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    Default Tales from the Stage Door (re-post)

    With some help from 2bcelebi320, I've finally decided to reboot my variety show fic--only this time, there's an actual storyline involved.

    All characters, names, and other indicia are trademarks of their respective owners. Alex, Celebi, and Deminia appear courtesy of 2bcelebi320.


    Episode 0: Meeting at the Stage Door

    [We open on the interior of a run down theater somewhere in Celadon City. After a few quiet moments of looking at the worn seats, chipped stage, frayed curtains, and broken instruments, a door opening gets the camera's attention.]

    Ash(voiceover): Here we are, guys...the Iris Theater!

    [the camera focuses on who spoke, a black haired boy with a red cap with a blue Poke Ball design. His friends, however, are less than impressed at the sorry state of affairs. A red haired girl, Misty, examines a worn seat]

    Misty: If you're thinking about restoring this old theater, Ash, we have our work cut out for us.

    [Elsewhere, an older boy with tanned skin, Brock, notices a slip of paper on the stage.]

    Brock: Hey, look!

    [Ash runs over and looks at the paper]

    Ash: "To whoever finds this letter, please understand that the state in which you now see the theater is not my doing--I wanted so much to run the theater for many years, but now my health prohibits it. By the time you read this, I will be gone to join Arceus in the heavens. I implore you to do what you can to restore the theater to its rightful glory, and share your talents with a new generation...signed, the owner."

    [A black haired girl, Dawn, brushes away a tear.]

    Dawn: So the owner has died?

    Misty: Poor guy...

    Brock: I heard a story about this place once....

    [everyone sighs--Brock can get long winded when he tells a story]

    Misty: Keep it short?

    Brock: It was said that the spirits of the three performers that regularly played here still haunt this place, seeking other performers.

    [A brown haired girl with a red bandanna tied on her head, May, gasps at this.]

    May: Are they going to kill us?

    Brock: Furthermore, to call them out to the world of the living, you have to name them and tell them its show time--and if I remember right, they are friendly spirits. (May heaves a sigh of relief)

    Ash: So, what were their names?

    Brock: Now that, the teller who told me this tale didn't tell me, as no one really knows what their names are any more.

    [Not one to back down from a challenge, Ash steps on the stage and calls three random names backstage]

    Ash: Alex! Celebi! Deminia! It's show time!

    Misty: Deminia? (Dawn giggles at the name)

    Ash: So? I just called three random names and nothing happened...

    [at that very moment, the camera zooms to the backstage as three transparent figures appear there. The one in the middle appears to be wearing a sparkling red dress, and her brown hair is tied into a neat bun with a few strands hanging down. The one on the left is wearing a fancy off-white dress with her blonde hair in soft curls. The one on the right, the only male of the group and another blonde, is wearing a white tuxedo with a white tie. As soon as the figures appear, they disappear out of the view of the camera and warp onstage]

    Celebi: (appears before Ash and co.} Who are you? Why are you here?

    Misty: We're--

    Deminia: (appears on Celebi's right} Have you come to take our home away?

    Dawn: No!

    Alex: (appears on Celebi's left) As the Guardians of this theater, we won't let you defile our home.

    Ash: We're not defiling the theater, we're restoring it to its former glory, as your master wished!

    Deminia: So, you're trying to bring people back here? Thank you!

    Celebi: Deminia, this is no time to be silly. (looks at Ash and co.) How do you intend to restore this place?

    Alex: Celebi, did you have to be so mean? They're only trying to help.

    Ash: Well, we know it will be a daunting task...

    Brock: Understatement of the year. (gestures to the frayed curtains and banged up lights behind him)

    Ash: But seeing as your master loved this place, we're going to fulfill his dream and last request in his stead.

    Deminia: Thanks so much!

    Ash: Aw, it was nothing!

    Celebi: If that is truly Master's last request, then don't let me stop you.

    Alex: We had some great times performing in this theater. We performed for loads of people.

    Celebi: Yeah. (smiles nostalgically)

    Brock: What kinds of acts did you do?

    Celebi: Instead of telling you... why don't we show you?

    Deminia: I'll go first. (motions the Pokemon over to a chair that looks antique and moth-eaten, sitting down in it) A long time ago, there was a beautiful princess, who was very kind and loved by everyone. One day, a mean old witch, jealous of the princess's beauty, cursed her into being a swan. The princess was very heartbroken, and every day she thought...

    Celebi(in her saddest voice): Who will come and rescue me?

    Deminia: For many years, the princess sat in the middle of the pond wondering this question. Then one day, a young prince came to the pond. Mesmerized by the swan in the middle of the pond, he tried several ways of getting this swan to come to him....

    [A clock with the words "Time Passes" appears for a moment before we return to the group. Brock is especially enjoying the tale]

    Deminia: ...When he returned to the castle, he was greeted with high praise. The princess came out and gave the prince a nice big kiss. They were married three months later, and lived happily ever after.

    Brock: Bravo! Encore! (he leads the applause)

    Alex: Deminia tells great stories. She captures the heart of her audience. (he summons a violin and starts tuning it)

    Celebi: Blow them away, Alex.

    [Alex starts to play a set of reels on the violin while Celebi searches for her sketchpad. When the second tune begins, Ash joins in on Pokeflute. When the set is complete, everyone roars with applause just as Celebi returns with her sketchpad]

    Celebi: Now it's my turn. (starts drawing Alex)

    Alex: Oh, no. Here it comes. (hides behind the curtain)

    [Celebi draws a bouquet of roses in Alex's hand, and they appear in reality]

    Alex: Huh? (sniffs the roses)

    [Celebi draws bees coming out of the roses]

    Alex: AH! BEES! (drops the roses and runs)

    Celebi(tears off the sheet and gives it to Ash as Alex is getting rid of the bees): For you.

    Ash: Thanks... (admires the picture]

    Misty: Let me try that pencil....

    [A harp chord get everyone's attention, and everyone looks to see Brock clad in silver shirt, black pants, and a green jacket with gold trim and a cape to match, and clutching a small harp]

    Ash: Oh brother, Brock's in spoony bard mode...

    Brock: As thanks for your storytelling prowess, perhaps you would like me to tell you a tale in return?

    Deminia: Yes, please. [smiles]

    Celebi: Spoony bard?

    Alex(comes back, tending to bee stings): Celebi, bees are not amusing.

    Celebi: Then why were they laughing?

    Ash: Wait, what?

    [Sure enough, he hears tiny giggles as they return to a beehive that Misty's drawn]

    Ash: I must be seeing things...

    May: We'll be right back...

    [We see a pair of claymation Ash hands at a desk, trying to write something, but then wadding up the paper wad and tossing it away. A female announcer says "You're watching 'Tales from the Stage Door'!" as Ash keeps trying to start and rejecting more stories. When the camera pans back behind Ash, we see all the rejected paper wads make a Pikachu face.]

    [We rejoin the group on stage. Brock is playing a calm melody on his harp as he waits for Misty to finish prepping a canvas]

    Misty: Ready when you are, Mr. Spoony Bard.

    Brock: Hey! (everyone giggles as we zoom inside the paper)

    Ash(voiceover): Okay, guys, calm down....go ahead, Brock.

    Brock(voiceover): This story's called "The Clever Chatot"

    Alex(voiceover): Go ahead.

    Brock(voiceover): Okay... (he plays some more for a moment, then begins) There was once a boy that worked as an artisan--let us call him Ryu. (a pencil appears and draws a brown haired boy clad in an Asian style tunic). Ryu had a special pet--a Chatot he had raised ever since it was a hatchling. (the pencil draws a Chatot on the boy's shoulder) This Chatot was a very happy bird, and had an incredible vocabulary compared to other Chatots.

    Chatot: Hello! (squawk)

    Brock(voiceover): Every morning, the Chatot would perch on her master's windowsill (we see the Chatot doing that) and call to Ryu...

    Chatot: Good morning, master! Good morning! (the boy yawns and climbs out of bed with a smile)

    Deminia (voiceover): What happens next?

    Brock(voiceover): Ryu and his Chatot were the best of friends. (we see the boy and the Chatot nuzzle each other) One day, Ryu was hired to remodel a wealthy magistrate's home, and took his Chatot along. (we see the boy and the Chatot arriving before a huge mansion-like house)

    Ash(voiceover): And the Chatot chewed everything up? (we see the Chatot reduce the mansion to wood shavings)

    Brock(voiceover): Nice try. (Misty erases the wood shavings and redraws the mansion again) We have already said that Ryu and his Chatot were the best of friends. (the boy and the Chatot nuzzle again, making the audience say "Aww...")

    Misty(voiceover): So anyway... (the pencil draws the mansion back in as Brock plays another interlude)

    Brock(voiceover): While up on a wall, Ryu realized he had forgotten a brush, so the Chatot went and fetched it for him. (we see the Chatot offering the brush to the boy) And when her master moved a little too close to the edge, the Chatot would say...

    Chatot: Be careful, master, be careful!

    Celebi(voiceover): Smart Chatot.

    Deminia(voiceover): Probably very pretty, too.

    Brock(voiceover): The other workers and servants also loved the Chatot, and spent what free time they could teaching her new words and songs. (we see a girl whistling a few bars of "Pokemon Johto" to the Chatot)

    One day the owner of the mansion came to see how the work was coming along (Kamon is drawn in the scene in a tunic-like outfit), and saw Ryu making the preliminary sketches to a mural of Dialga that was to be on one wall. (we see the boy sketching a Dialga on some paper)

    Celebi(voiceover): Makes me want to draw some more now!

    Deminia(voiceover): After the story, Celebi.

    Brock(voiceover): The landowner asked Ryu (Kamon mouths the words as Brock impersonates his voice) "What is that supposed to be?" (the boy mouths the words as Brock does a voice similar to Ash) "That is the Lord of Time, Dialga." (as himself) Ryu replied.

    Chatot: The Lord of Time, Dialga! The Lord of Time, Dialga! (squawk)

    Brock(voiceover): The landowner chuckled when he saw the Chatot. (as Kamon) "And does this Pokemon belong to you?" (as Ryu) "The Chatot is mine, sir." (as himself.) Ryu replied.

    Celebi(voiceover): That was probably a big mistake.

    Deminia(voiceover): That Chatot is probably smarter than it seems.

    9Brock plays another interlude as the scene changes back to Ryu's house]

    Brock(voiceover): The next day, a servant girl came...(Brock pauses when he doesn't see an appropriate illustration on the paper) Um, I said, the next day a servant girl came...

    [We return to the real world, where we see Misty dozing on the canvas]

    Ash: Earth to Misty... (waves a hand in Misty's face.)

    Misty: Oh! (to Brock) Lay off on the harp for a while, that interlude put me to sleep.

    Celebi(yawning): Harp music is always soothing....

    [whistle interlude as we go back inside the paper, which shows Ryu looking out at an empty path]

    Misty(voiceover): That's better than a harp--at least a whistle won't put me to sleep. (giggles)

    Brock(voiceover): Anyway...The next day, a servant girl came to Ryu's house, (the pencil draws in Misty walking up to the boy's house) and said to him (the Misty in the drawing mouths the words as Brock impersonates her voice) "My master wishes to buy your Chatot, and would like to offer you a thousand pieces of silver for it."

    Misty(voiceover): I'm not that high pitched, am I? (laughter)

    Deminia(voiceover): What did Ryu say?

    Alex(voiceover): Dem, Ryu loves his Chatot too much. Surely he wouldn't sell it for a thousand pieces of silver…

    Brock(voiceover): You'd be correct in that regard. Ryu told the servant girl (as Ryu) "Tell your master that I decline his offer, as my Chatot is not for sale."

    Chatot: Not for sale! (squawk) Not for sale!

    Brock(voiceover): Naturally when the landowner heard of Ryu's refusal, he was furious. (we see Kamon with an angry look and steam coming from his ears)

    Deminia(voiceover): Ryu better look out. Angry people never show any remorse for their actions.

    Alex(voiceover): So then what?

    Brock(voiceover): The landowner had Ryu arrested (the pencil draws Ryu being led away by some soldiers) and demanded the Chatot. (Kamon shouts some angry gibberish at Ryu) When Ryu refused (Ryu shakes his head no), the landowner had him thrown in prison. (the soldiers literally throw Ryu across the page and into the next, where the pencil is finishing up a scene of a prison.)

    Ash(voiceover): And then Crono bailed him out! (Frog's theme plays for a moment as Ryu is freed by a 16 bit sprite of a boy)

    Misty(voiceover): Nice try, Ash. (the sprite is erased)

    Ash(voiceover): RPG rule #59: If thrown in jail, your sentence will usually last all of three seconds.

    Celebi (voiceover): So after Ryu was thrown in jail...

    Deminia(voiceover): Did the Chatot try to find him?

    Alex(voiceover): Ash seems to have an overactive imagination....

    Celebi(voiceover): Like someone else we know...

    Brock(voiceover): Yes...the Chatot, after searching the whole city for her master, found him sitting alone in his cell, and flew in through the bars.

    [the Chatot flies in through a barred window and nuzzles Ryu]

    Brock(voiceover): Ryu was elated to see his Chatot again, and said to it (as Ryu) "I'm so glad to see you, my friend! See how the landowner stops at nothing to get me to turn you over to him! I was thrown in here all because I would not sell you to him! You were mine ever since I hatched you, so why does he desire you so?"

    Chatot: I don't know either! (squawk)

    Brock(voiceover as himself): For many days, the Chatot came to visit her master and bring him food without the jailer knowing...

    Ash(voiceover): And then Ryu got bailed out?

    Brock(voiceover): I'm getting to that part, okay?

    Celebi(voiceover): Impatient, too.

    Deminia(voiceover): Poor, poor Ryu...

    Brock(voiceover): One day, the jailer happened to see Ryu and Chatot in the cell. (the pencil draws in a Rocket grunt in armor gasping as the Chatot arrives) Despite the best attempts, the Chatot evaded every form of capture. When she saw the landowner present with the guards, she taunted him, saying..

    Chatot: Mr. Magistrate! Can't you hear how the people cry to Arceus under your hand? You'll never catch me! (sticks out her tongue at Kamon as she flies away)

    Brock(voiceover): The landowner ordered all the town guards to find the Chatot, but she and her master had escaped in all the commotion, and both kept a low profile for quite some time. Eventually, the landowner gave up on the Chatot.

    Misty(voiceover): Now Ryu was bailed out, happy?

    Celebi(voiceover): Whatever happened to the landowner?

    Deminia(voiceover): Did he leave them alone?

    Brock(voiceover): Actually, the Chatot had a clever plan...

    Deminia(voiceover): Tell us!

    Celebi(voiceover): Be patient, Deminia.

    Brock(voiceover): Some time later, Ryu sent his Chatot out to fetch him some food. (we see the Chatot flying away.) She had just gotten into town when she heard music (Ash joins in on whistle and Dawn on fiddle in the background) and saw people dancing and celebrating (the pencil draws in some colorful dancers as Happini joins in on tambourine). She knew the song the musicians were playing well--it was a song heard at the New Dawn Festival, just before people would pray to the Great Lord Arceus for blessings in the new year.

    Sure enough, she spotted the landowner that had wronged her master two years before making his way into the Temple of Arceus. (the pencil draws a Japanese-esque temple, which Kamon enters)

    Deminia(voiceover): Bet the Chatot came up with a clever plan to return the favor...

    Celebi (voiceover): Let's listen to the rest.

    Brock(voiceover): Just as the landowner had asked the priest to begin the required intercession for him before Arceus (the pencil draws Dawn in a white robe with blue trim saying gibberish before an Arceus statue), the Chatot flitted behind the statue to watch and wait. (we see the Chatot do this) As the priest left to tend to others seeking blessings and prayers, only the landowner and the statue of Arceus were left in the room.

    Just then, a low male voice seemed to boom from nowhere (as Arceus) "If the many you have oppressed were to tell how you have oppressed them, the woes would be many!" (as himself) The landowner looked around to see who had spoke, but found no one. (Kamon looks blankly around the room)

    Deminia(voiceover): Haha! The landowner's in for it now!

    Celebi(voiceover): Hush, Dem.

    Brock(voiceover, as Kamon) "Who's there?" (as himself) the landowner cried. (as Arceus) "I am Arceus." (as himself) the voice replied. (as Arceus) "For many years I have heard the people cry under your hand, so maybe if you confess what you have done, I may be more inclined to show you mercy."

    (as himself) The landowner fell prostrate before the statue many times, so much so that he even hit his head on the floor. (we see Kamon doing this. The Chatot peeks out from behind the Arceus statue and winks before disappearing again)

    Deminia(voiceover): What did the Chatot make him do next?

    Brock(voiceover): The landowner continued to prostrate himself--perhaps if he did it enough, Arceus would be merciful on him! (we see Kamon doing this and periodically bonking his head on the floor) (as Arceus) "First, sell half your possessions and give the money to the poor." (as himself) the voice continued. (as Arceus) "Second, prostrate yourself before me 365 times to remind yourself to be humble and never abuse the people again!"

    (as himself) The landowner complied with such fervor, (we see Kamon doing this), that by the time he departed the temple, he was dazed and bruised from hitting his head on the floor so many times. (we see Kamon staggering out of the temple with mini winged Arceuses spinning around his head) But only Ryu and his Chatot knew the truth: the voice the landowner had heard was really the Chatot mimicing Arceus. (the Chatot winks again as Ryu walks into the crowd, the Chatot on his shoulder. A harp interlude begins as a crowd cheers.) Ryu and his Chatot were hailed as heroes, and they lived together for a very long time...the end. (the scene swirls back to the present, where Brock is playing one last harp interlude and Misty is drawing the last scene)

    Deminia(leads the applause): Very nicely done!

    Celebi: I must say that I'm very impressed.

    Brock: Thank you! (he takes a bow)

    Misty: And thank you! (sticks the pencil back behind one ear)

    Celebi(goes to the back, and comes out with a reel of film): I forgot we still had this...

    Deminia: Ooh! Is that the "Jared vs. Natu" cartoon?

    Celebi: Yes. Which one do you want to see?

    Alex: Let's show them "Natu in a Haystack, and Nidorans too"

    [Ash wheels out the projector and lets Celebi thread it in. Once Misty pulls down the screen, Ash starts it]

    [CARTOON 1]

    Celebi(laughing): I love that cartoon.

    Deminia: Poor Jared tries so hard to catch that Natu…

    Alex: With all of the problems he had in the first 9 episodes… we never knew what happened next. Episode 10 was hard to find.

    Misty: Who said we can't make a new one and extend it, with the original creator's okay and blessing?

    Deminia(gains star eyes): Could we really?

    Celebi: I'm sure the original creator wouldn't mind. The cartoon had quite a following.

    Misty: Why not? I have these magical pencils.... (flips to a new page of drawing paper)

    [On Our Way plays as a title card appears: "Back to the Drawing Board with Misty"]

    Deminia(voiceover): Jared would always come into his house, mostly covered in scratches, and complain that he didn't like his wife's Natu.

    Misty(voiceover) Hang on, what does Jared look like?

    Celebi(voiceover): Spiky purple hair, silver eyes, wears a royal purple robe with silver swirls, really fond of the Ghost-types. Never seen without his Misdreavus or Gengar.

    Deminia(voiceover): A lot like the Trainer called Morty, only he looks different.

    [The pencil follows the guardians' instructions until the boy on the paper looks more or less like what they described.]

    Misty: How's that?

    Deminia(voiceover): That's perfect!

    Celebi(voiceover): Now, like Deminia was saying when she got too far ahead of herself, Jared usually walks into his house and leans against the door. He's covered in scratches and he looks at his wife, complaining about how much he doesn't like her Natu.

    Jared: I wish you'd get rid of that Natu!

    Deminia(voiceover): To which his wife, Sara, would smile at him and reply...

    Celebi(voiceover, as Sara): I love you, Jared. If you find my Natu, I'll give you a nice reward.

    Deminia(voiceover): Jared, who loved his wife very much, would head back outside after this encouragement.

    Ash(voiceover): And a piano falls on him! (a piano lands on Jared with a KRONG!) Of course, it was the Natu that dropped said piano. (we see a Natu giggling at the flattened Jared)

    Deminia (voiceover): Not quite. (stifles a giggle)

    Celebi (voiceover): Jared would go on a small adventure to find this Natu hiding somewhere in the town. The first episode showed the Natu with a flock of Spearow. When Jared made a grab for the Natu, it hopped away, leaving poor Jared to be attacked by the angry Spearow.

    Misty(voiceover): Now where have I heard that before....

    Ash(voiceover): I was desperate at the time, okay?

    Deminia (voiceover): So Jared sends out his Gengar, who scares off the Spearow. Episode 1 leaves off after that.

    Celebi (voiceover): The Gengar is funny in his own right.

    Misty(voiceover): How so?

    Celebi (voiceover): He would always do funny poses when he came out of the Pokeball. Sometimes, he'd even put on sunglasses and pose.

    Misty(voiceover): What kind of sunglasses? (the pencil draws some black shades on the Gengar)

    Deminia(voiceover): Those do very nicely.

    Celebi(voiceover): Now let's give them an adventure to go on to catch that Natu.

    [The pencil looms over a white screen]

    Misty(voiceover): Okay, start describing and I'll draw.

    Deminia(voiceover): Oh! Let's stick them in a cave!

    Celebi(voiceover): With a sleeping Ursaring.

    [the pencil draws in the background of the cave and a snoozing Ursaring]

    Deminia (voiceover): The Natu should do something really mean...

    Celebi (voiceover): Like peck the head of the Ursaring to wake it up, then flee as fast as it can.

    [The Natu does this, and the Ursaring wakes with a roar]

    Deminia[voiceover]: Jared's in for it now....

    Alex(voiceover): He better run.

    [and run Jared does...smack into a tree.]

    Celebi(voiceover): Uh-oh....

    Alex(voiceover): The Ursaring's coming! (dramatic sting)

    Misty(voiceover): Okay, Brock...

    [A record scrape is heard as we zoom over to the orchestra pit, where we see Brock in conductor's attire]

    Brock: What?

    Misty(voiceover): If I want music, I'll say so, okay?

    Ash(voiceover): Oh, come on, can't we have the William Tell Overture or the Can Can and a crazy chase?

    Misty(voiceover): Okay, we can have a crazy chase scene with music....

    Ash(voiceover): Maestro....

    [Brock winks in Ash's direction, then leads the orchestra in the Can Can as Jared runs to flee the Ursaring. Deminia laughs in the background]

    Alex(voiceover): Run, Jared! Run!

    Celebi(voiceover): Run like that Ursaring's gonna eat you, because it's gonna try!

    Dawn(voiceover): Ooh..., is there a saxophone player in the house?

    Misty(voiceover): No, why?

    Dawn(voiceover) This would make it funnier!

    [a TV remote appears in the scene and hits the Fast Forward button, changing the music to "Yakety Sax"--or rather, "Yakety Pokeflute"]

    Deminia(voiceover): Yeah!

    Celebi(voiceover): The Ursaring is catching up!

    Alex(voiceover): Find somewhere to hide, and quick!

    [Jared dashes behind a tree, allowing the Ursaring to run right past him]

    Alex[voiceover]: Poor Jared. He still didn't get the Natu.

    Celebi(voiceover): Maybe next time.

    [We return to Misty drawing the last scene...]

    Celebi: That was fun.

    Alex: Yeah!

    Deminia: Our very own Jared vs. Natu series!

    Misty: So what shall we call it? (we zoom back into the first panel again)

    Deminia: Natu Frenzy?

    Celebi: I think we want something that makes a bit more sense.

    Brock: That gives it a theme song, of sorts. (signals the orchestra to play "Flight of the Bumblebee")

    Celebi: What about 'Flight of the Natu'? (the song falls apart)

    Deminia: Does anyone else have any objections to that title?

    [Nincadas chirp]

    Deminia: Okay, then.

    Celebi: Then it's settled. That's the title we'll go with.

    [the letters appear in the first panel with a poof]

    Deminia: Yeah!

    Celebi: Great job. (smiles as she starts the projector)

    [CARTOON 2]

    Celebi: Oh? Are you going to play something for us, Ash?

    Deminia: Is it going to be enjoyable?

    Misty: Just be thankful you're not listening to him practice.

    Dawn: Practice being a relative term.

    Ash: Maestro...

    [The orchestra plays an A note, which Ash plays back to show he's in tune. Once all is quiet, the orchestra gives him a soaring introduction before Ash begins a melody Misty recognizes as Lugia's theme. When Ash hits the second round of Lugia's Song, Alex joins in on violin, which throws Ash off, as the arrangement he has is for solo Pokeflute and orchestra]

    Celebi: Hold on, everybody!

    Alex: Huh? (stops playing)

    Celebi(pulls out a regular pencil): Lucky for me I know how to write music. I wrote all of Alex's and Deminia's pieces before every show. Now I just need some paper.

    [May arrives with blank music paper]

    Celebi: Thank you, May. (starts writing Lugia's Song for Pokeflute, violin, and orchestra) Hmm....

    (meanwhile, Ash is practicing Pokeflute as Celebi works)

    Celebi: Done. Ash, Alex, I need your approval. (Alex walks over and inspects the music)

    Ash: I can probably play this... (takes his copy of the sheet music and starts sightreading it. Alex does likewise with his part)

    Celebi: This could be my secondary part--writing the music for the house band.

    [Before long, the Pokeflute and violin meld together. Celebi and Deminia sway to the tune for a while, but then Alex hits a wrong note, which causes Ash to hit a wrong note...]

    Celebi: Oh, no! (Alex quickly corrects himself.) This is going to be a disaster!

    Ash: Now, where were we? At the part where you come in over a drone from me?

    Alex: Yeah.

    Celebi: Make it good. I want to see how well you two cooperate.

    [The two try that section of the movement again--at least until Ash discovers that all the notes on his line of the music have been doodled on--and he looks to see Happini doing the same to Alex's line. Alex sheepishly giggles while Celebi sighs and goes to get more sheet music]

    Deminia: Celebi's very enthusiastic about music. She can even sing, but....

    Alex: Good luck getting her to sing. She doesn't sing very often.

    Misty: Why?

    Brock: Stage fright?

    Deminia: She would never tell us.

    Alex: Every time we asked, she'd get angry. It always made me wonder if a ghost could have an aneurysm.

    Ash: I won't ask her to sing if she doesn't want to...but if Brock wants to perform something...

    Brock: Name the song and I'll play it if I know it--or even tap dance if you want.

    Dawn: Yeah! Tap dance to something!

    Alex: That would be interesting.

    Deminia: Go for it!

    Celebi(as she returns): Hm?

    [Ash finds a grand piano by stage right--a few quick notes finds that it is way out of tune]

    Misty: I'll tune the piano for you! (goes to work)

    May: I found some percussion... (we see May has a number of drums, bells, spoons, and other percussion instruments in her arms)

    Dawn(offstage): Now who would leave a tuba back here?

    Crystal: Much less play one?

    [everyone eyes Alex]

    Alex: Oh, no. My specialty is violin, not tuba.

    Deminia: Come on, Alex....

    Celebi: Yeah, just because your specialty isn't tuba doesn't mean that you can't play it.

    Alex: That's not going to work with me, Celebi. No amount of pep-talking will.

    Deminia: Please? Pretty please?

    Alex: No. No, no, no, no, no!

    Misty: Oh, come on, be a sport!

    Ash: I'm wondering where they even found the tuba, anyway...

    Alex: Why me, though? Why not Celebi?

    [Celebi just draws, ignoring Alex completely.]

    Alex: ...

    Dawn: Oh, come on, do it for us?

    [Alex sighs, knowing he can't win.]

    Brock: Are you guys ever going to play something for my tap dancing debut?

    Misty: What debut?

    [We look out at the audience, where we find that there has been no audience the whole time]

    Alex: Fine, I'll do it, on one condition.

    Deminia: Name it.

    Alex: I want all of us to have a batch of Celebi's cookies after we're done.

    Celebi: Deal. Now get that tuba.

    Brock: No cookies until I get a few oom-pahs from you.

    [Some minutes later, Ash is at the piano, Alex sighs as he takes the tuba, and Celebi finds an old washboard backstage]

    [Brock walks outstage, only to hear a few tuba blats]

    Alex: Do I get my cookies now?

    Ash: No, we have to let Brock dance to said oom-pahs.

    [Alex groans as Brock strikes a pose to signal the "band" he's ready. Ash leads everyone a ragtime tune, while Brock proceeds to tap dance to. Celebi keeps the beat, and Alex keeps puffing away begrudgingly as Brock continues stomping and jumping. Finally, the song ends, prompting applause from the Pokemon. Brock takes a bow, and the band follows suit]

    Alex: Now, cookies!

    Celebi(laughs): All right. (departs offstage as Alex sets the tuba aside)

    Ash: At any rate, I'll be looking forward to many more shows with you guys...

    Celebi(from backstage): We won't be going anywhere for a while. So don't worry, okay?

    Deminia: Yeah!

    Ash: We're going to get this place back to its former glory, and make your master proud!

    Brock: You realize that would be easier said than done?

    Alex: With us by your side, you can do anything.

    Celebi(comes out with a plate of warm, fresh cookies): Anything is possible with willpower and determination.

    Deminia: So none of you should worry. All of us will make it through okay.


    (After all the credits run, we see Ash pacing the stage again)

    Ash: So we said we'd get this place back to its former glory...although where do we begin?

    (harp chord)

    Ash: I didn't ask you, Brock...

    Celebi: How about we make Alex do it?

    (the sound of metal clanging is heard backstage, ending the show)
    The Pokemon Anime Remix Project:

    Pokemon Moonlight Silver--a re-imagining of Johto, without all the filler.

    Pokemon Shine Diamond--a retelling of the Shinou arc, without all the filler.

    Pokemon Island Sun
    --a live episode by episode remix of the Alola arc as it airs, done as a collection of letters

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    Questing with Ash


    Episode 1: Holidays in the Limelight

    (We join the gang as they are continuing work on the theater. Since we last left them, it has become noticably nicer looking, but they still have a ways to go on the restoration)

    Ash: You know, gang--with it almost being Christmas, shouldn't we decorate this place?

    Misty: With what? (Sure enough, there is no sign of any sort of Christmas decor backstage)

    (Meanwhile, Brock is trying to keep a pink humanoid creature away from the props and instruments)

    Brock: No, Happini, those aren't for touching--! (he darts over to a chest of costumes and lures her away) Not the instruments! (Happini spots a TV in the clutter and darts over to it) Well, you could maybe touch that...

    Misty: If it even works...

    (A click is heard, followed by a familiar bouncy melody and a chorus of kids' voices singing "Sunny days, sweeping the, clouds away....". Misty sighs at the song)

    Misty: Not this show--I already tolerate enough "Sesamon Street" with Azurill.

    Dawn: At least that TV works... (at this point the TV sings "Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesamon Street...")

    Brock: And if Big Starly and co. keep Happini occupied while we work, the more we get done! (gestures to Happini, who is mesmerized by the menagerie of Pokemon puppets and humans cavorting on the screen)

    (Meanwhile, Celebi is dragging a long and heavy box to the main stage. Alex and Deminia are following behind, carrying boxes of ornaments and lights, respectively.)

    Celebi: Whew, I forgot just how heavy this thing was...

    Alex: How do you think we feel? We're carrying the ornaments and lights!

    Dawn: Need help? (takes an ornaments box)

    Ash: Here, I'll take these! (takes an ornaments box)

    Misty: Aren't you going to help, Brock?

    Brock: I would, but Happini insisted I watch "Sesamon Street" with her. (we hear a puppet Growlithe singing "Sometimes I have trouble, falling asleep..." in the background)

    (Celebi sets up the tree piece by piece. Once she's finished, she stands back and admires her work.)

    [Happini watches as the tree is set up. Inspired, Brock abandons the TV and opens a box of tinsel, lights and ornaments.]

    Brock: Okay, sweetie..can you put all this on the tree?

    Happini: Ha pi! (she takes all the stuff in the box and begins decorating what she thinks is the tree.)

    Brock: You missed... (As the dust settles, we notice that Brock has all the decorations on HIM....)

    (Deminia and Celebi stiflie their giggles. Alex, however, has a bit of trouble doing so. He ends up bursting into laughter.)

    (Happini sweatdrops when she realizes she decorated her "daddy" by mistake, and puts the decorations on the tree)

    Misty: She's so cute...

    (Meanwhile, Happini finds an old book marked "Plays from Around the World" and reads it)

    Happini: Pini, ha pini pini pi?

    Brock: Can we put on a play? Sure we can--if it has enough parts for all of us.

    Dawn: Oh, boy, a play!

    Alex: Do I get the male lead?

    Brock: I get to narrate!

    Celebi: Me too!

    Misty: Since Brock and Celebi are narrating, we have five roles left... (she writes down the remaining roles on slips of paper) Mind if I borrow this? (swipes Ash's hat from his head)

    Ash: Hey!

    (Misty waits as one by one, each of the slips is drawn by the interested cast members. Ash sighs after getting a role he didn't want, Dawn smiles after getting the role she wanted, until a cast is assembled)


    (When we return, Misty pops up before the closed curtain with a clapboard)

    Misty: "The Kingdom of the Pecha Tree", take 1! (claps the clapboard, and we hear a familiar harp as Brock, in his storyteller costume, and Celebi, clad in a blue, purple, and gold tunic-like outfit, appear before the curtain)

    Brock: Honorable friends and Pokemon, I welcome you...behind this curtain, lies a passage to another time and place. Once it opens, we will arrive in a Kanto from a time long past.

    (He makes a dramatic gesture at the curtain, making it rise, revealing a Japanese-esque garden set. Dawn, in the role of a princess, sits on a bench nearby a small table, pretending to fan herself as the overture plays.)

    Brock: Before you is the beautiful Princess Nanami--I see she is angered by something...

    Celebi: So what troubles her so?

    Brock: I do not know, as I did not ask.

    Celebi: Okay then, I'll tell you...a dark secret is troubling her...many years ago...

    Brock(interrupting Celebi): Eighteen years, if you must know the exact number.

    Celebi: Don't interuppt! (Brock obediently steps away as Misty giggles in the background) Eighteen years ago, Nanami-hime was born into the royal family at the same time as the other princess, Princess Midori.

    Brock(interuppting Celebi again): Unfortunately, the cradles were mixed up, and Nanami was thought to be Midori, and Midori was thought to be Nanami... (snaps as he tries to remember) or was it the other way around? (Misty laughs some more, as she knows that Brock and Celebi are way off from the script)

    Celebi: If you would stop interrupting, we would learn the answer.

    Brock: But you take too long! (plays a small flourish) Lady Meiko, the queen's lady-in-waiting and Nanami's mother, wished that her child inheirit the kingdom, so she subsituted Nanami for Midori...

    Celebi: that Nanami was raised as the princess and Midori as a servant girl.

    (Brock sets his harp aside and puts a hand over Celebi's mouth, much to Misty's delight)

    Celebi: Mph mmph mphmph!

    Brock(over Celebi's muffled pleas): Today is the day Nanami-hime will be married to Prince Kaitou of the Rindo Tree Kingdom--she is worried the prince will discover that she is the false princess...

    (As Brock starts to retrive his harp, Celebi wriggles free of his grip)

    Celebi: Furthermore, Kaitou-sama has heard that Nanami-hime is a bitter girl, and will be entering the garden disguised in a few moments--

    (By now, Misty can't contain her laughter, and bursts out laughing)

    Misty: Cut! Cut! (laughs some more)

    Celebi: What?

    Misty: The two of you fighting over how to tell the story... (laughs some more) It's too funny!

    Brock(to Celebi): I was only getting into my role when I muffled you, okay? No hard feelings...

    Celebi: And I was doing likewise, despite the fact that the two storytellers are not supposed to be fighting in the script. (shows Brock the script) Harp's a nice touch, though.

    (some giggling from onstage getts Brock and Celebi's attention--it turns out that Dawn found Brock and Celebi's fighting amusing too)

    Dawn: Can we keep that banter, Misty?

    Celebi: Yeah, write it in! write it in! We can ad lib some of it every performance.

    (Ash, in the role of the disguised prince, peeks onstage)

    Ash: Is it time for my part?

    Misty: After I write some entertaining banter into the script.... (she loads the script into a word processor file and begins typing away at a PC)

    (Meanwhile, in a Rocket base, Team Rocket watches the action on a TV)

    Jessie: So the twerps call themselves actors...

    James: Ooh, a play! I remember having a few parts in those... (we see a daydream of James in a Shakespearean outfit saying gibberish that sounds like "To be or not to be, that is the question...)

    Meowth: Yeah, you always played da tree or da rock! (we see young James in a tree costume standing perfectly still)

    James: Not always! I had a few lines in my class production of "Little Red Riding Hood" in the fourth grade!

    Jessie: Well, if you're such a good actor, let's go crash the twerps' show and show them.

    Meowth: Yeah, let's go! (with that, the Rockets depart the base.)

    (Back with the gang, Celebi reads over Misty's revised script)

    Celebi: So, where do we start after our banter?

    Misty: Brock, say your next line and start the play... (shows the clapboard again) "The Kingdom of the Pecha Tree", take 2! (claps the clapboard)

    Brock(harp flourish): And now, our story begins... (he plays in the background as he and Celebi walk off and May, as Midori, enters with prop garden tools. When she sees Dawn, she stops and gives a polite bow, but Dawn waves her away and continues fanning herself. May then walks over to an imagined flower bed and pretends to weed it.

    Deminia(offstage): Midori! Midori! Where are you hiding, you Slowpoke? Midori! (harp immediately stops as Deminia, as Lady Meiko, storms onstage)

    May: I am in the garden, Lady Meiko.

    Deminia: And so you are, when you should be getting ready for the wedding!

    (Backstage, Ash, as the disguised Prince Kaitou, is listening to the unfolding banter between May and Deminia)

    Ash(to himself): I won't forget my lines...I won't forget my lines...I won't forget my lines...

    (he hears Deminia say "Come Nanami, your wedding dress is ready." He peers over the prop wall as Dawn and Deminia exit, then makes his way onstage, where he pretends to bump into May)

    May: Oh my! How did you get into the royal garden? Here, let me take you somewhere safe so the guards won't see you! (she offers her hand to Ash)

    (Ash freezes--he knows he is supposed to say something at this point, but he doesn't remember what.)

    (Backstage, Alex and Misty stifle laughter at Ash trying to remember what he has to say)

    Alex: He forgot his lines. (Misty giggles)

    Misty: Cut!

    Ash: I was nervous, okay?

    (Just then, a crash from backstage gets Brock's attention)

    Brock: Huh? (he looks and gasps when he sees Team Rocket on stage.)

    Jessie: To be or not to be protecting the world from devastation....

    James: Friends, Romans, countrymen, unite as one nation!

    Jessie: And denounce the evils of truth and love!

    James: We're on the rise to the stars above!

    Jessie: Jessie!

    James: James!

    Jessie: Team Rocket, stealing the show at the speed of light!

    James: If you think we're bad actors, then prepare to fight.

    Meowth: Meowth! Got dat right!

    Misty: Now wait a minute! You ruined our play!

    (Pikachu, meanwhile, darts up to the lights and begins to flash SOS with them to alert the other actors that something is wrong)

    Dawn: Furthermore, you guys never bothered to try out!

    Ash: And you ruined my scene!

    (Celebi steps over to the unfolding confrontation, looking less than pleased that intruders made their way into the theater.)

    Celebi: I see that we have a problem here. Would you like for Alex, Deminia, and myself to take care of it?

    Ash: Yeah! They need to be taught a lesson for ruining our play!

    Dawn: Brock, narrate our battle like it was a play!

    Celebi: Actually, I have a better idea...

    (Celebi goes to the drawing desk, as do Alex and Deminia. Al three open separate drawers and pull out six Pokeballs a piece. After they retrieve their Pokemon, they return to their respective places before the Rockets.)

    Celebi: Turn up the voltage! Go, Sparkster!

    (Celebi throws her Pokeball, and out comes a Pikachu that seems to be sparking with electricity from being cooped up in a Pokeball for so long.)

    Deminia: Time to cool off! Go, Freudia!

    (Deminia throws her Pokeball, and she sends out a Sneasel with what appears to be a short red feather on it's head, signifying that it is a female. This Sneasel stares Meowth right in the eyes and brings her clawed hand close to her face in a threatening battle position)

    Alex: Shake the ground with your awesome power! Go, Tec!

    (Alex throws his Pokeball, and out comes an Onix of great size. This Onix is bigger than your average Onix, and one would consider it to be the second largest Onix in the entire world of Pokemon.)

    Brock: Whoa...

    Ash: Cool...

    Celebi: Sparkster, let's electrify! Volt Tackle!

    Sparkster: Pi! Ka...!

    (At that moment, Sparkster takes off at high speed toward Team Rocket, cloaked by what appears to be a spike of electricity. It runs circles around the three until it slams into Meowth with supreme force.)

    Deminia: Let it snow! Freudia, Blizzard!

    (Freudia then summons up a mighty snowstorm that covers every inch of the arena, including Ash and co.!)

    Ash: Is th-there a w-white m-mage in th-the house?

    Dawn: Life's refreshing breeze, blow in energy! Cure!

    (blue light flies from Dawn's hands, making the snow disappear and healing Alex, Celebi's and Deminia's Pokemon)

    Alex: Tec, bury them in stone! Rock Slide!

    (Tec drops large boulders on Team Rocket, burying them in what looks to be an avalanche of stone.)

    Misty: And I'll finish them off with Starmie!

    (Starmie appears and blasts the pile of rocks out the open stage door)

    Ash: Good riddance....

    Misty: Well, since the Rockets ruined our first play, why don't we start again with a new one? (shows Celebi a new script)

    Celebi: The Absol That Built a Bridge...hmmm...

    (Alex, meanwhile, is interested in Brock's costume and persona...)

    Alex: How'd you come up with that costume and the whole harp thing?

    Brock: Well, it all started when I found a hidden room in the Gym--I showed it to my siblings, and one of them said it reminded him of a place where a mystical being that told stories might live--and thus this persona, Arran, was born. Since then, I've been asked to appear at libraries, schools, and storytelling festivals all over the place, and occasionally alongside Ash and Dawn, who portray personas of their own. If you want, I can ask Misty to see if she'll let me introduce the play in character...

    Alex, Celebi, Deminia: Yeah!

    (Some minutes later, Misty pops into the scene of the closed curtains with the clapboard)

    Misty: "The Absol That Built a Bridge," take 1! (claps the clapboard, we hear a harp riff as Brock appears at stage right, playing the harp in question)

    Brock: Welcome, name is Arran, wanderer among worlds and gatherer of song and story. In my home world, I am called Myaera--which means 'the emerald singer'. Together with my companions, I roam across many worlds, hearing the stories that are told and the songs that are sung, and bring them back to our base, so all can hear and enjoy them. Whether you came here with joy or with tears, sit back and relax--I have a tale for any occassion. (he plays some more) Today I want to share with you a tale about an Absol, and how a carpenter discovered its true name...perhaps you would like to hear the tale?

    (Nincadas chirp as Brock waits for a supposed answer)

    Brock: Very well then... (he speaks as he plays some more) Many moons ago, there was a small village that stood nearby a swift and roaring river. The people there lived happy and peaceful lives, but there was one tiny problem--there was no way to cross the river... (his spotlight blinks off as the curtain opens to reveal a Japanese-esque village, complete with some sparkling royal blue cloth to represent the river. Dawn and Celebi, as townsfolk, approach the "river" with prop river baskets and mimic washing clothes.)

    Dawn: Such a fine day!

    Celebi: How nice to hear the birds singing and the sun warm on our faces.

    Dawn: My love brought many fish home this past night, but now his clothes smell of salt air and Magikarp! (makes a disgusted face at one prop tunic)

    Celebi: You will have to scrub harder than I, Izumi-san, for I only bring my best robe to be washed today. (holds up a robe to illustrate her point)

    Dawn: How beautiful! You must have sold a good harvest to buy cloth like that!

    Celebi: It's not new, and the material is hard to find... (they put away their "laundry" and stand)

    Dawn: Oh! The Cresselia Festival is coming soon, and I wish for a new robe very much.

    Celebi: I too, wish to shop in the city across the river--I hear the bazaar there has many wondrous things, and robes and tunics in enough colors to make a Beautifly jealous!

    Dawn: That, and nets strong enough to hold a Blastoise, sweet oil to burn in the Legendaries' honor, and instruments with a strong tone--but alas, we have no way to cross.

    Celebi: I know...The river is strong, and any bridge we build is torn away like sprouts in a strong wind...

    Dawn: If only we lived when Old Yori was a young man--surely he would build a strong bridge. (at this, Alex, in character as an old man, comes onstage) Oh! Greetings, Old Yori, we were just speaking of you.

    Alex: I am flattered.

    Celebi: Tell us, Yori-sama, why we cannot cross the river.

    Dawn: We wish very much to visit the cities and towns on the other side...

    Celebi: Is there no way to reach them?

    Alex: Patience, know not the difficulties of building a bridge that spans the great river. Our strongest men are no match for the waters, and the village council understands that we must trade with the cities and towns on the other side.

    Dawn: But they don't do anything!

    Alex: Yes, they do...the council has asked the best carpenter in the land to build us a bridge.

    Celebi: Thank Arceus! Surely he will know how to tame these waters! (the lights go down as a harp is heard and Brock reappears in his spotlight again)

    Brock: Some days passed, and the carpenter arrived at the village. The first thing he did was to inspect the roaring river while speaking with Old Yori... (he plays some more as his spotlight goes off and the lights come up on the stage, where Alex and Ash, as the carpenter, meet by the "river")

    Alex: I am honored that you have come to address this problem of ours...

    Ash: And it is my pleasure to be of service, for I have no fear of the river. My work stands over many other rivers all across the land, and this river will be no exception.

    Alex: A word of caution--it will not be an easy task.

    Ash: Although the river roars with a strong current, it doesn't bother me.

    Alex: But if you listen close, you may hear it taunting you, saying "Never never will I be crossed!" and so far, no one that has tried to build a bridge has succeeded.

    Ash: But I'M going to!

    Alex: I will leave you to the task--may Arceus be with you. (he exits, leaving Ash alone on the stage)

    Ash(to the audience): I would not want the elder to know that despite my boasts to the contrary, the river is quite intimidating--How am I supposed to even give it support in such strong waters? I acknowledge it won't be easy, but I have made a promise to the villiagers, so I won't give up!

    (As Ash mimics building something, a harp riff is heard as Brock reappears in his spotlight)

    Brock: As the carpenter began his daunting task, he suddenly saw a flash of white and black approaching him from the riverbank. (May, as an Absol, deftly runs past in the distance, making Ash look in the direction of the river, confused) An Absol suddenly came into view, its black and white fur giving it a frightening appearance in the noonday sun. (his spotlight blinks off and he plays a downward glissando as May lunges at Ash, making him step back in feigned fear)

    Ash: Ai-yai-yai! What is this frightful beast?

    May: Absol! (to Ash) Human, why do you stand there as pale as moonlight? Have you never seen such a beautiful creature as me before?

    Ash: Uh...

    May: I didn't hear you!

    Ash: Who are you?

    May: I am the Absol that guards this river, and humans fear me...for where I come, disaster follows!

    Ash: I fear you too, Absol--I was not prepared for your appearing. The river is so deep that reflections are not seen, and so wide that the other side is shrouded in mist.

    May: Very true--the elders of this village know me well, and they tremble as you are, when they see me...this is why I appear by the river banks every so often--it is such fun to frighten humans, like this! (a bright light appears on May for a split second, making her costume's material flash enough to nearly blind Ash) How was that?

    Ash: That was awful!

    May: Aren't I amazing, and scary, too?

    Ash: Quite so, Lady Absol, to be honest, you are so fearsome, it is almost beautiful.

    May: You think so? I am flattered.

    Ash: But you've got to be a kind Pokemon, or else I would have been warned against you...

    May: Of course! It is not in my nature to feast upon humans. I am also quite intelligent--you wish to build a bridge over this river, yes?

    Ash: How did you know?

    May: I know a lot more than any human would--and I also know you fear such a task.

    Ash: You speak the truth.

    May: Worry no more, human, for I will build a bridge for you--what is impossible for a human is very simple to a Pokemon like me.

    Ash: Now now, I think you are bragging, for I am the best builder in all the land, and I feel that it cannot be done.

    May: Why, I could have the bridge complete before the sun rises tomorrow morning.

    Ash: REALLY???

    May: By the Great Lord Arceus, I swear to you I can.

    Ash: How do I know you are not lying?

    May: Didn't I already swear it as an oath before the King of the Heavens, Arceus? Your problem is solved.

    Ash: I am honored and grateful--you deserve a reward in return for your aid. Name what you wish, and it is yours.

    May: A gift, you say? Hm... (harp interlude as May thinks a moment) Most times I am given gifts to keep me away, but what kind of gift suits such a beautiful Pokemon like me?

    Ash: Think quickly! I have made a promise to the villagers...

    May: Let me see here... (another harp interlude as May thinks some more) I have it! I wish for one of your ears.

    Misty(voiceover): Cut!

    Ash: What?

    Misty: Is an Absol even strong enough to tear off a human's ear?

    (May notices Ash fumbling for his Pokedex)

    May: Wait, Ash! (to Misty) I can change it if it doesn't make sense...

    Dawn: I remember Prof. Rowan saying they can do that if you anger them enough...

    Misty: Okay, okay, we can keep the ear stuff...keep going!

    (we return to Ash and May onstage again)

    Ash: One of my ears? But I only have two, and I love them very much--how else would I enjoy the birds or the music of festivals?

    May: Regardless, I am building you a bridge no human could build--and you have promised me a gift.

    Ash: But, how would I live half deaf?

    May: Since I see you are troubled, I will give you a chance to spare your ear--I will build the bridge tonight, and if you can offer something better or tell me what the elders named me, your ear will be safe. Do we have a deal?

    Ash: I have no choice but to accept your terms--I cannot make a promise I cannot keep. (May smiles deviously and deftly sprints away as Brock reappears in his spotlight, playing his harp.)

    Brock: And with that, the Absol disappeared as quickly as she appeared, the white mists being the only sign she had ever appeared at all. (Ash, meanwhile, walks off to a prop tree and pretends to sleep as the lights go down to mimic nighttime) All that night, he tossed and turned. (Ash pretends to toss and turn) For every time he closed his eyes, he saw the Absol's devious smile. (As Ash pretends to sleep, May returns with a slab of wood and lays it over the "river". Once she exits, the lights gradually start to come up to simulate a sunrise) As Ho'oh began her flight across the sky, the carpenter awoke, and was amazed to find that a bridge had been built, one not even he could have built. (his spotlight blinks off as May returns)

    May: Well? How do you like my bridge?

    Ash(dryly): The most beautiful I have seen.

    May: Much better than any built by humans?

    Ash: Very much so.

    May: Now for your end of the bargain--my true name or a better gift?

    (Ash balks as Brock plays a downward glissando)

    Ash: Lady Absol, forgive me--I was so worried for the bridge that I gave no thought to a better gift or your true name! I beg you for another day to think it over!

    May: Oh, okay, I will give you another day since you asked so nicely--but I swear that you will not guess my true name! (she dashes off, leaving Ash alone onstage again)

    Ash(to the audience): I am so going to learn your true name, Lady Absol--I swear it!

    (As Ash walks offstage and the lights go down, Brock reappears in his spotlight, playing another interlude)

    Brock: The carpenter was worried sick, and in desperation, walked away from the river to the forest nearby the village. As he walked, he entertained many possibilities as to what the Absol had once been named by the village elders. Before long, he found himself deep in the forest, far away from the village... (his spotlight blinks off as the lights come up on the set of a forest. Deminia, as an Absol cub, appears onstage and begins romping about in some prop leaves as Ash emerges onstage.)

    Ash(to the audience) Oh my...what is that rustling I keep hearing in the forest?

    Deminia: While Mama is away, her cub will play! (jumps in the leaves again)

    Ash: By Moltres' flaming wings! That's not a human child, that's a baby Absol! (he starts to run behind a tree, but then reconsiders) Maybe it will give me a clue to its mother's true name...

    Deminia: Mama's a big Absol that lives by the river, making the humans quiver and shiver! Mama, my mama, mama Purnima!

    Ash: So that's what the elders once named the Absol--Purnima! (harp interlude as Ash walks off and the lights go down, revealing Brock again)

    Brock: No sooner had the carpenter returned to the river, did he find the mother Absol waiting for him... (his spotlight blinks off as the lights come up on the village and river again. Sure enough, May is waiting for Ash.)

    May: You have returned...perhaps you wish to reconsider?

    Ash: No...I came to tell you your true name.

    May: Oh, this will be fun to tell me, what is my true name that the elders gave me so long ago out of their fear for me?

    Ash: The elders gave you the name that means in the language of Mew "moonlight that cuts through the darkness"...

    May: I know what it means, but what is the name?

    Ash: And along with the name, it also has the title of the One Who Brings Sorrow By Night....

    May: Go on...

    Ash: The name that goes with this title--your true name--is Purmina!

    (May feigns shock as Brock plays an upward glissando)

    May: did you know?

    Ash: That is only for me to know, Lady Purmina. (May just dashes off, over an interlude from Brock)

    Brock: And so, the Absol disappeared into the mists, humiliated that a human knew her true name. Yet the bridge remained, forming a lovely arch over the roaring rapids. (Alex, Celebi, and Dawn join Ash in looking at the "bridge") The village was overjoyed by the news of a bridge... (his spotlight blinks off)

    Dawn: Now that we have a bridge, we will never again fear these waters!

    Celebi: And now we can trade and visit with the cities on the other side!

    Alex: The bridge will bring wealth to both side if the river (to Ash) and it shall be named for you.

    Ash: I have a better idea...why not call it "Purmina Bridge"? (the lights blink off and Brock appears in his spotlight, playing one last interlude.)

    Brock: And so it was--the bridge stood for many moons, and can still be seen today, all thanks to a brave carpenter brave enough to guess an Absol's name--and so ends the tale named "The Absol that Built a Bridge"....farewell, untill we meet again. (plays one last glissando as the curtains close)

    Misty: Bravo, that was great! (everyone takes a bow for their "audience")

    (Celebi leads the others backstage, then comes back out in her normal attire, seating herself before the drawing board as everyone else gathers around after changing clothes.)

    (Cut to a sequence on paper, where a title is drawn that reads "Celebi's Lessons on Life". In the bottom center of the title square is a little Celebi doodle holding a sign that reads "Episode 1: Early to Bed, Early to Rise".)

    Celebi(voiceover): I have a problem. Alex seems to like sleeping in to the afternoon hours, and I'm at my wit's end as to what to do.

    (The pencil draws in a bedroom scene with a large lump under the covers, and the window shows that it's afternoon outside!)

    Celebi (voiceover): I've had him set his alarm, but that doesn't seem to do the trick...

    (The alarm clock rings, and a hand reaches out to hit the snooze button)

    Celebi(voiceover): And what's worse, he has chores that he needs to do. How do I get him to wake up?

    Brock(voiceover): Bang on a frying pan?

    (the pencil draws Brock in the scene, where he proceeds to bang on a frying pan)

    Brock(over the banging): Good morning, sunshine!

    Celebi(voiceover): There's just a teeny problem with that. Deminia doesn't like the noise that pans make when being hit with a spoon. There have been many instances where I've found myself being abused with a frying pan.

    (the pencil draws Deminia storming into the room, pulling the frying pan out of Brock's hands and beating him over the head with it.)

    Ash(voiceover): The ol' trumpet?

    (the pencil draws Ash in the scene with a trumpet, with which he plays the loudest rendition of Reville he knows)

    Celebi (voiceover): Sad thing is, trumpet is one of the many instruments I don't know how to play.

    Deminia(voiceover): I have an idea. After the tuba incident, I heard Alex complaining that he never wanted to see or hear another tuba again. Maybe we could fix up a Tuba Alarm Clock.

    Celebi (voiceover): That's a great idea, Dem.

    (the pencil erases the current alarm clock, and replaces it with an alarm clock with a tuba horn at the top. Celebi sets the alarm for five seconds from the current time, and runs to the closet to hide and watch the fun.)

    (Everyone laughs as the odd device goes off)

    Misty: But what would really work is if you had to chase after the clock to turn it off.

    (We see a alarm clock ringing, and then rolling off of Alex's nightstand...)

    (Alex chases the alarm clock through the hall and down the stairs. He finally pounces on the alarm clock and makes it shut off. Alex then stands in a victory pose.)

    (cue Final Fantasy victory music)

    (back in the real world, Celebi finishes the final square with a 'The End' doodle, and signs it.)

    Alex: I hope that no one ever attempts to make a tuba alarm clock...

    Brock: Oh, I actually tried that once...

    Alex: ::gasp::

    Brock: Kidding!

    Celebi: (chuckles a bit) And now, for our not-so-traditional holiday tradition. Alex, check the lights!

    (Alex moves around the tree, checking all of the lights.)

    Alex: This one works...this one works...this one works...

    (Suddenly, a zap is heard, as every light in the theater goes out.)

    Alex: Found it!

    Deminia: Our tradition, you ask? To find the one light in the string of 50 million that makes all of the other ones go out.

    (We zoom over to backstage, where Brock, now seated before a drum set and illuminated by flashlights, does a rim shot to punctuate the joke)

    Ash: We'll see you all next time, and happy holidays... (runs to help find a generator)

    The Pokemon Anime Remix Project:

    Pokemon Moonlight Silver--a re-imagining of Johto, without all the filler.

    Pokemon Shine Diamond--a retelling of the Shinou arc, without all the filler.

    Pokemon Island Sun
    --a live episode by episode remix of the Alola arc as it airs, done as a collection of letters

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    I'm personally proud of our hard work. Now if we could get people to read it.

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