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Thread: Fighting the Shadows(PG-13)

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    Default Fighting the Shadows(PG-13)

    Hey everyone, it's me with the rewritten, changed, Redemption of the Holders. In case you didn't figure it out, there are a lot of changes to the plot, which is the reason the name has changed. Hope you all enjoy it.

    For those who haven't read the original one, this is set in the Pokemon Special manga, and is a crossover with the TV series Ben 10.

        Spoiler:- PM List:

    Chapter List
    Chapter 1
    Chapter 2
    Chapter 3
    Chapter 4

        Spoiler:- Aliens Guide(for those of you who have watched Ben 10):

    Basically, I'll list the alien species followed by an alien of that species from the TV show. The list will be updated with every chapter.

    Anyway, here is the chapter.

    Chapter 1
    The Discovery

    A large volcano simmered in the blazing afternoon. The bubbles of lava could be seen at the top, rising eerily from below and popping. A young lad stood on the rim of the volcano, his black hair prominent against the midday searing sun. His smile was one of mischief, and his thoughts centered themselves on a young woman he knew rather well.

    He pulled a rope out of his bag and tied it carefully round his waist. He took out a mallet and a peg and hammered it into the thick rim of the volcano. He couldn’t really resist this, and the rope was very strong. Bungee jumping right into a boiling volcano was a thrill he wanted to experience. Even if the rope broke, he had an ace card. He could just imagine that scene with everyone howling while he calmly landed back where he was now standing.

    He paused to admire himself, staring at his medium-sized torso covered by a golden yellow shirt. Below that was a purple pair of shorts that covered his legs up to his knees. His leg was then bare until his foot, which was covered by a pair of bright red shoes.

    He ran one of his hands through his hair, and adjusted his goggles. He checked his billiard cue, and found it was in perfect working condition. Looking into one of his Pokeballs, he exchanged a sly grin with a small monkey in it. The monkey had a yellow face and chest, with two purple long stubs for arms. His feet and the rest of the front of his body were the light brown of his face, but the rest of his body was a pleasant shade of purple.

    Except for the tail, that is. The tail was light brown and ended in a weird hand of the same color. Right now, the tail was twitching with anticipation.

    Gold tied the other end of his rope firmly to the peg and turned and looked down. The rest of his friends were chatting animatedly. They wouldn’t see him.

    Gold crouched a little, and then leaped forward with his thoughts centered on the rope and his backup plan in case the rope broke. They soon wandered to taking a photograph of himself hanging upside down with his camera and making his daredevilry public.

    His momentum soon disappeared, and he began to go down, speeding up with the help of gravity. He could feel the adrenaline rush in his body, and the blood flowing to his head. As he approached the bubbling lava, he pulled his bag off his shoulders.

    Gripping it very firmly, he searched in it for his camera. When he pulled it out, he struggled and finally, managed to tuck it upside down into the front of his shirt so that it faced upwards as he was hanging upside down.

    He managed to snap the photograph of himself over the lava and then tucked it into his bag after pulling it out very carefully. He zipped it closed and then struggled once again, to get it on to his firm shoulders once again.

    When he succeeded, he then looked down and gazed at the boiling lava. He was about five meters above it. He let his eyes wander and they chanced upon something black at the far end of the volcano from where he was hanging. He gazed closely at it, but it wasn’t very clear and seemed shaky due to the heat starting to take a toll on him. He shifted his body weight towards his back in order to try swinging back and forth until he was right side up in order to climb up the rope.

    Swinging back and forth, he gained a little height each time until he managed to grab the rope with one hand. Hauling himself upwards, he grabbed the rope with his other hand too, and began the long, arduous climb back upward.

    Halfway through the climb, he saw something which he had a mortal fear of. He was in too inconvenient a position to pull out the cotton from his bag.

    A blue-haired girl standing on the rim of the volcano, dressed in a white lab coat and bike shorts. In a very bad mood.

    A very angry Crystal. Oh no, he thought, I am so busted.


    A black-haired boy stood outside his house, admiring his garden with a small smile. While he was not someone who was completely unlike his father, he believed that a balance had to be struck between emotion and cold calculating science. He was already doubting himself about it, and he gazed at the petunias and the magnolias all spread out over the beautiful garden.

    He frowned, however, on seeing the patch he and his mother had left empty while setting up the garden. It was filled completely with weeds practically every different color and shape.

    This isn’t good, he thought, glancing for a second at his black jeans that went all the way down to his bright red sneakers. Mom is going to have a lot of work with that lot when I’m gone.


    “May I know the meaning of this obviously dangerous, life-threatening, daredevil, idiotic, tension-increasing activity, Gold?” said the girl named Crystal, looking as though anger was the only emotion she knew.

    “All right, Chairlady of Club Serious, I’m sorr-“

    This was enough. Crystal began yelling her throat out. “I DON”T WANT YOUR DUMB SORRY!”


    “NO BUTS!”



    “I found a ca-“

    “I DON’T CARE!”

    “Really? Then I think I’ll drop Professor Oak a line about how you are too much of a chicken to explore a new cave.” said Gold in a short burst to avoid interruptions.

    That had the desired effect. Crystal stopped her next admonishment in her throat and calmed down enough to stop the author from spamming a Caps Lock.

    “Now where is that cave of yours? Or is it a figment of your imagination?” she said in a controlled voice, but it was easy to see that the teenager was just about managing to control her temper. She was breathing heavily and the frown had not slid off her face.

    “Down by the lava, opposite where you saw me.” said Gold, casually pointing a thumb towards the lava.

    “How will we go down?” said Crystal with what looked like an expression of half worry and half a sneer.

    “Bungee jumping again of course” smirked Gold in a self-confident way, thinking he was now one up on her.

    “I am not going to allow that non-“ she began in tones of rage, but was cut off by the yelling of a midget dressed in green.

    The little kid was a blonde and wore some kind of thread around his head, and there was a green stone in front of his forehead. His clothes seemed to be oversized for him, as his sleeves extended far beyond his hands. His pants hung loosely over his legs, and at the bottom were platform shoes. They didn’t look like normal ones, and if someone looked carefully at it, they would have realized that there were rows of Pokeballs.

    Right now, the midget was yelling, looking up at his seniors, his friend Gold, and his mentor, Crystal, who preferred to be called Crys.

    “I like the idea! I have very strong ropes we could use to bungee jump. It’ll be fun!” squealed Emerald, his green eyes brimming with excitement.

    Crystal was about to admonish him, but Emerald quickly showed her his puppy-dog face that always won her over.

    “All right, stop it Rald, you know I always can’t refuse you anything when you give me that look” she said half exasperatedly, half smilingly.

    Emerald’s mouth changed itself into a broad grin and his eyes twinkled with wild glee. He’d just earned himself ten bucks from Gold, who had paid him to do so whenever Crys disagreed with him.


    A red-eyed boy was busy looking at something very interesting in a vast place, the Underground. He was examining a large white bone in his hands. He checked it against a large green book from his brown bag that matched with the walls of the area he was in. There was a picture of it on a page titled “Treasures from below the Ground”.

    Beside the picture was a note which said “Rare Bones are worth a lot of money. Sell them in Poke Marts. They have no other use.”

    The boy grinned, looking at his green shirt which had a large picture which was mainly red and black. The red portions were quite dark and formed a sort of outline of a Pokemon. This Pokemon was said to be a myth, and inscriptions with its pictures had been found in a far off place known as the Dimensional Tower.

    The tower formed a triangle with two other towers, which were known as the Temporal Tower, and the Spatial Tower.

    But they were not on the boy’s mind as he looked back at the bone. He put it into his bag, which resembled a standard Trainer’s bag.

    His thoughts were straying to an orb which had been found at the centre of the triangle formed by the towers. By it, had been an inscription that people deciphered to mean that the orb was called the Time-Space-Dimension Orb.


    There was a large explosion in an unknown area, where hailstones were pelting the windows. Out in the middle of what seemed to be nowhere, several cloaked figures watched as a shadowy figure showed everyone the cracked test tube, held up delicately by his pincers.

    “This, everyone who has assembled here, is the remains of the reaction of pentasynthium alloy, whose secret only I know, on corrodium, the substance used to power Crayak’s projectors. If we can sabotage his projectors using this substance, which I have a large quantity of at the moment, before they reach the Earth, his next target, we shall be able to stall for enough time for Azmuth’s men to finish developing their secret weapon and send it to our agent on Earth.” said the large “crab”, who had green eyes and an oversized head. His six legs twitched as he waited for the approval of the people watching.

    There was a moment of stunned silence, and then there was deafening applause and yelling. Shouts of “Brainstorm has done it!” and “Now we’ll get back our fair share at Crayak!” filled the air.

    However, a small cloaked figure did not join the rejoicing. He was a spy, and this information had to reach His Overlordship, Crayak. He was so small, nobody even noticed he wasn’t applauding. Unfortunately, even Brainstorm was cloaked, so he could not describe him to Crayak.


    Gold hung down from the rope, calculating every risk, every bit of hot air, and how it would affect his slow descent down, hanging from the rope. Crystal had annoyingly refused to let him bungee jump down. Something about not allowing anything do anything so reckless as practically jumping into lava. Man, she is SUCH a spoilsport thought Gold furiously.

    Watching him go down was Crystal. She was watching to ensure that Gold wouldn’t do stupid.

    Ah, that’s because you like him, isn’t it Crys? said her subconsciousness.

    “Shut up.” She growled, but no one could hear her. Which was good, otherwise her sanity would have been in question.

    Gold, on going down quite a long way, called up “The cave is here. I’m going in.”

    The others were about to reach for the rope, but Crystal halted them. “Let him go and come back. There might not be enough space for all of us. Besides, if we all went, how would we come back up?”

    The rest of the crowd bought the argument.

    ************************************************** *

    Gold was quite athletic. In any case, creeping around was something he loved doing.

    Which was a good thing, as the longer he went in, the smaller the cave got. Soon, he had to crawl, and later, he had lie flat and push himself forward with his hands.

    The cave was surprisingly smooth. His knees were scratched a fair bit, but blood had not been drawn from them. At the end of the tunnel, he saw light. By then, although he had gone far away from sunlight, the cave had eerily glowed by itself in a midday orange hue.

    He squeezed himself through the opening and looked into the large new room he had entered. It seemed to form a perfect sphere. Weirdly, it glowed with the same orange as that of the cave, though there seemed to be no source of light inside. Gold pulled out a walkie-talkie from his bag. Emerald had lent him this one. He held down the “Send” button and began to speak.

    Emerald at the other end heard him perfectly. He had turned the volume on his walkie-talkie to maximum so that everyone could hear Gold. Also, he had placed a stone he had found on the “Receive” button to hold it down continuously.

    A crisp voice rang out in the stuffy silence.

    “I got through the cave alright. I’m in this large spherical room here. Everything seems to glow orange, though there seems to be no source of light. I must say, this place is large enough for Supah-Serious Gal and the rest of us to play football.” said Gold briskly. “Although with legs like hers, she’d obviously win.” he added as a mischievous afterthought.

    Crystal’s anger flared up, leading to the author once again spamming a Caps Lock.

    “WHAT DID YOU JUST SA-” she began yelling, but was cut off by a tall boy dressed in green. He wore a yellow pendant, and had light brown hair. He was somewhat thin, but was not what you could call skinny. Right now, his face was contorted into a look of curiosity.

    “Gold? I have a question.”

    “Ask away, senior Green.” came a voice from the walkie-talkie.

    “No, me first!” exclaimed a young boy who wore a red hat. He was dressed in a dark shade of blue, and his scarf was still. He was fairly short, but being only around twelve years of age, it was natural. He was not well-built, but wasn’t completely puny either. His blue eyes twinkled with some strange light.

    “Alright, finish it first” said the older boy dressed in green.

    “How can we play football in a sphere?”

    There was a moment of stunned silence, and a blonde’s open hand made contact with Diamond’s right cheek.

    Pearl hollered “Dia, this isn’t the time for stupid questions like that!”.

    As he yelled, everyone turned to him, and he, dressed in a striped orange shirt and brown jeans with an orange scarf, seemed to be the centre of attention.

    Which didn’t make him go red or anything. He proceeded to just stare at the lava, and his expressions showed he was cooling himself down. Or at least, he was trying to.

    ************************************************** ************

    The boy walked back into his house.

    “I’m back, Mom. What’s for lunch?” he called out as he closed the door.”

    “Toasted bread” came a voice from the kitchen, and the smell of cheese was detectable even from the dining room.

    ************************************************** ***********

    Garnet climbed out of the Underground, and pulled out a red-and-white Pokeball. He tossed it into the air, and out came a black Pokemon. It had yellow ring-like patterns on various parts of its body, and its red eyes gleamed. At the centre were two black pupils. Its coat was sleek and shiny. The Umbreon proceeded to look at its surroundings.

    It sensed something in the bushes, and crouched backward. It sprung, and went straight into the bushes. Noises of a scuffle could be heard, and Garnet sat on a nearby log and sighed.

    He pulled out a book titled A Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Universe and flipped the pages, and began reading from where he had placed a bookmark. Page sixty-three.

    ************************************************** ***********

    Gold looked up, and noticed a small hole at the top of the room. The others had said that they were coming, so he had to wait for them. In the meanwhile, he had walked around, feeling quite bored.

    The hole. Its dark blue interior was very visible against the orange wall, and Gold couldn’t believe he hadn’t noticed it before.

    Within a few minutes, with a pang of horror, he realized that he was not alone in the room…


    Topaz was packing up. He had finished his bread, and now his thoughts were centered on Sandgem Town. He was going there for a “social gathering”. Atleast that’s what Platinum had said it was. He supposed it would end up being a party, like the last three had.

    He did not know, however, that, in twenty-four hour’s time, he would be engrossed in a conversation with his cousin and her fellow Pokedex holders, about resisting an alien force.


    Hope you enjoy the new version. Do stay tuned!
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