not picky by any means. She is also a relatively good writer, mostly creating poems.

Aura: Tiana’s aura is something that most of the time she does have control over but it is also something that begins to work to protect herself. Tiana has the ability to talk to others through telepathy. This ability is in its very early stages and it’s very hard for her to do so with people she hardly knows. The only time it works on next to anyone is when her life is in danger. Her deep psyche takes over and contacts any human within distance to help her. Now, it’s not just a person of any caliber either. Tiana’s subconscious searches for the purest heart, someone who would seemingly understand her troubles and help. Tiana does not have control over her telepathy at the moment and sometimes when she’s thinking to herself, Nick or his mother will hear her. She gets extremely embarrassed when that happens. Tiana also seems to be able to share her thoughts with others by touching them. She can show them images that she’s seen before by concentrating deeply and bringing them into her world. Of course, Tiana is very choosy and hardly ever actually does this.

Tiana’s aura visual form looks almost similar to a bird. Beautiful, silhouette wings come from the upper part of the middle of her back and curve upward, glowing with a bright pink, nearly red, color. They are wide and take up nearly half of her back from where they emerge. The feathers are stiff on the edges and almost resemble diamonds from the shape and cut. Her ears seem to be longer but are simply surrounded by a glow that sharpens her ears towards her body. Tiana’s whole body is surrounded by a white glow about three inches wide. Her tattoo is probably one of the smallest tattoos of any other. It begins in the middle of her back as large red triangle. There are two strings of diamonds that start in the middle of the triangle. They are pink in color and curve upward to her shoulder blades and continue down the backsides of her arms. Within each diamond looks like a small picture, each one is different. It resembles Egyptian hieroglyphics. Tiana is very self centered about the tattoo and always has it covered up. She doesn’t even let Nick or Diane see it, so it is always covered up by her regular clothes or a dark colored shirt.