Welcome! To the Fireredshipping Discussion Thread!
For those of you who are crazy enough to not know, Fireredshipping is the theory of a romantic couple between:

Ash Ketchum/Satoshi



How did such an awesome Shipping originate?

Well, Zoey first appeared in Mountain a Coordinator's Assault. In Dawn's first contest, Ash and Zoey met. Ash enters the contest too. This was the start of their -hopefully- beautiful relationship. Since then, a couple hints have been er, hinted, and the fanbase isn't that big. But let's change that! Let's prove this can be as awesome as any other shipping!

Now of course, there are some rules.

Rule Number 1) There will be no bashing WHATSOEVER. At all. Not cool, dude.

Rule Number 2) All SPFF rules apply!

Rule Number 3) You must remove any double+ posts. It's annoying to see "I love Zoey x Ash!" thirty times in a row.

Rule Number 4) Stay on topic. You may discuss things such as new episodes in which Zoey is featured.

Rule Number 5) One liners are forbidden. This is SPAM. I don't like Spam!

Rule Number 6) Respect eachother. You got that you bunch of--- umm... *cough*

Rule Number 7) Even though there isn't much, you have to credit any and all Fanart.

Rule Number 8) Use Spoiler tags for any episodes not featured in North America/Europe yet.

Rule Number 9) Follow the Shipping Community Rules.

Rule Number 10) Let`s just make one thing clear. I`m a boy. A Shipping-loving boy. If anybody thinks I`m a girl, your dead.

The Firered Shippers!

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Those Who Went to the Dark Side
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Fanfictions and Fanart!
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Let`s start things with a topic, shall we?

Why Do You Like Fireredshipping?

I like it because it`s an unpopular ship. I know that sounds wierd, but the only really big ship I support is Advanceshipping. I always like things that nobody else likes: books, food, relationships with fictional characters that train magical creatures, etc.

Fireredshipping contains two of my favorite characters: Zoey and Ash.
I like Ash because he`s, well, Ash. He`s the main character. You have to like him or you can`t watch the anime. I like Zoey, however, because she`s got that big sister figure to Dawn. I like these two together, because of the few hints. That leaves lots of room for fanfiction, and the imagination.