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Thread: Train after level 60?

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    Default Train after level 60?

    So yeah... I defeated the Elite 4, and all of my team is in the 60-61 range. I'm at the stage before I can fight the elite four again, but already gone through everything else. Is there a good vs. seeker spot to train (probably ace trainers) for my range? Thanxx

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    Most if not all areas on the post-E4 island will have strong trainers that you can rebattle. If you are playing Diamond or Pearl, there is a female Ace Trainer in the northern area of Route 228 who has a Chansey that will give you a lot of Exp. for every battle. Other than that, try spots which have three or more trainers within range, I know there is one directly when you enter Route 225 from the Fight Area.
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    Go to Sunyshore. Go west. Go past the little beach to the big square of grass. Bike down until you can see the rich boy and the fisherman and use your vs seeker.
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