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Thread: Avatar: The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra Club

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    Care if I join? If so, I'd have to go with the Water Tribe. I've always had an affinity with water, plus I'm a Picses whose real name (Dylan) means "of the sea". The name originating from a God of the Sea in Welsh mythology. So I've always found water fitting. Though, if you saw me, you'd probably think I'd belong to the Earth Nation (thanks to my physic). Going through this groups posts, I kind of surprised no one's discussed the finale at all. I gotta say, I just love the brutality behind Suyin's takedown of P'Li. Very reminiscent of Combustion Man's defeat at the hands (boomerang) of Sokka.
    If I think of anything interesting to put here, I'll let you know.

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    man i haven't posted inawhile in the club but i did see the last episode for book 3 of legend of korra that was pretty crazy can't wait to see book four what you guys thoughts on what may happen in book 4?

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