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Thread: Getting Into Competitive Battling?

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    Default Getting Into Competitive Battling?

    Ok, Im new to this forum in the sense that I havent been around in well over 2 years. So hi everyone.

    Secondly, Im sorry if this is the wrong place for this thread. Feel free to move or delete it.

    Onto the topic, Im thinking I wanna get started in competitive battling. Ive never done it before in my life and I think I'd enjoy it. Im aware of EV Training, Natures and all. I dont however, know much about IV's or EV Training itself. Is there more than just fighitng a Machop over and over until you get the right amount of EV's?

    Links to in depth guides would be great, and just any tips on how I should start my career in online competitive play.

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    There isn't much more to it than fighting a Machop over and over, but having Power items and Pokérus helps a lot. I'd explain it, but reading the guides would probably make more sense.
    Here are the links.
    IV Guide
    IV Calculator
    EV Guide

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