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Thread: Pokemon Ranger Tracks of Light

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    Default Pokemon Ranger Tracks of Light

    Are any of the people on this board going to stay up all night the first night of the Pokemon Ranger Tracks of Light release day. I have both a DS and a DS Lite, and I plan to stay up all night on the day of release playing the game.

    I will just play the game on one DS until the battery runs low, then plug that DS into the outlet to recharge, and continue playing the game on the other DS.

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    I don't get why some nerds (no offense) stay up for the release dates of these things. It makes it a pain in the *** for anyone else to enter the store when there is a bunch of tents and stuff blocking the doors; especially if the people are there to get something else. Besides, if the store doesn't open until ten, nine, or even as early as eight, you can easily get there on time by waking up early and driving/walking there. If the store isn't open, it doesn't matter if they have the product or not.

    Plus, you could just get a preorder. That way, no matter when you get there you will get the game. You can afford to come after the threat of trampling (which has never happened at my local Gamestop for any pokemon game) has subsided if you do that.

    PS: You can play a game while it's charging. I only unplug my DS from its charger when I leave the house. GreenPeace, you may start pointing fingers at me now.
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    No way will I stay up. I probably wont pre order it if it comes out in the US before Hanukkah so that I could get it for Hanukkah. Either way, I might not pre order it. It does not seem like that major of a game to just get 10 minutes of sleep.
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