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Thread: A Marathon Rivalry! (628)

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    I didn't like This episode. Showing Pokéathlon for the first time was good, but still.....I didn't like how the whole episode turned out. I found the COTD daniel boring. I liked how Ash was trying to show Daniel that raising Pokémon should be based on bond with the pokemon rather than using science technology to raising Pokémon, but I hated how Ash ended up losing the Pokéathlon at the end. He wasn't able to win the Pokéathlon, yet somehow Daniel learned a lesson about raising his pokemon.
    Daniel won the Pokéathlon by using Hi-Tech machine, which beats the whole 'moral purpose' of this episode.
    Also, I hated how Team Rocket made Staraptor faint by using their stupid 'Poking machine'. Geez, I hate it when Team Rocket hogs sceentime like this.
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    I like the episode that the competition hosted by Nanakamado than this one. I am a marathon runner so I love the Pokémon triathlon competition. This Pokéthlon looks more like an athletics event rather than a real triathlon by the name it looks.

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    I guess this episode goes into "average filler" catagory, even if COTD was kinda interesting. Kind of a usual Heart vs. machine story, and of course heart wins out as usual....

    I guess monferno was kinda cool, but the episode overall was just............zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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