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    Default Pokemon: Battle of Battles

    This is a fanfic I have had in mind for a while now. I thought about good ways to end the anime when I was looking at one of the threads on this site concerning that topic. I developed an idea that starts with Ash in the Sinnoh League and Dawn in the Grand Festival. I am following the canon and putting everyone in character. I decided to add more personaity traits to characters like the Elite Four who rarely appear in the anime and therefore don't have too many character qualities. I hope everyone enjoys the fic and I would greatly appreciate any comments or criticism (as long as it's not spam, of course.)

    Pokemon: Battle of Battles

    This fic is rated PG for mild violence. No sexual content or swearing.

    Chapter 1 - The Sinnoh League Champion

    Ash Ketchum waited for years and traveled through four different regions to arrive at this very battle. Sweat trickled down his face and gathered in his cap. The roar of the crowd at Sinnoh Stadium was deafening, but the thumping of his quickly beating heart was even louder. He was in this same situation in his semi-final battle and he narrowly got out of it with a victory. He was hoping to do the same thing now. Ash grabbed the last remaining Pokeball from his belt and stared at it. “I’m counting on you,” he said.

    Ash casted the ball high in the air. It burst into a brilliant red light and the creature inside of it emerged onto the battlefield. The large creature that came out of Ash’s Pokeball was his Charizard. The dragon roared and blew an astounding flame from it’s mouth straight in the air as it confidently waved its powerful wings. The figure on the other side of the stadium was Ash’s opponent, Paul. Paul arrogantly smiled as he released his last Pokemon. “Standby for battle!“ he shouted.

    Paul's Ursaring emerged from the Pokeball. The large bear glared at Charizard menacingly, not taking too kindly to Charizard’s arrogance. Ash knew this was Paul’s strongest Pokemon. He took a deep breath and tried hiding his anxiety. Ash glanced at the sidelines to see two of his best friends, Dawn and Brock. He saw Brock nod his head in reassurance and he saw Dawn mouth the words, “No need to worry.” He looked back at Charizard and saw how pumped up it was for the battle. Ash relaxed his shoulders and smiled. Charizard looks fantastic, and my friends believe in us, he thought. I know we can do this.

    The referee gave the signal to begin and Paul immediately gave his first command.

    “Focus Blast!” he yelled. Ursaring barreled toward Charizard. A bright, glowing sphere formed in its hands as it lunged at Charizard. Charizard flew to the right, narrowly escaping the powerful blast of energy. Ursaring's Focus Blast landed on the ground and created a thunderous sound and a gaping hole.

    “Flamethrower!” Ash commanded. Charizard exhaled a strong jet stream of flames at Ursaring. Ursaring took the hit and yelled in pain. It dropped to the ground for a few seconds but was able to get itself back up. It threw itself at Charizard with another Focus Blast, and hit Charizard this time. Charizard was flung backward and into the wall. Ash expressed great concern on his face until he saw Charizard get up with a look of sheer determination.

    “Way to be strong, Charizard! Let's get 'em with a Steel Wing!” Charizard’s wings became a bright, silver color and it flew toward Ursaring at full speed. Ursaring was unable to fire off another attack quickly enough, causing it to be defenseless as Charizard’s left wing made solid contact with its face. It was once again knocked to the ground. Paul was furious. He clenched his fists until his knuckles turned white. “Ursaring, we are not losing to this pathetic trainer! We didn’t come all this way to lose! Get up!”

    Ursaring slowly got up, clearly in pain, only to be immediately knocked down by Charizard yet again. The crowd erupted with excitement. Never throughout the tournament had the atmosphere been this electrifying. Dawn stood up with enthusiasm. “He’s gonna win! Ash is gonna do it!” she proclaimed.

    Brock didn’t look as certain. “Don’t be so sure yet. Paul trained his Ursaring well, it won’t give up this easily.”

    True to its reputation, Ursaring got back up and waited for Charizard to come back around. It timed Charizard’s flight speed and pattern perfectly. Charizard was struck down to the ground by Ursaring’s fists.

    “No!” yelled Ash. He wasn't sure how much more Charizard could take.

    Charizard got up and it traded punches and claws with Ursaring. Charizard clawed at Ursaring’s face, leaving a decent gash. Ursaring retaliated by striking Charizard in the face, briefly leaving it dazed. Ursaring then grabbed Charizard by the shoulders and started pushing it backward. Charizard was able to gather itself together and it grabbed Ursaring’s shoulders. The two were pushing each other hard when Ash’s face lit up. “That’s it!” he shouted. “Charizard, Seismic Toss!”

    Charizard grabbed Ursaring’s arms and pulled the bear closer to it. Charizard flew hundreds of feet in the air and then began racing toward the ground, still tightly holding on to Ursaring by its arms. Ursaring was slammed into the ground, creating a large crater in the center of the arena. Charizard stood up as Ursaring lay motionless on the ground. The referee raised the red flag in the air. “Ursaring is unable to battle, Charizard wins, and the winner of the Sinnoh League is Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town!”

    The crowd went wild. Flags were waving in the air, drinks and snacks went flying everywhere in the stands, and confetti slowly dropped all over Ash. Ash stood there motionless as he watched Paul glare at him and then his Pokeball that contained his fallen Ursaring. Paul turned and walked out of the stadium. Dawn and Brock arrived at his side and congratulated him. Tears ran down Ash's eyes.

    “I did it,” he said quietly. Then a grin painted his face. “I did it!” he shouted, jumping in the air. He and his friends ran over to Charizard and embraced it. Charizard was fatigued from the battle, but it smiled nonetheless and blew a victory flame into the faces of Ash, Dawn, and Brock. Each of their faces were fried and the flames dried up and ruined Dawn’s pretty blue hair. She dropped down on the ground and planted her face into her right palm. “Why do I bother with my hair anymore?” she grumbled. Ash and Brock laughed. No matter what the situation was, Dawn was always overly concerned with her appearance.

    The President of the Sinnoh League soon approached Ash with a friendly smile. Above that smile was thickest mustache Ash had ever seen. He greeted Ash with a powerful handshake. “Well done Mr. Ketchum, may I ask you to stand on the winner’s podium so I can present you with your trophy?”

    “Oh yeah,” said Ash, returning to reality. He rushed to the podium and received the giant, golden Sinnoh League trophy in front of tens of thousands of fans at the stadium, and millions more watching on live television.


    Back in Pallet Town in the region of Kanto, Ash’s mother, Delia, was watching Ash on television alongside Ketchum family friend and brilliant Pokemon researcher, Professor Oak. They watched Ash's battles in the Sinnoh League tournament religiously. Delia's heart leapt when she saw her son holding the trophy. She knew how hard Ash worked and how badly he wanted to win.

    “Oh my goodness, my baby boy did it!” Delia exclaimed. Ash was about to speak about his victory while the sound of a vacuum cleaner roared in the next room.

    Delia turned around and called in to her house cleaner, Mr. Mime. “Mimey not now, I’m listening to Ash!” The sweeping continued, however. “Mimey!”

    The vacuum stopped and Mr. Mime walked into the room with a guilty look on its face. Delia turned back to watch Ash finish talking. Tears formed in her eyes when Ash acknowledged her in his speech. When Ash finished talking, Professor Oak looked at Delia. “And to think this is the boy who showed up at my lab just a few years back in his pajamas, frantically begging for his first Pokemon,” he said chuckling. He recalled Ash sweating and gasping for air as he asked him what Pokemon were left. "At least Ash being late for Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle resulted in receiving Pikachu."

    Delia nodded in agreement. “Yes, I remember that day quite well. I'm so excited that my Ash is such a little Pokemon Master."

    “He’s not done yet, however, Delia.” Oak said in a more serious tone. “He still has to face the Elite Four and then the Champion in order to become the best. They are five of the best trainers in the world, so Ash can’t get too confident and let up on his training.”

    Delia nodded. “You’re right. But I know my son, and he has it in him." Tears welled up in her eyes once more. "I can't help but get emotional. All he's ever talked about growing up is becoming a Pokemon Master."

    Professor Oak had to smile. "He's well on his way now."
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    Wow! While reading this, I could picture it all on the Anime! It's pretty descriptive and good, even though I don't ususally watch the show.
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    Chapter 2 - Grand Festival Training And Confrontation

    Ash sat on his bed in his dorm room at the building adjacent to the Sinnoh League Stadium. He shared a room with his two friends. Brock was out buying medical supplies for Ash’s Pokemon while Dawn was out getting Poffin ingredients. Ash was holding his trophy with the giant Pokeball symbol on top. Engraved on the plate in the front read: “Ash Ketchum: Sinnoh League Winner.”

    Ash glanced at Pikachu on his shoulder. Pikachu was Ash's first Pokemon and his closest friend. This was the reason Pikachu was never inside of its Pokeball. "We finally did it, buddy,” Ash said.

    “Pika!” Pikachu exclaimed with its high pitched voice. Pikachu was a petite rodent Pokemon. It wagged its tail, which was shaped like a lightning bolt, and small sparks of electricity emerged from its cherry red cheeks.

    Ash looked back at his trophy, and then out the window. It was a beautiful day outside. The air in Sinnoh was fresh, and the area was plentiful with lakes and trees, making it a gorgeous sightseeing area. It also had many open fields for training.

    “Dawn’s gotta start her training for the Grand Festival, and I still have the Elite Four.” Ash began working himself up again. “I’ll probably battle against Cynthia, the Champion!” Ash had met Cynthia in person and has also watched her battle on television. She was a beautiful woman with a tall figure, long, blonde hair and a black coat. She was the world’s most well-known celebrity and was known for her rare, exotic Pokemon like her dragon-type Pokemon, Garchomp. Ash pumped his fist in the air and stood up from his bed. “Nobody stands a chance against me!”

    At that very moment, the door flung open and Dawn and Brock entered the room.“Is that a bit of arrogance I hear?” teased Dawn as she set her Poffin ingredients on her bed. Ash spun around, startled, and he lost his balance, sending poor Pikachu to the floor. Pikachu grumbled to itself as it took its place back on Ash’s shoulder.

    “Ah, don’t sneak up on me like that!” Ash yelled. “Besides, I’m not arrogant, I’m just confident in myself! Nothing wrong with that, right?”

    Brock smiled and scratched the back of his head. “Well, Dawn has a point, Ash. You should think about your first battle and how you're gonna train for that before you think about battling Cynthia. I did some research and found out your Elite Four matches will be in the same stadium as your Sinnoh League matches. Your first opponent will be Aaron.”

    Ash cocked his head slightly to the side. “Aaron?”

    Dawn placed her hands on her hips. “Don’t you remember, Ash? We met him as he was training for his battle against Cynthia,” she said.

    Brock brought up a screen on the computer showing pictures of Aaron and his main Pokemon team. Aaron looked rather young; not too much older than Brock. His hair was fixed in an odd style. One strand of his hair was sticking up in the middle of his head. Underneath Aaron's picture, six pictures of his Pokemon popped up on the screen. Brock pointed at one of the Pokemon that looked like a scorpion. It had oversized, terrifying eyes and in the picture it had its mouth agape, revealing its sharp teeth. It also had what looked like elongated arms coming out each side of its head. Each arm ended with powerful pincers.

    “That’s Aaron's Drapion, his strongest Pokemon,” said Brock. “You’ll have to find a good defensive Pokemon to battle it since its poisonous attacks are so powerful.”

    Ash shrugged. “It’ll be no problem, cause we're going to beat him! Right, Pikachu?”

    “Pikachu!” Pikachu nodded in agreement.

    Dawn wagged a finger in Ash’s face. “Just remember what I said, don’t get too cocky.” She then smiled. “Now, when you're done studying Aaron's Pokemon do you wanna help me train for the Grand Festival?”

    Ash nodded. “You got it!”

    Outside of the stadium, the group found a nice open field to practice on. Around them, many coordinators getting ready for the Grand Festival were training with their Pokemon. It was as big and popular of an event in the Sinnoh region as the Sinnoh League Tournament. Frisbees were flying everywhere and streams of water and fire as well as bolts of lightning were being fired all over the place. The Grand Festival contained showoff rounds where Pokemon performed tricks for the judges and battles like in the Sinnoh League. These battles, however, focused on the presentation, style, and beauty of the moves of the Pokemon. Whichever coordinator ended up with the most points at the end of a Grand Festival battle was declared the winner.

    Dawn took one of her Pokeballs and flung it high in the air. “Mamoswine, spotlight!” she commanded as the Pokeball opened up in midair. Mamoswine was a behemoth of a Pokemon. It resembled a mammoth with it’s hairy body and hefty tusks. “Alright, Mamoswine, before we start, how about a nice, tasty Poffin to motivate you?” Dawn said. Mamoswine started drooling and charged at Dawn. Dawn dropped her Poffins and dove out of the way screaming as Mamoswine devoured every last Poffin.

    “Hehe, well, that should motivate Mamoswine,” Brock said.

    “Tell me about it,” Ash said. “Alright Pikachu, go out there and help Mamoswine train.”

    Pikachu leapt onto the field in front of Mamoswine. Dawn got up and dusted herself off. “Alright Mamoswine, now that your nice and full, try an Ancientpower attack followed by an Ice Shard!”

    Mamoswine drew up giant rocks from the ground and flung them at Pikachu. Pikachu dodged a few of them but was knocked down by one of them. Mamoswine then performed a front flip as a giant shard of ice formed between its tusks. The ice shard flew at Pikachu and scored a direct hit. Pikachu was visibly in pain already.

    “What a great combination!” Brock said.

    Before Dawn could command another attack, a familiar voice interrupted.

    “Look at that pathetic Pikachu! And this is the trainer who won the Sinnoh League?”

    Everyone turned around to see Paul, hands in his pockets, staring directly at Ash.

    “What’s that supposed to mean?” replied Ash with crossed arms.

    “I mean your win against me was a fluke. You stand no chance against the Elite Four.”

    Ash was clenching his teeth hard now.

    “Your Charizard may be strong, but it leaves itself way too vulnerable to its opponent’s attacks,” Paul continued. “I assure you the Elite Four will capitalize on that weakness. A pathetic trainer like you will easily lose to Aaron in the first round.”

    Fire burned in Ash’s eyes and he waved his fist at Paul. “You shouldn’t be giving me advice after losing to me like you did yesterday! I’m gonna destroy the Elite Four and Cynthia and prove you wrong!”

    Paul smiled and kept his calm tone as Ash became more and more enraged. “Say whatever you want, but you think way too highly of yourself,” Paul said. “Just because you won the Sinnoh League, you think you’re the greatest trainer who ever lived, but you're not. You’re a joke!”

    “What’d you say?” Ash yelled as he charged at Paul. Paul didn’t move a muscle. Brock ran behind Ash and restrained him.

    “Ash, cool it!” Brock shouted.

    “Ha, you think any self-respecting Elite Four member or Champion would be this cocky and short tempered? I doubt it,” Paul said as he turned and walked away slowly. Brock let go of Ash, who was still infuriated. Brock stayed by him to keep him calm as Dawn tried to stay out of everything. She had Pikachu perched on her shoulder and she was petting Mamoswine on its side.

    “I don’t care what that Paul says, I’ll prove him wrong! I’ll make him apologize to my Pikachu and I face to face! I won the Sinnoh League, I’m one of the world’s best trainers!” Ash stormed back into his room, not even bothering to acknowledge Brock, Dawn, or Pikachu.

    Brock decided to leave Ash alone. “Hopefully he comes around,” he said to himself. “As rude as Paul is, he has a point about Ash’s attitude."
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    Chapter 3 - Enter Team Rocket

    Not too far south of the site of the Sinnoh League was an area where giant waterfalls cascaded down into the ocean and the sunlight reflected off the ocean water. It was a beautiful area where people were rarely seen and where most water Pokemon looking for peace took residence. Many small islands were scattered around the water, with a few palm trees here and there. Near the center of the largest of the islands was a massive cave. This cave hid the reality of what was under that island. Inside the cave was the entrance to an underground secret base. The cave entrance was well hidden behind a group of mechanical boulders that could be moved with the touch of a button on a remote control. The base had three floors and every hallway was lined with security guards. The security guards were enormous men, all of them at least six feet seven inches tall, and they all wore black button up shirts and black pants. In the center of the shirts was a crimson "R." Throughout the hallways, there were doors that led to research and experimentation labs. In the very center of the base on the bottom floor was the main office. In it sat a well dressed man with an orange business suit, slicked back hair, and a scowl on his face.

    This man’s scowl was the result of his consistent failures as of late. Ever since he was a teenager, he worked for this organization. He eventually inherited leadership of the organization from his mother. Once that happened, it seemed as though he was on top of the world. Now, however, it seemed as though his life was going nowhere, and he wasn’t even sure why.

    The organization was known as Team Rocket. Team Rocket was infamous for stealing and exploiting Pokemon for power and money. The Pokemon of traveling trainers were usually their victims. Rare, valuable Pokemon that were stolen were usually sold to black markets for high prices. Powerful, stealthy, and quick Pokemon were used to rob money and other valuables. Team Rocket was exteremely successful in the Kanto region at one point.

    The Team Rocket leader, known as Giovanni, became too greedy once he achieved success in Kanto and the success got to his head. He decided to take a big risk by funding the creation of the world’s most powerful Pokemon. Team Rocket scientists used the fund to build the machine they needed to create this Pokemon. The created Pokemon refused to be Team Rocket’s slave, however, so it turned on Giovanni and Team Rocket and destroyed their main base as it escaped. After another failed attempt to capture this Pokemon by building a base in the mountains, the Pokemon wiped his memory clean. Giovanni failed to remember anything about this Pokemon, and was left with no base, a significant financial hole, and no knowledge of why it even happened.

    After Team Rocket suffered this major setback, other criminal organizations like Team Magma, Team Aqua, and Team Galactic arose. As more thefts were committed by these groups, the police tracked them down and put a stop to them. As other groups of criminal organizations fell, Giovanni was determined to keep the family business of Team Rocket alive and well.

    Giovanni picked up the picture of his late mother from his desk and stared intently at it. The scowl on his face intensified. “I refuse to let Team Rocket go down,” Giovanni passionately said to the picture.

    Outside of the base, a small helicopter slowly descended upon the island in front of the cave. The helicopter landed and three people walked out of it to front of the cave. The largest person used a remote control to activate the machine that pulled the boulders to the side, revealing the base entrance. The three entered the base while the person with the remote took his place guarding one of the hallways. The other two people took the elevator to the bottom floor and headed to the very center.

    Giovanni was typing on his computer when heard a knock on his door. “Come in,” he said, not looking away from the computer screen.

    A security guard opened the door and a man and a woman walked in. They both had the black rocket uniforms with the letter “R” like the security guards.

    Giovanni finally looked up at them as the door closed behind them. “It’s about time you showed up, I called you two three hours ago,” he said sternly.

    The woman cleared her throat. “Yes Sir, we apologize, we had a late start.”

    Giovanni growled in anger before restrained himself. “Your on thin ice for your constant tardiness. You’re just lucky you two are good at what you do.”

    “We understand, Sir. We were also wondering when you want us to attack the Sinnoh League site. I hear there are hundreds of trainers getting ready for the Grand Festival,” said the man.

    "You don't decide where you go, I do. I need you and Cassidy to go to Sunyshore City further down south. There’s a convention down there for electric type Pokemon. My research says there’s an average of around three hundred Pokemon at that convention every year, so there’s bound to be useful ones.”

    A lengthy silence followed until Cassidy broke it. "Out of curiosity, who do you have on the Sinnoh League site? That's where the best Pokemon always are and I feel Butch and I are most qualified for a mission like that."

    "That's none of your concern!" Giovanni snapped. "I was told by one of my agents that it was confirmed that there was a group on that site already, so you go where I tell you!"

    Butch and Cassidy looked at each other, quivering with fear, and then at Giovanni. "Yes, Sir," they said in unison.


    Ash laid on his bed with his hands rested behind his head. Dawn, Brock, and Pikachu were all still outside. Ash couldn’t stop thinking about his run-in with Paul.

    “Paul lost to me, didn’t he? Why is he telling me how to train my Pokemon?” Ash asked himself. "I’m the trainer that won the Sinnoh League, not him.”

    Ash’s thoughts were interrupted by numerous screams from outside. He leapt out of his bed and looked out the window. He noticed the commotion outside, though it was difficult to see what was causing it.

    Ash ran outside as quickly as he could. Trainers and coordinators were frantically running in circles and dozens of Pokemon were being lifted up in the air by a net connected to a giant hot air balloon that was about a hundred feet in the air. The balloon had the face of a feline Pokemon called Meowth.

    Ash shoved his way through the crowd and finally found Dawn and Brock, but his Pikachu was nowhere to be found. “What happened to Pikachu?” Ash anxiously yelled.

    “It was caught in the net, along with my Mamoswine!” Dawn bawled as she held her hands on her cheeks.

    A small window in the front of the robot opened to reveal three familiar figures. They began laughing joyously at the load of Pokemon they had caught in their net.

    “Time to bring chaos at a breakneck pace!” exclaimed the first figure.

    “Let’s dash their hope and put fear in its place!” exclaimed the second figure.

    Then they all shouted, “We’re Team Rocket, in your face!”

    The first figure was a woman named Jessie with incredibly long, pink hair that ended in a swirl and the second was a man named James with lavender hair. They both had the same Team Rocket uniforms as the security guards at the base, only their uniforms were white. The third figure was a Meowth, looking exactly like the face on the balloon.

    “We’ll just be taking off with all of your Pokemon now!” the Meowth said as he mockingly waved to the terrified trainers and coordinators.

    “And how!” Jessie and James called out in agreement. The three started to fly away with hundreds of Pokemon helplessly hanging from the net. Ash glared up at the balloon in anger and took out a Pokeball.

    “These guys are trying to steal my Pokemon all the time. I’m not gonna tolerate it,” Ash said through clenched teeth. He released the Pokeball from his hand high in the air and it burst open, revealing a gigantic bird Pokemon with a unique red, black, and white color pattern on its feathers. It had a jagged, orange beak and a menacing glare. “Staraptor, use Brave Bird on the balloon!” Ash ordered.

    Staraptor blew a mighty gust of wind with its wings as it took off flying toward the balloon. Its body started to glow and its flying speed drastically accelerated.

    “That behemoth bird is going to blow through our beautiful, brawny balloon!” yelled Jessie.

    “Not while I’ve got the controls,” Meowth said as he pulled out a remote control and pressed a button. A massive, robotic arm emerged from underneath the basket of the balloon and fired itself at Staraptor.

    “Dodge it!” Ash bellowed, using as much of his voice as he could to allow Staraptor to hear him.

    Staraptor gracefully avoided the arm and forcefully rammed into the balloon. The balloon quickly lost air and descended to the ground. The net broke and the Pokemon were all released onto the ground to reunite with their trainers. Pikachu quickly ran at Ash's side. Ash smiled at Pikachu. “You know what to do!” he said.

    Pikachu squeezed its cheeks and shot a massive bolt of lightning from its body. The bolt connected with the Team Rocket trio and created an explosion. The three toasted Team Rocket agents were sent flying.

    “My hair, my face, they’re ruined! I’m so sad!” Jessie cried as she soared in the air.

    “You know after getting shocked so many times, it's not so bad,” said James in midair next to Jessie, shrugging his shoulders.

    “All I know is the boss is gonna be mad!” reminded Meowth, also in midair next to the two.

    “We’re blasting off again!” Jessie, James, and Meowth yelled as they flew out of sight.

    “Don’t they ever give up?” asked Brock.

    Dawn smiled. “If they like getting electrocuted every day, that’s their problem.” She then looked at Ash and nodded. “Thank you. You were great.”

    Staraptor flew right next to Ash. “See? I don’t need help on how to battle with my Pokemon,” Ash said, pointing his thumb to his chest with pride.

    The smile left Dawn’s face. “Are you still thinking about what Paul said? He says things like that to you all the time and it never bothered you, so no need to worry.”

    “I never said it bothered me,” said Ash, raising his voice a little.

    Brock interrupted and stood between the two, not wanting to bring back that conversation again. “Why don’t we grab something to eat?”

    Dawn and Ash gave each other a look for a few seconds, then looked at Brock and nodded.
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    New Chapter: Chapter 4- Unova

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    Chapter 4 - The Dream Of Memories

    Giovanni lay down to sleep in an uneasy state. All he could think of was the failures of Team Rocket. The organization wasn’t what it once was. Sure, there were reliable agents that did the jobs they needed to, but that couldn‘t compensate for the hole they were in. Giovanni’s thoughts raced toward solutions on how to bring more money and Pokemon to Team Rocket. It made no sense that his success plummeted the way it did so quickly. Giovanni was troubled and exhausted as well, so he cleared every thought from his mind at that moment.

    Giovanni suddenly found himself standing in a pitch black room. He had no knowledge of what he was doing there. Very slowly, a glowing silhouette began to form in the distance. It formed into a tall figure that was human shaped, only with a long tail swaying back and forth. It’s head had two short, rectangular shaped ears sticking out the top rather than the side. When the glowing silhouette shape was completely formed, the figure made its way closer to Giovanni without taking any steps forward. As close as it was to him, Giovanni could see no distinct features on the remarkable creature. The figure slowly and reverently lifted its right arm toward Giovanni. Giovanni was frozen with fear and anticipation. The surrealism of the moment was astounding. A bright, purple flash emerged from its hand and Giovanni's vision was temporarily blurred.

    Once his vision cleared, he saw what appeared to be the inside of his old Pokemon battling gym in Kanto. Giovanni looked up at the balcony and saw a vision of himself. This Giovanni looked much more content and confident. The vision of Giovanni was smirking and pointing his finger out toward the battlefield, yelling an inaudible command. On the battlefield was the figure that brought him here, as well as a Pokemon that looked like an outsized, majestic dog with sharp teeth and remarkably striking orange and black fur. The unknown figure lifted its arm toward its adversary as it had done with Giovanni earlier. The helpless dog was suspended in the air, surrounded by a field of powerful energy. It was then forcefully heaved at the wall. It fell unconscious as it crashed, creating a large hole in the wall.

    Giovanni was transported to another room where he was once again standing face to face with the mysterious figure. This time, the silhouette became a formidable looking, muscular Pokemon that had white, gleaming skin. The expression on its face conveyed pure anger and hate. The Pokemon levitated and flung both of its arms forward. Vast beams of energy knocked Giovanni backward and he heard a deafening explosion. The walls around him caught fire and were crumbling. The Pokemon flew upward and crashed through the ceiling. Giovanni ran toward the front door of the building and looked back to see nothing but the remains of a fiery destruction. Giovanni heard a noise above him and saw flaming debris descend on him.

    Giovanni quickly sat up and the noise from the explosion transformed into nothing but his heavy breathing. A cold sweat broke on his forehead. Giovanni discovered that he was back in his bed. It was the most realistic dream he ever had. It seemed as though he experienced all of that before. He stood up out of bed and looked out the window into the night. He saw a stream of purple light race across the sky. A devious grin crossed Giovanni’s face. All of a sudden, he felt enlightenment. He felt as though all of his problems had been solved at once. He clenched his fists with determination and the grin turned into laughter. Giovanni’s feelings of sadness from earlier that night turned into feelings of power and anticipation like he hadn’t felt in a long time. Every question and doubt that he had was instantaneously cleared. He muttered to himself one word, “Mewtwo.”


    The Pokemon Center seemed unusually crowded today. It was the only Pokemon Center in town, and with the Grand Festival starting the next day, it was bound to be swarming with coordinators preparing their Pokemon. Ash, Dawn, and Brock finished eating and waited in line at the Pokemon Center’s front counter. The group finally made it to the front of the line to claim their Pokemon that had just been healed from battle wounds and fatigue. Ash and Dawn took their Pokeballs and thanked the young, pink haired woman behind the counter.

    The woman smiled, “You’re Pokemon are all ready to go!” she said.

    Brock’s heart raced and he shoved himself in front of Ash and Dawn and took the woman’s hands into his own. He was completely infatuated. “And I’m ready to go too, Nurse Joy, ready to go into your heart!” he said as he jumped over the counter and got closer to her. Poor Nurse Joy looked terrified. “You and I will share our lives and our hearts for eternity,” Brock said as he stood in a trance, staring at the young nurse.

    One of Brock’s Pokeballs opened on its own and a blue frog Pokemon with a white belly and orange cheeks emerged. Its cheeks slowly inflated and deflated for every breath. Its hand began to glow and it was powerfully jabbed into Brock’s back. Brock released a cry of pain that would usually be heard from a little girl. “Croagunk, why?” Brock shouted.

    The people in line behind them were snickering as they watched the frog Pokemon drag a paralyzed Brock across the floor away from Nurse Joy. Ash and Dawn both covered their faces and turned around, pretending not to know him.

    As the group walked out of the Pokemon Center and back to their dorm room, they talked about the major, upcoming events they had the next day.

    “The first round of my first Grand Festival, I can hardly wait,” said Dawn with sparkling eyes. “I know just what I’m going to do for the appeal round. I have a nice routine for my Buneary to perform. The crowd will be dazzled!” Ash and Brock smiled and nodded in acknowledgement, however, Dawn was lost in her own thoughts at the moment.

    Brock turned to Ash. “So how about you, Ash?” he asked. “Do you have any strategy for your first Elite Four battle tomorrow?”

    Ash nodded proudly. “Course I do,” he said. “Aaron’s trains Pokemon that are all bugs. All I need to do is use fire types like Charizard and Infernape.”

    Brock nodded. “Right,” he confirmed. “But remember that bug types are also weak against flying Pokemon.”

    Ash forgot about that. “Oh yeah,” he said, rubbing his chin pensively. “You would think the winner of the Sinnoh League would have known that already. Well, I have Staraptor, and there are some other flying Pokemon I have in Pallet Town that I can ask Professor Oak to send me.”

    “Sure,” said Brock. “It sounds like you two are ready for tomorrow.”


    Just two blocks down from Sinnoh Stadium was a colossal mansion. The mansion was decorated with gorgeous trees that bore numerous berries of different colors and sizes. A small lake with a fountain in the middle added to the stunning beauty of this area.

    The top floor of this house contained a room filled with comfort and silence. The only sound that could be heard was the crackling of the fire from the fireplace. The walls and shelves were decorated with golden plaques and trophies won in previous Pokemon battles and tournaments. There was also a reclining chair by the window. Sitting in it was a tall man wearing a maroon colored suit and pants. A white handkerchief sat in the front pocket of the suit.

    The man was holding open a book and was reading intently. The only things that gave him light to read were the fire and the moon in the clear sky just outside the window. It looked as though his mind was distant from reality. His reality at that point was in the book. The book contained stories about the behavior and abilities of Pokemon with psychic powers.

    Such grace, such reverence, such power these wonderful creatures have, the man thought as he flipped to the next page and adjusted his light blue glasses.

    The man continued reading until he felt a disturbance inside of him. He heard what sounded like something whooshing by his ears. The man marked his book and set it on the floor next to the chair. He stood up and looked all around the room as he ran his hand through his long, flowing hair, which was the same hint of blue as his glasses.

    “If anyone is here, please come out,” he calmly requested. He felt a tingling sensation in his hands. His hands were glowing a bright, violet color. He felt the prescense of a psychic Pokemon like none other in the world. He looked out the window and saw a vague shape fly across the moon. The shape looked like a human, only with a long tail in the back.

    The man stared in fascination at the being and looked at his hands. They were glowing brighter than before. Once the mystifying being crossed the moon and flew out of the man’s sight, his hands became dimmer until they finally returned to normal. The man turned away from the window and smiled. “It’s here.”
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    This is interesting, although not at a gripping ‘must keep reading’ stage. It’s got some good ideas and plot set-ups going on. However, keep in mind that even at a Pokemon fansite like this, there are those who don’t watch the anime or know it very well. Like me. So if something’s got a complex backstory in the anime, you should explain what’s going on. You did do a good job with the Giovanni/Mewtwo history.

    There needs to be some general grammatical editing done. Even if you have a spellchecker, it’s missing commonly overlooked errors like its/it’s and your/you’re. And your vocabulary could use some spicing up. There is something to be said for simplicity, yet at the same time, it’s not good to repeatedly use the same basic descriptors such as ‘giant’, ‘red/purple/blue’, ‘quick’. Or the same basic verbs like ‘drop’, ‘hit’, ‘throw’.

    Chapter 1

    “I have strong support from my friends,” he thought. “I know I can do this.” -This is my own personal taste, but this always bugs me in Pokemon Trainers. He's thinking of his human friends and not his Pokemon friends, who are the ones fighting for him! I know Trainers are a kind of leader of the team, but aren’t they really more of a coach? The ‘I can do this’ when it’s the Pokemon doing all the physical work… I guess if the Pokemon are animalistic and unable to do intelligence work. But then I hear that the anime does feature intelligent Pokemon, at least some of them.

    It (Ursaring) dropped to the ground but immediately got back up. –I’m just wondering… why? Ursaring had just winced in pain. ‘Wince’ is a relatively weak reaction to pain, even when used as a break in a stoic. But if the Flamethrower just made it wince, why did it drop to the ground too?

    “Ursaring, we are not losing to this pathetic trainer! We didn’t come all this way to lose!
    Get up!”
    -Just a slipped Return key hit there.

    -the battle comes off as dry. There should be more emotion from Ash, signs of stress, worry, maybe even mental fatigue. Move descriptions were okay, passable. I did like the spontaneous fist and claw fight. Pikachu jumping on his shoulder afterward is bizarre. If he’s been counted as KO’d, I wouldn’t think him capable of that.

    Back in Pallet Town in the region of Kanto, Ash’s mother, Delia, was watching Ash on television alongside Ketchum family friend and brilliant Pokemon researcher, Professor Oak. –one sentence paragraphs are not good. Paragraphs should be three sentences at least, aside from dialogue and flavor one-liners. Plus, this is very bland. What room are they in? What’s it look like? What’s the emotional atmosphere like?

    Chapter 2

    -World Champion Cynthia? Aren’t there regional Elites?

    Brock brought up a screen on the computer showing a picture of Aaron and his main Pokemon team. Aaron was a young looking guy with short green hair. Six pictures of his Pokemon popped on the screen under his picture. Brock pointed at one of the Pokemon that looked like a giant, purple scorpion. It had large, terrifying eyes and in the picture it had it’s mouth agape, revealing it’s sharp teeth. –I brought this up because your style is on the dry side. Plus, you have the wrong its/it’s there. Anyhow, these sentences all have the same structure: subject, verb, rest of sentence (sorry, but I’m not well versed in the particulars of grammar). This gives it a monotone and boring feel. To spice things up, try to make no more than two sentences in a row with the same structure. That’s a rule of thumb, so give and take as you see fit. The paragraph six down from that one is a better one. And the simplistic descriptions here don't give a good picture. Pretend like the reader has no clue what a Drapion is... although don't take that too far and end up in a 'treating reader as idiot' tone.

    “Just because you won the Sinnoh League, you think you’re the greatest trainer who ever lived, but your not.”
    –wrong you’re/your

    Brock let go of Ash and Ash stared at Paul as he walked off, still fuming. –you use names a little too much. It gets repetitive. This could also be ‘Brock let go of Ash, who was still staring and fuming at Paul’s retreating form.’

    Chapter 3

    Team Rocket has been infamous for stealing…
    (and other places) –sudden shift of tense. Should be shifted to past instead of present.

    “Dodge it!” Ash commanded. –During the kidnap attempt (which is brazen and awesomely cheesy, by the way). One has to wonder how loud Ash’s voice is, that Staraptor can hear him at that kind of distance. Unless they’re not that far off the ground yet. Or if the Pokmeon is sensible enough to dodge anyhow.

    Staraptor gracefully avoided the arm and forcefully rammed into the top of the net. The net broke from the bottom of the balloon and the Pokemon were all released onto the ground to reunite with their trainers. Pikachu quickly ran toward Ash and jumped on his shoulder. Staraptor then rammed into the balloon, popping it on one side and coming through the other side. The balloon quickly lost air and fell straight to the ground. –So, the bird rammed the balloon once to break the net, then rammed again to go through it… it seems redundant and could have worked with just one ramming.

    Chapter 4

    -is pretty darn good. Could be made great with the adjustments I noted for earlier chapters.
    Pokedex OS- Still trying to capture every single Pokemon out there in words: 648/718 Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh complete!

    Fluer Noir- A story of a black flower, a shameful history, and magic.

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    I greatly appreciate the long review and honesty, it only helps me become a better writer. I did catch the grammar mistakes you pointed out, as well as bland vocabulary and stuff that didn't quite make sense (like Staraptor and the balloon.) I also know people who don't watch the anime need backstory. The only thing is, I'm so accustumed to knowing the anime so well, it's hard for me to see what an anime outsider has trouble understanding. What are examples of points in the fic that need more backstory?

    Chapter 5 - Getting Hyped

    Sinnoh Stadium was once again jam-packed. The aroma of hot dogs and pizza filled the stands and the tens of thousands of fans were anticipating the upcoming battle. Dawn and Brock sat in the front row, ready to offer their support.

    “I’ve never been to a battle with this kind of atmosphere,” Dawn said as she looked all around the stadium. "This is so exciting!"

    “Yeah, I’ve seen a bunch of tournament battles,” said Brock. “But never an Elite Four battle. This will certainly be a treat.”

    A few minutes later, a booming voice was heard through a loudspeaker. The voice was building up hype for the crowd as it commenced introducing the trainers. “Ladies and gentlemen, this challenger is one who has come all the way from Kanto for this battle. We have all seen the strength and prowess this young man possesses. Will he emerge victorious in his first Elite Four battle? We’ll find out soon enough! I now introduce, Ash Ketchum!”

    Most of the crowd was cheering as Ash walked out of his tunnel, but it seemed as though many of the fans were mostly there to see Aaron rather than Ash. Upbeat, dance music was playing as Ash slowly walked to his place on the battlefield with poise.

    “I would think Ash would be terrified, he doesn’t look worried one bit,” observed Dawn.

    “I’m quite surprised about that myself,” Brock said.

    “And now ladies and gentlemen,” continued the voice on the loud speaker. “This trainer is one you all know and love. He specializes in bug Pokemon. He fights with Pokemon that are fearsome, formidable, and stunning. He hasn’t lost a match in five years and he’s not ready to break that streak anytime soon. Now get ready to witness Elite Four member Aaron!”

    Loud rock music blared on the sound system as Aaron jogged out from the tunnel underneath the stands and toward his corner of the battlefield. The crowd stood on its feet and erupted with hollering and applause. Throughout the stands were banners with images of Aaron and his Drapion on them. There were also signs made from poster boards. They read phrases like, “Aaron Gets An ‘A’” and, “Aaron, Will You Marry Me?”

    Dawn’s hands were noticeably trembling at this point. “Wow, Aaron’s definitely got a strong fan base. He must be tough to beat. I hope Ash will be okay.”

    The referee stood in his spot and was preparing to start the battle. A monstrous scoreboard that stood above the stadium showed a picture of Aaron and Ash on each side. Six Pokeball symbols were on each side to represent the six Pokemon the trainers would be using.

    “Trainers ready?” asked the referee.

    Each trainer pulled a Pokeball from their belt.

    "Good luck to you, Ash!" Aaron yelled across the battlefield.

    "Thanks, you too," responded Ash, still keeping his game face.

    The referee gave the signal for the battle to begin. Aaron pitched his Pokeball toward the center of the stadium. The Pokemon that appeared from it was a robust-looking beetle that stood on two legs. An extended horn stuck out of its head and its body was made from a navy blue exoskeleton. The Pokemon threw a few air punches and flexed its biceps.

    “Hera!” yelled the threatening creature.

    “Infernape, I choose you!” Ash cried out as he released his Pokeball.

    The creature that emerged from the Pokeball was a formidable ape with a white fur coat and a blaze of fire coming from its head. Everyone in the stadium was in awe of these two mighty Pokemon.

    After opposing countless numbers of tough opponents over the years, Ash now stood against an Elite. He felt nothing but anxiety during his last battle, but now a strange sense of pride and coolness filled him. As Ash watched Infernape stare down its opponent, he pointed his finger toward Heracross and gave his first command.


    The Team Rocket base was bustling with agents and scientists following every sudden command thrown out by an obsessed Giovanni. People were running up and down hallways and rapidly typing on computers. In his office, Giovanni was searching for information on possible locations of Mewtwo. He was ecstatic to gain back his memory of this Pokemon, but trying to find its location put him under a considerable amount of exhaustion and stress.

    Outside one of the hallways on the bottom floor, Butch and Cassidy were walking toward Giovanni’s office. Butch was holding a solitary Pokeball. The two rounded a corner and collided with three other Team Rocket agents. All five agents fell to the ground. Cassidy rubbed her aching head as she looked up.

    “Hey! Just what do you think you’re…” Cassidy stopped when she saw who they ran into. It was Jessie and James, as well as Meowth behind them. Cassidy’s rage turned into laughter. “So, what business do you losers have here?”

    Jessie stood up and crossed her arms. “That’s none of your concern,” she replied coldly.

    “I’ll bet the boss wants to see the results of your ‘success’ out by Sinnoh Stadium,” Butch said mockingly.

    Jessie, James, and Meowth’s faces fell. “How did you find out about that?” asked James.

    Butch and Cassidy roared with laughter. “We don’t need to hear about anything, we just assume you’ll mess up,” Cassidy said.

    “Well, I wouldn’t be talking, honey, it looks like you only caught one Pokemon yourself. Not exactly enough for praise from the boss,” Meowth sneered.

    “Ha, well we just had an off day. Besides, it’s still better than what you clowns showed up with.”

    A security guard walked out of Giovanni's office. “The boss will see you now,” he said.

    The five all walked into Giovanni’s office only to be greeted by his cold stare. “What are you doing here? Where are the agents on the Sinnoh League mission?” he asked Jessie, James, and Meowth.

    James was quivering as Butch and Cassidy pushed him closer to Giovanni’s desk.

    “So why don’t you tell him the good news?” Cassidy sarcastically remarked.

    "Um, w-we were the ones that attacked the site, boss," James nervously explained.

    "Did I specifically send you on that mission?" Giovanni interrogated.

    "No, boss, we wanted to surprise you with loads of Pokemon."

    Giovanni's face began turning beat red with rage. "If I don't send you on a mission, then I don't expect you to go! I would have sent more competent, reliable, agents to that site if I had known you were going there! Did you at least bring me any Pokemon?"

    “W-Well, we had a bunch of powerful Pokemon in our possession, but a certain punk plowed over us with his Pikachu,” James said.

    “Yeah, but we won’t let you down next time!” Meowth said encouragingly.

    “And all the Pokemon we bring you will be in their prime!” Jessie exclaimed.

    Giovanni’s face turned even more red as he slammed his fists on his desk as he stood up, creating a noise on his desk that startled everyone in the room. “Enough already! Enough!” Giovanni screamed. “I can’t take the foolish alliteration and rhymes any longer! This is Team Rocket, not a kindergarten poetry recital! I have given you idiots too many chances and you haven’t produced one useful Pokemon! You’re fired, get out!”

    The trio felt a deep pain within their gut. Their ears will still ringing from their boss’s yelling. They had been in the Team Rocket organization for so many years, it was impossible to imagine not being affiliated with it. It was an emotional attachment for them: wearing the uniforms, reciting their mottos and rhymes before a kidnap endeavor. Jessie, James, and Meowth were also constantly low on money and Team Rocket was the only job they had at the moment.

    Jessie attempted to convince Giovanni to give them another chance. “Boss, please…”

    “Out!” Giovanni quickly interrupted.

    The security guard that had come out of the office earlier escorted the three out of the room and out of the building. Jessie, James, and Meowth had tears streaming down their eyes.

    “Looks like we have blasted off,” started James.

    “For the last time,” finished Jessie and Meowth.

    Butch and Cassidy were snickering back in Giovanni’s office. “With all due, respect, Sir, it’s about time you cut loose those deadweights,” Cassidy said.

    Giovanni was still fuming. “And what did you bring me?” Giovanni said, ignoring Cassidy’s comment.

    Butch opened up the Pokeball to reveal a bright pink sheep with white fluff around its neck and head. “It’s not much now but it’ll be an incredible Pokemon when it evolves into an Ampharos,” Butch explained.

    Giovanni’s irate facial expression didn’t change. “You couldn’t capture anything better than this? Have you two lost your edge? It‘s been months since I‘ve seen a strong Pokemon from you two,” he said.

    “Sir, we had a bad day, it happens,” Cassidy said, frantically trying to defend herself and Butch.

    “Team Rocket can’t afford bad days!” Giovanni snapped. “Do you realize what we are trying to capture?” Giovanni walked closer to them, getting in their faces as he talked intensely. “One of the most powerful Pokemon in the universe, Mewtwo!” Giovanni gradually went from angry to fascinated as even the thought of Mewtwo got him worked up. “I failed to capture it in the past, but I learn from my mistakes. What a powerful being it is. Harnessing its energy will put Team Rocket back on top where it belongs!” Giovanni looked at Butch and Cassidy and started becoming livid again. “I won’t make the same mistakes again. I don’t need agents like you who are inconsistent, who have ‘bad days.’ I need people who will bring me what I need when I need it. You’re employments have been terminated. Get out of my sight.” Giovanni walked back to his desk and immediately returned to his business.

    Cassidy would have normally said more in her defense at this point, but she wasn’t sure what she could say. Giovanni’s mind was made up. She and Butch walked out of the office with their heads down, feeling shame and embarrassment like they never before felt.

    Giovanni was not bothered by losing those agents. Jessie, James, and Meowth were useless, and while Butch and Cassidy did a fine job in the past, they were unsuccessful and inconsistent lately. Giovanni was at a loss. His scientists were scrambling trying to figure out where Mewtwo could be, and none of his agents have spotted it. "I'll think of something," he said.
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    Chapter 6 - One Tough Opponent

    “Infernape, use your Flame Wheel attack!” Ash commanded. A great flame gathered in Infernape’s mouth. It released a stream of fire from its mouth and began somersaulting. Its body was covered in flames as it barreled toward Heracross.

    “Heracross, use Harden!” yelled Aaron.

    Heracross crossed its arms and shielded its face. Its entire body began glimmering as its strong exoskeleton solidified. Infernape gained speed and made direct contact with Heracross. It rolled past Heracross and turned around to see the damage it did. The unharmed Heracross uncovered its face and grinned at Infernape, challenging it to try that move again.

    Ash clenched his fists in frustration. Bug Pokemon like Heracross were supposed to be at a disadvantage while fighting against Pokemon with fire moves. Ash’s mind swiftly rushed to possible solutions on how to get through Heracross’s unbelievable defense. Ash’s thoughts were interrupted by Aaron’s voice.

    “Heracross, use Megahorn!”

    The beetle Pokemon lowered its head and sprinted toward Infernape. Its magnificent horn collided into Infernape’s gut. Infernape was sent about twenty feet backward onto its backside. It had difficulty breathing for a moment.

    Ash felt sweat forming on the palms of his hands. He felt confident before the battle, but it had gotten off to a bumpy start. He took a step toward Infernape, hoping it would show any signs of getting back up. Infernape was halfway up when it saw Heracross charging at it once more.

    “Infernape, look out!” Ash yelled.

    In the stands, Dawn covered her eyes with her hands. “Poor Infernape! This is gonna end badly!”

    Infernape protruded its arms in front of it, however, and firmly grasped the horn. Heracross pushed hard against Infernape, who was being pushed backward while still on its knees.

    Ash capitalized on this moment. He knew Heracross’s defense was diminished because it was so close to Infernape. “Infernape, now try a Flamethrower!”

    Infernape blasted a torrent of flames into Heracross’s face. Heracross shrieked in pain and put its hands on its charred face as it stepped backward.

    Ash pumped his fist with ecstasy. “Yeah, now hit it with a Close Combat attack!”

    Infernape dashed toward Heracross and struck it in the face with its fist. Heracross dropped to a knee and Infernape clobbered Heracross in the face once again by performing a spinning kick.

    “We’re not done yet! Heracross, you also use Close Combat!”

    A look of sudden fortitude crossed Heracross’s face as it bounded from the ground toward Infernape. The two Pokemon were throwing magnificent combinations of punches and kicks at one another. Heracross threw a fierce kick toward Infernape’s head. Infernape held its left hand in front of its face and blocked the blow. This left Heracross vulnerable. Infernape clouted Heracross between its eyes and sent it to the ground. It struggled trying to get up before it eventually dropped back down.

    The referee held up the red flag. “Heracross is unable to battle, Infernape is the winner!”

    The reaction from the majority of the crowd was a mixture of disappointment and awe. They weren’t used to seeing their hero go through difficulty like this in a battle. Infernape stood over the fallen Heracross and beat its chest, releasing cries of victory.


    The man with the maroon suit from the mansion made his way through the rambunctious crowd at Sinnoh Stadium. He was a distinguished Pokemon trainer who was usually mobbed my numerous fans, yet he walked to his seat unnoticed as the crowd was captivated by the battle. He took a seat and was greeted by Cynthia as well as the other Elites, Flint and Bertha.

    “Lucian, hello, where have you been?” Cynthia inquired.

    “I apologize for my tardiness, I’ve been caught up with some other business,” Lucian said. His mind was still on that figure he saw cross the moon and that powerful sensation he felt. He heard a few rumors of the existence of the Pokemon he saw the night before, and he could tell it was the one he was looking for. Lucian turned to face the battlefield. “So, this young Mr. Ketchum, he’s quite something isn’t he? I met him and two of his friends briefly once before,” Lucian said, rubbing his chin with his left hand in observance as he watched the battle. He decided to change the subject before Cynthia could ask about his “business.”

    Cynthia smiled and nodded. “I had the pleasure of meeting him a few times in the past, as well. I’m really rooting for him and I would love to battle him.”

    Lucian chuckled as he looked back at the Champion. “Are you implying that I will be beaten by this boy? I’m the fourth Elite Four member, so he does have to get through me first before he can battle you.”

    “I’m simply being hypothetical,” Cynthia said. She wasn’t sure if Lucian was merely joking or if he truly was offended by her statement.

    Lucian and Cynthia turned back to the action to watch their colleague and his challenger battle. Lucian was particularly interested in Ash. Lucian faced many adversaries in the past and defeated them with little difficulty, however this challenger seemed different. He watched as Ash’s Charizard and Aaron’s Dustox, a beautiful, brightly colored moth that generated poisonous attacks, were trading blows in midair. Lucian noticed the look on Ash’s face, the look of cockiness and self-assurance as he commanded the attacks.

    “He reminds me of…me,” thought Lucian.


    Ash was filled with bliss as he watched Dustox crash into the ground, horribly injured. Charizard slowly descended to the ground and stood over Dustox, daring it to get back up. Dustox lay there bruised and beaten, however. The referee raised the red flag. “Dustox can no longer battle, Charizard wins!”

    More and more of the crowd cheered as Ash knocked out Aaron’s fifth Pokemon. They were gradually joining Ash’s side as they saw how well he battled. Charizard arrogantly crossed its arms and allowed the cheers to rain down on it. Ash smiled.
    “Charizard looks the best it ever has,” Ash told himself. “And I still have Staraptor, too.”

    Aaron took out his final Pokeball. He closed his eyes as he lightly kissed it. He then opened his eyes quickly and stared at Ash. “I hope Charizard’s ready for this, Ash! Drapion, let’s do it!”

    The formidable Pokemon emerged onto the battlefield. Ash remembered it from the picture on the computer screen. It looked considerably more enormous and frightening in real life.

    “Ha, nothing’s stopping Charizard anytime soon!” Ash said to Aaron in a mocking tone. Charizard turned to Ash and pumped its fist in agreement.

    By the time Ash finished his sentence and Charizard turned back around, however, Drapion had already knocked Charizard to the ground with its powerful arm coming from the side of its head. Before Charizard could get up, the giant scorpion clamped around its neck with the strong pincers on its arm.

    Ash looked from Aaron back toward the action. “No way! How did it do that so fast! Charizard, escape from it!” he shouted.

    Charizard struggled fiercely, but Drapion kept its tight hold on Charizard. Charizard frantically attempted to shoot fire from its throat at Drapion, but the pincers around its neck prevented this. Charizard’s eyes rolled backward and its face began turning blue. Ash’s heart was thumping and his palms were soaked with sweat; he was debating whether to throw in the towel or keep Charizard out there. The referee finally raised his red flag. “That’s enough! Charizard can no longer battle! Drapion wins!”

    Drapion released its grip and Charizard sank to the ground. Ash clenched his teeth as he returned Charizard back to its Pokeball.

    “I’m surprised at Ash for risking Charizard’s health. He should know better than that,” Brock said.

    “Yeah, and he was taunting Aaron instead of focusing on the battle, that’s why Charizard was knocked down in the first place,” Dawn said.

    “You’re right,” agreed Brock. “A Pokemon’s attitude typically reflects the trainer’s. Ash was way too boastful and he let his guard down. Charizard also became this way and let its guard down. That’s why it didn’t see Drapion coming.”

    Ash released Staraptor onto the battlefield. Staraptor extended its long wingspan and glared at Drapion to intimidate it. The referee gave the signal.

    “Let the final round begin!” he shouted.

    “We’re ready this time! Staraptor, use Aerial Ace!” shouted Ash.

    Staraptor rapidly flapped its wings as it soared high in the air and did a backward somersault. It then flew directly toward Drapion.

    “Drapion, catch it in your pincers!” commanded Aaron.

    Drapion got itself set and anticipated Staraptor’s attack. Staraptor neared Drapion and saw it stick its arm out with opened pincers. Staraptor faked Drapion out by changing its flight pattern. It quickly rose above Drapion and soared past it. It performed another backward somersault and rushed toward Drapion from the back. Drapion had no time to react before Staraptor rammed into the back of its head. Drapion let out a cry of agony. Staraptor did a U-turn and came at Drapon again.

    "Use X-Scissor!" commanded Aaron.

    Drapion crossed it arms and waited for Staraptor. As it got closer, Drapion quickly uncrossed its arms and sliced them toward Staraptor. Staraptor was knocked to the ground out of midair. It winced as it got up, but it was able to ascend back into the air.

    "It's okay, Staraptor!" yelled Ash. "You have the speed advantage, so keep using Aerial Ace! Don't let Drapion touch you!"

    Staraptor rapidly flew back and forth, striking Drapion' head each time it passed. Drapion was desperately throwing more X-Scissor attacks, but none of them landed. Drapion looked to be in terrible shape after taking so many hits.

    “Yes! Now finish it off with Close Combat!” Ash ordered.

    Staraptor flew in front of Drapion’s face. Drapion was momentarily unable to move because of the pain in its head. Staraptor took advantage of this as it unleashed a barrage of kicks from its talons and strikes from its powerful wings. Drapion fell to the ground face first in defeat.

    “Drapion can no longer battle! That means Staraptor wins! The winner of this battle is Ash Ketchum!” officiated the referee.

    Many disappointed and stunned fans gasped. There were also fans who where either rooting for Ash from the start or lost loyalty to Aaron during the battle. The atmosphere in the stadium was a melting pot of shock, excitement, and disappointment.

    Ash ran over to Staraptor and embraced it. "You were awesome, Staraptor, thanks!” he exclaimed.

    Staraptor nodded and smiled. “Star! Staraptor!” it responded warmly.

    Ash gave the crowd numerous waves and got a better response from them after the battle than he did during the trainer introduction. Ash beamed when he realized that many of these fans would soon be on his side.

    From the stands, Lucian and Cynthia stood applauding.

    “Ash has really grown as a trainer,” Cynthia said. “I feel bad that Aaron lost, but it’s so exciting to see a nice young trainer like Ash excel.”

    “Yes,” Lucian confirmed. “A worthy adversary, indeed.”
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    Chapter 7 - A Grand Opening And A Pursuit

    Not far down the road from Sinnoh Stadium was the Grand Hall, the sight of the annual Grand Festival. As Sinnoh Stadium gradually emptied out, the stands in the Grand Hall were steadily filled with dedicated Grand Festival fans. The weather was as flawless as it was the day before. The retractable roof opened to allow the sun to compliment the gorgeous festival field. The area was roughly the same size as Sinnoh Stadium and the stage was set with lush grass and a small pond near the middle (this was made especially for co-ordinators who had water-dwelling Pokemon.) The stands were almost loaded to capacity and the remaining fans were still scrambling to locate their seats. Within the Grand Hall was a lobby, hallways leading to the stands, and another hallway leading to the waiting room for the co-ordinators.

    Dawn sat in front of one of the numerous mirrors inside the waiting room. The white, wool cap she usually wore was off as she slowly combed her hair. Not only did the Pokemon in the Grand Festival need to look good, but the co-ordinators needed to present themselves in a fashionable way, as well. For Dawn, this wasn’t difficult. She thrived for moments in which she had to be well dressed and groomed. She stood up in front of the mirror and carefully reviewed herself. She had a sparkling, scarlet dress and earrings to match. Once she was satisfied, she pulled out one of her Pokeballs.

    “Okay, Buneary, let’s see how you look,” she said as a diminutive rabbit emerged from the Pokeball. The rabbit’s fur was a shade of auburn. From the waist down, it had a soft, cotton material. This material was also found on the tips of each of the rabbit’s extensive ears. The rabbit twitched its nose and looked up at Dawn.

    Dawn couldn’t help but smile and admire Buneary. “You are absolutely adorable! And here’s the cherry on top!” she said as she pulled a tiny vest out of her backpack. The vest was the exact same color as Dawn’s dress. After putting on the vest, Buneary looked in the mirror and beamed, obviously content with how it looked. “We’re ready now,” said Dawn. As she said this, a strand of hair on the right side of her head noticably stuck out. Dawn planted her face in her hands. "Why does my hair always do this at the most important times?" She looked up and noticed Ash and Brock at the end of the room looking for her. She released a heavy gasp. "Oh no! Can't let them see me like this!" She grabbed her can of hairspray and frantically sprayed that one spot. She quickly brushed it down before it blended with the rest of her hair. Dawn let out a sigh of relief.

    Other co-ordinators in the room were seen preparing for the Grand Festival with their Pokemon alongside them. Ash and Brock walked through the room past co-ordinators grooming their Pokemon. Many of them turned around as Ash passed by. Some of the female co-ordinators were whispering to each other and smiling at Ash. Other co-ordinators approached Ash and patted him on the shoulder, saying things like, “You’re awesome, man!” and “I’m betting money on you that you beat Cynthia!” Ash even signed a couple of autographs.

    “I’m getting more famous every day, huh, Brock-O?” boasted Ash as they walked away from his fans.

    Ash and Brock looked toward the far corner of the room where they saw Dawn stroking Buneary’s head, Buneary with a look of delight on its face. Dawn looked up and noticed the boys walking toward her. She stood up and greeted them with a graceful twirl, showing off her dress. “How do I look, guys?” she asked.

    “Great, Dawn. I like the new dress,” answered Brock.

    Ash gazed at Dawn, not realizing she had asked him anything. All he was concentrating on was how incredible she looked. He had seen her dress up for events like this before, but never had she looked so amazing.

    Dawn cocked her side to the side. “Ash?”

    Brock finally nudged Ash with his elbow. Ash broke free of his trance and cleared his throat. “Um, oh, yeah, I think you look great, too.”

    Dawn chuckled as she lifted Buneary up into her arms. “Thanks, guys. And how does Buneary look? Ready to ‘wow’ the judges?”

    Ash and Brock nodded in unison. “That vest is impressive, you’ve certainly added a lot of style to Buneary,” observed Brock.

    “Well, I’m glad you guys like everything, I made the vest myself! Hey, the opening ceremonies are starting in about ten minutes, so maybe you guys should get to your seats, I just need to put some finishing touches on Buneary,” said Dawn.

    “Got it,” said Brock as he and Ash turned to walk away. “Good luck!”

    Ash and Brock looked over the beautiful sight of the Grand Hall’s main arena. This event had about as many spectators as Ash’s battle against Aaron. While the crowd for the Sinnoh League crowd was usually more rambunctious, Grand Festival crowds were more tame. They still cheered loudly for their favorite co-ordinators and Pokemon, but with them, the atmosphere was more reverent. Brock looked at Ash and nudged his shoulder. “So, you seemed to like Dawn’s new dress, huh?” Brock said with a slightly teasing tone.

    “What? Oh yeah, it was cool,” he replied, shrugging his shoulders.

    “Don’t lie, you thought she looked pretty, didn’t you? I saw the way you were looking at her.”

    Ash quickly turned toward Brock, somewhat annoyed and embarrassed. “What are you talking about? I liked her dress, that’s all. I’m allowed to compliment my friend’s dress. You thought it looked good, too.”

    “Yeah, but she’s a little too young for me to think of her that way.”

    Ash crossed his arms defensively. “Your not that much older than her. Anyway, you’re the one who gawks over Nurse Joy every time you see her.”

    Brock laughed. “True. But I’m at least willing to admit when I think a girl is pretty, unlike you.”

    Ash shook his head and turned back toward the arena.

    Fireworks filled the air around the arena as the opening ceremonies began. Three judges took their place near where the action would be and a lady holding a microphone ran toward the middle of the field close to the pond.

    “Marian Meridian’s the name and we’re ready to bring you the biggest event of the year for any Pokemon co-ordinator, the Grand Festival!” The energetic host allowed a few seconds of applause before continuing. “Each co-ordinator in the first round will try to impress our judges by performing a routine using their Pokemon’s moves. The judges will each choose a score out of one hundred, and the average score will counted. So, without further ado, let’s bring out our first co-ordinator, Zoey!”

    Zoey walked out tranquilly onto the stage holding her Pokeball. Unlike the other girls at the Grand Festival, she wore a suit. It was a shiny silver color and a feminine suit. She also wore a silver top hat to match.

    “Wow, Zoey’s going first, huh?” said Ash.

    “Yeah, most people would hate to go first, but it looks like Zoey can’t wait to perform,” said Brock.

    Ash, Brock, and Dawn met Zoey when they began their journey in Sinnoh. She was a veteran co-ordinator who gave Dawn many pointers throughout her various contest performances. The two girls had much respect for one another.

    Zoey released her Pokeball and a very unique looking fox emerged. Its body had a light shade of green and its tail and ears were made of giant leaves. It leapt onto the field with an elegant front flip. The crowd was very pleased as they rained praise down on the Pokemon.

    Zoey, looking very comfortable out on the Grand Hall field, lifted her finger toward her Pokemon as she gave her first command. “Leafeon, use Magical Leaf!”

    Numerous pink leaves glistened as they surfaced from the ground and Leafeon’s body. The floating leaves formed an upward spiral pattern.

    “Now use Leaf Blade!”

    Leafeon leapt in the air, surprising everyone with the amount of air it got. It used its tail to slice downward and cut the floating leaves into small pieces.

    “Okay Leafeon, finish with a Solarbeam!”

    Leafeon looked directly up at the rays of the sun and began building energy from it, causing its body to glow. A mighty beam was shot upward from its mouth. The beam destroyed the remains of the sliced magical leaves. Once the beam deceased, numerous sparkling lights emerged from the leaves as they were destroyed. The beautiful sight of the Magical Leaf attack as well as the intensity of the Solarbeam brought the crowd to its feet in applause. Zoey removed her hat and bowed as well as Leafeon.

    Marian waited for the noise of the crowd to side down. “And what an astounding performance from Zoey! That’s the way to open up the Grand Festival! Let’s wait and allow the judges to make their final decision!”

    The three judges whispered to one another for a few seconds and placed their scores.

    “Okay,” continued Marian. “Now that the judges are finished, let’s see what Zoey received!”

    The scoreboard, which was around the same size as the scoreboard at Sinnoh Stadium, flashed a picture of Zoey with her score next to it.

    “And Zoey receives a ninety-seven! A near perfect performance!” announced Marian.

    Zoey pumped her fist in the air as the cheers rained down on her. Leafeon leapt into her arms and Zoey began petting it on its leaf-like ears. The crowd gave her another standing ovation as she walked back toward the waiting room where the other co-ordinators were.

    Dawn watched on the waiting room TV with the other amazed co-ordinators. Her heart began racing. She was happy for her friend, but she began feeling a bit of pressure. After all, it was a very tough act to follow and this was Dawn’s first Grand Festival. Dawn was never usually one to be concerned or nervous, but she couldn’t help these feelings that arose within her. She took a deep breath and exhaled.

    I’ve worked too hard to let a little case of nerves get in my way, she thought to herself. If I’m nervous, Buneary will be nervous, too. I know Buneary will be fine, and so will I.

    As the next contestant was called out to the field to perform, Zoey walked in and approached Dawn. Dawn greeted her with a wave.

    “That has to be the best you’ve ever done, Zoey! You could end up in the finals!” Dawn said.

    Zoey crossed her arms and lightly nodded her head. “Thanks, but I need to think about the next round before I worry about the finals just yet.”

    Dawn had to laugh at herself when she thought about telling Ash the same thing about the Elite Four not too long ago.

    “So,” said Zoey. “You’re using Buneary, right?”

    Dawn nodded. “Yep, we have quite a routine planned.”

    Zoey chuckled. “I remember seeing you during your first contest. You were a nervous wreck! It looks like you have complete confidence in Buneary and yourself, though.”

    “That’s right, there’s no need to worry!”

    Zoey, Dawn, and the other co-ordinators watched from the TV as the crowd in the stands, and the judges were given quite a performance. Electric Pokemon gave fabulous light shows while some of the co-ordinators literally played with fire with their fire Pokemon. The combination of moves performed by some of the Pokemon were a visual spectacle. Some moves complimented other moves well to make a great performance, like Zoey having Leafeon use a Magical Leaf attack to bring up leaves and then Leafeon using a Leaf Blade attack to slice the leaves.

    “Well, we have seen quite an amazing first round so far!” exclaimed Marian. “And now, I introduce our final co-ordinator of the day, Dawn!”

    Dawn took one more deep breath as she walked onto the field and into the shower of cheers coming from the full Grand Hall. She took out Buneary’s Pokeball and spun it on her index finger before tossing it out onto the field. Buneary emerged with an elegant twirl and an wink of its right eye. The crowd admired every moment of it.

    Dawn smiled. “Buneary hasn’t even performed a move yet and the crowd already loves it,” she said to herself. She then pointed toward Buneary and gave her first command. “Use Bounce!”

    Buneary perfomed two back flips on its long ears before finally springing high into the air, higher than Leafeon did at the beginning of the round.

    “Now use Ice Beam!” commanded Dawn.

    Buneary blasted a frozen beam toward the pond in the center of the field. The pond quickly froze over and created a miniature ice rink. Buneary landed on the rink with its ear and flipped back onto its feet. It began sliding around the rink like an ice skater and it waved to the crowd.

    “Buneary’s both cute and elegant on the ice skating rink, ladies and gentleman!” commentated Marian.

    Any iota of nervousness Dawn had completely vanished as she prepared for Buneary’s grand finale. “Buneary, use Agility to speed it up!” ordered Dawn.

    Buneary relaxed its body enough to achieve a greater amount of speed. It accelerated until become a blur as it skated around the ice at three times the speed it was before. It skated to the middle and rapidly span in place at least twenty times before finishing its routine and bowing to the crowd. The crowd was once again on its feet, completely charmed by Buneary’s style and grace. The judges began scoring the performance, however it didn’t take them long. The scoreboard flashed Dawn’s picture with a one hundred score.

    “Amazing! Our last performance of the day gave us our first perfect score in this Grand Festival!” shouted Marian. “Let’s hear it for this wonderful co-ordinator and her lovable Buneary!”

    Buneary rushed toward Dawn and leapt just high enough to give her a high five. “We did it, Buneary! You were perfect!” Dawn said.

    “And that concludes the first day of the Grand Festival!” announced Marian. “For everyone watching, be sure to stay tuned because we have more appeal rounds as well as the battles! It’ll be action packed and riveting, so be sure not to miss a thing!”


    “Where are you?”

    Lucian searched through most of his personal library of books looking for anything that would give him a clue as to where Mewtwo was and why it was here. He found a journal that was written by an old friend of his, Michael Harrison. He and Michael went to college together. After college, they kept in touch. Lucian remembered Michael being in some sort of secret organization. He remembers overhearing Michael call the organization, "Team Rocket" at one point. He knew very little about Team Rocket at the time, but he knew they were a group of theives. Lucian recalled the conversation that took place when Michael actually attempted to recruit him:

    "Lucian, Team Rocket is an efficent group. You're one of the greatest Pokemon trainers I've ever seen. You would easily fit into that group." Michael said.

    "Michael, I can not and will not associate myself with theives," Lucian said.

    "I know how much psychic Pokemon interest you. Team Rocket actually created a psychic Pokemon that the boss says is more powerful than any other Pokemon on earth. I observed the Pokemon myself and made sketches of it. I also found out some of its moves and powers and some of its other tendencies." Michael pulled a small, black book out of his pocket and held it toward Lucian.

    Lucian reluctantly took the journal and skimmed through a few pages. He was amazed at the drawings and at how powerful the Pokemon looked. He looked into his good friend's eyes and held the book back toward him. "I can't do it. I have other plans for my life. I want to be in the Elite Four and eventually become the Champion."

    Michael nodded. "That's fine for now, my friend. You can keep the journal. Maybe it will change your mind."

    Lucian remembered that conversation like it was yesterday. Since that conversation, he read through the journal quite a few times. He was never interested in Team Rocket, but he was intrigued by what his friend noted about Mewtwo. He looked through the pages of Michael's journal until he found the page he was looking for. Lucian read the text aloud.

    "I have seen so many attacks from this amazing Pokemon. It appears to have the ability to telekinetically move objects and shoot blasts of psychic energy against its opponents. A defense mechanism I have also seen it use is a shield of light surrounding it. My boss has made Mewtwo battle against numerous trainers. Whenever Mewtwo isn't battling, it doesnt seem to do much. It looks like it is always deep in thought about something. One thing I noticed is that it is usually seen exploring the mountainous terrains near my base.”

    Lucian pondered this for a moment. There was a small area of mountains about twenty miles from his home. It was the only land he knew of anywhere nearby that had mountains. It would take quite a hike through Turnip Forest, which is an area that most people stayed away from. Lucian grinned. He was in the Elite Four, he knew should be able to handle it with relative ease. Lucian stepped out of his mansion, something he rarely did as he was usually curled up in a book. He breathed in the air, which was as refreshing as taking a sip of cool water while having a dry mouth. It was a clear, beautiful night. Mewtwo would certainly love to be out and about with this type of weather.

    “Girafarig, go!” Lucian released his Pokeball to reveal a tall giraffe Pokemon. “Girafarig, dear, I would like to make a trip through Turnip Forest if you don’t mind. Don’t worry, I’ll let you know exactly where to go.

    Normally, Girafarig were a little less than five feet tall. Lucian's, however, was unusually large. It was almost twice the size of a normal Girafarig. This made it significantly stronger and faster than the typical Girafarig.

    Lucian hopped on Girafarig, who proceeded to race toward Turnip Forest. Most of the land in the area was open field, however, Girafarig was running at a good pace. Soon enough, the forest revealed itself. Girafarig slowed down a bit as it began to make its way through the forest. Lucian dismounted and walked alongside it.

    “Don’t let your guard down,” warned Lucian as they traveled deeper into the woods. “People tend to stay away from here as the wild Pokemon are rather aggressive. However, I believe I’ve trained you well enough that you can fend them off.” Girafarig turned to Lucian and nodded.

    The two continued through the forest, which increasingly became more thick with trees and bushes. It seemed quiet enough. Lucian heard nothing but crickets and the sound of the leaves crunching underneath he and Girafarig’s feet. Lucian suddenly heard a sound that was much louder than the crunching leaves. He heard many quick footsteps and the sound of tree branches breaking. Before he could even think of what it might be, he was standing in front of three menacing looking Ursaring. The wild Ursaring growled loudly at Lucian and Girafarig and slowly approached the two while yielding their claws. Girafarig expressed a look of sheer terror. It began to quickly turn back before Lucian calmly held his hand out in front of it. Girafarig hesitantly stopped to listen to its teacher.

    “Don’t be afraid. Remember who trained you.” Lucian closed his eyes tightly and held both of his hands out toward Girafarig. Something immediately changed in the Pokemon. It had a somewhat dazed look in its eyes, but it certainly no longer looked afraid. Lucian waved his hand toward the Ursaring. “Now why don’t you show them your Psychic attack?”

    Girafarig’s eyes began to glow purple as the three Ursaring were lifted in the air. The dumbfounded Ursaring looked at each other with fear in their eyes. The tables were rapidly turned. Every tree within the radius of the attack was knocked over as Girafarig released an intense blast of psychic energy. The Ursaring were blown backward by the blast. They each quickly got up and scrambled away from the area. Lucian snapped his fingers and the spellbound Girafarig’s suddenly recovered from its trance. It looked around confused, seemingly unsure of what it just did. Lucian patted Girafarig on its back before mounting it again. “You’ve done well, my friend," he said.

    Lucian and Girafarig carried on through the woods. The trees became less plentiful as they approached the end of the woods. A small, mountainous area eventually stood in front of them. Girafarig, with Lucian still riding it, leapt on a few minor boulders until a narrow path led to the lake in the middle of the terrain. The path had steady incline and it eventually reached one of the highest parts of the terrain. Lucian overlooked the wonderful sight of the mountains in front of him. About a hundred feet below was a lake that was glimmering from the moon’s reflection.

    Lucian scanned the area intently with his eyes.

    “I'll find you.”
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    Okay, first off, sorry for the length. I know it's long as all crap, but I just had a lot to say. If you get through it, basically, all I'm saying is you may want a beta and that you definitely want to slow down and read over not only what you're writing but also maybe Bulbapedia for fact-checking purposes.

    Quote Originally Posted by ESPNfanatic35 View Post
    Ash Ketchum has waited for years and has traveled through four different regions to arrive at this very battle. In the last three major tournaments he has entered in Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn, he failed to make it past the quarterfinals. Here he was now in the final battle, he and his opponent each with one Pokemon remaining.
    To start things off, it might be a good thing to note that "has" is a verb that talks about the past as viewed from the present. It's a bit confusing, but basically, it's used when the rest of the story is in present tense. So, whatever happens in that sentence with "has" refers to something that happens before the action of the story… if the action is in the present. There's a different verb form that you use for events that happen before the action of the story if you're normally using past tense, and that's called the pluperfect. Or, in simpler terms, you use the word "had" here, not "has."

    Also, that last sentence seems a little awkward to me. Read it aloud. Does it seem like it's trying to be two sentences but just isn't? I'd suggest replacing the comma with a period and inserting a verb into the part about how many Pokémon he and his opponent have.

    as it confidently waved it’s powerful wings.
    Tip: No pronoun has an apostrophe in its possessive form. If you have an apostrophe in a pronoun, it's actually a contraction. So, "its" is a possessive. "It's" is a contraction for "it is."

    not taking too kindly to Charizard’s arrogance. Ash was nervous, as this was Paul’s strongest Pokemon. He tried his best to look confident, however.
    You seem to tell instead of show a lot. As in, instead of showing us what Ash is doing to look confident, you simply tell us he looked confident. Unfortunately, because those are abstract concepts, your reader can't entirely imagine what he's doing to look confident. Is he smiling? Is he straightening his back? What is he doing? We can't entirely picture it.

    Ursaring was slammed into the ground and it created a large crater in the center of the arena.
    When you insert a conjunction (and, but, or, et cetera), try replacing it with a period first. If you get two separate sentences as a result, you've got a compound, so it needs a comma.

    In other words, for example, you'd need a comma after "ground" because you've got two complete sentences you're trying to merge into one.

    Ash was still motionless and a tear ran down each of his eyes.
    The image doesn't entirely work here, in part because you've got a single tear running down two objects and in part because tears don't run down eyes. They run from ideas, but not down them.

    and Dawn’s long, pretty, blue hair poofed into a giant afro.
    The reason why Dawn's hair poofs into an afro when she's attacked by Pachirisu is because she's been electrocuted. When you shock someone, it's said that your hair stands on end. However, when you expose hair to fire, it doesn't become a fro. It just burns (if it's in direct contact) or dries (if not), and if it dries, you don't really get a fro unless you're deliberately curling it.

    Long story short: hair doesn't actually fro if you just heat it. (It might frizz if it's humid, but fire isn't typically humid.)

    Ash, Brock, Pikachu, and Dawn’s little blue penguin Pokemon, Piplup, laughed as the President of the Sinnoh League approached Ash with a friendly smile underneath the thickest mustache Ash had ever seen and a powerful handshake.
    This sounds a bit awkward. You try to cram a ton of information into one sentence, so it feels like it should end at least halfway through this. I'd play around with periods and rewordings to see how you might be able to break this up into multiple sentences.

    Quote Originally Posted by ESPNfanatic35 View Post
    “I’ll probably battle against Cynthia, the World Champion!”
    Cynthia is only the champion of Sinnoh. Each of the regions actually has its own champion. For example, even in the anime, it was mentioned that Wallace was the champion of Hoenn.

    She was a beautiful woman with a tall figure, long, blonde hair and a black coat. She was well known for her rare, exotic Pokemon like her dragon-type Pokemon, Garchomp. She was the world’s most well-known celebrity.
    Repeating the same word as the beginning of a sentence usually conjures a choppy, disjointed feel, so it's often used for suspenseful moments or to emphasize a single point over and over again. It's not really used to introduce a character, so this part actually comes off as slow and clumsy, if that makes sense.

    and how your gonna
    In general, I really do think you'll benefit from finding someone to beta for you because you just can't pick out these errors with a spell checker. As in, a number of your errors are actually mistakes with homophones, so you use a real word at an incorrect time. Hence, a spell checker will never tell you that you're making a mistake because you've spelled the word correctly... but it just happens to be the wrong word.

    Long story short, remember how I said no possessive pronoun has an apostrophe? That should be your main clue in telling you're and your apart. "Your" is a possessive pronoun. For example, you can say that it's your hat. "You're," meanwhile, is a contraction for "you are," so you can say something like, "how you're going to train for that."

    Aaron was a young looking guy with short green hair.
    Honestly, if you're only going to describe a person in one sentence, you might as well not describe them at all because this kind of thing is actually pretty vague. Aside from the fact that it's not entirely clear whether or not he's young because you say he's a "young-looking guy" (which really doesn't tell us anything), we can't really imagine the short, green hair, either. We can't imagine, for that matter, anything else about him.

    Not only that, but you basically switch gears after this sentence. It's like an island of a subject, where you go from Brock bringing up the screen to what Aaron looks like to what Pokémon are on his team. It's all over the place, really. The team pictures fit with the sentence about Brock showing him the page, but the part about Aaron seems like it's out of place. I understand that you're referring to the picture, but even then, you talk about it briefly and without any indication that Ash is looking at it. Hence, it feels more like you're smacking the reader in the face with it.

    “That’s his Drapion, his strongest Pokemon,” said Brock. “You’ll have to find a good defensive Pokemon to battle it since it’s poisonous attacks are so powerful.”

    Ash shrugged. “It’ll be no problem. Right, Pikachu?”

    “Pikachu!” Pikachu nodded in agreement.

    Dawn wagged a finger in Ash’s face. “Just remember what I said, don’t get too cocky.” She then smiled. “Now, do you wanna help me train for the Grand Festival?”

    Ash nodded. “You got it!”
    They're only going to talk about one of Aaron's Pokémon? O_o Sure, it may be his strongest, but after Brock went through all the trouble of bringing up a page with six images on it, it seems a little strange that they're only going to look at one, say one sentence about it, and then skip off to do something else.

    The Grand Festival contained showoff rounds where Pokemon performed tricks for the judges, and battles like in the Sinnoh League.
    Remember that period test I told you about earlier? The one where you replaced conjunctions with periods to see if you had a pair of full sentences? Try using it by replacing commas and conjunctions with periods and checking again as well. Unless you have a list of three or more items, if you don't have two full sentences, you actually shouldn't use a comma to separate two phrases that are already separated by a conjunction.

    In other words, because this isn't a compound sentence, you don't need a comma.

    but your not. You’re a joke!”
    O_o Are you sure you're sitting down and proofreading carefully? I ask because you just used the incorrect word in one instance and the correct word two words later.

    One thing I will say at this point is that your characterization is decent. I mean, I can definitely imagine all of the characters acting this way in the anime. Paul is a jerkass, Ash is an egotistical twit, Brock is the mature one, and Dawn… well, she's a bit weak right now, but the point is, the guys aren't too bad.

    Quote Originally Posted by ESPNfanatic35 View Post
    Team Rocket also specializes in technology.
    Be careful about tenses. Right here, you switched from past to present tense.

    Also, beware of infodumps, moments when you just spew information to the reader for the sake of giving as much information as possible. Some people can tie the information to the story, but here, it just feels like you're giving us a lot of disjointed information. For example, I'm sure it's probably going to be important that they created a device to control whatever wears it, but right now, it feels like it's random information that you're giving us for the sake of making your Team Rocket seem a lot more sinister. My advice would be to wait until you showed us a Pokémon wearing this device and demonstrate what it does.

    After Team Rocket suffered this major setback, other organizations like Team Magma, Team Aqua, and Team Galactic attempted to steal Pokemon for their goals of achieving world domination.
    First off, this is a run-on sentence. Notice that replacing the first comma with a period yields two separate sentences.

    Second, the second sentence isn't true. Team Rocket wants world domination, yes. However, Teams Aqua and Magma want to control natural forces in order to reshape the earth and add either more water or more land. (In fact, in the games and the anime, they don't actually steal Pokémon at all. They steal artifacts and machines to further their goals.) Meanwhile, Team Galactic wants power to reshape the world according to their specifications. Technically, while this is a form of world domination, but they don't actually steal Pokémon. They steal artifacts.

    So, really, only Rocket is an organization geared towards taking over the world. Aqua and Magma are eco-terrorists dedicated to reshaping it, and Galactic is a sort of religious cult dedicated to bulldozing it and reforming it from creation forward.

    As other groups of criminal organizations fell, Giovanni was determined to keep the family business of Team Rocket alive and well.
    Remember what I said about how your infodump seems like it throws a bunch of information into a paragraph without trying to fit into the stuff around it? Same here. Aside from the fact that this is still an infodump, you start the paragraph talking about how Team Rocket was facing a setback. You spend one sentence describing a possible source for this setback without finishing that thought (because each evil team is focused on one or two regions with no real crossing of territories to the point where Jessie and James were sent to Hoenn to stay out of Team Rocket's way) before heading directly into a sentence about something that should really benefit the organization more than hold it back. Pay attention to what you're writing and be sure that what you put in your paragraphs fit together logically.

    Tears filled his eyes. “I won’t let you down,” Giovanni passionately said to the picture.
    …Remember what I said about how every character seemed true to the anime?

    Yeah, uh…

    Giovanni in the anime is pretty much the most badass character in the entire cast besides maybe Hunter J. And by "badass," I mean "he once scared the crap out of Jessie and James by threatening them." He wouldn't tear up, and he wouldn't vow to avoid letting his mother down. Giovanni has only one setting, and that's the "I'll whack you myself, mafia-style, if you screw up" one. He's in it for himself, and he's not prone to showing any weakness. The only time he might cry is in Meowth's fantasies, and Meowth's fantasies are effed up and don't actually reflect reality.

    used a remote control to allow the boulders to move
    Word choice is incredibly important. "To allow" implies that the remote control was just standing by and giving the boulders a choice to move. I'd suggest maybe saying, "used a remote control to activate a machine that moved the boulders." Only with a bit more description.

    The woman flipped her long, blonde hair and smirked. “Relax, Giovanni, we’re here aren’t we?”

    Giovanni growled in anger and then restrained himself. “Your on thin ice for your constant tardiness and your attitude. You’re just lucky you two are so good at what you do.”

    “Flattery gets you nowhere, boss, we just need to know when you want us to attack the Sinnoh League site. I hear there are hundreds of trainers getting ready for the Grand Festival,” said the man.

    “I already have people on that job, Butch. I need you and Cassidy to go to Sunyshore City further down south.
    I'd just like to say that Butch and Cassidy are actually extremely respectful of Giovanni. The only person in that organization who can get away with giving him backtalk and survive is Domino. Anyone else is likely to incur his wrath, and you don't want to piss Giovanni off.

    “You know the best and strongest Pokemon are always up by the Sinnoh League and Grand Festival arenas this time of year, and we’re the best agents you’ve got.
    …This is also not canonically true. Butch and Cassidy are higher-ranked than average grunts, but there's still agents who're ranked much, much higher (like Domino or even Attila and Hun). Considering Butch and Cassidy keep getting arrested, it's unlikely that they're even close to those higher-ranked agents.

    Butch and Cassidy looked at each other and then at Giovanni. “So who’d you send?” they asked in unison.

    Ash laid on his bed with his hands rested behind his head. Dawn, Brock, and Pikachu were all still outside. Ash couldn’t stop thinking about his run-in with Paul.
    I'd advise making your scene breaks a little clearer. Adding more space between scenes or inserting a separator should do the trick.

    Also, please don't tell me he sent Jessie and James. Keep in mind that by the DP seasons of the anime, Giovanni literally doesn't remember who they are.

    shot an astounding bolt of lightning from its body.
    Avoid words like "unique" and "astounding" in your narration. Both are abstract – as in, they don't really help us imagine what's going on. Use solid details instead. For example, instead of saying it's an astounding bolt, say it was a massive bolt. That's a bit clearer and easier to imagine.

    Quote Originally Posted by ESPNfanatic35 View Post
    Giovanni lay down to sleep in a depressed state.
    Giovanni does not emo. He just gets ****** off and finds a weak link in his organization to use as a punching bag. With a lead pipe.

    The surrealism of the moment was astounding.
    No abstract thoughts, author. Overwhelming surrealism for me would be if that figure donned a top hat and danced across a landscape of purple fire and hippos with clocks on their stomachs and fangs the size of your arm.

    pink haired
    When you’ve got two words functioning as one adjective, you actually need to hyphenate them. So, it'd be "pink-haired."

    One of Brock’s Pokeballs opened on its own and a blue frog Pokemon with a white belly and orange cheeks that slowly inflated and deflated for every breath emerged.
    This is a good example for why you may want to consider describing things in more than one sentence. Right now, your visual description of Croagunk is a bit unwieldy. It goes on for so long that the reader gets lost in it: the sentence feels like it's wandering away from its main point. On top of that, the way the sentence is structured implies that the verb "emerged" goes with the nearest noun – in this case, "breath." While I don't propose only using simple sentences, I'd say you'll want to be careful about how you word things. Also, read your work aloud. If it doesn't sound right, most likely, it's not.

    Ash shook his head, “Brock is always so sensible and mature until he gets around a pretty girl.”
    One thing that makes lines like this awkward is the fact that it feels like Ash is reintroducing us to the characters around him. Aside from the fact that it's sort of obvious thanks to the events in your fic that Brock is mature until he sees a girl, this is one of the traits Brock is most well-known for. It's not really necessary to have Ash say it again because the reader can both see it in your fic and remember it from the anime.

    “Aaron’s trains
    Aaron owns trains?

    Seriously, though, yeah, be careful and proofread before you submit.

    The book contained stories demonstrating the behavior and abilities

    If the book was demonstrating, it would actually physically have a Pokémon showing off those powers right next to it.

    He knew what was happening, He sensed something inside of him.
    First off, if you have a comma right there, you shouldn't be capitalizing the word "he."

    Second, I just have to say this, but the phrase "sensed something inside of him" implies that the source of that feeling is inside his body. While you mention that he has an aura, the source of the disturbance is, I hope, outside of him. Otherwise, you're saying he's doing some pretty strange things to a certain Pokémon.

    Quote Originally Posted by ESPNfanatic35 View Post
    He has a reputation for specializing in bug Pokemon. He fights with Pokemon that are fearsome, formidable, and stunning.
    For an announcement, this feels more like an infodump than a display of eloquence. I mean, he doesn't really have a reputation for specializing in Bug-types. That's fact. A reputation would be that he trains formidable Bug-types capable of launching devastating attacks.

    Aaron smirked. “That’s cute, did you stay up all night thinking that one up?” he sarcastically replied as he pulled out his Pokeball.
    Your characterization of Ash and Brock seems all right, but I feel like what you do with side characters feels a bit off. For example, if I recall Aaron's episode correctly, he isn't really one to use sarcasm and taunting. He's like an older Ash – friendly but energetic. He has his Pokémon do the talking instead of some kind of swagger.

    The five all walked into Giovanni’s office only to be greeted by his cold stare. “I sent you all on special missions and I expect exceptional results,” he said.
    Which begs the question: why did Giovanni send his worst agents (as in, so bad he can't even remember who they are) on an important mission?

    Their ears will still ringing from their boss’s yelling.
    Again, remember to reread your work before you post. You want the word "were," not "will." This sentence is meant to be in the past tense, not the future.

    Quote Originally Posted by ESPNfanatic35 View Post
    at a disadvantage while fighting Pokémon
    Or, alternatively, get a beta. (Against, not while.)

    At the risk of being tactless, is your first language English? If the answer is no, then it's even more important that you get a beta. If your first language isn't English, then you might be less likely to know that something is an error compared to someone who's lived all their lives speaking, reading, and writing only English. Working with someone who's fluent will help you not only to develop your language skills but also to refine your work in areas you can't cover yourself, if that makes sense.

    If your first language is English, however, then you can still use a beta to help you spot errors that might be too small for you to catch by yourself.

    Ash’s mind swiftly rushed to possible solutions on how to get through Heracross’s unbelievable defense.
    While I know the anime has WTF battle mechanics, Flamethrower is a special move. Wouldn't Harden (which increases resistance to physical moves) have no effect as a defense against it? And even then, after repeated Flamethrowers, even an Elite Four's Bug-type might not come out of that kind of assault without a scratch.

    It had difficulty breathing for a moment as the powerful horn’s impact on its abdomen briefly knocked the wind out of it.
    Beware of saying too much. We can imagine that the wind was knocked out of it by where it was hit. Your task, then, is to actually describe it gasping for air instead of just leaving it at "it had difficulty breathing." Show instead of tell.

    As an expert of psychic Pokemon, Lucian knew exactly what it was. It was a Mewtwo.
    Er… que?

    Mewtwo is a highly secretive Pokémon. In the anime, originally, only a select few Rocket scientists and higher-ups knew it existed. During the movies, a few others got to see it, but they either had their memories erased (first movie) or swore to keep its existence a secret (Mewtwo Returns). On top of that, Mewtwo does not let itself be seen by humans because it's trying to live in peace with its clones (and obviously wouldn't have that kind of life if random trainers knew it existed).

    In other words, unless Lucian is a higher-ranked Rocket or was secretly chilling somewhere near Ash during the movies, he shouldn't know Mewtwo exists.

    Moreover, if he just felt its aura, why did he come to the conclusion that it was Mewtwo instead of some other powerful psychic? It's not like Mewtwo would let its presence be known without, at the very least, disguising its identity.

    Before Charizard could get up, the giant scorpion raced toward Charizard
    Wasn't Drapion already right beside Charizard, considering it knocked the dragon down with an arm? O_o

    Staraptor flew in front of Drapion’s face. Drapion was momentarily unable to move because of the pain in its head. Staraptor took advantage of this as it unleashed a barrage of kicks from its talons and strikes from its powerful wings. Drapion fell to the ground face first in defeat.

    Drapion is Aaron's strongest Pokémon. Even in the game, it won't necessarily go down in one hit unless you're good or using a Pokémon that's twice its level. In the anime, considering no battle ends with one or two hits unless the writers were trying to emphasize a serious difference in skill level.

    Long story short, Ash is against one of the best trainers in Sinnoh. If he can't defeat a gym leader's Pokémon before that Pokémon can launch a counterattack, he really shouldn't be able to do that to an Elite Four member.

    Or even simpler, a battle probably shouldn't be this short unless you're trying to say something about the trainers. It just makes things anticlimactic, especially if you're going to go out of your way to have Brock say Drapion's his strongest earlier in the fic.

    Quote Originally Posted by ESPNfanatic35 View Post
    Dawn couldn’t help but smile and admire Buneary. “You are absolutely adorable! And here’s the cherry on top!” she said as she pulled a tiny vest out of her backpack. The vest was the exact same color as Dawn’s dress. After putting on the vest, Buneary looked in the mirror and beamed, obviously content with how it looked. “We’re ready now,” said Dawn.
    At this point, I'd like to point out the fact that it was actually mentioned in the anime that the Grand Festival would be a double-performance. (As in, two Pokémon would be used each round.) I say this for two reasons:

    1. You said you're trying to stick close to canon, so I figured it might be something you'll want to keep in mind.
    2. Personally, I've always wanted to see how a writer would handle a double anything. Frequently, authors try to avoid doing double-battles or double-performances, but those kinds of situations could be really cool if pulled off because they'd take a lot of creativity (mostly, a lot of thinking about how Pokémon and their moves would interact with each other) to do.

    causing it to glow.
    Be careful about misplaced modifiers. When you have a comma before a dependent clause (incomplete thought attached to a sentence), the clause refers to the first noun or pronoun before it. In other words, you're implying that Leafeon is causing the sun to glow – which could be true, but I don't think you meant that.

    a ninety seven!
    Another nitpick: You actually need to hyphenate numbers. Ninety-seven instead of ninety seven.

    I do have to say, though, that I could imagine Zoey's appeal quite well. It felt a lot like the anime: you build up moves and have them interact with each other until the finishing blast. You even remembered to add the sparkles the anime likes to insert into every good appeal. All in all, I liked it because you successfully captured the air the anime has when it comes to contest appeals, and it's clear that you're able to think outside the metaphorical box when it comes to moves to come up with an interesting scene.

    Legendary Pokemon were usually the only one of their species.
    For the anime, this isn't necessarily true. There are, for example, multiple Latios and Latias. An arc in the Johto series showed us that there's more than one Lugia. It's even doubtful if there's just one Mew, and some people say that the Articuno that appeared in the Johto season of episodes wasn't the same one as the one in the second movie. There's even been shown multiple Deoxys and Celebi.

    Point is, it wasn't explicitly stated in the anime that there's only one of each legendary Pokémon. There's a few that are the only ones of their kind (so far), but otherwise, it's difficult to say there were usually only one of each species.

    Lucian scrolled through the book
    …He scrolled through a book?

    until he found just the Pokemon he was looking for. He read the text aloud to himself.
    Aside from the fact I mentioned earlier that few people should actually know that Mewtwo exists, Mewtwo wasn't created that long ago, and on top of that, as I've said before, only Rocket scientists and higher-ups knew about it up until recently. In other words, Mewtwo is a modern legendary. How did anyone get enough research to write about it in a book if no one except a select few know it's out there?

    “Mewtwo is a specially and genetically designed clone of the psychic Pokemon, Mew. Mewtwo is said to be much more powerful. It has the ability to telekinetically move objects and shoot blasts of psychic energy against its opponents. A defense mechanism seen by this Pokemon is a shield of light surrounding it. It also has the ability to erase ones memory. It has been seen exploring outer space by satellites, however most sightings of it have been on Earth. Scientists have observed the movement patterns of Mewtwo. It is usually seen exploring mountainous terrains.”
    Not to mention this entry sounds incredibly choppy and erratic in terms of what information it shares. It pretty much sounds like you just wrote whatever details popped into your head as soon as you put a period down, if that makes sense. Usually, academic material is arranged into sections that go into detail about each subject it brings up, and it doesn't abruptly bounce from one subject to another, especially in one paragraph. Read scientific articles (e.g., whatever you can find on a scientific subject) on Wikipedia for a general idea of how academic book works. Or, heck, crack open your own schoolbooks.

    which is an area that most people stayed away from.
    You bounce from past tense (would be) to present (is) in this sentence. Be careful about your tenses and try to remain in only one time period (past, present, or future, not a mix thereof) throughout your story.

    Lucian hopped on Girafarig,
    As a note, Girafarig is less than five feet tall (1.5 meters), and it weighs less than 100 pounds (less than forty-five kilograms). For a full-grown man, that results in a rather amusing mental image because that Girafarig probably wouldn't be able to hold him up. Unless, of course, you were going by the "it's like a mule" logic, but even then, for an Elite Four member, it's a rather amusing image.

    “You’re here somewhere.”
    While I can buy the idea that Lucian has some level of psychic ability, it's harder to swallow the idea that Mewtwo would allow itself to be sensed. Mewtwo is one of the most powerful psychics in the Pokémon world, and it's incredibly fond of maintaining its privacy. (I mean, it even goes as far as to contemplate erasing everyone's memory again after Ash and company saved it, just so no one would bother it.) I'd assume it'd go out of its way to make sure no one could find it.

    So, I'm at the current end. Let me start off by saying you've got potential. The appeals show that you can think creatively about how moves can be used, and you can be a very visual person (i.e., you can describe things in great detail) if you really tried. Additionally, you can get the canon characters in-character because at the beginning, Ash and company were spot-on.

    However, one of your problems is you need to focus on that. There were times when I couldn't honestly say that what I was reading was a story about Ash and his friends. Dawn ended up rigid, Ash seemed a little too arrogant (even considering the times when he was an egotistical little jerk), Aaron was throwing around insults, Giovanni was emo, and I have no idea how Cassidy got away with that mouth without being choked by Giovanni's sheer badassery. Normally, I'd let this go, but in some cases (like Giovanni's emo moments), it seemed to take away from his potential as a character. I just couldn't take him seriously the moment he started to cry about his mother, and this is a character who I really want to see kick tail and take names. What makes him who he is, after all, are the moments where he'd outright say things like, "Do it or else. Do you want to know what 'or else' means?!" That's the kind of guy who, if you screw up too many times, he'll mafia-whack you himself, and that really offers the readers a more believable reason why he's going after Mewtwo. It's not just that Mewtwo is the key to world domination. Giovanni wants to dominate the world because he's just that much of a magnificent ******* to think he can.

    But, of course, that's not the only character whose characterization's getting to be a bit much. I mean, I can understand that Ash had some pretty major wins and that this may inflate his ego. It's just that it's difficult to read any part with Ash in it now because he brags so much and insults his opponents so often that I just want to skip over his battles. I mean, where's the Ash who's actually concerned about his Pokémon? Who freezes not because he's busy trying to taunt his opponent but because he's quickly trying to figure out how to come out on top? Did he even flinch when Charizard was being choked by Drapion?

    And then, of course, you've got the rest of Team Rocket which… yeah.

    In any case, moving right along, grammar. There's a lot of errors here, so I'll just reiterate what I said about betas and proofreading. After you finish a chapter, wait at least twenty-four hours before rereading it so you'll be more likely to catch mistakes. Read it aloud to spot missing words or awkward phrases. Then, send it to a beta who might help you with oddities you wouldn't be able to catch normally. You've got a lot of misused words (especially it's/its and you're/your confusion), and the commas… the commas are pretty much everywhere. There's some instances where you need them and some instances where having them actually creates a run-on sentence via comma splice or worse. If you want to learn these rules on your own, you could try. Google has a long list of guides that are actually pretty reliable.

    Next, canon and logic. There's the entire Mewtwo thing that I keep bringing up, the bit about the other evil teams, the size of Girafarig, the fact that the Grand Festival's a double-performance, et cetera. Bulbapedia's a good fact-checker, so I'd suggest looking up stuff concerning canon to make sure you've got things straight, especially if you say you'll be working closely with it. (As a note, the part about double performances was mentioned in the episode "Dawn's Early Night" and has its own article.) Finding episodes online and rewatching things helps as well.

    Speaking about information, infodumps. You do them a lot, and they're actually more of a turn-off than a help. To make things a bit clearer, if something's generally known about a canon (like what Ash looks like or who he is), you actually don't need to tell us again that information because it's heavily unlikely that you'll be encountering a reader who doesn't know, for example, that Ash Ketchum is a Pokémon trainer or that Pikachu is a yellow mouse. (After all, you're on a Pokémon board, so most likely, your readers are fellow Pokémon fans.) For something that's a bit more obscure (like Giovanni's backstory), what you want to do is pick out only the stuff that's relevant to the story or the understanding of the character and weave it in using small bursts that relate to what's going on. For example, if someone suddenly gets ticked off upon seeing a Bug-type, you can say something like this:

    Normally, she was a very level-headed individual. She spent six years on the road as a trainer wandering from region to region, so she experienced just about every oddity in the book. Very little really got her going, and for that, her companions came to see her as a pillar of sanity.

    Of course, that all went out the window whenever bugs were concerned. It wasn't her fault she was insectophobic.

    "GET IT AWAY FROM ME," she screamed as she kicked at the Caterpie. "GO AWAY GO AWAY GO AWAY."

    See what I mean? The information here doesn't go off on a tangent about how she became a trainer or what a Caterpie is. It relates directly to what's being said: that she's normally a calm person who's pretty experienced but that she's still terrified beyond all reason of bugs. Not only that, but it also serves to add a bit of humorous flavor to whatever's going on. So, it's actually vital that it's there. If something isn't important for either tone building or the reader's understanding, don't include it or figure out a way to weave it into the story better.

    As for the plot, it's hard to say. At times, because of all the oddities I was catching (especially involving the Mewtwo subplot and the battle against Aaron), I felt like you were rushing through things. Besides that, it has potential to be exciting if you capitalized on the drama of the Grand Festival (because you've got a bunch of prima donnas in one spot) and the excitement of Ash's Elite Four challenge. You just need to iron out the odd bits, and it'd be good.

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    Hello! First off, I want to thank everyone who has read my fic and also those who have reviewed it so far. This is my first fanfic ever, and I’ll admit I probably rushed the first part of the story a bit too much (that’s why the chapters haven’t been coming out as often.) I’ve been taking more time on each chapter. Just so the readers know, I have made a few edits throughout the story. Most of them are grammatical edits and edits that clear up oddities and things that didn’t make sense. I also added a bit more history to Lucian in chapter 7. I edited out the mention of Ash’s father in chapter 1, as well. I hope no one is disappointed by this, but I decided that having him in the story wouldn’t have gone well with the plot. It felt like it would have been unnecessary. I would have just thrown him in because “it’s a mystery in the anime that should be solved and that everyone wants to see.” Not all mysteries have to be solved, so I’m just leaving that subject alone. Anyway, thanks again, and I hope you all keep following the story as I keep posting chapters.

    Chapter 8 - Recruiting Old Friends

    “Professor Oak, hi!”

    Professor Oak appeared on the computer screen. He was blowing into a steaming bowl of noodles. “Hello, Ash, what’s keeping you up so late?”

    “I couldn’t sleep. I was thinking too much about my battle with Bertha. I know it’s late, Professor, but I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind sending me a few Pokemon from the lab so I can train with them. I already have my team of six thought up.”

    “I’m glad to see you’re planning ahead so well, my boy. And it’s no problem, who would you like?” Professor Oak took a small bite of his noodles.

    “Well, I’m going to sit out Charizard and Infernape for this battle. They both fought so hard against Aaron and I don’t want to overwork them. Can you send me Sceptile and Bulbasaur?”

    “Absolutely. Two grass types, huh? I see you found out that Bertha trains ground type Pokemon. Just remember, Ash, that type advantages don’t always mean victory. You have to be sure that the fighting styles and willpower of these Pokemon must be proficient, as well.”

    “I’m sure, Professor. I thought about this decision for a while. I know Sceptile and Bulbasaur and I know they’ll fight hard!”


    “Piplup and Togekiss, spotlight!” Dawn said as she flung two Pokeballs at the same time onto the same open field she practiced on before. The glistening heavenly bodies of the night shined down onto the empty fields and gave Dawn just enough light. “Okay, let’s practice for the next appeal round. You two know what to do, right?”

    “Pip-Piplup!” squeaked the tiny blue penguin as it flapped its stubby wings. Piplup hopped onto Togekiss. Togekiss looked back at its partner and nodded before spreading its wingspan and soaring through the air. Piplup clung on to the white spike on Togekiss’s head as Togekiss performed many air acrobatics including spins and flips.

    Dawn clapped her hands with glee. “Nice work, you two! Way to hold on, Piplup!”

    Piplup took deep breaths as Togekiss sped up. It was still getting used to this appeal routine. It became wide-eyed each time Togekiss flipped.

    “Okay, Piplup, you ready?” said Dawn. “Let’s see a Bubblebeam! Then Togekiss, use Psychic!”

    Piplup shot a stream of bubbles out of its beak and the bubbles formed into Togekiss’s flight pattern. Togekiss swooped under the line of bubbles as its eyes began to glow violet. The bubbles stopped in midair and Togekiss manipulated them to begin forming a specific pattern. Some of the bubbles cooperated, but most of them began popping. Togekiss’s eyes turned to normal as it landed smoothly on the ground in front of Dawn. It held its head down and was frowning.

    Dawn walked closer to it and patted its head. “Hey, chin up, ok? As long as we keep practicing, you’ll get to a point where none of the bubbles pop!”

    Togekiss looked up and forced a smile.

    “Hey, Dawn!”

    Dawn turned around to see Ash running toward her with Pikachu by his side.

    “Hey, what’s keeping you up, Ash?” asked Dawn.

    Ash took two Pokeballs from his belt and held them out for Dawn to see. “I was talking to Professor Oak and getting some of the old Pokemon I caught transferred from his lab.”

    “That’s great! I’d love to see them! You must have caught a lot of Pokemon in the other three regions you went to.”

    “Yeah, I have. Here.” Ash opened the Pokeballs to reveal two figures. One looked like a petite dinosaur and the other was a lizard with glaring yellow eyes.

    Dawn rushed over to the dinosaur and embraced it while petting the green bulb on its back. The dinosaur smiled warmly and rubbed its head against her cheek. “Aren’t you the cutest! I’ve never seen a Pokemon like you before!” Dawn cooed.

    Ash smiled and nodded proudly. “That’s Bulbasaur, I caught it in the Kanto region.” Ash looked over at the taller Pokemon. Its arms, which had sharp, elongated leaves attached to them, were crossed as it stared at Bulbasaur and Dawn. Ash walked over to it and put his hand on its shoulder. “And this is Sceptile. I caught it in the Hoenn region.”

    Dawn looked up and put her hand over her mouth. “Oh, I’m sorry Sceptile! It’s nice to meet you, too! You’re also very…cute. And you look strong, too.”

    Sceptile kept its arms crossed and nodded its head once.

    “So, Ash, I couldn’t really sleep either and wanted to get some Grand Festival training in. I worked on my appeal routine already, but if you wanted to have a double battle with me, that’d be great,” said Dawn.

    Ash nodded and adjusted his cap. “Of course. I have to make sure these two are ready to take on Bertha’s ground type Pokemon.”

    Ash and Dawn took their places on the field. Bulbasaur and Sceptile stood in front of Ash while Piplup and Togekiss stood in front of Dawn. Dawn held out a Pokeball and a red beam flashed toward Togekiss, who was transported back into the Pokeball.

    “Togekiss, I’m going to give you a break.” Dawn said to Togekiss’s Pokeball. She grabbed another Pokeball and hurled it out onto the field. “Mamoswine, spotlight!” Mamoswine came out and stood next to Piplup. Looking at the size difference between the two was rather amusing.

    Ash shrugged his shoulders. “I’m ready when you are. You can give the first command.”

    “Why thank you, Ash. Okay Piplup, use Whirlpool and Mamoswine, use Ice Shard!”

    Piplup released a gigantic twister of water above it while Mamoswine released a giant shard of ice from between its tusks. The ice shard was lobbed above the whirlpool.

    “Now use Peck on the shard of ice, Piplup!” said Dawn.

    Piplup’s tiny beak quickly doubled in length as Piplup leaped toward the ice shard above the whirlpool. It repeatedly struck the shard with its beak until the shard shattered into hundreds of pieces. The bits of ice swirled around inside in the whirlpool like a tornado with debris. The ice-filled whirlpool headed for Bulbasaur and Sceptile.

    “Whoa, nice combo there, Dawn,” Ash said. “But we’ll get past it. Sceptile and Bulbasaur, dodge and use Leaf Blade and Vine Whip!”

    The agile Sceptile leapt out of the way of the whirlpool and ran toward Piplup. Sceptile swung its arm toward Piplup, using the blade-like leaves on its arm to attack. Piplup soared backward as it flipped helplessly in the air before hitting the ground hard. Bulbasaur attempted to dodge the whirlpool, but the bits of ice struck its head as it was swept into the vortex. As Sceptile finished its attack on Piplup, Mamoswine blindsided Sceptile and used its tusks to ram Sceptile into the ground.

    “Sceptile, Bullet Seed!” commanded Ash.

    Sceptile leaped onto its feet and shot a stream of glowing seeds from its mouth. Mamoswine was knocked backward and Sceptile struck it down with a Leaf Blade attack. Bulbasaur escaped the whirlpool and released two long vines from its back. They grasped Piplup and flung it at Mamoswine’s face. Both of Dawn’s Pokemon went down hard.

    “Oh, man, are you guys okay?” asked a worried Dawn.

    “Maybe we should stop now,” suggested Ash. “We need to go easy on our Pokemon before our big events.”

    Dawn looked down and nodded, looking a bit disappointed. “Yeah, okay.”

    Ash walked over to Dawn and held up his hand. “Hey, you looked good. That Whirlpool and Ice Shard combo was awesome! You’ll be fine!”

    Dawn looked up at Ash.

    “Well c’mon,” he said. “Don’t leave me hanging.”

    Dawn broke out into a smile and slapped his hand with hers. “Thanks!”


    Ash sat in the trainer’s lounge within Sinnoh Stadium. Brock, Dawn, and Pikachu already took their seats in the stands. Ash decided that he wouldn’t use Pikachu simply because its electric moves would be unable to hurt Bertha’s ground type Pokemon. He was alone in the room, sitting on one of the benches. Ash took a few deep breaths and began mentally preparing for his next battle. His thoughts were racing. “I‘ll use Sceptile when I need speed, Torterra when I need power.”

    Ash was interrupted by the door leading out of the room flinging open. The referee was clutching his two flags as he walked halfway into the room. He looked to be in a hurry.

    “Start heading to the tunnel, the battle starts in five,” he said quickly before immediately walking back out.

    Ash stood up and grinned as he put his cap on and started walking out. “Let round two begin. I’m ready.”

    Ash walked through the small tunnel leading to the arena. He slipped his hands in his pockets and waited for his name to be called. Ash could hear the sound of the crowd’s cheers vibrate through the walls of the tunnel as the announcer introduced Bertha. He felt his heart racing, but in a good way. He took a brief moment to soak in everything that has happened to him so far. Ever since leaving his home in Pallet Town on his tenth birthday, he passionately pursued his goal of defeating the Elite Four and the Champion.

    Everything I’ve ever thought about accomplishing in life…it’s all about to come true, Ash thought. The concept of defeating Cynthia was otherworldly, yet so near.

    The security guard near the edge of the tunnel interrupted Ash’s thoughts. “They’re calling your name, head on out there.”

    “Huh? Oh!” A startled Ash began running out the tunnel. I forgot I have to beat three more Elites before I beat Cynthia, don’t I? he thought as he chuckled to himself.

    Ash emerged from the tunnel and was greeted by a thunderous roar. Despite his brilliant performance in the Sinnoh League Tournament, it wasn’t until after his battle with Aaron that he was gaining recognition. Ash lifted his arm and waved to the crowd, which only increased their volume. Never had Ash felt like this much of a big shot. He always saw his favorite trainers on television and imagined how they must feel to be the main focus of millions of people.

    Standing on the other side of the arena was the small and elderly Bertha. She looked friendly and harmless; certainly not the appearance Ash expected out of an Elite Four member.

    “Alright, Bulbasaur, I know you still got it, so let’s go!” yelled Ash as he released Bulbasaur onto the field. Bulbasaur snarled as it repeatedly ran its front arm through the ground like a bull preparing for a bullfight.

    Dawn eyes widened. “Wow, it may look cute and innocent, but now it just looks mean.”

    Brock chuckled. “Bulbasaur takes its fighting very seriously.”

    Bertha underhanded her Pokeball onto the field. The Pokeball revealed a vampire bat Pokemon. It was holding itself up by its tail on the ground as it wielded its powerful claws. It stared Bulbasaur down with its intense yellow eyes.

    Ash’s muscles tightened a bit when he saw the Gliscor. He had one in the past, and he knew that while Gliscor was a ground type Pokemon, it was also a flying type. This canceled out the advantage Bulbasaur would have had.

    The referee held his flag toward Bertha. “Elite Four member ready?”

    Bertha smiled sweetly and nodded.

    The referee then held his other flag out toward Ash. “Challenger ready?”

    Ash flipped his hat backwards, something he hadn’t done during a battle in ages, and pumped his fist. “Yeah!”

    Dawn could hardly contain herself. She was fidgeting in her seat, causing minor complaints from Piplup on her lap. “Ash looks so pumped! I’ll bet he destroys Bertha!”

    Brock nodded his head while holding Pikachu. “He looks ready like he always does. He better battle smarter and focus harder than he did last time, though.”

    The referee held up both of his flags before waving them down. “Battle begin!”

    “Quick, Bulbasaur, don’t give Gliscor any time to attack, grab it with a Vine Whip!” Ash ordered.

    “Bulba!” The two vines shot out of Bulbasaur’s back and grabbed each of Gliscor’s claws, sealing them tightly. Gliscor yanked its arms around and tried to release the grip.

    “Stay calm, Gliscor, and use Fire Fang,” said Bertha.

    Gliscor stopped struggling and its frighteningly sharp teeth lit up in flames. It reached its head over to one of the vines and chomped down hard on it.

    “Bulba! Bulba! Bulba!” Bulbasaur writhed in pain and released the vine that was bit.

    Gliscor used its free claw to clamp onto Bulbasaur’s other vine. It smirked as it gradually squeezed tighter and tighter. Bulbasaur was cringing, but refused to let go.

    “Bulbasaur, don’t give up! Use Stun Spore!” yelled Ash.

    Bulbasaur released a golden powder from its bulb that flowed toward Gliscor. As it passed through, Gliscor’s grip weakened until it let go of the vine completely. It fell to the ground in a daze.

    “Gliscor, please get up!” said a concerned Bertha.

    “Ha! That’s it, Bulbasaur! Now use Solarbeam with everything you’ve got!” shouted Ash.

    Bulbasaur leaped high in the air and allowed the sun rays to reflect on the center of its bulb. Its bulb began to glow similar to how Leafeon’s body glew at the Grand Festival. The beam was shot at Gliscor, who lay on the ground like a sitting duck. The beam struck and Gliscor was thrown in the air like a rag doll. It landed hard on the ground.

    “Gliscor can no longer battle, Bulbasaur wins!” declared the referee.


    “We have nachos, soda, hot dogs, anything your appetite desires!”

    Jessie’s booming voice was heard throughout many of the sections of fans around her. She, James, and Meowth wore their red matching caps and shirts indicating that they were the food vendors.

    James sighed and looked down. “Jess, not so loud. It’s embarrassing enough Team Rocket fired us, but do you have to make it so evident that we’re working such a lame job?”

    Jessie’s response was a blow to the back of his head by her powerful fist. “Can it, James. We’ve done jobs like this before, and besides, this one pays pretty well.”

    “Yeah, James, what she said,” said Meowth. Meowth looked around and noticed a few people shooting him peculiar looks. Meowth gasped. “Oh! Um, Meowth! Meowth!”

    Jessie looked down at the arena and noticed Bertha’s Gliscor go down. She rubbed her chin as she watched Ash return his Bulbasaur to his Pokeball and release an intimidating-looking Sceptile.

    “Kid’s really good. Though I should have realized that already considering how many times he’s beaten us.”

    James looked at her. “So, is there any point in trying to steal the twerp’s Pokemon anymore or should we just leave him alone?”

    Jessie shot him a dirty look. “I’ll decide what we do, James! For now, I would just like to get back to my well-paying job!”

    James sighed again. “Fine.” He stepped forward not realizing there was a step in front on him. “Ah! Oh dear!” James tripped and fell forward. His fall was cushioned by his leather food carrying case, however, the little boy in front of him was doused with soda and nacho cheese. The boys wails were piercing as he frantically tried cleaning himself off. A behemoth of a man wearing a muscle tee stood up and faced James.

    “What’d you do that to my son for, wimp? Do you wanna get pummeled?” asked the man as he dug his thick finger into James’s scrawny chest.

    James squealed. “S-s-sorry, sir! Here!” James started placing wrapped hot dogs and cans of soda on the man’s seat. “All the free stuff you want! There you go!”

    “Not good enough, punk!” said the man as he clenched his fist.

    Meowth leaped in front of James and slid his claws across the man’s face. Three red lines appeared on his face as he yelled in pain and sat back down.

    That’s all you’re getting for free, buddy!” Meowth said, showing off his sharp claws.

    Many people around the area turned toward the commotion, so the trio grabbed their food carrying cases and raced up the stairs to a different section of the stands. “We’re scurrying off again!” they all shouted in unison.


    “Sceptile, Leaf Blade!”

    Sceptile lunged toward Sudowoodo, an odd Pokemon that looked like a tree. Sceptile’s blade collided with Sudowoodo’s solid, brawny arm.

    “Hammer Arm!” Bertha ordered.

    Sudowoodo used its other arm and vigorously swung it downward at Sceptile’s head. Sceptile held its head and stepped backward. Sudowoodo swung its arm again, but Sceptile dodged to the right.

    “Nice job, way to be quick!” yelled Ash. “Now use Bullet Seed!”

    The stream of seeds were shot at the same time Sudowoodo swung its arm a third time. Sudowoodo’s arm and Sceptile’s seeds struck their targets simultaneously. Both Pokemon were blown backward and hit the ground. Sudowoodo was already declared unable to battle, but Sceptile was also struggling to get up. Its whole body was shaking as it sat halfway up, but its eyes closed and it fell backward once more.

    “Sceptile is also unable to battle!” declared the referee.

    Ash cringed as he observed Sceptile’s pain. He looked at his Pokeball and smiled after the beam transported Sceptile into it. “You were great. Thanks.”
    Ash looked over at Bertha as she returned Sudowoodo. She noticed his look and acknowledged it with a friendly smile and a nod. Ash was taken aback by this gesture. “She’s losing but she looks so calm,” he mumbled to himself.
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    New Chapter: Chapter 4- Unova

    Pirates of the Caribbean: The Creature of Storms
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    Quote Originally Posted by ESPNfanatic35 View Post
    Underneath that smile was thickest mustache Ash had ever seen.
    err, how exactly is that possible? other than that, you described the scenes very well, and i had a good pictue of what was going on in my head. kudos to you

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    Hahaha! Don't know how that got past me, that's pretty bad! Thanks for letting me know and thanks for the compliments!

    New Chapter: Chapter 4- Unova

    Pirates of the Caribbean: The Creature of Storms
    Also check out my completed crossover of Pokemon and Pirates by clicking the title!

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    Chapter 9 - An Earth-Shattering Opponent

    Lucian sat in his favorite chair, the one he only sat in if he had a book in his hands. He wasn’t reading now, however. He was much too disappointed. His eyes were weary and he was yawning deeply. Lucian spent hours patiently waiting in the mountains. A few wild Pokemon wandered around the area, but nothing more than that. “I know I felt something,” he said to himself. “No sign of it, though. It must not trust humans too well.”

    Lucian flipped through a few more pages of Michael’s journal before he realized he was late for Bertha’s battle. He sighed as he quickly got up and began heading toward Sinnoh Stadium. It was standard and proper that every other Elite Four member was present at an Elite Four battle.

    Cynthia won’t let me hear the end of this, Lucian thought as he headed out the door. Cynthia. The name itself made him cringe. She thinks she’s a step ahead of me just because she’s the Champion now. One day, she’ll give me respect.

    “Bulbasaur, go!” Ash yelled as he let the Pokeball fly onto the field. “Now that you’ve had a little rest, let’s keep up your hot streak!”

    “I’ve already seen most of Bulbasaur’s moves, Ash. I hope for your sake your not thinking the same strategy will work twice on me.” Bertha advised as she released her third Pokemon, Golem. It uncurled itself from its massive, rock-solid shell and let out a deafening roar.

    Ash smiled. “Don’t worry Bertha,” he responded. “That never crossed my mind. Bulbasaur, Leech Seed!”

    Bulbasaur released strings of parasitic vines toward Golem.

    “Rollout, Golem!” Bertha commanded.

    Golem curled back up into a ball and began rolling toward Bulbasaur at a frightening speed. It easily dodged the energy-sucking vines before steering back on course and striking Bulbasaur. It circled back around and barreled toward Bulbasaur again.

    “Use Razor Leaf on the ground, Bulbasaur!”

    Bulbasaur pulled itself back up and shook off the hit before firing dozens of jagged leaves in front of Golem. This created a giant rut in Golem’s path. Golem hit the rut and stumbled to the ground as its body uncurled. It struggled to get its heavy body up, which resulted in open season for Bulbasaur. Bulbasaur pelted it with countless Razor Leaf attacks until Golem fell back down to the ground.

    “Golem is unable to battle, Bulbasaur wins!” declared the ref.

    More cheers rained down on Ash and Bulbasaur as Bertha returned Golem and grabbed her fourth Pokeball.

    Ash gave the thumbs-up signal to Bulbasaur. “You need a rest or are you good?”

    “Bulbasaur!” Bulbasaur turned, nodded, and gave Ash a look that said, “Of course I’m good!”

    Bertha didn’t look the least bit phased about losing as she unleashed an odd-looking fish that had long whiskers protruding from each side of its mouth. It flopped around on the ground and had a blank look on its face.

    [I]Doesn’t look too promising,/I] thought Ash. Why would she send out a Whiscash if there’s no water?

    “Whiscash, Ice beam! Make a path toward Bulbasaur!”

    Whiscash’s blank look turned into a fierce glare as it shot a stream of ice on the ground and made it slippery. It dove on its belly and slid down the frozen part of the field toward Bulbasaur at a speed that surpassed Golem’s Rollout.

    Dawn put a finger on the side of her head. “Nice idea! Wonder who she got that from?” She smiled widely. “I guess she watched my Grand Festival performance!”

    “Take Down!” ordered Bertha.

    Whiscash flung itself at Bulbasaur and collided with it head-on. Bulbasaur slid backward in pain as Whiscash also winced.

    “Oh yeah, that’s right,” said Brock. “Take Down is a powerful move, but it also hurts the user of the move, too.”

    “Well, it looks like Bulbasaur took the brunt of that hit,” Dawn said.

    “Vine Whip!” yelled Ash

    Bulbasaur got up and released its vines as Whiscash threw itself at Bulbasaur again. The vines caught Whiscash in midair.

    “Yeah, perfect! Now let Whiscash have it!” Ash exclaimed.

    Bulbasaur began slamming Whiscash into the ground numerous times. Whiscash shot many Ice Beam attacks, but they were unsuccessful. Bulbasaur swinging it around caused Whiscash to continually miss. One of the Ice Beams finally hit the root of one of Bulbasaur’s vines, causing it to let go.

    “Now, Take Down!”

    Whiscash threw itself into Bulbasaur a third time and scored another direct hit. Bulbasaur went down and was too dazed to move. Whiscash took too much damage from its own attack and was knocked out as well.

    “Both Pokemon are unable to battle!” declared the referee.

    Ash felt a pain in his gut when he saw how badly hurt Bulbasaur was. He returned Bulbasaur back to its Pokeball. “Bulbasaur, you were fantastic. You fought hard. Thank you.”

    Ash looked back up at Bertha, who already released her fifth Pokemon, a Quagsire. Quagsire’s blubber shook as it patted its tail fin against the ground behind it. It blinked its tiny eyes a few times before letting out a long yawn.

    “Quagsire, huh?” Ash pondered for a moment before coming up with a decision. “Staraptor, I choose you!”

    Staraptor extended its wingspan and stared down Quagsire, who was more interested explored its surroundings with its eyes.

    “Staraptor, Aerial Ace!”

    Staraptor performed an aerial backflip before zooming toward its opponent. Quagsire looked just in time to see the bird collide with its midsection. Staraptor bounced off and Quagsire didn’t budge an inch.

    Ash turned wide-eyed. “Whoa, good defense. Okay, try a stronger move like Close Combat!”

    Staraptor flew at Quagsire again and struck it repeatedly with its wings and talons. Quagsire stepped back and began showing signs of pain.

    “Quagsire, use Slam!” Bertha said.

    Quagsire swung its tail fin toward Staraptor and knocked it away.

    “Now use Hyper Beam!”

    Quagsire shot a golden beam of energy from its mouth. Staraptor rapidly flew straight up in the air and barely avoided the attack.

    “Staraptor, now Quagsire needs time to recharge after a Hyper Beam! Hit it with Brave Bird quickly!”

    Staraptor’s body glowed as it raced toward Quagsire. The helpless Quagsire was knocked on its back by Staraptor. It groaned in pain as it kicked it legs trying to get up. That only fatigued it more, so it soon gave up.

    The referee held up the flag toward Bertha. “Quagsire is unable to battle. Staraptor wins!”

    Only one Pokemon to go. Ash was ecstatic, but he couldn’t shake one nagging thought. “This battle seems too easy,” he thought. “Isn’t Bertha in the Elite Four? She’s getting crushed and she doesn’t even seem to mind! Am I just that good? I’ve had much tougher battles than this!”

    Bertha pulled out her last Pokeball. The smile never left her face.

    “She only has one left and Ash has four, so why is she still smiling?” Dawn asked.

    “I don’t know. Bertha seems way too calm in this kind of situation,” noticed Brock. “She must have something up her sleeve.”

    Bertha held her Pokeball out toward Ash. “You are very strong, Ash. I can see why you made it this far. I’ll admit some of my Pokemon need more training, but don’t get too comfortable. I have a not-so-little surprise for you. Hippowdon, go!”

    A twister of sand surrounded the large figure as it emerged from the Pokeball. The sand twister slowly subsided as the sand gathered around the humongous Pokemon. When the sand cleared up enough, Ash saw a silver hippopotamus. It bellowed loudly as it opened its gaping mouth, revealing its solid, powerful teeth. Piles of sand surrounded it and more was slowly spilling out of the three holes on its back.

    “A Hippowdon?” Ash was impressed. It looked far more formidable than Bertha’s other five Pokemon.

    Bertha nodded. “Yes, 661 pounds of power. Try that on for size.”

    “We can take it, Staraptor! Ground type Pokemon can’t do damage against flying type Pokemon. Use Close Combat!”

    Staraptor zoomed toward Hippowdon, who didn’t move a muscle, and began throwing its wing at Hippowdon’s head.

    “Use Crunch, Hippowdon!”

    Hippowdon opened its wide mouth and chomped down on Staraptor’s wing. Staraptor yelled in distress and thrashed around, trying to escape as Hippowdon kept its mouth clamped onto Staraptor’s wing.

    “Now use Thunder Fang!” Bertha ordered.

    Hippowdon’s mouth began releasing sparks of electricity. A sudden rush of electric energy coursed through Staraptor’s body. Staraptor’s screams became louder before it finally passed out. Hippowdon released its victim, who slid to the ground motionless.

    Ash stood there with his mouth open wider than Hippowdon’s was. “But how?”

    “Like I said, it’s not just about Pokemon type,” said Bertha. “But also the moves and strength of your Pokemon.”

    “Of course,” thought Ash. “That’s what Professor Oak was trying to tell me.” Ash returned Staraptor and looked down at his belt. He had three Pokemon left and Bertha had one. This gave him plenty of room to strategize. “Obviously I can’t get my Pokemon close to Hippowdon or it’ll just chomp down on them. I need long-range attacks,” Ash thought. He hesitated for a moment before finally grabbing a Pokeball. “Gible, I choose you!” he shouted.

    A short, stout cross between a shark and a dragon popped out. It was constantly leaping up and down. “Gib, Gib, Gib, Gible!” it continuously barked.

    “I’m counting on you, Gible. Stay far away from Hippowdon and use Dragon Pulse!” Ash commanded.

    Gible leaped in the air and shot waves of dark energy from its mouth. Hippowdon, rather than trying to dodge, braced itself and took the hits.

    “It’s okay, Gible, don’t stop, it’ll tire eventually! It can’t hit you if you keep your distance!” shouted Ash.

    “Are you sure about that, honey?” asked Bertha. “Hippowdon, Water Pulse!”

    Gible landed on the ground as Hippowdon shot a blue ball of energy from its mouth. The ball exploded into a giant wave of water when it hit the ground. The wave quickly rushed toward Gible.

    “Gible, use Dig to dodge it!” commanded Ash.

    Gible dove into the ground headfirst as the wave passed by.

    “I was hoping you would go underground,” said Bertha. “Use Earthquake, Hippowdon!”

    Ash’s heart sank. He knew he messed up and he knew the inevitable was about to happen. Hippowdon leapt about a foot in the air and slammed its body into the ground. Ash nearly lost his balance as the earth shook. A large crack ran across the ground and Gible emerged from the ground in serious pain.

    “Why did I have Gible go underground? I should have known Bertha would use Earthquake!” Ash groaned.

    “Finish it with Hyper Beam!” Bertha said.

    Hippowdon shot a beam of energy similar to Quagsire’s, only much more powerful. Gible was struck down by the Hyper Beam and was easily knocked out.

    The referee raised his flag toward Ash. “Gible is unable to battle, Hippowdon wins!”

    Ash kept his head down as he returned Gible. He knew he couldn’t get close to Hippowdon or use long range attacks against it. It’s not very quickAsh thought. Maybe if I get behind it and attack? It's been completely stationary throughout the battle. Might as well give it a try. Ash took a deep breath and grabbed his Pokeball. “Buizel, I choose you!” he shouted as he released his fifth Pokemon.

    The weasel Pokemon had its arms crossed as it stared down Hippowdon. Hippowdon snarled and bellowed a loud battle cry. Buizel began air boxing to also try and intimidate its opponent.

    “That’s right, Buizel, no fear!” Ash encouraged. “Now head straight for it with an Aqua Jet!”

    Buizel’s body became a torpedo shielded with water as it raced toward Hippowdon.

    “Thunder Fang!” Bertha commanded.

    Hippowdon once again opened its gaping mouth. Its teeth were glowing as sparks of electricity were emerging from them.

    “Change course, Buizel! Go over Hippowdon and land on top of it!”

    Buizel shot itself above Hippowdon’s head and did a u-turn. It landed and clung itself onto Hippowdon’s back.

    “Yeah!” Ash pumped his fist. “Now keep using Ice Punch!”

    Buizel’s hand glimmered and froze as it turned into a fist and began repeatedly striking the back of Hippowdon’s head.

    “I see,” said Brock. “Ash knew Bertha would try another Thunder Fang, which would give Buizel and opportunity to get behind Hippowdon where it’s more vulnerable.”

    Hippowdon winced each time it was hit, but it didn’t look like it was in distress.

    Bertha giggled. “You believe you tricked me, don’t you? I’m sorry, Ash, but I’m not that predictable. Hippowdon, Sand Tomb!”

    The holes on Hippowdon’s back shot streams of sand at Buizel and formed a small twister. Buizel was caught up in the twister until it landed roughly two feet in front of Hippowdon.

    “Knock it out with Fissure!” commanded Bertha.

    Hippowdon slammed itself into the ground like it did with Earthquake, only this time the blow was far more intense. The ground in front of Buizel violently shook until it cracked open. Buizel was tossed in the air by the force before it landed head first into the gaping crevice in the ground. The ground continued to shake as Buizel’s head continuously banged into each of the walls of the crevice. It lay motionless after the shaking stopped.

    “Buizel can no longer battle, Hippowdon wins!” the referee said.

    “Wow, that didn’t take long at all,” observed Dawn.

    “Right, Fissure is the most powerful ground move,” said Brock. “If it hits, it’s guaranteed to knock out an opponent in one shot.”

    Ash returned Buizel and planted his hand in his face. “How did I go from having four on one to one on one?” He hated seeing all of his Pokemon in such pain. He grabbed his last Pokeball and stared at it. “I’m counting on you,” he said.

    Ash released his final Pokeball from his hand. The creature that emerged was just as bulky as Hippowdon. Long spikes protruded from the sides of its head and its legs were as thick and powerful as tree trunks. A small tree was rooted on the back of its mighty shell. The ground vibrated each time it took a step forward.

    “Torterra!” it shouted with a deep, commanding voice.

    Ash cracked his knuckles and nodded. “You got this, Torterra. Time for a heavyweight matchup!”

    “Power versus power in this case,” Bertha said. “I like it!”

    “So do I,” exclaimed Ash. “Torterra, use Leaf Storm!”

    The tree on Torterra’s back glistened as hundreds of leaves shot toward Hippowdon.

    “Protect!” Bertha quickly ordered.

    A transparent veil covered Hippowdon and the leaves were easily deflected.

    Bertha smiled. “Good, now use Hyper Beam!”

    Hippowdon blasted the beam at Torterra, who wasn’t quick enough to dodge it. Torterra’s front legs began to tremble.

    “Torterra, use Giga Drain while Hippowdon recharges!”

    Four vines emerged from Torterra’s back and clung onto Hippowdon. The vines began zapping Hippowdon’s energy. Hippowdon began yelling in pain. Torterra’s pain progressively subsided as its front legs became visibly stronger again.

    “That Giga Drain is super effective,“ said Brock. “And it looks like those hits it took from Gible and Buizel are starting to show, after all,”

    “Yes, now let’s wrap up this battle, Torterra. Frenzy Plant!” yelled Ash.

    Torterra pushed itself up onto its hind legs before smashing its front feet onto the ground. A great force pushed through the ground toward Hippowdon until it stopped directly under it. A slight pause followed until at least half a dozen tree trunks suddenly busted out of the ground and clouted Hippowdon high in the air. Hippowdon landed on its back, forming a large crater in the ground. Hippowdon groaned in pain as its arms and legs went limp.

    The referee raised his flag toward Bertha. “Hippowdon is unable to battle, Torterra wins! And the winner of this battle is Ash Ketchum!”

    “Yes! One step closer!” Ash raced over to Torterra and embraced it by its neck. Bertha walked over to Ash and held her hand out.

    “Well done, young man. I am very impressed,” she said sweetly.

    Ash stood up and lightly shook her hand. “Thank you.”

    As Bertha walked away, Ash looked all around the stadium to see everyone on their feet going wild. He saw banners and signs, and the applause was louder than ever. Ash removed his cap and waved it to the crowd, drawing an even louder ovation. He put his cap back on and nodded his head.

    “It’s all about to come true.”


    Ash, Dawn, and Brock were walking down the road from Sinnoh Stadium back to their room. Most of the fans already left, and many of them were heading toward the Grand Hall. The air was fresh and warm as always.

    “Man, that Hippowdon was strong,” Ash said. “Torterra really came through. But I think everyone did a great job.”

    Pikachu lightly tapped the back of Ash’s head from atop his shoulder.

    “Hey, buddy,” Ash said, turning his head to Pikachu. “I’m so sorry I haven’t gotten you in yet, but I promise that you’ll be in the next battle.”

    “Pika!” A wide smile crossed Pikachu’s face.

    The group entered their room and Ash crashed on the bed while Brock got on the computer. Dawn had her dress hanging up in the room, which she took down.

    “Hey guys,” she said. “The next Grand Festival round starts in a little over an hour, so I need to head over there now.”

    “Ok Dawn, good luck,” Brock said. “So, Ash, I was thinking we should stop at the Pokemon Center before going to the Grand Hall.”

    Ash slowly sat up from his bed. “I’m too tired, Brock. Can it wait until after the Grand Festival?”

    Brock turned his chair around to face Ash. “You know, your Pokemon just battled hard and are a lot more tired than you are. I think you owe it to them to heal them as soon as you can.”

    Ash nodded as he got up out of his bed. “Yeah, you’re right. Let’s go.”

    Brock stood up and his face turned red. A goofy grin crossed his face. “And it gives me a chance to see the beautiful Nurse Joy! Yeah!”

    Ash rolled his eyes. “Okay then, let’s just go so we’re not late. And try not to embarrass me again.”


    Dawn paced the floor in the Grand Hall co-ordinator waiting room. This wasn’t out of anxiety, rather it was out of anticipation. She knew exactly what her plans were for this round. She looked up to see Zoey walking toward her. Zoey was wearing a suit like in the first round, only it was light blue rather than silver. She also left out the hat, revealing her short, orange hair.

    “Dawn, how’s it going? You seem ready for the second round.” Zoey said.

    Dawn smiled. “I sure am! I’m still getting used to double appeal rounds, but Piplup and Togekiss have been looking great.”

    “Good to hear. I’m aiming for a perfect score this time. That should give me a lock for the first cut,” said Zoey.

    A loud voice startled the girls from behind. “Did I hear you say perfect? I’m sorry, ginger, but the only perfection you’ll see today will come from me.”

    Zoey and Dawn turned around to see a lanky boy who was almost a head taller than the girls. He had a half-smile on his face.

    Zoey crossed her arms and her face became serious. “Oh? And how do you know I won’t get a perfect score?”

    The boy flipped his wavy, blonde hair that went down to his shoulders and snickered. “Well for starters, anyone who dresses like that can’t be taking this whole thing too seriously. I mean really, I thought only guys wore suits.”

    Uh oh, thought Dawn. Shouldn't have said that.

    Zoey took a step toward the boy and got on her tip toes to be at level with his face. “Excuse me, but it’s my Pokemon that perform, not me. Also, don’t insult my suits. I think they happen to be very fashionable.” Zoey lightly flipped a lock of the boy’s hair with her fingers. “That’s like me saying, ‘I thought only girls did their hair like that.’”

    The boy stuck his hand inches from Zoey’s face. “Hmph, don’t touch me. We’ll just see how perfect I am and how imperfect you’ll be.”

    The boy started walking away and Zoey began to follow him. “Hey, I’m not done talking to you yet, buddy,” she said.

    The boy glanced at Dawn as he walked by her and she glared at him. “Don’t worry about him, Zoey, he’s not worth it,” she said, directing that statement more toward the boy than toward Zoey.

    The boy stopped and slowly inched toward her as he talked. “Excuse me, my dear, but I think you should think more highly of me. You will anyway, once I give my spectacular appeal performance. For now, however, I see something appealing in front of me.”

    Dawn pushed him away by his chest and backed up. “Get lost,” she said.

    The boy shrugged his shoulders. “Fine, you’ll see.” He pointed at Zoey. “And you’ll see too, ginger.”

    “Man, who does that guy think he is?” grunted Dawn.

    Zoey shook her head. “I don’t know. But like you said, he isn’t even worth it, so we shouldn’t worry about him. We should just worry about the upcoming round.”


    “Marian Meridian here again for more of the Grand Festival!”

    Marian waited for the applause to die down before continuing.

    “Day one showed us some wonderful appeal acts, and day two should be even better. Our co-ordinators will be introducing double appeals today, which will really spice things up! For each co-ordinator, their score today will be added to their score from day one, and the sixty-four top co-ordinators will move on to the battle rounds. Without further ado, here’s our first co-ordinator of the day, Dalton Gibson!”

    The gangly blonde-haired boy blew kisses to the crowd as he approached his place on the stage. Zoey and Dawn were watching from the waiting room on the television as well as the other co-ordinators.

    “There he is,” said Dawn as she turned her head to Zoey.

    Zoey didn’t look over, she just stared intently at the television.

    Dalton took a Pokeball in each hand. He backed up a bit.

    “Come out, my master gymnasts!” he shouted as he took a running start and performed a perfect front flip. He flung the Pokeballs from his hands as he stuck his landing. The Pokeballs revealed two small figures that also front flipped as they came out. The crowd was in awe as they witnessed this entrance.

    Ash, Brock, and Pikachu all gasped from the stands.

    “That was awesome!” exclaimed Ash. “What an entrance!”

    “Machop and Mankey, begin!” Dalton said.

    The two Pokemon simultaneously began performing front aerials. With great flexibility and strength, they both continuously flipped forward as they kicked their back leg over their head. They landed gracefully next to each other as they finished. Machop used its lean, muscular body to perform a backflip and land on its hands, going straight into a handstand. Mankey used its lengthy tail to hop onto Machop’s feet. Mankey stood on one foot and Machop began running around the field on its hands as Mankey waved to the crowd.

    “Okay, finish up on the springboard!” yelled Dalton.

    Mankey leaped off of Machop’s feet and raced toward the springboard in the center of the stage. Machop followed close behind. Mankey hopped onto the springboard and soared high in the air. Machop did the same before catching Mankey in midair, and chucking the pig-monkey even higher. Machop landed smoothly as Mankey flipped a half a dozen times before landing right next to its partner.

    “What a performance!” shouted Marian.

    Dalton flipped his hair as he crossed his arms and soaked in the applause.

    “That guy was good, but he seems pretty arrogant to me,” said Brock.

    “Good? He was great!” said Ash. “He does seem a little arrogant, but I guess there’s nothing wrong with enjoying the applause, right?”

    Dawn placed her hand on her forehead. “That was really good,” she mumbled. “That creep is better than I thought he would be.”

    Zoey looked over at her. “So? We’ll be better, right?”

    As Dalton gaited back into the waiting room, many of the other co-ordinators applauded. He approached Dawn and Zoey. He had a smirk on his face the whole time.

    “What happened to that perfect score you were going to get?” Dawn remarked sarcastically before he could say anything.

    “Ninety-nine is close enough, doll face. Closer than you or ginger will get, anyway. Add that to my ninety-eight from last time, and you can pretty much put me in the next round,” he said.

    Zoey took a deep breath as he walked away, clearly trying to restrain herself. “If he calls me ginger one more time…”

    Dawn and Zoey patiently waited their turn as they watched co-ordinator after co-ordinator perform. They were all very good, but none of them stood out like Dalton.

    “Alright!” said Marian. “We’ve seen some beautiful performances so far. We’re going to take a short break and then continue with our next co-ordinator, Dawn!”

    Zoey put her hand on Dawn’s shoulder. “You ready?” she asked.

    Dawn pumped her fist and nodded. “You know it!”
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    New Chapter: Chapter 4- Unova

    Pirates of the Caribbean: The Creature of Storms
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    Just a quick canon thing to go over quickly. I realize that the Sinnoh Grand Festival in the anime is planning to be at Lake Valor. This was not announced when I started this fic so it's too late to turn back an change it. I don't know if the Grand Festival and Sinnoh League will happen in the same place at the same time in the anime, but that's just the way I wanted it in the fic. I'm also pretty excited that there actually is going to be an anime episode with Bertha where Torterra battles Hippowdon! I didn't plan that, that was just a big coincidence! Anyway, here's chapter 10. Enjoy!

    Chapter 10 - Dawn's Finest Moment And An Unexpected Visit

    A small breeze blew through the Grand Hall as Dawn took out her two Pokeballs. She felt a surge of energy and excitement like she never felt before as she released her Pokemon. “Togekiss and Piplup, spotlight!” she called out passionately.

    Ash sat on the edge of his seat and smiled. “Dawn looks fired up! That’s what I like to see!”

    Togekiss and Piplup gracefully landed in the middle of the field

    “Let’s do it, guys!” said Dawn

    Piplup did a backflip and landed on Togekiss. It held on tight as Togekiss launched itself straight up in the air. Piplup looked much more confident and less terrified as Togekiss performed its air acrobatics.

    “Now Piplup, Bubblebeam and Togekiss, Psychic!” Dawn shouted.

    Piplup shot streams of bubbles from its beak toward the sky as Togekiss began to dive downward. Togekiss flew back upward as it slowed down its speed a bit. Its eyes glew and the bubbles in the air began forming a pattern. Dawn held her breath for a moment. You’ll get it Togekiss, don’t let them pop, she thought.

    Many of the bubbles began forming a giant circle while the others formed a line in the middle of the circle. Each bubble cooperated with Togekiss’s Psychic attack until they formed the perfect shape of a Pokeball. Dawn exhaled deeply. “Perfect! Now Piplup, Whirlpool!” she shouted.

    Piplup created a cyclone of water from its beak that was even larger than the one in the battle against Bulbasaur and Sceptile. It surrounded the giant Pokeball and each bubble simultaneously popped. As the whirlpool subsided, the sparkles that emerged from the popped bubbles maintained the Pokeball shape. Togekiss and Piplup landed on the ground in front of Dawn.

    “Wow, that was brilliant!” said Brock.

    Ash looked over at Brock. “Yeah, I knew she would be great!”

    Dawn received an even stronger reaction from the crowd than she expected. Her face lit up as the cheers surrounded she, Togekiss, and Piplup. Dawn didn’t even notice Marian’s comments on the routine or the judges tallying up the scores. She snapped back to reality when she heard the words, “One-hundred.” The first thing that crossed Dawn’s mind was that she received two straight perfect scores. She saw the amazed looks on the faces of the fans and was thrilled to have performed such a great routine. Dawn returned her Pokemon and waved as she headed back to the waiting room.

    Zoey held up her hand in the waiting room. “Dawn, you’re an inspiration. That was remarkable!”

    Dawn returned the high five. “Thanks, Zoey, that’s an honor coming from you.”

    Dawn looked in the corner of the room and saw Dalton. He glanced over at her and quickly looked away, pretending to talk to another boy.

    “Two perfect scores,” said Zoey. “I don’t think he’ll bother you anymore.”

    “Yeah,” said Dawn. “You get a perfect score too, okay?”


    “What do you mean you haven’t found it yet? Aren’t you supposed to be one of Sinnoh’s top Pokemon researchers?” Giovanni was rapidly growing impatient.

    “Yes but Sir, asking this of me in such a short amount of time is unreasonable. I’ve only seen a glimpse of Mewtwo. Years of research and searching have given me only a few clues on how to find it,” explained the scientist.

    “Well come up with a new approach, work harder, I don’t know, do something!” Giovanni sighed and ran his hand through his thinning hairline. “You’ve seen Pokemon like Mew, Ho-Oh, and Deoxys, haven’t you? How much harder can Mewtwo be to find?”

    “Yes Sir, I have seen those Pokemon. But seeing them and capturing them are two completely different things. You have to understand that those kinds of Pokemon are frighteningly powerful.”

    “I called you here for results, not excuses. I thought you were supposed to be one of the best.”

    The scientist threw his hands up in the air. “Well, I’m sorry to disappoint. When I was told you wanted me to find Mewtwo, I wasn’t under the impression that you were expecting me to find it within a matter of days. And I also wasn’t under the impression that you wanted me to actually capture it. That would put myself and my team in too much danger. Catching Mewtwo is simply inconceivable.”

    Giovanni leaned back in his chair and both men were silent for a little while. The scientist stared at Giovanni, waiting for him to say something. Giovanni finally waved his hand toward the door. “You may leave now,” he said.

    “Your men promised me I would get paid for my trouble whether I found Mewtwo or not, so I expect to get paid,” the scientist said as he crossed his arms.

    Giovanni grinned. “My men promised you that. I didn’t promise you anything. You may leave now.”

    The scientist slammed his fist on Giovanni’s desk. “You’re nothing but a low-life! I worked hard trying to find this Pokemon for you while you sat back and did nothing! I demand my money right now!”

    Giovanni reached over and grabbed the man by his shirt with both hands. He pulled the scientist close to him and clenched his teeth. “Low-life, huh? I funded the creation of this Pokemon and I will find it. All you have is an attitude of failure. When I find Mewtwo, we’ll see who the low-life is.” Giovanni released the man and snapped his fingers twice. Two guards came in the room and grabbed the scientist by his arms. The scientist struggled and kicked his feet as the guards dragged him out of the room.

    “You’ll never find it!” shouted the scientist as he was being pulled away. “And if you do, you’ll never catch it! No one will!”


    “Glameow and Misdreavus, use Shock Wave!”

    Glameow’s curly tail and Misdreavus released a wave of electricity. The two Shock Wave attacks collided and zoomed upward, creating a brilliant flash. Zoey looked delighted as she saw her well-rehearsed attack combination perfectly executed.

    “Now Misdreavus, use Double Team!”

    The ghost Pokemon closed its large, adorable eyes and multiplied into dozens of decoys. The decoys formed into an upward spiral around the wall of electricity.

    “Great! Now jump in the pond and use Secret Power, Glameow!”

    Glameow leaped into the pond. A blue veil surrounded it.

    “I thought cat Pokemon hated the water,” said Ash.

    “That’s Secret Power, remember? You’ve seen it before,” said Brock. “The nature of the move depends on where the user is at the time.”

    Glameow rushed out of the pond with a stream of water behind it. It zoomed in an upward spiral pattern and destroyed each of the Misdreavus decoys along the way. As it reached the top of the spiral, the real Misdreavus used its powers to suspend Glameow in midair. The two Pokemon both posed as they slowly descended to the ground.

    “Zoey, Glameow, and Misdreavus, ladies and gentlemen!” Maridan shouted as the crowd applauded. The judges talked for a little bit as they tallied up Zoey’s score. The Grand Hall was quiet before the score popped up on the screen. “And Zoey receives a perfect score! Wow!”

    The crowd’s applause started up again and Zoey and her Pokemon took a bow before heading back to the waiting room.

    “Nice!” said Ash. “Zoey and Dawn both got perfect scores!”

    “They deserve it,” said Brock. “They’ve worked hard and they treat their Pokemon right.”

    Dawn greeted Zoey as soon as she walked into the waiting room.

    “I told you!” she said. “You guys were all great!”

    “Thanks,” Zoey said. “I just hope we carry that over to the next round.”


    Cynthia stood in the center of Sinnoh Stadium. It was well after Bertha’s battle and no one else was around. Cynthia had her hands in her pockets as she looked around the stadium, observing it from a battlers point of view. She imagined herself battling Ash, imagined herself shouting commands with the people in the crowd on the edge of their seats. It was a long time since she had a battle at Sinnoh Stadium. Cynthia’s thoughts were interrupted by the faint sound of footsteps from behind her. She turned and saw Lucian slowly walking toward her. Upon seeing the smug look on his face, she became irritable.

    “Twice, Lucian. Twice,” Cynthia said. She surprised herself a little with the sternness in her voice. “I understood and forgave you the first time you were late, but this time, you didn’t even show up.”

    Lucian signaled with his hands for her to calm down. “Cynthia, just hold on for a moment…”

    “Do you understand how unprofessional it makes us look?” Cynthia interrupted. “We’re the top trainers in Sinnoh and we are expected to be at every Elite Four battle. I expect you to watch each of our challenger’s and colleague’s battles.”

    Lucian laughed. “Again with the ‘our’ and the ‘we.’ I told you already you’re not battling the boy. He won’t get past me.”

    “Lucian, I don’t even know what to say to you anymore. If Ash gets past Flint, I would like to see him humble you and honestly, I would like to see him take your place in the Elite Four.”

    Cynthia hit a nerve. Lucian felt himself becoming angry, something he rarely did. The smile on his face turned into a glare. “I fail to see what your problem with me is, Cynthia.”

    “My problem is that you are way too conceited and you show me and the other Elites no respect. What kept you from Bertha’s battle anyway?”

    Lucian looked away. “I don’t have to tell you that.”

    “If you want to stay in the Elite Four, you do.”

    Lucian’s face muscles tightened. He hesitated for a moment. “If you must know, I was searching for a rare Pokemon.”

    “A rare Pokemon? But you couldn’t take a few hours out of your day? Besides, you’re in the Elite Four, you should be satisfied with the Pokemon you have and focus on making them stronger.” Cynthia stopped for a few seconds to calm herself down. “I’m sorry, I suppose what you do outside of the Elite Four is none of my business, but don’t let it get in the way of the Elite Four battles. Please be there at Flint’s battle.”

    Lucian stared into Cynthia’s pleading eyes. He felt like he said everything he needed to say. He didn’t believed he owed her anything else than that.

    Cynthia leaned forward. “Okay?”

    Lucian continued to stare at her for a while. He realized she wasn’t going to leave until he answered her so he nodded once and turned away. Neither person said anything more as they left Sinnoh Stadium.


    After Zoey finished, the rest of the co-ordinators performed their routines. Dawn tried watching them on the television, but she was way too excited and distracted by how well she and Zoey did. She replayed her performance and the audience’s reaction over and over in her head. It was the most intense, adrenaline-pumping moment in her life.

    “Alright,” said Marian. “We have seen over two-hundred amazing co-ordinators perform single and double rounds. We have seen some of the most spectacular moments in Grand Festival history. And now the time has come. The officials have added up the total scores of each of the co-ordinators, and we will now reveal the sixty-four co-ordinators that will move on to the battle rounds!”

    The screen flashed sixty-four pictures along with their ranks. Dawn’s mouth dropped when she saw the results. “I’m ranked number one!” she shouted.

    Zoey patted Dawn’s shoulder. “You deserve it! Let’s see… I’m ranked fourth. Awesome!”

    Dawn looked at Zoey. “So I guess that means we wouldn’t battle each other until the later rounds since we’re both ranked so high.”

    “Yeah,” said Zoey. She playfully hit Dawn’s shoulder. “You just better hope you don’t have to battle me.”

    “Or me!” shouted a voice from behind the girls.

    The girls jumped in the air and quickly turned around to see Dalton.

    “You see, I’m ranked third, higher than you, ginger,” he said. “We had the same total score, yes, but the judges give higher ranks to who they simply thought was better. My Pokemon and I have the strength and flexibility of true gymnasts. Neither of you stand a chance.”

    Dawn crossed her arms. “You said we wouldn’t get perfect scores this round, either, but it looks like we did and you didn’t.”

    A look of hostility crossed Dalton’s face as he stomped closer to Dawn. “I’ll teach you to talk to me that way!” He was stopped by a commanding voice.

    “Leave them alone!” shouted the voice. The voice belonged to a well-dressed, brown-haired kid. “Or you’ll be sorry!”

    Dalton’s face turned from hostile to startled. He backed away from Dawn a bit but continued his tirade.

    “What are you going to do, Kenny? You didn’t even make it to the next round! How lame are you?” he said.

    “I’m not talking about scores right now, Dalton. I’m telling you to leave them alone!” Kenny said.

    “Is there a problem here?”

    The group turned to see Ash and Brock approaching.

    “Too b-bad you need backup to h-help you, Kenny!” Dalton said as he backed up even further. “I’ll just leave now. But don’t forget what I said, I’m still the best.” Dalton then pointed at Dawn. “And don’t you test me like that again.”

    Brock took a step toward Dalton and rose his voice. “Just hit the road, buddy, before you find yourself in trouble.”

    Dawn and Zoey sighed with relief when Dalton was out of sight.

    “Thanks guys,” Zoey said.

    Kenny nodded. “Anytime.”

    Dawn turned to Kenny. “Kenny, you didn’t make it to the next round? I’m so sorry.”

    Kenny shrugged. “It’s okay, Dee Dee, the competition was tougher than I thought it would be. I’ll just have to train harder and win it next time. It was worth it watching you and Zoey, though. You guys were great.”

    Dawn’s face turned red. “Thanks, Kenny. And did you have to bring up that nickname again?”

    Kenny laughed. “I’m sorry, I can’t help it. I’ve called you that since we were little kids. Well hey, I need to get going. I promised my parents I would visit them. Then I need to start training for another ribbon as soon as possible. The next Grand Festival will come before I know it!”

    “I should get going, too,” said Zoey. “I have a lot to take care of before the battle rounds. See you guys later.”

    Ash, Dawn, and Brock waved goodbye to their two friends. As the trio began heading back to their dorm room, all Dawn could think about was Kenny. She remembered what a great co-ordinator he was. She was shocked that he was knocked out already.

    “That just shows how rough the competition is and how much rougher it‘s going to be,” she thought.

    “I knew when I first saw him that Dalton guy was no good,” said Brock as they walked outside.

    “Yeah, what was his problem?” asked Ash.

    “He’s just threatened by Zoey and I,” said Dawn. “And he’s way too cocky.” She chuckled. “Remind you of anyone, Ash?”

    “Hey, I haven't been that bad,” said Ash. “You have to be a little cocky when you battle the Elite Four, though.”

    The group entered their room. Ash let Pikachu jump onto his bed from his shoulder. Ash sat in the bed next to it. “I’m exhausted,” he said as he plopped his head onto the pillow.

    “That makes two of us,” said Brock as he sat down at the computer.

    “Three,” said Dawn as she took her bag with her regular clothes in it. “It was a good day, though. Ash beat Bertha and I’m going to the next round in the Grand Festival!” She began walking toward the door. “I’m going to go change out of this dress. It looks great, but boy, does it get uncomfortable.” She was about to open the door when she heard two light knocks on it. She opened it up.

    “Hello, is this Ash and Brock’s room? You must be Dawn, right?” the girl at the door said in a sweet, high-pitched voice. This familiar voice caused Pikachu’s ears to perk up.

    Dawn was a little surprised and confused. “Um, yeah,” she said. “I’m sorry, but do I know you?”

    “No, but Ash and Brock sure do. My name’s Misty."

    “Pika!” it cried joyfully as it leaped out of the bed and jumped into Misty’s arms.

    Ash sat up from his bed and Brock turned from the computer. They were both wide-eyed.
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    New Chapter: Chapter 4- Unova

    Pirates of the Caribbean: The Creature of Storms
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    Chapter 11 - Training With A View

    “Misty, how unexpected,” said Brock. “It’s great to see you!”

    “Great to see you guys, too,” said Misty as she stroked Pikachu’s head. She turned to Ash. “I’ve been watching your battles, Ash. You’ve been doing awesome! I really wanted to make it out here earlier, but I had so much to do at the gym and it’s such a long way from Cerulean City.”

    “Thanks, Misty,” said Ash. “I didn’t even know you were coming. I’m surprised, but in a good way.”

    “Good to hear,” Misty said. “So Dawn, it’s nice to meet you. Ash and Brock have told me a lot about you. I traveled with them through Kanto and Johto.” Misty looked down at Pikachu in her arms and smiled. “I started traveling with Ash when he borrowed my bike and this little guy fried it. I didn’t let him live it down until I got a new one.”

    Dawn smiled. “It’s nice to meet you, too.” She looked at Ash. “That reminds me, Ash. Pikachu toasted my bike, too. That means I should get a new one from you soon, right?”

    Ash put his hand to his forehead. “Aw, thanks for reminding her, Misty.”

    Misty, Dawn, and Brock laughed. “Anyway,” continued Misty as she set Pikachu back on the bed, “I saw you on TV as well, Dawn. You’re a great co-ordinator. I can’t wait to see your Piplup. I adore water Pokemon!”

    Dawn pulled out a Pokeball. “No need to wait! Piplup, come out!”

    Piplup came out of the Pokeball and chirped. “Piplup!”

    Misty’s face lit up and she leaped in the air before scooping Piplup up in her arms. “Yay! It’s really you! You’re even cuter in person!” she exclaimed.

    Piplup was a little startled at first, but it enjoyed the attention. Pikachu looked at Piplup with jealousy as Piplup teased it.

    Dawn smiled as she began to leave the room. “I’m glad you like Piplup! Excuse me, but I’m going to change out of my dress really quick.”

    “So how are things at the gym, Misty?” asked Brock.

    Misty sat down and exhaled deeply. “Hectic, to say the least. I’m usually running it by myself, but Tracey helps me now and then. I finally got my sister, Lazy Daisy, to run the gym for now so I could come out here.”

    “Nice nickname, Misty,” said Ash. “Hopefully Daisy doesn’t find out about it.”

    Misty grinned. “I call her that to her face. She doesn’t really care, though. She’s always off in her own little world.”

    “Yeah,” said Ash. “So Brock, Dawn, and I were going to head to the lake tomorrow. There’s a cabin area with a nice field there where Aaron likes to train. He wants us to go there so he could see how I train for my next battle. I’d love it if you could help me practice.”

    “Of course,” said Misty.

    The group headed to the lake the next day and found the training field. The field was almost as big as the field in Sinnoh Stadium. Only a dozen yards away from the field was a small cabin. Looking out from the field, the group saw a crystal clear lake. It was fairly large and it offered a wonderful view of the colorful trees on the other side.

    “Are you sure he’s here, Ash?” asked Misty.

    “I’m sure,” he responded. “This is definitely the time and place he said to come.”

    Almost on cue, Aaron came out of the cabin and greeted the group with a smile and a wave. “Hey guys,” he said. “I see we have a new face. Hi, I’m Aaron.”

    “Hi, my name’s Misty,” she said. “I’m from Cerulean City.”

    “Cerulean in Kanto, huh?” asked Aaron. “Some good memories there. Anyway, nice to meet you.” Aaron turned to Ash. “So Ash, I just wanted to bring you guys out here because it’s nice and private and it's a good field to practice on. I’ve gotten some productive training done here. I’m also curious to see how you train. I’m sure there’s something I could learn from the guy who whipped me.”

    Ash chuckled. “Thanks, I appreciate it. So who wants to battle first?”

    “Why don’t you battle Misty?” Brock said. “You’ve practiced against Dawn and I a lot, and you just battled Aaron. You haven’t battled Misty in a long time.”

    “Oh, well I was kind of hoping to battle Aaron again,” said Ash.

    “It’s okay, Ash, I can battle a little later. I want to observe a little bit first. You can go ahead and battle Misty,” Aaron said.

    Misty grinned. “Yeah, Ash. Unless you’re too afraid. I am a gym leader now, you know.”

    Ash smiled. “Okay Misty, I’m ready. No way I’m afraid!”

    Ash and Misty faced each other on the battlefield. Dawn and Aaron stood on the side while Brock took the place as the referee. Ash looked up at Pikachu on his shoulder.

    “You know I’m using you first against Flint, so go ahead out there and show Misty what you’ve got!” he said.

    Pikachu nodded as it jumped onto the battlefield.

    “Alright then,” said Misty as she threw her Pokeball. “Misty calls Starmie!”

    Starmie spun rapidly as it landed on the ground. The sea star Pokemon’s ten pointed arms showed once it stopped spinning. The large ruby in its center glimmered in the reflection of the sun.

    “Don’t think you’ll win because of type advantage!” said Misty.

    “I won’t. Bertha taught me that lesson already,” Ash said.

    “Okay,” said Brock. “We’ll do a one-on-one battle. Remember not to go overboard, since it’s only a practice battle. Begin!”

    “Pikachu, Iron Tail!” commanded Ash.

    Pikachu quickly ran up to Starmie and jumped in the air while spinning. It’s tail glowed brightly and slammed into Starmie’s ruby. Starmie stepped backward and nearly lost its balance. It retained itself and rapidly spun again, levitating itself.

    “Nice recovery, Starmie!” said Misty. “Use Aurora Beam!”

    A rainbow-colored beam was shot out of Starmie’s ruby. Pikachu barely had enough time to dodge as the beam slammed into a tree in the background and knocked it over.

    “Good job Pikachu, now use Thunderbolt!”

    Pikachu blasted a bolt of lightning toward Starmie.

    Misty gasped. “Quick, use Hydro Pump!”

    A thick jet of water came from one of Starmie’s arms and collided with the Thunderbolt attack. Some of the water came through and knocked Pikachu over while the electric energy coursed through the jet of water and into Starmie. Both Pokemon were hit hard, but they were able to get up.

    “Use another Thunderbolt!” ordered Ash as Pikachu shook off the hit.

    “Psychic!” ordered Misty.

    Pikachu shot another bolt of lightning toward Starmie. A violet silhouette surrounded Starmie as it stopped the bolt in its track and made it turn around toward Pikachu.

    Ash’s heart skipped a couple beats “Oh man! Good move, Misty,” he said. “Dodge and use Volt Tackle, Pikachu!”

    Pikachu used its phenomenal speed to leap out of the way of the bolt and race toward Starmie. It’s body glew a bright yellow color as it accelerated. Small sparks of electricity surrounded Pikachu as it leaped toward Starmie. Starmie had no time to move. Pikachu collided with it headfirst. Pikachu fell to the ground, hurting itself a bit from that intense attack. Starmie was in much more pain, however. The glow of its ruby flashed on and off as it laid on its back.

    “Starmie can no longer battle, Pikachu wins!” said Brock.

    Misty ran over to Starmie and embraced it. “Are you okay? You battled great.”

    Pikachu jumped on Ash’s shoulder. “Nice work, buddy!” said Ash. “Flint better watch out!”

    “Pika Pika!” exclaimed Pikachu.

    Misty returned Starmie to its Pokeball and walked over to Ash. “Nice job. It’s no wonder you got this far.” She began rubbing Pikachu’s head. Pikachu closed its eyes and smiled and its ears relaxed.

    “Thanks, Misty,” Ash said.

    “You guys were both great!” said Dawn.

    “Yeah, terrific!” said Aaron. “So what do you say we have a little rematch, Ash?”

    “My pleasure,” said Ash.

    Brock walked over to Misty. “I have the medicine to heal Starmie if you want to head in the cabin.”

    “Yeah, thanks Brock,” Misty said.

    As Misty and Brock entered the cabin, Dawn stepped up near the battlefield.

    “I can ref,” Dawn said. “I’ve always wanted to try it. It looks fun!”

    “Alright,” said Aaron. “Lets do it, then! Drapion, go!”

    Drapion emerged from the Pokeball, looking as intimidating and powerful as ever.

    “Buizel, I choose you!” yelled Ash as he released his Buizel.

    Buizel kept its arms crossed and stared Drapion down.

    “Settle down, Buizel. It’s just practice,” said Ash.

    “Looks like Buizel is hungry for another good battle after that loss to Hippowdon,” said Aaron. “That kind of passion is impressive.”

    Dawn lifted her hand up and giggled. “Okay, I’m going to try it now. Battle begin!”

    “Drapion, use Cross Poison!” commanded Aaron.

    “Aqua Jet, Buizel!” ordered Ash.

    Drapion crossed its arms and swung them toward Buizel, attempting to slice it. Buizel rocketed toward Drapion covered in a veil of water. The two collided and both Pokemon winced in pain as they stumbled backward.

    “Ice Punch, Buizel!” Ash ordered.

    “Poison Jab” yelled Aaron.

    The two Pokemon simultaneously threw their arms at each other. Drapion’s long, powerful arms flung themselves toward Buizel numerous times. Buizel blocked the first blow with its arm. It ducked and flipped after that, avoiding the barrage of Poison Jab attacks. When Buizel had a chance, it threw dozens of Ice Punches at Drapion’s face. Small bits of ice formed on Drapion’s face. Drapion finally swung its arm upward and knocked Buizel straight up in the air.

    “Stick with it, Buizel! Don’t give up!” yelled Ash. “Use Water Gun!”

    “Pin Missile!” yelled Aaron.

    Buizel shot water from its mouth toward Drapion. Drapion shot numerous sharp pins from its hand toward Buizel. Both Pokemon were hit hard and they both fell to the ground. Drapion was breathing heavy as it tried getting up. Buizel was also using all of its energy to attempt to get up.

    “I think this one’s a draw, Ash,” said Aaron. “We better not tire out your Buizel too much. We can switch Pokemon now if you want.”

    “Right,” said Ash. I’m fine with that. Good job, Buizel!” Ash returned Buizel to its Pokeball.

    Aaron looked over at Dawn. “Oh, I apologize. You’re the ref, so you can make the call.”

    Dawn laughed. “It’s quite alright.” She lifted her arm up. “I officially call this round a draw.”

    In the cabin, Brock sprayed a special potion on Starmie. “I made this potion myself,” he said. “I have custom-made potions for each type. This is especially for water types. Starmie should be feeling great within a matter of minutes.”

    Misty sighed with relief. “Thank you so much. I’ve missed having you around, Brock. You’re so helpful. I wish there was a Pokemon breeder as good as you near Cerulean City.”

    Brock blushed. “Aw, thanks. It’s just stuff I’ve learned over the years. It’s my pleasure.” The two headed out of the cabin. “Starmie is good as new!” announced Brock.

    “Yep,” said Misty. “He did a great…” She looked over at Drapion and gasped. “…job.” Her heart began beating rapidly.

    “What’s wrong with Misty?” Dawn whispered to Ash.

    Ash grinned. “Just watch. I haven’t pulled a joke on Misty in ages. This will be great!” he whispered back.

    Ash walked over to Drapion and pointed toward Misty. “Hey Drapion, see that girl over there? She loves hugs, and she’s always wanted to meet a Drapion. Why don’t you go give her a big hug?”

    Drapion smiled innocently and rushed over toward Misty. Brock darted out of the way.

    Misty shrieked and almost fell over as she tried turning around and going into the cabin. “Ah! Don’t you dare! Get that thing away from me! No! Stop! Bugs! Gross!”

    Drapion wrapped its giant arms around Misty, who was too frightened to even scream at that point. She was shivering intensely. She fell to her knees and her eyes bugged out of her head.

    Dawn covered her face to hide her laughing and Aaron, Ash, and Brock walked up to Drapion. Aaron put his hand on Drapion and told it to let go.

    “It’s okay, Misty. It looks scary, but its really friendly,” Aaron said.

    Misty was still shivering and she kept her same, terrified facial expression. She finally stood up after a few moments and stared at Ash, “You planned this!” she yelled. “You know I’m afraid of bugs! I’ll get you back for that!”

    Ash smirked. “You’ll have to catch me first!” he exclaimed as he began running away.

    Misty ran after him. “Why, you! Come back here! I’m talking to you, bub!”

    Aaron nervously looked at Brock and Dawn. “Are they gonna be okay? She seems pretty mad. Should we go after them?”

    Brock shrugged. “No. I traveled with Ash and Misty for a long time and this is actually quite common. I found that it’s best to just stay out of it when she gets angry at him.”

    “Well, I guess I’ll just wait until they’re done to start battling him again.”


    Jessie, James and Meowth were walking through the woods, arguing with intensity.

    “That’s just wonderful!” yelled Jessie. “We were fired from yet another job, thanks to Meowth!”

    Meowth put his arms up in defense. “Hey, what did I do?”

    “You know what you did! You scratched that man in the face during the battle!” Jessie yelled.

    “I was just protecting James,” Meowth said. “He was the klutz who started the whole mess in the first place!”

    “Oh, I can’t argue with that,” said James as lowered his head. “Sorry, guys.”

    “Ugh,” Jessie groaned. “Well at least we made a decent amount of money while we were still there. And we can always find a new job.” Jessie stopped for a second when she heard faint voices in the distance. “My twerp senses are tingling,” she said.

    James and Meowth stopped. “Are you sure that’s them?” asked James.

    The three turned toward the voices and saw Ash, Brock, Dawn, Misty, and Aaron through the trees. They were all heading toward the lake in the distance.

    “Uh oh,” said Meowth. “The red-headed twerpette is back. And they’re with Aaron. I don’t know if we can handle them in a battle right now.”

    James grabbed his own shirt. “We better disguise ourselves before they see our Team Rocket uni-.” he stopped and looked down at his plain blue shirt. “Oh yeah, I forgot. Force of habit, I guess.”

    Jessie crossed her arms. “Well, we may not be in Team Rocket, but still think about what we could do with those Pokemon. We could still impress the boss enough to hire us back, too!”

    James and Meowth nodded in agreement. “Let’s put the money we have to use,” said Meowth. “We’ll attack them another day when they’re more vulnerable.”

    “Yeah!” the trio yelled in unison as they scurried out of sight.


    Ash and the group decided to take a break for a while and swim in the lake. All except Aaron threw on their bathing suits and dove in, enjoying the clear, cool water. Aaron began heading out. “Thanks for coming, everyone. There’s a lot I need to take care of today. It was good seeing you!” he said.

    “Thanks, Aaron! It was great practicing with you!” Ash said as the group waved goodbye.

    “This is nice on a hot day like today,” said Dawn as she dipped her hair further into the water.

    “Yeah, definitely,” agreed Ash. “You know what else feels nice?” he asked. “One of these.” he said as he splashed Dawn in the face with water.

    Dawn splashed Ash back. “Oh no you don’t, Ash Ketchum.”

    Brock and Misty watched the two splash each other from a distance.

    “Glad I’m not in the middle of that,” Misty chuckled.

    “Ha-ha, yeah I know,” said Brock. He looked over at Misty, who took out her hair tie and let her hair down from her normal side ponytail. “Hey, your hair looks a lot longer, have you been growing it out? I like it.” he said.

    Misty looked a little surprised by the question. “Uh, yeah. A little.”

    “Oh ok,” said Brock. “I knew that must have been it. I noticed you look older than when I last saw you.”

    “You’re not just giving me the Nurse Joy treatment because I look older now, are you?” Misty asked, pointing a finger at him.

    Brock put his hands up in defense. “Oh no! That’s not it at all! Just an observation. No offense, but I don’t think of you like that. You’re my friend.”

    Misty smirked. “Relax, Brock. It was a joke.”

    Brock chuckled awkwardly. “Right. I knew that.”

    The group relaxed in the lake for a little while longer before deciding to head back to their room. They all changed back into their normal clothes and walked through the woods. It began getting dark quickly, as the group could see just a sliver of the sun over the horizon.

    “There’s an extra bed right above mine,” Dawn said to Misty. “So you’re more than welcome to stay in our room.”

    “That’s good,” Misty said. “Having a room by myself wouldn’t be too fun.”

    After a long walk, the group finally made it back to their room. They each crashed on their beds. Ash thought of the next day, the day he would battle Flint. He could hardly wait. As tired as he was, he desired to battle Flint at that very moment.

    “Pikachu, are you ready for tomorrow?” Ash asked as he rested his head on his pillow.

    Pikachu rested its head on the pillow as well and nodded. “Pika, Pikachu!”

    “Well, let’s get some sleep then, buddy. The sooner we go to sleep, the sooner tomorrow will come!” said Ash.

    “Ew! We were outside all day and you’re not even going to shower?” asked Dawn.

    Ash hesitated. “Well…no. I can do that tomorrow.”

    “Ash, come on!” said Misty. “Have a sense of hygiene!”

    Brock nodded and chuckled. “Yeah, even I have to agree with the girls on this one, Ash.”

    Ash rolled his eyes and sat back up. He took his backpack and left the room, mumbling something that ended with, “…sound like my mother.”

    “At least we know he’s ready for tomorrow,” said Brock.


    For the third time, Ash sat in the waiting room at Sinnoh Stadium, waiting for his Elite Four battle to begin. He had his cap off and was running his head through his thick, dark hair. Pikachu was on the ground, violently spinning and waving its tail around. It was practicing its Iron Tail attack. The two looked up when they saw one of the doors open. Flint and Lucian walked in side-by-side. Ash was a bit surprised to see his opponent already. Flint stopped, but Lucian headed out through the other door without looking at Flint or Ash. Ash lifted his hand up and waved.

    “Hey Lucian, good to see you again,” he said.

    Lucian looked back and nodded his head once as he exited the room.

    Ash looked at Flint. “Is he okay?” he asked.

    Flint shrugged. “Who knows? He’s a good guy I guess, but he’s always been a little…distant from the world. Anyway, I just wanted to wish you good luck, man.” A big smile crossed Flint’s face and he started lightly bouncing up and down on his toes. “I’m so pumped right now. I haven’t had a real six-on-six in ages. You better make it good.”

    Ash stood up and fist-bumped Flint. “You know that I will, Flint. Thanks.”

    Flint left the room and Pikachu jumped onto Ash’s shoulder. Ash held his finger up to Pikachu, who slapped it with its tiny hand.

    “Two down, three to go, buddy. Let’s do it.”
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    Hello, I know I haven’t been posting for this a lot lately. I apologize for this. I’ve had a lot of schoolwork and of course, I’ve been hooked on Heartgold (Finally got all 16 badges!) Anyway, here’s Chapter 12, hope everyone’s liking the fic so far. Please feel free to comment, critique, etc.

    Chapter 12 - A Heated Opponent And A Legendary Encounter

    Misty couldn’t help but feel electrified from the large crowd and the intense atmosphere. Flint and Ash took their places on the field. Pikachu ran out to the middle of the field and Flint released a magnificent horse. The heat from the blazing flames on the horse’s mane could be felt in the first row of the stands.

    “Seeing this on TV is one thing, but it’s been so long since I’ve seen a battle in a stadium like this!” Misty said.

    Ash and Flint gave their first commands at the same time. The horse unleashed a giant flame from its mouth. The flame collided with Pikachu’s bolt of lightning. As the two forces met, an explosion occurred. This caused both Pikachu and the horse to fly backward.

    “Rapidash, use Bounce!” commanded Flint after Rapidash stood back up.

    Rapidash took a running start. As it accelerated, the sound of its hooves hitting the ground became louder. Rapidash jumped high in the air to the great surprise of Ash and Pikachu.

    “Pikachu, it’s more vulnerable now! Use Thunderbolt!” Ash yelled.

    Pikachu shot another bolt of lightning upward. It hit Rapidash head-on. Rapidash cringed, but it continued to fall to the earth directly above Pikachu. Its front hooves slammed on Pikachu’s face and drove it into the ground.

    Flint pumped his fist. “Way to take a hit, Rapidash! Use Stomp!” he shouted.

    Rapidash whinnied and stood up on its hind legs. Pikachu rolled out of the way just in time as Rapidash’s front hooves smashed into the ground.

    Ash took a sigh of relief. “Nice dodge, Pikachu! Get up and use Iron Tail!” he shouted.

    Pikachu quickly leapt to its feet as its tail began to glow. Pikachu jumped in the air and rapidly spun. Its tail struck Rapidash in the face three times before it landed.

    “Whoa, I didn’t know Pikachu could use multiple Iron Tails at once like that,” said Dawn.

    “Yeah, it’s come a long way from when it first learned the move,” said Brock.

    “Go Pikachu!” shouted Misty at the top of her lungs, causing Dawn and Brock to cringe and rub their ears.

    “Fire Blast!” ordered Flint.

    Another burst of flames came from Rapidash’s mouth. The flames gradually formed the shape of a star. Pikachu tried to run out of the way, but the bottom of the star-shaped flame knocked it down. Rapidash shot another Fire Blast, which scored a direct hit.

    Ash put both of his hands on his head. “Oh no, that‘s not good,” he said to himself. “We need to be faster.” Ash smiled when he saw Pikachu stand up and prepare to keep fighting. “You’re doing great, Pikachu! Use Quick Attack!”

    Pikachu darted in a zigzag pattern toward Rapidash. Rapidash used Fire Blast again, but it missed the speedy Pikachu.

    Flint folded his arms. “Impressive speed. Very impressive,” he said. “We can be quick too. Rapidash, Quick Attack!”

    Rapidash quickly jumped out of Pikachu’s way and followed it around the field. The two Pokemon looked like blurs as they continuously rammed into one other. Rapidash put its head down and charged at Pikachu one more time. Pikachu jumped high in the air and landed on Rapidash’s head. Rapidash’s attempts to throw Pikachu off failed.

    “Nice work, Pikachu!” yelled Ash. Ash’s face fell, however, when he noticed the flames on Rapidash’s flame burning Pikachu. “Hurry and use Thunderbolt!”

    “Piiiikaaachuuuuuu!” Pikachu shouted as its body glowed and sparks surrounded it. The electricity coursed through Rapidash’s body. Rapidash slowed down and its legs buckled. It fell to the ground as Pikachu jumped off of its head.

    “Rapidash is unable to battle!” shouted the referee. “Pikachu wins!”

    Pikachu had burns on its arms and it was breathing heavy, but it still stood strong. Flint sent out his next Pokemon, Magmortar. Magmortar stood over Pikachu, and glared down at it. There were flames burning from its shoulders and its head.

    “Begin!” shouted the referee.

    “Magmortar, use Flamethrower!” Flint ordered.

    Marmortar’s arm turned into a cannon. It pointed the cannon at Pikachu and blasted it with a torrent of flames. Pikachu was knocked backward. It slowly got up and approached Magmortar.

    “Pikachu, wait!” shouted Ash. Pikachu was slowly limping toward Magmortar and it had burns all over its body. Magmortar pointed its cannon at Pikachu once more.

    “Ash, pull Pikachu out! It’s not worth it!” Brock shouted.

    “He’s right,” thought Ash. “Pikachu, return!” Ash yelled.

    “Time out! We have a substitution!” the referee announced.

    Ash ran over to Pikachu and picked it up. Pikachu turned and was still staring down Magmortar.

    “Pikachu, I appreciate the effort, but you need to take it easy. Take a nice rest for now,” Ash said. Ash set Pikachu next to his side. He pulled out another Pokeball. “Buizel, I choose you!” he shouted.

    Buizel popped out and the referee resumed the battle.

    “Aqua Jet!” Ash shouted.

    “Magmortar, who cares if it’s a water type? Knock it out with your Flamethrower anyway!” Flint commanded.

    Magmortar blasted another Flamethrower toward Buizel, who shot itself over the flames and directly toward Magmortar. Magmortar stopped shooting its flames and swung its cannon around like a baseball bat. The cannon struck Buizel across almost the entire field.

    “Attaboy, slugger! Use Sunny Day!” Flint shouted.

    Magmortar lifted its cannon arm toward the sky. Rays of light emerged from the cannon and filled the area. The entire stadium became bright. Ash tried covering his eyes with his cap.

    “This is way too bright!” Misty said as she covered her eyes.

    Dawn pulled out a pair of sunglasses. “Good thing I carry these around,” she said as she put them on.

    “You got another pair of those?” Misty asked.

    Brock’s face fell. “Uh oh, I know what Flint’s up to.”

    “What?” asked the girls in unison.

    “Magmortar’s a fire type, but it can use Solarbeam, a grass-type move. Sunny Day helps it use the move more quickly. If it hits Buizel, that’ll be the end of it,” he said.

    True to Brock’s word, Magmortar shot the Solarbeam out of its cannon. Buizel used Aqua Jet to propel itself in the air and avoid the attack. Buizel then shot itself downward and struck Magmortar in the gut.

    “Nice move, Buizel! Use Water Gun!” Ash ordered.

    Buizel shot a stream of water in Magmortar’s face. Magmortar clutched its face and stepped backward.

    “Don’t give up Magmortar, let’s go! Keep using Solarbeam!” Flint shouted.

    As Magmortar tried to recover, it blindly shot numerous Solarbeam attacks. Buizel was able to avoid all of them.

    “Hydro Pump!” Ash shouted.

    Buizel shot an even larger stream of water toward Magmortar, hitting it dead-on. Magmortar yelled in pain, but it detected Buizel based on the Hydro Pump attack and shot a Solarbeam directly at it. Both Pokemon wobbled a bit and fell to the ground at the same time.

    “Both Pokemon are unable to battle!” declared the referee.

    “That’s one tough Buizel, Ash!” Flint said as he returned Magmortar. “Nice job training it!”

    Ash returned Buizel. “Thanks, Flint!” he said. Ash looked down at Buizel’s Pokeball. “And thank you.”

    Flint released his Houndoom next. The dog growled and revealed its sharp teeth. It had bones attached to its back and two large horns on its head. Its pointed tail swung back and forth.

    “Infernape, I choose you!” shouted Ash.

    The flame on Infernape’s head blazed as it prepared for its first attack.

    “Houndoom, use Crunch!” ordered Flint.

    Houndoom snarled and barked loudly as it charged at Infernape. It clenched its teeth around Infernape’s left arm. Infernape swung its arm around to try and shake Houndoom off, but it was unsuccessful.

    “You can do it, Infernape!” Ash yelled.

    Infernape gave up trying to shake Houndoom off. It used its free arm to pound Houndoom in the face repeatedly with its fist. Houndoom began whining as it let go of Infernape’s arm. Infernape cringed and held its left arm.

    “Look out!” yelled Ash.

    Infernape looked up as Houndoom lifted its head down and head butted it to the ground. Houndoom opened its mouth wide and came down toward Infernape’s neck. Infernape grabbed Houndoom’s horns and pushed its head back. Infernape’s arms shook as Houndoom began inching its head forward toward Infernape. Infernape finally threw Houndoom to the side and quickly stood up.

    “Time to finish this!” Flint shouted. “Dark Pulse!”

    A black silhouette surrounded Houndoom and a surge of dark energy was shot toward Infernape. Infernape couldn’t react fast enough. The wave of energy passed through it and knocked it out.

    “Infernape is unable to battle, Houndoom wins!” the referee declared.

    Ash returned Infernape. “You did your best,” he said as he held Infernape’s Pokeball. “Staraptor, I choose you!”

    “Okay Houndoom, listen up” said Flint. “We can’t bite it or hit it with Dark Pulse because it’s way too fast. Use Flamethrower all the way!”

    Ash grinned. “Thanks for telling me your strategy! Staraptor, fly up high!”

    “I have a feeling that won’t matter,” Flint said back.

    As Staraptor began to soar in the air, Houndoom’s Flamethrower caught up with it and sent it barreling back to the ground.

    “Whoa!” Brock exclaimed. “That’s some incredible range! I didn’t think it could hit Staraptor from that far away!”

    Ash clenched his teeth. “That’s fine, Staraptor. We don’t need to dodge. We’ll hit it head-on! Use Close Combat!”

    Staraptor flew directly above Houndoom’s next Flamethrower and struck it down with its wing. A barrage of talons and wings came down on Houndoom.

    “Great! Finish it with Brave Bird!” shouted Ash as he pumped his left fist on the word, “Brave” and his right fist on the word, “Bird.”

    Staraptor flew upward and dove down toward the limping Houndoom. Houndoom finally got up only to get knocked down again by the brute force of Staraptor’s Brave Bird.

    “Houndoom is unable to battle, Staraptor wins!” declared the referee.

    “Hehe, looks like you outdid me on that round,” said Flint. “Steelix, let’s go!”

    A colossal snake made from steel emerged from its Pokeball. Ash looked up at it, speechless. It was one of the biggest Pokemon he ever saw. It roared loudly, causing most of the fans in the crowd to cover their ears. Flint nodded proudly.

    Ash pondered for a moment. “Okay, Staraptor,” he said. Steel types are weak against fighting moves. Use Close Combat!”

    Staraptor took flight toward Steelix.

    “Iron Tail!” shouted Flint.

    Steelix’s massive tail swung upward and clobbered Staraptor. It was like getting hit by a speeding truck. Staraptor flipped numerous times in the air before crash-landing on the ground.

    “Staraptor is unable to battle, Steelix wins!” the referee declared.

    Ash planted his face into his palm as he returned Staraptor. “I can’t believe it only took one attack,” he thought. He looked down at Pikachu. Pikachu was standing now, but it was still breathing heavy. “You’re not ready yet, buddy,” Ash thought as he pulled out another Pokeball. “Gible, I choose you!”

    Dawn and Brock gasped.

    “Why would he choose Gible?” asked Dawn.

    “What’s wrong with it?” Misty asked.

    “It’s not experienced enough,” Brock said. “I understand Ash’s thinking since Gible is a ground type. I just think it’s a bad move.”

    Misty shrugged. “Well, we’ll see. I think Gible has a good chance. This is Ash we’re talking about, after all.”

    “Steelix, use Iron Tail!” Flint ordered.

    Steelix brought its tail down on Gible.

    “Dig!” shouted Ash.

    Gible dove into the ground just before Steelix’s tail smashed into the ground.

    “You made this same mistake against Bertha,” said Flint. “Now it’s time to pay for it. Steelix, Earthquake!”

    Steelix lifted its tail and prepared to use its attack.

    Ash smiled. “That’s the thing about making mistakes is that you learn from them,” he said.

    Just before Steelix caused the Earthquake, Gible emerged from the ground underneath Steelix and struck it with its head. Steelix tripped and its enormous head crashed into the ground.

    “Now’s your chance, Gible!” shouted Ash. “Keep using Dig!”

    Gible dove into the ground once more and came back up into Steelix’s head. It released a bombardment of Dig attacks on Steelix’s head until Steelix could no longer get up.

    “Steelix is unable to battle, Gible wins!” the referee said.

    Brock’s mouth hung open. “I don’t know how he did it, but Ash pulled it off,” he said.

    Misty folded her arms and winked. “See? Sometimes I know what I’m talking about,” she said with pride.

    “Nice job, Gible!” Ash exclaimed.

    A huge smile crossed Gible’s face and it danced around with ecstasy.

    Flint returned Steelix and frowned. “That was…impressive. Using Steelix’s own weight against it like that was great strategy. Alright then Torkoal, your turn!”

    An orange turtle popped out. It blew puffs of smoke from its nostrils and the hole on top of its shell.

    “Gible, do what you’re best at! Use Dig!” Ash commanded.

    Gible jumped into one of its previously dug holes and made its way through the earth underneath Torkoal.

    “I’ve learned my lesson, Ash,” Flint said. “Dig won’t work this time. Torkoal, Iron Defense!”

    Torkoal’s large shell glimmered and was covered in a solid coat of steel. Its body became much tougher than Steelix’s. Gible jumped up from underground and smashed its head into Torkoal. Torkoal didn’t budge an inch.

    “Overheat!” Flint shouted.

    Torkoal released a scorching flame from its mouth that blew Gible backward. Torkoal prepared to use Overheat again.

    “Gible, dodge by using Dig! It worked on Steelix and it can work against Torkoal!” yelled Ash.

    Gible yet again jumped underground. Flint shook his head. “That may have been good strategy against a big target like Steelix, but its definitely not good strategy now. Torkoal, Smokescreen!”

    Torkoal shot large amounts of smoke from its shell and nostrils until a humongous smoke cloud formed around the entire field. Flint heard Gible rustling underground. “Torkoal, jump back!” he shouted.

    Torkoal jumped backward just as Gible emerged from the ground. Gible looked around confused. Its vision was foggy and it couldn’t see a thing.

    “Body slam!” yelled Flint.

    Torkoal charged at Gible and jumped on top of it, pinning it to the ground. When the smoke finally cleared, Torkoal was seen standing in front of the motionless Gible.

    “Gible is unable to battle! Torkoal wins!” shouted the referee.

    “I can’t believe I would use the same move over and over like that!” Ash scolded himself. “Now I got two left. Pikachu still looks like it needs some rest before it goes back in.” Ash returned Torkoal and released his fifth Pokemon, Charizard. Charizard clenched its fists and roared loudly.

    “Torkoal, use Rapid Spin!” yelled Flint.

    Torkoal withdrew into its shell and quickly darted toward Charizard. Charizard began flying in the air. Torkoal’s spinning motion propelled in the air, however, and struck Charizard.

    “It’s quicker than it looks,” thought Ash. “Dragon Rage, Charizard!” he shouted.

    Charizard released an attack that looked like Flamethrower, only the flames were a lighter color. It hit Torkoal hard, causing it to surface from its shell.

    “Smokescreen!” yelled Flint.

    Torkoal tried to replicate its last Smokescreen, but it was foiled when Ash commanded Charizard to blow the smoke away with its wings. Charizard shot Torkoal with another Dragon Rage attack.

    “He’s finally getting around Flint’s strategy with Torkoal,” said Brock.

    “Finish it off with a Dragon Claw!” Ash yelled.

    Charizard’s claws extended and flashed bright red as it flew toward Torkoal. Torkoal recovered from Dragon Rage just in time to see Charizard’s claw make contact with its face. Torkoal’s head hung over and it fell to the ground.

    “Torkoal is unable to battle, Charizard wins!” shouted the referee.

    “Ash just gets better and better!” Dawn said. “He’s almost there!”

    “Yeah, he is,” said Brock. “Remember that Elite Four members usually save their best for last, though. I already know that Flint’s Infernape is coming out.”

    Just as Brock predicted, Infernape came out. Its body was a darker shade of brown than most Infernape. Rather than yell and pound its chest like Ash’s Infernape, Flint’s stood cool and calm.

    “Charizard, use Fly!” yelled Ash.

    “He’s pretty smart,” said Misty. “Flying move against a fighting type should work well.”

    Charizard flew high above the stadium and zoomed down toward Infernape.

    “Infernape, use Rock Climb!” Flint commanded just before Charizard was about to hit Infernape. Infernape backflipped, dodging Charizard’s attack, and clung on to its legs as it flew back up in the air. Infernape climbed up Charizard’s body and wrapped its arms around Charizard’s neck. Charizard struggled trying to make Infernape release its grasp.

    “How did it do that?” asked a dumbfounded Ash. “Charizard, try to flip it around and use Seismic Toss!” he shouted.

    As Charizard darted toward the ground, Infernape punched it in the head numerous times. Charizard was in too much pain to focus on Seismic Toss. Infernape flipped it around as they descended and slammed Charizard into the ground.

    “Charizard is unable to battle, Infernape wins!” yelled the referee.

    “That’s the fastest I’ve ever seen Charizard get knocked out,” said Brock. “That is one insanely strong Infernape.”

    Ash returned Charizard and looked down at Pikachu. Pikachu still looked tired, but it looked up at Ash with a look of intensity as sparks flew from its cheeks. “Pika!” it shouted.

    Ash pointed his finger toward the field. “You’re ready, buddy. I can see it in your eyes. You can do this. Go!”

    Pikachu sprinted to the middle of the field only a few feet away from Infernape.

    “Let’s wrap this up, Infernape. Pikachu is still tired from fighting Rapidash. Hit it with your best Flamethrower and knock it out!” Flint shouted.

    “Apparently you don’t realize this isn’t any ordinary Pikachu,” said Ash. “Pikachu, dodge with Agility then use Thunderbolt!”

    Before Infernape could even let the flames out of its mouth, Pikachu dashed behind it and struck it down with a bolt of electricity. Infernape stood up and turned around, meeting Pikachu’s dark glare.

    “Hmm, you’re right,” said Flint. “That ain’t no ordinary Pikachu. But this ain’t no ordinary Infernape, either. Close Combat!”

    “Meet it with Iron Tail!” Ash shouted.

    Infernape threw a kick toward Pikachu’s head. Pikachu blocked it with its Iron Tail and swung it around, hitting Infernape’s leg. Infernape dropped to its knee for a second, allowing Pikachu to pelt its face with another Iron Tail. Infernape quickly threw its fist and knocked Pikachu backward. It stood up and charged at Pikachu, ready to punch it again. Pikachu threw another Iron Tail at the same time and the two attacks met, knocking both Pokemon to the ground.

    “I’m ready to win this thing right now!” declared Ash. “Pikachu, Volt Tackle!”

    Brock, Misty, and Dawn gasped.

    “That could knock Pikachu out before it knocks Infernape out!” Dawn said.

    Brock crossed his arms and took a deep breath. “That’s a big risk. Hopefully it pays off.”

    Ash held his breath as he watched Pikachu charge at Infernape with its Volt Tackle. Pikachu struck Infernape in its gut and both Pokemon fell to the ground once more. Infernape’s entire body shook as it tried getting up. It eventually fell back over.

    “All you need to do is get up, Pikachu! You can do it!” Ash yelled with everything his voice could muster.

    As Pikachu slowly tried getting up, more and more people in the crowd cheered, willing it to stand up and win the match. Flint looked around nervously as the crowd stood up and began shouting loudly. Pikachu looked over at Ash and saw him nod. Pikachu’s legs trembled. It used all of its energy to stand all the way up.

    The referee lifted the flag. “Infernape is unable to battle, Pikachu wins! The winner of this match is Ash Ketchum!”

    “He did it!” Brock, Misty, and Dawn yelled in unison.

    The crowd went crazy as Ash leaped in the air and ran toward Pikachu. Pikachu smiled and collapsed into Ash’s arms. Tears formed in Ash’s eyes. “You were great,” Ash said as he held Pikachu. “You gave it everything you had and I appreciate it. Thank you.”

    Pikachu nodded and shut its eyes. Ash began carrying Pikachu out of the stadium when he felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned around and saw Flint with a warm smile on his face.

    “How’s Pikachu?” he asked.

    “I need to get it to a Pokemon Center, but it should be okay. How’s Infernape?” asked Ash.

    “It’ll be good,” Flint responded. “You didn’t keep your promise, you know.”

    “Promise?” Ash asked, puzzled.

    “Yeah,” Flint said. “You said you would make it a good battle. You didn’t, though. You made it the best battle I’ve ever been in.”

    Ash smiled. “Thanks, Flint.”

    As Ash carried Pikachu out of Sinnoh Stadium, the pair received a standing ovation.


    Lucian sat in his ordinary spot overlooking the mountains, waiting. He lost many hours of sleep the past few days. He pondered whether he should give up or not. “What is my motive for doing this?” he questioned himself. He thought of Cynthia and her title: Champion. “Yes, that is my motive,” he told himself. “All of those years putting up with the scorning from my peers. Growing up and getting teased for my obsession with reading and with psychic Pokemon. I‘ll show them that it will all pay off.”

    Lucian’s thought of his father, a former Sinnoh Champion. He used fighting type Pokemon and put them through rigorous workouts. His words still burned in Lucian’s head. “You can fool around with your ridiculous books and telekinesis, but true hard-core exercise and training of your Pokemon is what will get you to the top,” his father had said. “You want to be a Champion like me so badly? Until you drop your stupid books and quit acting like a wimp, you’ll never be a Champion!”

    Lucian’s heart rate rapidly increased. He tightly clenched his fists. That very memory from when he was a young teenager always caused him to get worked up. “I don’t care what he or anyone else says,” thought Lucian. “My methods got me to the Elite Four and they’ll make me Champion. I’ll be a better Champion than my father ever was.”

    Lucian’s thoughts were interrupted by a figure crash-landing into the mountains. A purple beam of light surrounded the area. Lucian quickly stood up and saw the figure stand up. It was tall and menacing and its white skin gleamed in the moonlight. Lucian was terrified when he saw Mewtwo teleport itself closer to him. Mewtwo floated about forty feet in front of Lucian and studied him closely. Lucian stood completely still. His heavy breathing sounded at the moment as loud as a freight train. Lucian held his hands up slowly and began trying to sense Mewtwo. Mewtwo quickly held its hands up and warned Lucian by releasing a dark sphere of energy behind him. The sphere crashed into a tree, making a deafening sound. Lucian backed away a bit but still had his hands up. “It’s okay,” he said. “I have no weapons. I shall release no Pokemon.” Lucian felt the strong distrust Mewtwo had toward him. Mewtwo’s mind was closed and unreadable. The two stayed where they were, silent and unmoving for a few minutes. The longer Lucian stood still, the more Mewtwo’s distrust slowly decreased. This allowed Mewtwo’s mind to open up for Lucian a bit. In Mewtwo’s mind, Lucian saw the figure of a man in a suit. The man had Mewtwo in a metal suit, mindlessly defeating Pokemon after Pokemon in his gym. The man then had Mewtwo trapped in a machine, brutally zapping and injuring it somewhere in a mountain area that Lucian recognized from the Johto region. Lucian heard a faint voice that mentioned the name, “Giovanni.” Lucian began trying to merge his mind with Mewtwo’s as he had done with his Girafarig when it fought the wild Ursaring. The images in Mewtwo’s mind quickly faded and its mind closed as its distrust began to increase again.

    “What business do you have here?” Mewtwo inquired in a deep, commanding voice.

    “I’m simply enjoying nature and the sight of the mountains,” Lucian said.

    “I know you’re lying. Your heart rate is very high,” Mewtwo quickly responded.

    Lucian glanced behind Mewtwo and saw the small shapes of a Pikachu and a Meowth running around through the mountains.

    Mewtwo noticed Lucian eyeing them. “Humans are not welcome here!” it shouted. “Go away!” Lucian slowly backed away while still facing Mewtwo. Another dark sphere formed in Mewtwo’s hands. Lucian turned and sprinted out of the area. He felt an intense crash behind him. It nearly knocked him over. Lucian darted through the woods and back to his home, not looking back.
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    Chapter 13 - A Dark Alliance

    Lucian paced around his room the next morning. He was terrified and at the same time intrigued after his encounter with Mewtwo. It was a Pokemon more magnificent and powerful than he imagined. The expectations Lucian had based on Michael’s journal were surpassed.

    “Why couldn’t I overtake its mind?” Lucian asked himself. He opened up a Pokeball and Girafarig came out. Lucian gently patted Girafarig’s back. Girafarig smiled and lifted its head down. Lucian placed his hand on Girafarig’s head. He could feel the trust and confidence that Girafarig had in him. He could sense everything going on in Girafarig‘s mind. “Mewtwo wouldn’t let me into its mind because of its distrust in me,” Lucian said to himself. Lucian closed his eyes and his hands flashed violet. Girafarig suddenly had a blank look in its eyes. Lucian motioned his hand around the room and manipulated where Girafarig walked. It was as if he was controlling a video game character. “There were those few small memories I could read. It seemed as though Mewtwo’s mind opened up when it sensed less danger in me.”

    After pondering this for a few more minutes, a wave of confidence and anticipation rushed through him. I have figured Mewtwo out. I know how to master it, he thought as he grinned. He soon found himself laughing. I just need to make it trust me and it’s all mine. Once it’s mine, I will control its every move just like I’m doing with Girafarig. I’ll be the Champion because no one, not even Cynthia, will be able to defeat me. My studying and psychic Pokemon intuition are finally paying off. Lucian danced around in his room, laughing hysterically. He completely forgot about his lack of sleep and a burst of energy took him over. “My father better watch, because I will challenge Cynthia!” he shouted in the emptiness of his house. “I refuse to be just an Elite Four member! I want to be a Champion, a greater one than my father ever was. My Mewtwo will embarrass Cynthia and that Ash kid!”


    Ash sat on a bench in the Pokemon Center, waiting. He was happy to see his other five Pokemon healthy, but he was worried about Pikachu. Nurse Joy had it back there longer than Ash expected. He nervously tapped his foot on the ground. Misty, Dawn, and Brock all sat by him. None of them spoke. They could see the worry in his eyes. They didn’t want to bother him.

    The light above the door in the back lit up and a ringing noise could be heard. Ash quickly got up and rushed to the counter. Nurse Joy walked out of the room holding Pikachu. She smiled. “Here you are,” she said as she handed it to Ash. “I apologize for the wait. Just let it rest tonight and it will be fine.”

    Ash brought Pikachu to his chest and hugged it. Pikachu smiled and rubbed its head against Ash’s chest. “Thank you so much, Nurse Joy,” Ash said.

    Nurse Joy nodded. “Anyti-.”

    “Nurse Joy, you are such a wonderful, beautiful young woman,” Brock interrupted as he raced to the counter and took her hands into his. “Healing this poor boy’s little Pikachu. You are such a saint! Now I need you to heal the void in my heart! You are the perfect woman for a lonely soul like me!”

    Croagunk popped out of its Pokeball and prepared its Poison Jab. Misty walked over and put her hand in front of Croagunk. “Don’t worry Croagunk, I got this one,” she said. She grabbed Brock’s ear and violently yanked it. Brock shrieked and fell to the ground in pain. Misty grabbed his shirt and dragged him away. “You need to heal the void in your brain,” she muttered. Croagunk stared at Misty and its mouth dropped.

    Ash looked at Brock and turned back around to Nurse Joy. “Uh…sorry about him,” he said. “Thanks again.”

    Nurse Joy chuckled nervously. “It’s quite alright,” she said.

    Ash walked over to Dawn, who had Piplup on her lap. She motioned toward Misty and Brock just outside of the Pokemon Center. “I gotta get her to teach me how to do that,” she said. She rubbed Pikachu’s head. “Glad to see Pikachu’s okay. Piplup’s glad, too!” Piplup chirped joyfully and hugged Pikachu.

    Ash, Pikachu, Piplup and Dawn caught up with Misty and Brock as they headed back to their room. “How’s the ear?” asked Ash.

    Brock rubbed his beat-red ear. “It still stings. Misty pulled it so hard,” he groaned.

    Misty winked. “I try,” she said. “So Dawn, your next Grand Festival round is coming up soon, right?”

    “Yes! I’m so excited for it! I never felt an adrenaline rush like I have at the Grand Festival!’ Dawn responded. “I’m planning on using Mamoswine and Piplup in my first battle. I’m excited for Ash‘s next battle, too. He’s been amazing so far.”

    “That’s great, Dawn,” said Misty. “I’m excited for Ash, as well. Just try not to pump up his ego. It’ll inflate like a Drifblim.”

    “Hey, I’m right here!” yelled Ash.

    Misty grinned. “I know. So who do you battle next, Ash?”


    “Oh yeah, I remember him. I battled him once,” said Dawn. “He has some insanely strong psychic Pokemon. I battled his Bronzong with Buizel, back before I traded it to Ash. I didn’t stand a chance.”

    “I remember him, as well,” said Brock. “He was a really nice guy.”

    “Yeah,” Ash agreed. “I saw him with Flint before my last battle, though, and he barely even acknowledged me. Flint said he was acting strange lately.”

    “Well, he probably just had a rough day,” said Brock. “That happens to people. I wouldn’t take it personally.”

    Ash shrugged. “Yeah, you’re probably right.”


    Cynthia walked down the road as she approached Lucian’s mansion. She was staggered by the beauty and reverence of his property. She walked up to the door and knocked twice. Cynthia listened for footsteps, but didn’t hear any. She hesitantly clutched the doorknob and turned it. To her surprise, the door opened. A gigantic room revealed itself to her. There were many paintings as well as a grand piano. The room was disturbingly quiet, so Cynthia walked up the staircase. “Lucian?” she called. No answer. She peeked through the numerous doors on the top floor and saw nobody. Cynthia finally saw a door that was wide open at the end of the hallway. The room was filled with many shelves that held countless amounts of trophies. She saw Lucian standing in front of the window. He was staring intently into the clear sky as he held a wine glass.

    “Please come in. Thank you for arriving as I requested,” Lucian said without turning around.

    “Of course, Lucian,” Cynthia said, smiling. She walked into the room as Lucian turned to face her. “It was nice seeing you at Flint’s battle. Listen, I apologize for being so rough with you lately. I just really want us all to keep a professional appearance. So what did you ask me here for?”

    Lucian took a sip from his glass. “I’m not going to beat around the bush,” he said. “I’m challenging you to a battle. Ash deserves to battle a more worthy Champion than you. I plan on battling Ash as a Champion, not as a regular Elite Four member. When I defeat you, you can battle him in my place. Once he defeats you, I will show him the prowess of a true Champion and crush him.”

    Cynthia had a look of astonishment on her face. She didn’t say anything for a few moments. She tried to take in everything Lucian just said. “Why?” she finally asked. “You’re scheduled to battle Ash in just three days.”

    I can get Mewtwo before then, Lucian thought. “Fine,” he said. “We’ll battle tomorrow or the day after that.”

    Cynthia shook her head. “I‘m sorry, you need to battle as scheduled. And by the way, do you realize how ridiculous you just sounded? You’re telling me that you will crush me and Ash will crush me soon after? I’m not trying to sound arrogant, but you’re seriously underestimating me. You’ll have plenty of chances to battle me. Don‘t rush it so much. In fact, I gave you a chance only a couple of months ago when you battled me and lost. I’m sorry.” Cynthia turned and began walking out of the room.

    Lucian scowled. He was patient with her for far too long. He smashed his glass on the ground, creating a startling noise. “A true Champion accepts any challenge at any time!” he yelled. “Your refusal to meet my request makes you a weak Champion!”

    Cynthia turned around and walked right in front of Lucian. Her eyes were like daggers. “I hope Ash embarrasses you,” she said through clenched teeth.

    Lucian grabbed Cynthia by the throat and pinned her against the wall. She desperately gasped for air. “Really? You hope he embarrasses me?” Lucian shouted as he tightened his grip. “We’ll see who gets embarrassed! We’ll see who the real Champion should be!”

    Cynthia used all of her energy to reach for a Pokeball at her belt. “Gar…chomp,” she panted. She finally tipped the Pokeball with her finger and it dropped to the ground. A fearsome dragon emerged. It looked like a larger version of Gible. It had razor-sharp teeth, dark, threatening eyes, and a mighty tail that swung back and forth. It released a thunderous roar as it threw its powerful claw at Lucian. Lucian was knocked backward into the wall on the other side of the room, creating a hole in the wall.

    Cynthia fell to the ground and exhaled as she was released from Lucian‘s grip. “Thank you, Garchomp,” she said.

    Lucian stood up and limped forward as he brushed the bits of the broken wall off of his shoulders. He grabbed a Pokeball from his pocket and tossed it. “We’re not through yet,” he said. “I think you’ve officially accepted my challenge.” A Pokemon that looked like a giant, blue church bell came out. It had a striped pattern over its durable, metallic body. “Bronzong, Flash Cannon!” Lucian shouted.

    Bronzong turned upward and the inside of it formed a glowing ball of energy. A beam shot from inside of Bronzong and struck Garchomp to the ground.

    “Brick Break!” commanded Cynthia. Garchomp stood and jumped above Bronzong. It came down with its powerful arm and struck Bronzong to the ground. Bronzong broke through the floor and created a large hole. Lucian and Bronzong both crashed onto the piano on the first floor. Bronzong was knocked out and Lucian’s head rammed into Bronzong’s tough body on the way down.

    Cynthia leaped on Garchomp’s back and the two jumped to the bottom floor next to Lucian and Bronzong. Lucian was writhing in pain. The last thing he heard before he passed out was, “You‘ll never be a true Champion. You‘re out of the Elite Four.”


    Ash stood on the side of the practice field next to Pikachu. He glanced over at Misty and Dawn’s battle now and then, but he was mostly gazing at the outside of Sinnoh Stadium. It was much bigger and it held hundreds more people than the stadiums he battled in before. He looked at the gigantic lights that hung above everything else in the stadium. His battle against Lucian would be at night. He was thrilled at the thought of battling under those dazzling lights.

    Ash heard footsteps behind him and he turned around. He was stunned to see Cynthia looking down at him. “Oh, wow!” Ash said, raising his eyebrows. “Hi, Cynthia!”

    Cynthia smiled. “Hello, Ash. Good to see you again. I hope you’re training hard.”

    “You know I am,” Ash responded. “I can’t wait to beat Lucian so I can finally have a chance to battle you.”

    Cynthia frowned. “Well, that’s what I came to talk to you about. Lucian is having some…personal issues going on right now. He will be unable to battle you. I’m sorry this is such a big change on such short notice because I know you were expecting to battle psychic Pokemon. I assure you that I will find the next best psychic trainer I can find.”

    “I understand. Thank you for telling me,” he said. Ash thought of Lucian snubbing him in the waiting room. He also remembered what Flint said about him. “What’s going on with Lucian?” Ash asked.

    Cynthia ran her hand across the front of her neck. “I’d rather not talk about it,” she muttered.

    “I’m sorry. That’s fine. Thanks again, Cynthia. I’ll see you later!”

    Cynthia turned around to leave when she heard someone shout from behind her. “Wait, Cynthia!” Brock yelled. The startled Cynthia jumped and quickly turned to face Brock.

    “Brock, get back here now!” yelled Misty with her hands on her hips. “We need a referee!”

    Brock, ignoring Misty, got down on one knee and grabbed Cynthia‘s hand. “I know you stopped by for Ash but you stopped by to see me too, right? I apologize if you saw me with Nurse Joy. Trust me, nothing is going on there. I just want to be with you and no one else.” Brock felt a sharp pain course through his back. He fell face first into the ground. Croagunk repeatedly jabbed Brock in the back, causing him to squeal each time he was hit.

    Cynthia‘s eyes were wide and she didn’t blink for a few seconds. “Uh…on that note, I’ll just be going. Good luck, Ash!” she said as she waved to Ash and then to the girls in the distance.

    Dawn and Misty battled a bit longer before Ash rotated in and had a quick battle with each of them once. The group soon grew tired, so they started heading inside. Ash and Pikachu lingered behind. Brock turned around. “You guys coming?” he asked.

    “No, I just want to stay out here a bit longer,” Ash said.

    Brock shrugged and he and the girls went inside. Ash stuffed his hands in his pockets and looked up at Pikachu on his shoulder. “How are you feeling?” he asked.

    Pikachu smiled. “Pika!” it exclaimed.

    “That’s good,” Ash said. “I never meant to overwork you. You battled so well. That actually might have been the best I’ve ever seen you battle.” Ash looked around the area. He was surprised to see that he and Pikachu were the only ones there. Usually the area was bustling with trainers and co-ordinators.

    Ash took in a fresh breath of air and gazed up at the sky. The sun was nearing the horizon, but it was still light out. He saw a glimpse of a rainbow in the distance. “That’s weird,” Ash said. “Rainbows usually only come out after it rains.” Ash and Pikachu stared at the rainbow a little bit longer. The vivid colors gradually became more clear. The rainbow almost seemed to be growing in front of their eyes.

    “Pika!” Pikachu tapped Ash’s shoulder and pointed behind the rainbow. They saw a figure that had shimmering golden stream following it. The phoenix-like bird was flapping its extended wings. It also had an elongated beak.

    A warm feeling coursed through Ash’s body. “It’s Ho-Oh, Pikachu,” he said. He beamed as Ho-Oh passed above them. “One of the first Pokemon we ever saw together. It showed up right after we became friends. Remember?”

    Pikachu nodded. “Pika, Pikachu!” it exclaimed.

    Ash could envision that day perfectly. He remembered the cold rain pounding his face and the rumbling thunder as he raced on that bike with Pikachu cradled in his shirt as he tried to escape those dreadful Spearow. Pikachu was helplessly lying on the ground as Ash pleaded for it to safely enter its Pokeball. Ash stood in front of the Spearow, holding his arms out as they plummeted toward him. He never forgot the feeling of Pikachu’s feet on his shoulder and seeing it leap out in front of him. That titanic charge of electricity defeated every single Spearow. As Pikachu and Ash awoke, they noticed Ho-Oh’s glimmering figure passing above them.

    The memory brought tears to both Ash and Pikachu’s eyes. “We’ve always seen Ho-Oh just before embarking on a big adventure,” said Ash. “I guess that means we still have a lot ahead of us to look forward to.”


    The pain in Lucian’s head arrived as soon as he regained consciousness. He slowly stood up and saw Brozong lying next to him. He returned it to its Pokeball and rubbed his head. Small piles of dust dropped on Lucian. He looked up and saw the vast hole in his ceiling from where he and Bronzong fell. “I’m out,” he said to himself. “I’m out of the Elite Four. Cynthia could get me arrested for what I did. What was I thinking? What came over me?”

    Lucian paced the floor and thought deeply about his future plans. “Is there any point in catching Mewtwo anymore?” he asked himself. “It might not be as easy as I thought it would be, anyway.” The images from Mewtwo’s mind flashed in Lucian’s head. He remembered seeing Mewtwo in pain as well as that fine-dressed man. Lucian could see the connection between that man and Mewtwo. This man hurt Mewtwo in the past. That was before Mewtwo escaped and deleted his memory, Lucian thought. When images of that man showed up, all I felt in Mewtwo were feelings of pain. That must be why it distrusts humans so much. Lucian remembers the name of the man. Giovanni, he thought. Giovanni? Where have I seen that name before? Lucian’s face lit up. That’s it! Michael’s journal! Giovanni was the boss of Team Rocket. I must call Michael.

    Lucian sifted through his phone numbers until he found Michael’s.

    “Hello?” Michael said when he picked up the phone.

    Lucian felt a wave of nostalgia rush over him. Michael still sounded the same. “Hello, this is Lucian.”

    “Lucian? It’s great to hear from you, man! It’s been so long!”

    “It has, my friend, it has. By any chance, do you know how I could contact Giovanni?”

    “That’s information I can’t give over the phone. Why do you need to contact him?”

    “Let’s just say I would like to join Team Rocket.”

    Lucian heard Michael give a joyful laugh in the background. “You read my journal! I knew it! I knew you wouldn’t pass this up! Alright, you want to meet the boss? I’ll bring a chopper to your house and take you to him.”

    Lucian grinned. “Excellent.”


    “You incompetent fools have yet to find out anything about Mewtwo!” Giovanni yelled.

    Two scientists in white lab coats stood in front of his desks, trembling. “S-sir, we’re doing the best we can,” one of them stammered.

    “Do better, then!” Giovanni shouted in a voice that made the scientists’ ears ring. “What do you think I hired you for! Go!”

    The scientists quickly scrambled out of the room before Giovanni or his guards could escort them out. Giovanni placed his hand on his forehead. He looked up again when he heard a knock on his door. “What is it now?” he asked impatiently.

    “Sir, Agent Michael is here with a possible recruit,” the guard just outside of Giovanni’s office said.

    Giovanni sighed. “Send them in.”

    Michael walked in first with his black Team Rocket uniform. “Sir, I think I have the guy you’re looking for. He’s a psychic expert.”

    Giovanni glared at Michael. “You think or you know? He either is the guy I’m looking for or he isn’t. Don’t waste my time if he isn‘t.”

    “I’m sorry,” Michael said. “Let me correct myself. He is the guy you’re looking for.”

    “Well, where is he?” Giovanni asked.

    Michael turned and motioned to Lucian. Lucian walked into the room and saw Giovanni. He looked exactly the way he did in Mewtwo’s vision. “This is definitely Giovanni,” Lucian thought.

    “I’ve seen so many ’experts’ lately,” grumbled Giovanni. “What makes you so different?”

    Lucian cleared his throat. “I have mastered the art of psychic Pokemon intuition. That means I can literally control a psychic Pokemon’s actions with my mind.”

    Giovanni stared at him. “Show me,” he said at length.

    Lucian released Bronzong and placed his hands on it. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. His hands began glowing as Bronzong had a dazed look in its eyes. Lucian opened his eyes and stepped back. “Watch this,” he said. He lifted his arm up in the air, causing Bronzong to slowly levitate. The dazed look never left Bronzong’s face. Lucian twirled his arm in a circle, causing Bronzong to twirl along with his pattern. He lifted his arm back down and snapped his fingers, causing Bronzong to come to.

    Michael looked enthralled, but Giovanni looked underwhelmed. “You think those little magic tricks of yours can get me Mewtwo?” Giovanni asked. “How do I know you can find it in the first place? I doubt you‘ve even seen it.”

    “I know about how you used it for your gym battles in Viridian City and how it escaped because it didn’t want to be your ‘slave,’” Lucian said. “Mewtwo informed me of that through its thoughts.”

    “How do I know he didn’t tell you that?” Giovanni sneered as he motioned toward Michael. “I’m not the only one from Team Rocket who knows that.”

    Lucian smirked. “But you are the only one from Team Rocket who knows this: You attempted to capture Mewtwo again in Johto. You were able to use your fancy machinery to capture it, but it escaped yet again. It erased the memory of all of the Team Rocket members. You, however, were apparently able to retrieve your memory.”

    Giovanni’s mouth dropped as Lucian held his hand toward Giovanni. “A dream, perhaps,” Lucian said. “You have been obsessed with Mewtwo ever since it was created. Your thoughts and memories of this Pokemon were abundant. Your passion for Mewtwo fueled these memories and thoughts to return to you. All of this I learned from Mewtwo. Do you believe me now?”

    Michael smiled and put his hand on Lucian’s shoulder. “So boss, whaddya say?”

    Giovanni grinned out of one side of his mouth. “I say you deserve a shot.”

    “There is one thing I need from the good people at Team Rocket to help me achieve this task, of course,” Lucian said.

    The smile left Giovanni’s face. “What?” he asked sternly.

    “You see, I need Mewtwo’s trust. The more trust it has in me, the more vulnerable it becomes. Only then can I take over its mind and capture it.” Lucian said.

    “Then what do you need me for?” asked Giovanni.

    “Well, there are these two adorable Pokemon, Pikachu and Meowth, that live with Mewtwo. Mewtwo seemed to be very protective of them. I need you to stage an attack against his two little pets. I’ll play the part of the hero and appear as though I am protecting them after you attack. That will surely allow me to earn Mewtwo's trust. Not too much to ask considering what I’m giving you, right?”

    Giovanni rubbed his chin and thought for a moment. “Fine,” he agreed. “This better work.”

    Lucian adjusted his glasses and smiled. “It will. Trust me.”
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    New Chapter: Chapter 4- Unova

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    Alright, I'm finally back with a new chapter. I've had final exams and SO many computer troubles, so it took a while.

    Chapter 14 - The First Battle Round

    “Piplup, use Bubblebeam!”

    Piplup blasted a stream of bubbles from its mouth toward Starmie and Staryu. The two sea star Pokemon gyrated rapidly and dodged the bubbles with ease. They simultaneously launched themselves toward Piplup.

    “That’s it!” encouraged Misty.

    “Mamoswine, jump in there!” Dawn commanded.

    Mamoswine leaped over Piplup’s head and landed in front of it. It caught Starmie and Staryu in its tusks and rammed them into the ground, knocking them both out.

    “Uh, Mamoswine, take it easy,” said Dawn. “I’m sorry, Misty.”

    “It’s okay, Mamoswine’s really strong. You should be proud of it,” Misty responded.

    “Thanks,” said Dawn. “And thanks for helping me practice again. I think everyone fought hard and deserves a nice treat. Brock helped me make these.” She pulled out a basket of Poffin pastries.

    Piplup, Staryu, and Starmie each grabbed one and began eating. Dawn looked up from the basket when she heard a loud rumble. Piplup, Staryu, and Starmie bolted out of the way as Mamoswine charged after the basket followed by a trail of drool. “Oh no, here we go!” shrieked Dawn as she braced herself.

    Mamoswine rammed into Dawn as it scarfed down the remaining Poffins, knocking her high in the air. She slammed into the ground, creating a crater shaped like her body. Dawn slowly climbed out covered in a coat of dirt and she was clutching her head. She wobbled as she stood up, only to fall back over.

    Misty rushed over and helped her up. “Oh my gosh, are you okay?” she asked.

    “I’ll be okay,” Dawn groaned as she smiled weakly. “I’m used to that by now. I just need to learn to put Mamoswine back in its Pokeball before I whip out the Poffins.”

    The girls turned toward the sound of a person clapping. “Bravo!” the voice sarcastically teased. A well-dressed girl with swirly, peach colored pigtails slowly approached Dawn and Misty. “What a great performance from the fabulous co-ordinator, Dawn!” she said, mimicking Marian’s voice. “Her Pokemon are so well-trained, yet they go ballistic and attack her over a Poffin! Just wonderful!”

    “What do you want, Ursula?” Dawn asked.

    “Oh, I just wanted to say hello to my favorite opponent,” Ursula responded. “You know, I’m still in the competition and I do hope we battle. I want to show everyone that a skillful co-ordinator beats out a lucky co-ordinator any day of the week.”

    “Can you please leave me alone?” Dawn pleaded. “I have another guy giving me enough trouble.

    Piplup stepped in front of Dawn and scolded Ursula in its own language.

    Ursula smirked. “How adorable. I see your Piplup is still charming as ever. And how’s that bratty Pachirisu of yours? Still too good to eat my Poffins? Anyway, who is this guy that you speak of?”

    “Just some guy named Dalton,” Dawn responded.

    “Oh my!” said Ursula with a fake gasp. She then began laughing. “That’s my cousin. He’s a great co-ordinator like me, but I’m still the better talent in the family. That’s what Mother says, anyway. I have to give him credit, though. He does know a loser when he sees one.”

    Misty stomped in front of Ursula and shoved her backward, almost knocking her down. “She told you to leave her alone, Princess!” Misty screeched. “Now get out of here before you regret it!”

    “My goodness, how dare you lay your hands on me!” Ursula protested. “Dawn, you better tell your bodyguard to settle down before someone gets hurt.”

    Misty growled. “I’m not her bodyguard!” she yelled, her voice increasing in volume twofold. “Leave now!”

    Ursula crossed her arms. “Fine. I’ll see you soon,” she said coldly before turning and leaving.

    Misty took a deep breath and put a hand on Dawn’s shoulder. “I didn’t mean to overreact like that,” she said. “I’m sorry.”

    “No need to worry,” said Dawn. “Someone needs to put her in her place.”

    “Well, that should be your job,” said Misty. “If you end up battling her, put her in her place. Where do you know her from?”

    “We’ve met in other contests throughout Sinnoh. I’ve beaten her before, but she still seems to think my winning is all luck. Beating her at the Grand Festival should prove her wrong.”

    “That’s a good attitude to have. Why don’t we go back to the room so you can get ready for your first battle round?”


    “Brock I’m telling you, it wasn’t my imagination. We really saw Ho-oh!” exclaimed Ash. Pikachu nodded in agreement.

    “Wow,” said Brock. He stood up from his bed and began rubbing his chin. “It’s interesting that you’ve seen it multiple times. Most people don’t even see it once. It must have some kind of interest in you. Have you talked to Professor Oak about it?”

    “I tried calling him, but he was too busy,” Ash said.

    “Just be sure to talk to him about it as soon as you can,” Brock said.

    Ash nodded. “Believe me, I will.”

    Dawn and Misty walked into the room. A small trail of dirt followed Dawn into the room. Ash pointed toward Dawn. “Wow, what happened to you?” he asked.

    “It’s rude to point,” Dawn said. “And Mamoswine happened to me. I need to stop spoiling it with so many Poffins. It only results in me getting hurt.”

    “That’s for sure,” Ash said. “So other than that, how did training go?”

    “It was going just fine until some rude girl named Ursula had to ruin it with her big mouth,” Misty said.

    “Uh oh, I didn’t know Ursula was still in it,” said Brock.

    “Yeah, Ursula is just like Paul,” said Ash.

    “Who’s Paul?” asked Misty.

    “Ash’s rival,” said Brock. “You remember what Gary was like before he and Ash became friends, right? Well, just picture that times three.”

    Misty chuckled. “Wow, that’s pretty bad.”

    “Yeah, he’s not the most pleasant person,” said Dawn. “Anyway, I need to head over to the Grand Hall soon. I got my first Grand Festival battle coming up!”


    Misty wandered through the crowd of co-ordinators in the Grand Hall waiting room before finally finding Dawn. Dawn was wearing a dress that was almost identical to the one she wore during the first appeal round. It was a slightly lighter color of red. Her hair was worn down and held by two sparkling braids. It was as smooth and shiny as ever.

    “Wow Dawn, you look great!” Misty said.

    Dawn looked up at Misty and blushed. “Oh, thank you. I didn’t expect to see you here in the waiting room.”

    “Yeah, Ash, Brock and I wanted to wish you luck one more time before we sat down,” Misty said.

    “Sounds great, thanks! Where are Ash and Brock, by the way?” Dawn asked.

    Misty turned around. “They were just behind me. I guess they got lost in the crowd. They’ll find us eventually.”

    After a few more minutes of chatting, Misty and Dawn saw Ash and Brock approaching. Ash was dragging a paralyzed Brock across the floor. Numerous people gave funny looks as they walked by. When they reached the girls, Ash let go of Brock’s legs and they hit the ground with a thud. “I think you can guess what happened,” grumbled Ash. “There was a group of girls at the front entrance.”

    “And…they…were…gorgeous!” stammered Brock.

    “Seriously, Brock?” scolded Misty. “How many times does this have to happen before you learn to stop drooling over every girl you see?”

    Ash tapped Misty’s shoulder. “He doesn’t drool over you, though,” he said. Ash received a fierce blow to the back of his head by Misty’s fist as soon as those words left his mouth. A red bump formed on the back of his head. “Was that necessary?” he complained.

    “Absolutely,” said Misty. “Anyway, I think you’ll do great, Dawn. You look very pretty.”

    “Thanks,” Dawn said. “You really think so?”

    “Of course,” Misty said. “What do you think, Ash?”

    Ash, who was helping Brock up, turned around, “Huh? About what?”

    Misty slapped her forehead. “About Dawn!”

    Ash nodded. “Oh yeah, I think she’ll win.”

    Misty slapped her forehead again. “I didn’t mean about that, I meant…never mind.”

    Brock laughed as he stood all the way up. “That went over his head, Misty.”

    “What did?” Dawn and Ash asked in unison.

    “It went over both their heads,” said Misty. “I’m at least used to that with Ash. Anyway, we’ll go to our seats now. Good luck, Dawn!”

    “Thanks,” Dawn said as her friends walked out. She paced around the room as she watched the other co-ordinators prepare. Their feelings of anxiety and impatience filled the room. Dawn saw many of the co-ordinators combing and pampering their Pokemon while others were giving them intense pep talks. Dawn held Mamoswine and Piplup’s Pokeballs in each of her hands. “You two will be just fine,” she said.

    After about ten minutes, the commotion in the arena simmered down as everyone in the waiting room heard Marian’s booming voice over the microphone. The television sets in the room turned on as the first pair of co-ordinators stepped up to each side of the stage.

    Dawn intently watched each battle. She made sure to make mental notes of the tendencies of the other co-ordinators in case she ever had to battle them. Her heart sunk when she saw Ursula mercilessly crush her opponent with her strapping Gabite. The Gabite looked like a much taller version of Ash’s Gible. Its teeth were significantly longer and sharper. I’ve beaten that Gabite before,thought Dawn. It looks so much stronger, though. I’ll have to find a new strategy against it.

    Dalton had little trouble with his opponent, as well. While battle rounds last up to five minutes, he only needed a mere thirty-one seconds to knock both of his opponent’s Pokemon out with his Mankey and Machop. The two were astonishingly nimble; none of the opponent’s attacks came close to hitting them. Dawn watched Dalton closely as he walked back into the room. Luckily, he didn’t see her. He went to the other side of the room to chat with Ursula. I don’t need any trouble before my battle, thought Dawn. I need to focus.

    A few more battles progressed before Zoey came up. She released her Glameow and Leafeon. The two traded blows and dodges with their opponents until the time limit was nearly reached. Zoey was slightly behind in points. Dawn smiled. She knew at this point, Zoey would deliver a finishing blow rather than crack under the pressure.

    “No more avoiding these guys! We’re going all out!” Zoey shouted. “Glameow, Shadow Claw! Leafeon, Headbutt!”

    Leafeon and Glameow charged toward their opponents, taking them aback. Glameow struck the opponent’s Rhyhorn with its claws. Despite its rock-solid exterior, the giant rhino hit the ground, motionless. Leafeon knocked the opponent’s Heracross out by ramming into it headfirst.

    Dawn pumped her fist for her friend as she began walking toward the stage entrance. She cleared her throat, cracked her knuckles, and headed down the hallway. Zoey was walking back to the waiting room. Dawn held up her hand and grinned. “That was amazing. You had no fear.”

    Zoey returned the high-five and smiled. “Thanks. You do the same thing.”

    Dawn emerged herself into the flashing camera lights and the roar of the crowd. This certainly felt bigger than an appeal round. She glanced into the stands and spotted her friends, who all stood up and began cheering. Dawn acknowledged them with a nod of the head.

    “On the other side of the stage, we have our buff and tough co-ordinator, Derek!” Marian announced.

    The man on the other side of the stage looked more like he should be a football player rather than a co-ordinator in a suit. He wore a crew cut and a thick beard. His gigantic arms looked like they would burst out of his sleeves at any moment. He released a Golem and a Graveler. Graveler was a hefty boulder Pokemon. It snarled as it balled its four hands into fists. The Golem was slightly larger than Bertha’s Golem.

    “Piplup, spotlight!” Dawn yelled as she threw Piplup’s Pokeball. Piplup popped out and twirled with its beak pointing to the sky, posing for the crowd.

    Derek laughed. “A Piplup?” he taunted in his rough, Southern accent. “Pipsqueak is more like it. So little girl, do my giant Pokemon scare you?”

    “Is it just me or is everyone in this Grand Festival an egotistical jerk?” Misty asked.

    “It sure seems that way,” Brock answered.

    “My Piplup will be just fine!” Dawn shouted back. “Besides, I have a giant Pokemon of my own. Mamoswine, spotlight!”

    “Mamo!” Mamoswine bellowed as it stomped its front feet into the ground. Derek and his Pokemon’s faces drooped as they stared up at Mamoswine.

    “Let the battle begin!” shouted Marian.

    “Let’s go you two, double Rollout!” Derek commanded.

    “Piplup, get on Mamoswine’s back! Mamoswine, catch them in your tusks!” ordered Dawn.

    Piplup jumped onto Mamoswine’s left tusk and propelled itself onto Mamoswine’s back. Piplup held on tight as the balled up Golem and Graveler collided with Mamoswine’s tusks. Mamoswine grunted as it pushed with all its might against the force of the Rollout attacks. It began sliding backwards. A bit of Dawn’s points disappeared on the screen.

    “Wow, even Mamoswine can’t stop them,” Ash said.

    “Golem and Graveler are just too heavy,” Brock said.

    “Piplup, stop them with Bubblebeam!” Dawn shouted.

    Piplup shifted to Mamoswine’s head and sprayed streams of bubbles down toward Golem and Graveler. They stopped rolling and put their arms up in defense as the barrage of bubbles pounded them. This gave Mamoswine and Piplup time to retreat backwards. Derek looked up at the screen in horror as he watched a significant portion of his points vanish. There was still four and a half minutes left on the clock. “Come on, guys!” Derek yelled. “You can do better than that! Rollout again, this time go on each side of Mamoswine!”

    Graveler and Golem barreled toward Mamoswine and Piplup again. They each turned at the last second and rolled to each side of Mamoswine.

    “Good, now use a double Take Down!” Derek commanded.

    Dawn gasped. “Look out!”

    Graveler thrusted itself into Mamoswine’s side. Mamoswine cried in pain. The force of Graveler’s hit knocked Piplup off of Mamoswine’s back. Golem jumped in the air and collided with Piplup, sending it flying. Golem smirked and balled up again. It raced toward Piplup, preparing to flatten it.

    Dawn felt a desire to panic for a brief moment. “No need to worry,” she thought. Dawn smiled. She felt the same confidence in herself that she felt in Zoey a moment ago when she was struggling against her opponent. She noticed that Piplup was laying in front of one of the walls. “Piplup, get up and jump over Golem!”

    Piplup leaped to its feet and flipped over Golem. When its beak was facing down toward Golem, it used Bubblebeam. This knocked Golem off course and sent it crashing into the wall.

    “Whoa, great move!” Brock exclaimed.

    “She had no worries despite being down,” said Misty.

    “That’s what makes her such a great co-ordinator,” said Ash.

    “What a move by little Piplup!” Marian shouted into the microphone. “Golem is unable to battle! Now Derek has just one Pokemon left!”

    Derek began visibly sweating all over. “Oh boy,” he said as he watched Mamoswine and Piplup gang Graveler up into a corner. Graveler had the same frightened expression on its face as its trainer.

    “Wow, Dawn may have been calm, but Derek looks petrified,” said Misty.

    Brock nodded. “Yeah. That’s going to be his downfall.”

    “Alright, finish it off with a Ice Shard and Whirlpool combo!” Dawn shouted.

    Mamoswine produced a chunk of ice and crushed it into bits with the sharp edges of its tusks. Piplup released a whirlpool from its mouth. The bits of ice got caught in the whirlpool and the whirlpool headed toward Graveler.

    “Um…Defense Curl!” Derek desperately shouted.

    Graveler’s body hardened and it curled up in a ball as a bombardment of ice chunks struck it. The whirlpool swept Graveler up and sent it flying. It hit the ground with a crash.

    “And there goes Graveler!” Marian announced. “The winner of this battle is Dawn, Piplup, and Mamoswine!”

    “All right!” Dawn celebrated as she ran onto the stage and embraced Piplup. Mamoswine lifted Dawn and Piplup onto its back with its tusks. Dawn waved to the crowd as Derek hung his head down and walked out.

    “What a victory,” Ash said. “She deserves it. She handled the pressure and Derek couldn’t.”

    “That attitude will easily get her to the finals,” Brock said.


    The night was clearer than ever. Lucian felt a slight breeze as he scaled the road in the mountains. Girafarig was walking by his side. “Walk slowly, Girafarig,” whispered Lucian. “The slightest movement or sound could alert our presence.”

    Lucian sat on a boulder looking down toward the lake. To the left not far from the edge of the lake was a cave dug from the side of the mountain. Lucian adjusted his glasses and carefully surveyed the area. He waited like this for about twenty minutes until he saw a small commotion outside the cave’s entrance. The Pikachu and the Meowth emerged from the cave and began playfully chasing each other by the lake.

    Lucian smiled. “Any minute now,” he whispered to Girafarig. He saw no sign of Mewtwo, however. “Giovanni must be getting impatient. This is the only chance he’s giving me. If Pikachu and Meowth are down there, Mewtwo has to be. It’s too protective of them to leave them alone.”

    Giovanni sat at his desk. His fists were clenched and the veins became visible in his forehead. “How much longer is he going to keep me waiting?” he yelled, startling the long, tan-colored feline lying next to his leg.

    As if it was on cue, Giovanni’s phone rang. “Hello, it’s Lucian,” Lucian said from the other end.

    “Yes, it’s about time,” Giovanni grumbled. “You’ve kept me waiting long enough. You better be ready for me to send the choppers.”

    “Absolutely,” Lucian said. “I am just about to-”

    “I’ll send them now,” Giovanni interrupted. He hung up the phone before letting Lucian get another word in and pressed a button on his speaker box. “Send the choppers,” he commanded into the box.

    “Yes, Sir,” the voice on the other end said.

    The feline purred when it sensed Giovanni calming down and leaped onto his lap. Giovanni stroked the cat’s head. “Soon enough, Persian. Soon enough,” Giovanni said.

    Lucian stood up from the boulder and patted Girafarig’s back. “Let’s get a little closer,” he whispered. The two edged slowly toward the lake and looked intently for any signs of Mewtwo. Lucian stopped dead in his tracks when the sound of the breeze against his ear turned into the roar of the spinning blades of two Team Rocket choppers. He looked up and saw the two large, black choppers flying above the mountains. Pikachu and Meowth’s ears perked up and they scurried toward the cave entrance. Mewtwo appeared from the cave. The three large fingers on each of its hands were clenched and glowing purple. Lucian’s heart flipped inside his chest. “There it is, let’s go!” he said to Girafarig as he leaped on its back. The two raced toward the lake.

    Mewtwo flew with great speed toward the choppers. The choppers released a barrage of missiles from their bottoms. Mewtwo countered the missiles with a large energy ball, created a midair explosion. One of the choppers lost control and quickly descended toward the lake. The other chopper persisted and fired more missiles. Mewtwo surrounded itself with a force field and blocked the missiles. It then lifted its right arm toward the chopper and blasted it with a wave of psychic energy. The chopper was blown backward and spun out of control. It eventually disappeared behind the mountains.

    Mewtwo looked back toward the cave. The other chopper had regained control and cornered Pikachu and Meowth. The two were quivering and paralyzed with fear. “No!” Mewtwo yelled as it rushed toward the scene. The machine guns on the sides of the chopper prepared to fire as Lucian and Girafarig leaped in front of the two small Pokemon.

    “Stop there, fiend!” Lucian shouted in the most heroic voice he could muster. “Girafarig, Protect!”

    A clear barrier was formed in front of Girafarig as the chopper fired. The bullets careened off of the barrier. Pikachu and Meowth looked up at Girafarig and Lucian with awe. After ten seconds of rapid fire shooting, the chopper ran out of bullets.

    “Wonderful, now show that nasty chopper what’s what! Psybeam!” Lucian commanded.

    Girafarig opened its mouth wide and blasted a colorful beam of energy toward the chopper. Debris rained down from the chopper as the blades fell apart. The chopper crashed into the lake, creating a massive splash.

    Lucian exhaled and patted Girafarig’s side. “Thank you,” he said.

    Pikachu ran to Lucian and hugged his left leg while Meowth hugged his right leg. Lucian got down on his knees and patted their heads. “There you go, you’re safe now,” he said with a comforting tone. Lucian heard footsteps in front of him and looked up. Mewtwo was staring down at him. Lucian gasped and quickly stood up and backed away from Meowth and Pikachu. Mewtwo continued to stare. Lucian relaxed his shoulders and smiled. “It can sense my fear,” he thought. “Don’t be nervous.”

    “Who are you?” Mewtwo asked sternly. “Why do you keep showing up here?”

    “Hello,” Lucian responded, being sure to keep his cool. “I’m so sorry, I just heard the commotion and I felt I had to do something.”

    “I can see you helped my Pokemon out, so I suppose I should thank you,” Mewtwo said.

    Lucian was a bit surprised at how quickly Mewtwo warmed up to him. “Of course,” Lucian said. He felt Mewtwo’s trust increase, but not to the level where he needed it.

    “They seem to have taken a liking to you. It’s not often they’re that way to humans. Especially after the way Team Rocket has treated us,” Mewtwo said.

    “That’s sad to hear,” Lucian said. “They give our species a bad name. Not all humans are monsters like them.”

    “I have had to many bad experiences with humans to fully trust them,” Mewtwo said, staring into the sky. “Although there are a few I have met that are exceptional.” Mewtwo looked back at Lucian. “Thank you again. I’m hoping eventually you’ll be one of those humans that I can trust.”

    Lucian smiled. “I’m glad to hear you say that.”
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    Chapter 15 - Bringing Back Kanto Memories

    Piplup sat on Dawn’s lap and chirped gleefully when it saw itself on television. Everyone was in the room watching replays of the Grand Festival battles. The screen showed Piplup gracefully leaping over Golem and blasting it with a Bubblebeam. Dawn rubbed Piplup’s head. “See how great you were, Piplup? Keep it up!” she encouraged.

    Piplup smiled and puffed out its chest. “Piplup!” it boasted.

    “You guys all looked great out there, Dawn,” Ash said. “All that hard work and bonding with your Pokemon paid off. Ursula doesn’t know what she’s talking about.”

    “Thanks,” said Dawn. “Your next battle is tomorrow. Are you going to find out who you're facing?”

    Ash put his hand on the side of his head. “Oh man, I don’t know. Cynthia said she would find another psychic Pokemon trainer. Is it on the computer?”

    “Let me check,” said Brock. Brock searched through the computer until he found the match up information. “It says here you’ll be facing Sabrina, the gym leader from Saffron City in Kanto. She must have gotten a lot better to be chosen for an Elite Four battle.”

    Ash and Misty looked at each other. “Sabrina?” they gasped in unison.

    “I remember her,” Ash said. “Man, was she strong. It’s too bad I don’t have Haunter to make her and her Pokemon laugh like I did when I beat her back then.”

    “I don’t even want to think about her,” Misty shuddered. “Remember when she turned you and I into dolls, Brock?”

    “She did what?” Dawn exclaimed, putting her hand over her mouth. “I don’t know if you should battle her, Ash. She sounds crazy.”

    “It’s okay, though,” Brock said. “She settled down once we got her to laugh. Once Ash’s Haunter got her to laugh, anyway. I wonder how Haunter is doing with her.”

    “I’m sure it’s fine,” Ash said. “Boy, Sabrina will be tough. I’ll be ready, though.” Ash looked up at Pikachu, perched on his shoulder. “Isn’t that right, Pikachu?”

    “Pika!” Pikachu confirmed.

    “As creepy as she may be, she is tough,” said Misty. “I hope you and your Pokemon will be alright.”

    Ash smiled. “No need to worry.”


    Ash sat in the Sinnoh Stadium waiting room for his final Elite Four match. “Sabrina is all that stands between me and the Champion,” Ash said to Pikachu. “Are you ready?”

    Pikachu slapped Ash on the cheek and threw its hands in the air. “Pika!” it shouted.

    Ash laughed. “Of course. I shouldn’t have even had to ask. I know you’re ready to go,” he said.

    After a few more minutes of waiting, a young lady with dark, green hair walked into the room. She was tall; taller than Brock. She stared at Ash and Pikachu with her blue eyes. “Hello,” she said in a quiet, monotone voice.

    “Hi, long time no see,” Ash said.

    “Yes.” Sabrina said. The tone in her voice didn’t change. “I should thank you again for saving me from my psychic rage. If it wasn’t for Haunter making me laugh, I would have turned everyone I knew into dolls.”

    Ash laughed nervously. “Yeah, that would have been bad.”

    “Your Haunter’s doing well. You’ll see in the battle today. I am thankful for your help, but you must know that I will crush you. I’m a good friend of Cynthia’s and did her a favor by filling in for Lucian. I didn’t come all the way from Kanto to lose.”

    “I understand,” Ash said. “But I’m a lot stronger than I was the last time I battled you. Don’t think you’ll win.”

    Sabrina smiled from the right side of her mouth. “We’ll see,” she said as she left the room.


    The sound of the announcer’s voice blared throughout the stadium. “On one side, we have the challenger, Ash Ketchum. He has beaten three of Sinnoh’s best trainers. Now he must face one of the best from another region. Filling in for Lucian, the gym leader that became a Kanto Elite Four member, Sabrina!” The crowd erupted with noise as the two trainers walked onto the field.

    “Ash couldn’t beat her without Haunter back in Kanto. Do you think he can now?” Misty questioned.

    “He’s improved so much since then,” Brock said. “He has good momentum after beating Flint. I think he’s got a good shot. It won’t be easy, though.”

    Sabrina’s eyes were glowing as she lifted her arms in front of her. Her Pokeball levitated in front of her, causing the entire crowd to gasp almost in unison. She threw her arms out toward the center of the field and the Pokeball launched itself onto the field, releasing a Metagross. Metagross looked like a giant, blue tank. It left four holes in the ground where its powerful legs stomped down. It stared Ash down with its terrifying, red eyes.

    “That thing is huge,” Dawn said.

    It’s a psychic-type but it’s also part steel, Ash thought. I’ll use fire. Ash released his first Pokeball. “Infernape, I choose you!” he shouted.

    “Infernape’s part fighting-type, right? Why would Ash put it in against a psychic type?” Dawn asked.

    “That’s true,” Brock said. “But Metagross is also part steel. Fire-types are good against steel, so it evens out.”

    “Battle begin!” declared the ref.

    “Flame Wheel!” Ash quickly ordered.

    Infernape curled up and created a wheel of fire. It sent itself hurdling toward Metagross. Metagross didn’t move an inch.

    “Hammer Arm,” commanded Sabrina.

    Metagross lifted its front two arms in the air and timed Infernape’s speed. Right as Infernape was about to plow into Metagross, Metagross slammed it into the ground.

    “Psychic,” Sabrina ordered.

    The large “X” in the middle of its powerful, steel body pulsated vibrant colors. Metagross’s four arms tucked into the top of its body and it began levitating. Its eyes glowed purple and it telepathically lifted Infernape into the air.

    “Don’t hold back,” Sabrina commanded.

    Metagross continually slammed Infernape into the ground with its psychic abilities. Infernape yelled out in pain after each time it hit the ground. Ash watched with horror as Sabrina grinned.

    That’s super effective. Can Infernape get out of it? Ash thought. “Flamethrower!” he shouted.

    Just as Infernape was lifted in the air once more, it released a flame from its mouth that stuck Metagross in the face. Metagross lost its focus and drew back. Infernape fell to the ground as it was released from the psychic grasp of Metagross.

    “Great, now use Close Combat!” Ash shouted.

    Infernape sprinted toward Metagross and punched it square in the middle of the “X” on its face. It threw numerous kicks at Metagross’s face, impeding Metagross’s vision.

    The smile on Sabrina‘s face turned into a scowl. “Draw back, Metagross,” she ordered.

    “Don’t let it get away, Infernape!” Ash yelled.

    Metagross levitated up and back away from Infernape. Infernape leaped in the air and threw a high kick at Metagross. It narrowly missed and landed hard on its back.

    “Now, Gyro Ball,” commanded Sabrina.

    Metagross began spinning rapidly like a top and headed toward Infernape. Infernape quickly stood on its feet and prepared for Metagross’s approach.

    “Dodge it!” Ash ordered.

    Infernape rolled out of the way at the last second. Metagross went flying in the opposite direction. It quickly did a U-turn and launched itself toward Infernape again. Infernape used its powerful legs to leap over Metagross.

    “Hit it, come on,” Sabrina said, raising her voice a bit.

    “That’s it, Infernape!” Ash exclaimed. “Flamethrower!’

    Infernape blasted Metagross with another Flamethrower. Metagross’s steel body turned red from the heat. It stopped spinning and landed hard on the ground. Its arms came back down from its head and it returned to its quadrupedal state.

    “Use Psychic,” Sabrina ordered.

    “Flamethrower!” Ash shouted.

    Infernape’s Flamethrower was stopped in midair by Metagross. The flames were twisted into a ball by its telekinesis. Metagross sent the ball hurdling toward Infernape. Infernape rolled out of the way as the ball of fire passed over it. Metagross launched it back toward Infernape, however.

    “It’s following you, so jump behind Metagross!” Ash shouted.

    The ball of fire chased Infernape as it rushed toward Metagross. It stepped over Metagross’s face and used it to spring over and hide behind the humongous Pokemon. The ball of fire collided with Metagross and knocked it backward. Infernape jumped backward to avoid the falling Metagross.

    “Metagross is unable to battle, Infernape wins!” declared the referee.

    “My Metagross has never lost,” Sabrina growled. “You did get tougher, Ash, but so did I. Slowking, go.”

    Sabrina released a pudgy, pink Pokemon that resembled a salamander. It stood on two feet and had a stone crown. Slowking looked around at all of the people and smiled. Rather than a look of intensity on its face, it looked carefree.

    “Part psychic, part water-type,” Ash said to himself. “Infernape, return!” he commanded as he transferred Infernape back into its Pokeball. He looked at Pikachu. “Get ready, Pikachu. I choose you!”

    Pikachu ran onto the field and faced Slowking. “Pika!” it shouted. Slowking grinned at the determined Pikachu. Sparks flew from Pikachu’s cheeks.

    “Pikachu, Thunderbolt!” Ash yelled.

    “Slowking, Amnesia!” Sabrina ordered.

    The sparks on Pikachu’s cheeks intensified as it sent a bolt of lightning toward Slowking. Slowking cleared its thoughts and relaxed itself. Slowking had no reaction as it was hit by Thunderbolt. It playfully yawned and continued to smirk at Pikachu, making it more angry.

    “It made its special defense higher, Pikachu!” Ash yelled. “We’ll use a physical attack. Quick Attack!”

    Pikachu scowled at Slowking and charged toward it. Slowking casually leaned back and avoided the attack. Pikachu missed and hit the ground hard.

    “Don’t let it tease you like that, Pikachu! Get it!” Ash shouted

    Pikachu growled with frustration and threw itself at Slowking again. Slowking once again dodged Pikachu with ease.

    “Ash and Pikachu need to settle down,” Misty said.

    “Yeah, they’re getting way too angry while Slowking is calm as can be,” Brock said.

    Sabrina smiled. “You two need to relax and cool down. Water Gun,” she ordered.

    Slowking shot water from its mouth and sprayed Pikachu, knocking it backward.

    “Very good,” Sabrina said. “Now use Zen Headbutt.”

    Slowking lowered its head and charged at Pikachu. Pikachu, who was shocked by Slowking’s speed, was struck hard by its solid crown. Pikachu flipped backward and hit the ground.

    Ash exhaled deeply. “She’s right, Pikachu. We need to relax. Concentrate on hitting Slowking and don’t let it get you angry.”

    Pikachu stood up and looked at the smug look on Slowking’s face. It had its hands on its hips and stood tall with pride. The scowl on Pikachu’s face disappeared.

    “That’s it, Pikachu! Now run toward Slowking and use Thunderbolt!” Ash directed.

    Pikachu ran at an unmoving Slowking and hit it with another Thunderbolt. Slowking took the hit and snickered along with its trainer.

    “Foolish move,” Sabrina said. “You know special moves won’t do much even if you do have a type advantage. Amnesia.”

    Slowking relaxed itself again to the point where it looked like it was enjoying being hit by Pikachu’s Thunderbolt.

    “You’re not protected by physical moves, though! Turn it into a Volt Tackle!” Ash exclaimed.

    Pikachu sprinted faster as its body was surrounded by a veil of electricity. The smug look on Slowking’s face quickly turned into a look of worry. It had no time to dodge as Pikachu rammed into its stomach. Slowking grunted and fell backward.

    “Slowking is unable to battle, Pikachu wins!” declared the referee.

    “Yes! Who’s laughing now?” Ash pronounced.

    Sabrina lifted another Pokeball with her psychic powers. “Oh, I’ll make you laugh,” she sneered. “Or your Pokemon, at least. Haunter, let’s go.”

    A purple ghost with large eyes and an elongated tongue appeared from the Pokeball. “Haunt! Haunt!” it joyfully shouted as it danced around in the air.

    Ash couldn’t help but smile. I remember you, Haunter, he thought. Good memories. Ash’s face became serious again. “Alright, I need to focus.” Ash pointed toward Haunter. “Pikachu, Thunderbolt!” he commanded.

    Pikachu’s Thunderbolt headed directly toward Haunter. At the last second, Haunter disappeared. Pikachu looked around the field, confused. Haunter abruptly appeared right in front of Pikachu’s face. It extended its long tongue and pulled it all the way out of its mouth. It began jump roping with its tongue, laughing gaily.

    “What in the world?” Ash asked.

    Sabrina smiled from the other side of the field. “You remember using this strategy to beat me? Well now I’m using it to beat you.”

    “No way,” Ash responded. “Pikachu won’t fall for that. Right, Pikachu?” Ash looked over at Pikachu and found it on the ground, laughing hysterically as Haunter continued to perform absurd tricks with its tongue.

    “Pikachu’s beside itself right now,” Misty observed. “It can’t stop laughing.”

    “What’s that attack called, Brock?” Dawn asked.

    Brock shrugged. “I don’t think there’s a name for that,” he responded.

    “Hey Pikachu, this isn’t time to be entertained!” Ash shouted. “Thunderbolt!”

    Before Pikachu had a chance to hear Ash’s command, Haunter put its tongue back in its mouth and continuously licked Pikachu. Pikachu stopped laughing and its body twitched. It became paralyzed. Haunter lifted it in the air with its left hand.

    “Finish it off with Shadow Punch,” commanded Sabrina.

    Haunter’s right hand was covered by a dark silhouette and it pounded the flailing Pikachu in the face numerous times. Haunter released Pikachu and let it drop to the ground.

    “Pikachu is unable to battle, Haunter wins!” declared the referee.

    Ash ran onto the field and lifted Pikachu into his arms. “Are you okay?” he asked. Pikachu opened its eyes and slowly nodded its head. Ash went to the edge of the stands and handed Pikachu to Misty. “You put up a good fight, buddy,” he said.

    Ash walked back to his spot on the field and was greeted by Sabrina’s grin. “Thanks for the Haunter,” she said.

    “Infernape, I choose you!” Ash shouted as he tossed his Pokeball, ignoring Sabrina’s comment.

    Infernape was breathing a little heavy, but it looked ready to fight. Haunter continued to play with its tongue.

    “Okay, Haunter, bring the funny over to Infernape,” Sabrina said.

    Haunter floated toward Infernape and grabbed the top and bottom of its mouth. It began stretching its face to insane lengths, drawing laughs from the crowd. Infernape was stoic for a few moments until it cracked a smile. It started chuckling when Ash spoke up.

    “Don’t look at it, Infernape! Close your eyes and use Flamethrower!” he commanded.

    Infernape shut its eyes tight and propelled its Flamethrower toward Haunter. Haunter quickly disappeared and reappeared behind Infernape.

    “Right behind you!” Ash shouted. “Keep your eyes shut!”

    Infernape rapidly spun around and blasted its Flamethrower into Haunter’s mouth. Haunter tongue was badly burned and it frantically rubbed its tongue to ease the pain.

    “Keep going!” Ash ordered.

    Infernape blew another stream of fire at Haunter, who continued to struggle.

    “If you're going down, I’m taking Infernape with you. Destiny Bond,” Sabrina commanded.

    A dark field of energy surrounded Haunter just as it hit the ground.

    “Haunter is unable to battle!” the referee declared.

    Right after Haunter hit the ground, a dark mass covered Infernape. Infernape screamed in pain as it fell to its knees. The dark mass disappeared and left the weakened Infernape to fall on its face.

    “Infernape is also unable to battle!” announced the referee.

    “Wow,” Brock said. “Destiny Bond knocked Infernape out because Haunter was knocked out the same turn. That was smart on Sabrina’s part.”

    Ash returned Infernape to its Pokeball and pulled out another one. “I’m still winning,” he said. “We can do this! Torterra, go!”

    The mighty Torterra popped out of its Pokeball and prepared itself for whatever Pokemon Sabrina was about to choose.

    “I’ll go with you, Mr. Mime,” Sabrina said.

    Mr. Mime was a goofy-looking Pokemon with a colorful, pink body. It had two pieces of frizzy hair sticking out on each side of its head. This Mr. Mime looked much more aggressive than Delia Ketchum’s Mr. Mime. Despite the obvious size disadvantage, Mr. Mime gave Torterra a fearless scowl.

    “Let’s go Torterra, Razor Leaf!” Ash commanded.

    Razor-sharp leaves were hurled from Torterra’s back toward Mr. Mime.

    “Light Screen,” Sabrina calmly ordered.

    Mr. Mime lifted its gigantic, meaty hands in front of it and a yellow force field covered it. Some of the leaves crossed the Light Screen and caused minimal damage, but most of them bounced off. Mr. Mime began charging toward Torterra.

    “Doubleslap,” commanded Sabrina.

    Mr. Mime jumped in the air and smacked Torterra across the face numerous times with its powerful hands. It grunted each time it slapped Torterra‘s face. Torterra groaned as its cheeks began turning red.

    “Use Crunch!” yelled Ash.

    Torterra lifted its head and took one final slap before it chomped down on Mr. Mime’s hand. Mr. Mime frantically tried pulling its hand out of Torterra’s mouth.

    “Super effective!” exclaimed Brock. “And Light Screen doesn’t help it against physical moves!”

    “Reflect,” Sabrina grunted.

    Another veil covered Mr. Mime as its hand finally escaped. Torterra chomped down on Mr. Mime’s torso, but the veil covered Mr. Mime again. Biting the veil caused pain in Torterra’s mouth, causing it to quickly release Mr. Mime.

    “Now Sabrina’s defended against both physical and special attacks,” Ash said to himself. “Who cares? She’s focusing too much on defense. I’ll overpower her anyway. Use Energy Ball!” he shouted.

    Torterra fired Energy Ball toward Mr. Mime. The Light Screen appeared and blocked it with ease. Mr. Mime stayed in a defensive position as Torterra shot three more Energy Balls. The Light Screen easily blocked the first two, however the third one shattered the Light Screen.

    “Perfect! Now use Leaf Storm!” shouted Ash.

    “We need to attack quick. Hyper Beam,” commanded Sabrina.

    Torterra released a explosion of leaves toward Mr. Mime. It looked like three Razor Leaf attacks used at once. Mr. Mime fired Hyper Beam from its mouth. The Hyper Beam was blown back by the barrage of leaves. Torterra’s Leaf Storm connected with Mr. Mime and knocked it down with ease.

    “Mr. Mime is unable to battle, Torterra wins!” the referee announced.

    Without delay, Sabrina returned Mr. Mime and released her next Pokemon. Sabrina’s fifth Pokemon was a Gardevoir. Gardevior was a dazzling Pokemon with a tall figure. It had flowing, green hair and the appearance of wearing an elegant gown.

    Despite losing by two Pokemon, Sabrina remained composed. “Use Attract,” she ordered.

    Gardevoir teleported in front of Torterra. “Gardevoir,” it crooned seductively. Gardevoir lightly rubbed Torterra’s face with its soft arm. It looked at Torterra with its big, beautiful, sparkling eyes. Torterra’s intense face relaxed and it rubbed its head against Gardevoir’s face.

    “Snap out of it, Torterra! Use Crunch!” Ash shouted.

    Torterra ignored its trainer. It stared at Gardevoir in a trance. Its tongue was hanging out like a begging puppy. Gardevoir slowly lifted it with its psychic powers and slammed it on the ground just as Metagross had done with Infenape.

    “Come on, Torterra! Snap out of it!” Ash desperately shouted.

    “That’s it, Gardevoir. Now use Hypnosis,” ordered Sabrina.

    Gardevoir let Torterra down and its eyes glowed. “Gardevoir,” it sang. Torterra’s entranced eyes closed and it fell into a deep sleep.

    Sabrina smiled from one side of her mouth. “Now finish it off with Dream Eater.”

    Gardevoir placed its arms on Torterra’s head. The peaceful Torterra began suffering as Gardevoir arms began to shake. Torterra’s body glowed pink and it screamed in pain. Its eyes were still closed.

    “What’s it doing?” Dawn asked nervously.

    “It’s eating Torterra’s dreams,” Brock answered somberly. “Gardevoir’s using a completely different strategy from Sabrina’s other Pokemon.”

    “Yeah, Torterra turned into mush around Gardevoir. That’s kind of like you around girls, Brock,” Misty said.

    “Torterra is unable to battle, Gardevoir is the winner!” the referee proclaimed.

    “Maybe a flying-type can avoid attraction,” Ash said. “Staraptor, I choose you!” he shouted as he released Staraptor. “We need to damage it good and quick, so use Brave Bird!” Ash commanded.

    Staraptor’s body began glowing as it charged at Gardevoir. Gardevoir disappeared as Staraptor passed. Staraptor stopped suddenly, nearly crashing into the wall. Gardevoir teleported behind it. It grabbed Staraptor and turned it around.

    “Attract,” Sabrina ordered.

    “No! Close your eyes!” Ash shouted.

    It was too late, however. Gardevoir stared into Staraptor’s eyes with its own majestic eyes. Staraptor’s body relaxed and it embraced Gardevoir with its wings.

    “Not you too, Staraptor! Don’t hug Gardevoir, attack it!” Ash bellowed.

    “Thunderbolt,” Sabrina commanded.

    Gardevoir lit Staraptor’s body up with electricity. Staraptor shrieked and its fried body fell to the ground. Gardevoir stood over it and smiled.

    “Staraptor is unable to battle, Gardevoir wins!” the referee announced.

    Ash cringed as he returned Staraptor. “This is tough,” he said to himself. “What Pokemon of mine won’t get attracted to that Gardevoir? He pulled out his fifth Pokeball and smiled. “I got you from Professor Oak yesterday. You should do just fine. Snorlax, I choose you!”

    Snorlax’s massive body came out of the Pokeball. It weighed well over a thousand pounds. The enormous, bear-like Pokemon let out a big yawn. It looked like it just got up from a nap.

    “Whoa, I didn’t know Ash had one of those!” exclaimed an excited Dawn. “How cool!”

    “Yeah, Snorlax has been one of Ash’s powerhouses,” Brock said. “Let’s hope it doesn’t fall for Gardevoir’s spells."

    “Go for it, Snorlax! Ice Punch!” Ash shouted.

    Snorlax sprinted toward Gardevoir, causing the ground to shake with each step. Gardevoir smirked and stayed put.

    “Have you learned nothing from your last two defeats?” Sabrina snidely remarked. “Gardevoir, use Attract.”

    Gardevoir’s eyes sparkled again. It seductively waved its arms around. Snorlax continued to charge with its frozen fist clenched. Gardevoir’s eyes widened.

    “What?” said a confused Sabrina.

    “You’re relying on that move too much,” Ash stated proudly. “Not all Pokemon fall for Attract. My Snorlax is one of them.”

    Snorlax pounded Gardevoir in the face, knocking it backward. Snorlax charged toward Gardevoir again and struck it in the face twice more. Gardevoir attempted to lift Snorlax in the air with its telekinesis. Its arms shook and it struggled greatly as it tried lifting the heavy Snorlax.

    “It can’t lift you, Snorlax! Body Slam!” yelled Ash.

    Gardevoir released Snorlax out of fatigue. Snorlax dropped to the ground on its feet and leaped high in the air above Gardevoir. Gardevoir had no time to move as Snorlax landed on top of it, crushing it with its colossal belly. Snorlax rolled over on its back to reveal Gardevoir. Its body was as flat as a piece of paper.

    “Wow! Snorlax is powerful!” Dawn exclaimed.

    “Gardevoir is unable to battle, Snorlax wins!” declared the referee.

    Gardevoir’s flattened body restored to normal before Sabrina pulled it back into its Pokeball. Sabrina brought out her last Pokeball as she clenched her teeth and gripped it tight. “This one won’t let me down!” she roared.

    “Wow,” said Misty. “Sabrina was calm the whole battle until now. I’ve never heard her yell like that.”

    “She’s competitive,” said Brock.

    Sabrina flung the Pokeball onto the field and an Alakazam emerged. Alakazam had the appearance of a bipedal fox. Two lengthy strands of facial hair hung from above its mouth. It yielded spoons in each of its long, crooked hands.

    “I see your Kadabra evolved since I last battled it,” Ash said.

    “That’s right,” grunted Sabrina. “And now you’ll get a taste of its power.”

    “We’ll see about that! Snorlax, Body Slam!” Ash shouted.

    Snorlax sprinted toward Alakazam. It stuck its arms out and leaped in the air. It hovered directly above Alakazam and prepared to slam it into the ground.

    “Psychic!” Sabrina shouted with intensity. Her hands and eyes glowed with rage and her hair stood up.

    Alakazam’s hands and eyes glowed as well. Its two spoons bent in half as it lifted Snorlax in the air. Unlike Gardevoir, Alakazam had no trouble lifting Snorlax. Snorlax flailed around in the air. Alakazam slammed Snorlax on the ground continuously, creating several large craters on the ground. Snorlax stood up after the attack and held its head.

    “Finish it with Hyper Beam!” Sabrina screamed.

    Alakazam opened its mouth and released the Hyper Beam. It struck Snorlax in the middle of its gut. Snorlax gasped for breath and fell on its back.

    “Snorlax is unable to battle, Alakazam wins!” the referee declared.

    “Alakazam is well-trained,” Brock said. “Gardevoir’s Psychic was too weak to lift Snorlax, but it seems Alakazam can lift anything.”

    Ash returned Snorlax to its Pokeball. “Thank you,” he said. “You were great.” Ash pulled out his final Pokeball and hurled it to the center of the field. “Charizard, I choose you!” he shouted.

    Charizard emerged and flapped its powerful wings. It released a deafening roar in attempt to intimidate its opponent. Alazakam stared at it with frozen eyes.

    “Go after it, Charizard! Dragon Claw!” Ash commanded.

    Charizard soared through the air and swiped at Alakazam, who teleported directly behind it. Charizard swiftly spun and swung its claw at Alazakam again. Charizard madly swung its claws around in the air, but to no avail. Alakazam dodged every attack.

    “How am I supposed to hit it?” Ash asked himself worriedly.

    “Use Psybeam!” commanded Sabrina.

    Alazakam fired a colorful beam of energy toward Charizard. Charizard ascended quickly to avoid the attack.

    “Good dodge, now use Flamethrower!” Ash ordered.

    Charizard closed in on Alakazam and blasted it with its flames. Alakazam yelled in pain and teleported away. It reappeared on the other side of the field.

    “Recover!” shouted a furious Sabrina.

    Alakazam’s body shined and its burns quickly healed. It teleported directly in front of Charizard. It looked like it didn’t take a hit at all.

    It’s just going to keep recovering, Ash thought. Flamethrower isn’t powerful enough. I need a move that can knock it out in one hit. Ash pointed his finger toward Alakazam. “Fire Blast!” he shouted.

    The fire that Charizard released was shaped like a five-pointed star. It connected with Alakazam and knocked it over. It teleported away before Charizard could attack it again.

    “Recover!” shouted Sabrina.

    Alakazam appeared above Charizard and recovered from its burns again. It looked no weaker than when it began the battle. It floated around Charizard’s head and taunted it. Charizard clenched its fists and growled.

    “You can do it, Charizard!” yelled Ash. “Take it out in one hit! Use Fire Blast!”

    Smoke surrounded Charizard and its body slowly turned dark red. It snarled loudly as its body caught on fire. It opened its mouth to reveal a giant fireball.

    “That doesn’t look like Fire Blast,” observed Misty.

    Brock smiled. “I know what’s happening. Charizard learned a new move.”

    Ash smiled, as well. “Yes! You learned the ultimate fire move, Blast Burn! Now use it to finish off Alakazam!”

    The giant fireball scattered in to many different embers. Alakazam teleported to dodge them, but the embers were too plentiful. As soon as one of the embers made contact with Alakazam’s body, it exploded into a colossal pillar of fire. The pillar surrounded Alakazam and swirled around it. A wave of heat blew into the crowd.

    “Man, that’s some intense heat,” said Misty, covering her face.

    The pillar of fire subsided and revealed Alakazam. Its body was completely blackened from the burns. It coughed up a small cloud of smoke and fell on its face. Charizard’s body cooled down as it stood over Alakazam and growled.

    “Alakazam is unable to battle, Charizard wins! Ash Ketchum of Pallet Town has defeated the Elite Four!” the referee announced.

    Sabrina planted her hands in her face and fell to her knees. “This doesn’t happen to me,” she groaned. “It just doesn’t happen.”

    “Yes!” Ash bellowed with everything his voice had. He threw his cap in the air and raced toward Charizard. He leaped onto Charizard’s back and hugged its neck. “You were awesome!” he shouted. Charizard climbed into the air. The crowd went ballistic as Ash and Charizard took a victory lap over the top of the stadium. As the two landed, they were greeted by Misty, Pikachu, Dawn, Piplup, and Brock.

    “Nice job, Ash!” Dawn said. “Now only Cynthia stands in your way!”

    “Thanks, guys!” Ash said as he embraced each of his friends. “She stands in my way, but she doesn’t stand a chance, because I’m gonna win!” he proclaimed.

    Ash lifted the exhausted Pikachu into his arms and smiled. “See what you’ve helped me do, buddy?” he asked. “All these years and now we finally have a shot a becoming Champions!”

    Pikachu smiled and used all of its strength to nod its head. “Pika!” it replied.

    Ash looked at Dawn, Brock, and Misty. “And thank you guys for your support,” he said. “It means a lot.”

    “You haven’t won it all yet,” Misty said. “But we’re glad to give you support all the way.”

    A cameraman and a young, female reporter stepped in front of Ash’s friends. “Excuse me,” the reporter said. “May we get a word on what you are feeling right now?” she asked.

    “Um… excitement, anticipation, and excitement,” Ash responded.

    “I see your emphasis on ‘excitement,’” the reporter said. “So what do you think about your upcoming battle with Cynthia?”

    “I can’t wait,” Ash said. “I can’t wait to beat her and become the Champion!”

    Ash was startled by a hand on his shoulder from behind. “You make it sound so easy,” Cynthia said into his ear.

    Ash quickly turned around to face her. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it that way,” he stammered. “I wasn’t trying to make you sound bad. I’m just feeling really confident in my Pokemon.”

    Cynthia smiled and giggled. “I know what you meant, Ash. I understand.” Cynthia looked into the camera. “I can’t wait for this battle, either. It’s sure to be a good one.”

    The camera turned to the reporter. “There you have it,” she said. “Two trainers who are more powerful than the Elite Four facing each other in battle. It’s a battle you folks at home don’t want to miss, so stay tuned.”
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    You asked, and here's my review:

    Description: WOW!!! It felt like this was a real episode (and I really hope the anime ends something like this when it really does end) I loved how you captured Ash's determination at the beginning. That said, maybe some brief flashbacks of past battles might be in order to add tension?

    Characters: I would've loved to see some flashbacks from previous episodes, especially when Prof. Oak referenced Episode 1

    Plot: You've definitely gotten things going with a bang! I'm interested in what happens next.


    A little more description and scene setting would make this perfect!
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    WOW!!! It felt like this was a real episode (and I really hope the anime ends something like this when it really does end) I loved how you captured Ash's determination at the beginning.
    Thanks! I'm glad you think so, that's exactly what I was going for.

    I would've loved to see some flashbacks from previous episodes, especially when Prof. Oak referenced Episode 1
    I'm a big fan of the anime, so I guess I assumed the readers knew as much about it as I did. I agree that flashbacks would help.

    New Chapter: Chapter 4- Unova

    Pirates of the Caribbean: The Creature of Storms
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    Well hello there : ) I made a visit and have just finished reading Chapter 1 and Chapter 15. My review will detail your imrpvoment in language, description, the way that characters are presented and also literrary techinuqes. So here I go:

    My first comment would be to include more description, I know this may seem... annoying and irritating and can also be really tricky to add it in at first but by just adding in a little bit here and there it will then become like second nature and you'll not have to think about adding Description in really. So for example in Chapter 1 when you describe the battle. The description of the attacks were really good, a little more could have been added in but if you had added in the description of the field and the audiences reaction, this would all blend in and not mess up the flow. I remember when I first started doing this I really felt that it added in too much but it flowed when read back. In Chapter 15, for instance in the first scene you could descripe the room, you could also describe the Contest Battle a little bit more, people's feeling and emotions as well. So you see these small few details really do add an edgy effect to it all than can heighten a story.

    Secondly Characters presentation. You do really well on building characters up! I particuarly like Pikachu's new personality really as well because I think it's pretty unique and is yet to be seen in an anime character as well. The way Ash is presented is a little generic however he was the one that started this craze off and so that personality I suppose does belong to him. The other characters too and very well presented and all have a slightly different quality to them than the show provides, well done.

    Pokemon Description. Now this is again really quite good, however the only one that I thought was a little poor compared to the others was Metagross instead of just stating what it was when it appeared you could add it in throughout the course of the story such as 'his X at the centre of his body began to pulsate vibrant colours' and this could be the start of a move. Also on top of this - a little note on Battle description, I think that there needs to be a little bit more. Again your story so far doesn't have anything detracted from it however though adding this in just makes it that bit better : D

    Language is also good on the most part. I don't notice any really obvious spelling mistakes and your range of vocab is also pretty good so all togther well done.

    Moving onto litterary techniques I enjoy your imagery and metaphors as such as they really do add something to your story. Also the added factor of including the speech when you did, not going too far with it and nod adding in too little is very impressive.

    So overall a very good story and I think I'll be reading a few other chapters soon when I can... I'm excited to see how you're doing this and how you're planning on completing the whole saga.

    Most Recent Chapter - Chapter 31: Don't Forget Me - Posted 26/01/13
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    Now this is again really quite good, however the only one that I thought was a little poor compared to the others was Metagross instead of just stating what it was when it appeared you could add it in throughout the course of the story such as 'his X at the centre of his body began to pulsate vibrant colours' and this could be the start of a move. Also on top of this - a little note on Battle description, I think that there needs to be a little bit more.
    I can see obviously that most of your advice has to do with adding more description. I agree that I could definitely use more. I have been getting better at this and like you said, the more I do it, the more Second Nature it becomes. I really do feel that when I add more description, it makes for a better scene. Thanks for the advice! I'll be sure to go through the story and add in more descriptions here and there.

    Here's Chapter 16!

    Chapter 16 - The Entrance of the Champion

    “Elekid, use Thunderpunch!” the eager co-ordinator yelled.

    Elekid used its stumpy legs to run toward Piplup. Its bulky arm was outstretched and surging with electricity. Piplup leaped backward and dodged Elekid’s punches with ease.

    “That’s it, Piplup!” Dawn exclaimed.

    Dawn’s opponent, Lydia, gasped. She looked to be on the verge of tears as she watched her points plunder. “Please help it, Pichu!” she cried out. “You can do it! Quick Attack!”

    As Elekid finished a series of unsuccessful punches, it leaped in the air and Pichu rushed under it toward Piplup. Piplup tucked and rolled to the side, narrowly missing Pichu’s attack. Lydia’s points declined for each attack that missed.

    “I didn’t know Piplup was that fast,” Ash said. “It hasn’t been hit once.”

    “Yeah,” Brock agreed. “You would think Piplup would have a huge disadvantage. Pachirisu is knocked out, so Piplup is left to face two electric types.”

    Misty chuckled. “Dawn doesn’t seem the least bit nervous. As she always says, ‘No need to worry.’”

    Lydia wiped sweat from her forehead with her sleeve. “We have to hit it!” she shouted. “Double Thunderbolt!”

    Pichu squeezed its cheeks and voltage surrounded it. Electricity also formed in between Elekid’s long ears, which were shaped like the prongs on a plug. The two simultaneously released their attacks.

    Dawn stared out at Piplup, who braced itself for the attacks. She remembered this being the very combination attack that knocked out Pachirisu. Her heart leaped for a moment, but she remained calm. “It’ll all work out no matter what,” she thought. The sound of confidence was traceable in her voice when she gave the next command. “Hydro Pump!”

    A massive stream of water shot out of Piplup’s tiny beak. Pichu was blown backward by the forceful Hydro Pump and its Thunderbolt attack was redirected toward the sky. Elekid stumbled but remained its balance. Its Thunderbolt collided with Piplup. Dawn gasped as Piplup yelped in pain. Elekid eventually felt the effects from Hydro Pump and fell on its front side. All three Pokemon were sprawled on the ground in pain as the clock ran down.

    “Time’s up!” announced Marian. “And let’s look at the scoreboard to see who the winner is!”

    Dawn and Lydia turned quickly to face the scoreboard. Dawn’s points bar was slightly longer than Lydia’s. The screen flashed an image of Dawn, Piplup, and Pachirisu. “Winner” was written in bold letters underneath.

    Dawn nodded and smiled. “I knew it,” she said to herself. Despite this being her closest to losing, she felt more confident in this battle than any other. Dawn ran onto the stage and raised Piplup, embracing it. “I had no doubts that you would win,” she said. “Thank you.”

    “And that’s the last battle of the day!” Marian announced. “If you will look at our final four, we will show you the semi-final matchups!”

    Zoey, who had been watching from the sidelines, walked over to Dawn. “Great battle,” she said. “So who do you think will face who?”

    “I don’t know,” Dawn responded, shrugging her shoulders. “Our next battle might be against each other.”

    The screen showed four pictures. Dawn’s picture was right next to Ursula’s picture and Zoey’s was next to Dalton’s.

    “Yes!” Zoey exclaimed. “I can’t wait to cream that jerk and show him what a real co-ordinator is like!”

    “Yeah,” said Dawn. “And I can’t wait to show Ursula that I have skill and my winning isn’t a fluke.”

    Zoey held her hand out. “Hopefully we meet in the finals.”

    Dawn shook Zoey’s hand. “Hopefully.”


    Dawn met up with Ash, Brock, Misty, and Pikachu in the stands after most everyone had left. She still had Ursula in her mind. Dawn had already gone through many scenarios in her head about what Pokemon Ursula would use and how she would use them. Brock interrupted her thoughts.

    “Those were three tough battles you guys fought, Dawn,” he said. “In only two days, as well. You and your Pokemon should be proud.”

    “Thanks, we are,” Dawn said as she rubbed Piplup’s big, round head.

    An attractive, blonde-haired girl approached Dawn and held out a piece of paper and a pen. “Excuse me,” she said. “My little sister here loves you and we would really appreciate an autograph.”

    Dawn looked down at the petite girl who stared longingly into her eyes. Freckles were scattered all throughout her face. “Really? You want my autograph? Of course!” Dawn signed the paper and gave it to the girl, who smiled widely.

    Brock took the pen from Dawn and stood inches away from the older sister. “You can have my autograph, too, if you want,” he said. “I’ll be the world’s greatest Pokemon breeder one day, so I think…” he stopped when he felt the presence of Croagunk’s arm behind his back and Misty’s hand around his ear. “Don’t do it!” he shouted. “I’ll stop, I promise!” Misty and Crogunk grinned and backed off as the sisters walked away.

    “Man, I’m not the only popular one around here,” Ash said. “You deserve it for how great you’re doing.”

    “Thanks! Could you imagine if you became Champion and I became top co-ordinator at the same time!” Dawn exclaimed.

    Ash felt his arm. “I’m getting Goosebumps just thinking about it. I can’t wait to finally battle Cynthia tomorrow. I’ve got my team ready already. We’re all set to go.”


    There wasn’t a cloud in the night sky outside Turnip Forest. The soil in the mountains was steadily growing Oran Berry bushes and small trees. Pikachu was riding Girafarig around the lake as Meowth climbed on top of Bronzong. Lucian and Mewtwo chatted outside the cave.

    “Your Pokemon are very well-trained,” Mewtwo said as it watched them play with its own Pokemon. “I’m impressed. How did you train them so well?”

    “I actually was a member of the Elite Four,” Lucian replied. “I have had Girafarig and Bronzong since I was a child. I simply formed a great friendship with them and worked with them on their psychic abilities.”

    “I have met many Pokemon,” Mewtwo said. “The only ones I’ve seen as remarkable as yours were owned by a boy named Ash Ketchum.”

    Lucian’s eyes widened and he adjusted his glasses. He cleared his throat like he was ready to say something but he remained silent.

    Mewtwo looked at him. “I sense your surprise. You know him?”

    “Yes,” Lucian answered. “I met he and his friends once before. He is currently attempting to become the Champion of Sinnoh.”

    “That doesn’t surprise me,” Mewtwo said. “That boy is a fine trainer.”

    Lucian felt his face get hot. He had heard so much about how great Ash Ketchum was. He began having regrets about not battling him. Lucian made sure to calm down before Mewtwo could sense his anger. “Yes,” he responded. He looked into Mewtwo’s eyes and tried connecting his mind to its. It still sensed a feeling of slight distrust toward Lucian.

    Lucian announced that he needed to get back to his home for the night. He returned Bronzong and bid farewell to Mewtwo, Meowth, and Pikachu as he hopped on Girafarig. Lucian made certain as he rode through the woods that he was far away from Mewtwo before dialing Giovanni’s number.

    “Hello?” answered Giovanni.

    “Hello, it’s Lucian,” Lucian said. “I regret to inform you that I haven’t quite taken over Mewtwo’s mind yet.”

    Lucian heard a loud banging noise in the background before he heard Giovanni’s gruff voice. “Why not? How long does it have to take? You better not be like all of the other failures I sent on this mission!”

    “I’m not. With all due respect, how many of your failures have actually talked to Mewtwo? It still has a little distrust toward me. That must be an effect of its strong distrust toward humans in general, thanks to you and Team Rocket, of course."

    Giovanni growled. “I’m still your boss and I won’t be talked to that way! The next time I see or hear from you, Mewtwo better be in your possession!”


    Ash and his friends sat in the waiting room at Sinnoh Stadium. They were watching a promo of the Championship battle on the television. The promo played rock music and flashed images of Pikachu shooting its Thunderbolt attack and Garchomp swinging its giant claws. “We have the battle of the decade!” an enthusiastic narrator shouted. “Ash from Kanto versus the Champion of Sinnoh! One is young and ambitious and the other is powerful and gorgeous! You don’t want to miss this live battle happening tonight!”

    As the promo ended, Ash smiled. “That should get me pumped up,” he said. “I’ve never been this ready for something in my life. After competing in four different leagues, I’m ready to fulfill my dream.”

    “I‘m so excited for you,” said Misty. “I remember when we first met and we were walking through the Viridian Forest. You had no idea what you were doing. Now look at you!”

    Ash nodded and smiled as he remembered that day. He had just battled a mighty Pidgeotto with his tiny, newly caught worm Pokemon, Caterpie.

    “With Pokemon you have to use strategy!” Misty scolded after Caterpie was injured. “Why would you use a bug-type against a flying-type?”

    “I’m just glad you were there to help back then,” Ash said to Misty. “Now I’m ready to battle the Champion!”

    “We know you’re ready,” Brock said. “And we know you and your team can do it.”

    “We’re going to get to our seats now. Show Cynthia who the real Champion is!” Dawn said.

    “Thanks, guys,” Ash said as his friends walked out. With Pikachu perched on his shoulder, he pulled his gloves onto his hands and waited for his cue. After a few more minutes of waiting, the referee walked in the room and nodded. Ash returned with a nod of his own and stood up. He took a deep breath and ran through the tunnel onto the field.

    Ash ran into almost complete darkness. The stars and the flashing cameras gave him enough light to find his spot on the field. The lights standing above the stadium were turned off. Pikachu jumped off of his shoulder next to him and gazed toward the other side of the field, waiting for its opponent.

    “And now that we have introduced the challenger, it’s time to meet the Champion!” the voice on the speaker system blared. The voice paused for a moment, allowing the crowd to go ballistic. “Let me introduce the strong, persistent, formidable, and beautiful Cynthia!”

    Cynthia slowly walked to her spot and waved her left hand as she revealed herself to the crowd when a giant spot line shone on her. She placed her hands on her hips and stared vigorously into Ash’s eyes. Ash and Pikachu jumped as a hidden platform underneath them began rising slowly. He looked over and noticed that Cynthia was rising, as well. The platforms were releasing webs of red, blue, and green laser lights throughout the crowd. The platforms didn’t stop until Ash, Pikachu, and Cynthia were at least thirty feet in the air. Someone was performing a rapid tune on the piano over the sound system to set the mood.

    “Let the battle begin!” the referee shouted. As soon as he said that, the brilliant stadium lights flashed on and made everything visible in the night.

    Cynthia and Ash each pulled out a Pokeball. “You’re a formidable trainer, Ash,” Cynthia said. “I expect nothing less than the effort of a Champion.”

    Ash grinned. “That’s exactly what you’ll get!” He turned his hat backwards and flung his Pokeball onto the field. “Torterra, I choose you!” he shouted.

    “We will see.” Cynthia threw her first Pokeball onto the field. “Spiritomb, battle dance!”

    Torterra stood face-to-face with the most frightening-looking Pokemon it had ever seen. Spiritomb was a ghostly, purple vortex that floated above a stone with odd markings on it. It had maniacal, green eyes and a wicked grin. Fear burned into Ash’s soul as Spiritomb released an unearthly, high-pitched screech, causing he and most of the crowd to cover their ears. Ash exhaled as he stared at the terrifying ghost Pokemon. His ears were still ringing. “Can’t let it scare me,” he told himself. “Gotta have the mindset of a Champion. Let’s go!”
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