I've been slacking on my episode viewing. Haven't watched one since DP157. I'll break that trend gladly with a contest episode, however. Prepare to read my parody of Juputoru's bullet-point summary, only without the wit part.

- The gang is in a new city. However, it's not Sunyshore, meaning that RickHoenn and company aren't going to watch the episode anyways.
- Speaking of which, I will laugh if Sunyshore is as generic looking as every other anime town. Which it probably will be. (*looks at Fortree*)
- Ursula is here. "Under the sea! Under the sea!"
- Brandon and Paul may not be related, but I'm totally convinced that Kenny and Leona are.
- WaitWaitWait...Leona in a non-filler? That means...THAT AWFUL SWINUB FILLER IS NOW CANON. Fudgecicles.
- The inevitable dub re-writes of the "Pikari" story will no doubt display an unfortunate joke lost in translation.
- Attn: Lazy casting ****faces - Stop being greedy and pay Candice's VA to give a line or two.
- I guess with 5 ribbons, Zoey has time to kill until the Grand Festival. Sexy time, of course.
- Jessie's snake charmer may actually be the best appeal ever.
- No, I don't know why everybody in the series knows Oracion. Stop asking.
- No, I don't know why ice balls are floating, either. Knock it off with the imaginary questions.
- It's an ice appeal. You think it failed?
- JIGG-AH-LEE-POFF! The most feared creature in the universe.
- I'm serious, folks. With a single wink, Jigglypuff can kill those who refuse to swear allegiance to its ways of pinkness.
- As little sense as Ursula's appeal made, it still made more sense than Dawn's.

Standard contest set-up, which should hopefully enable the battle rounds to be lengthy enough instead of having to cram the whole contest into one (like Ursula's first episode).