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    Accepted List

    This thread will be re-opened after my Exam period - 1st July

    Times I am Most Active @ SPPF

    Monday to Friday: 4.00pm - 6.00pm [GMT]
    Saturday and Sunday: 10.00am - 12.00pm / 2.00pm - 6.00pm [GMT]


    All SPPF rules - Obviously.
    My Shop, My Rules - This means any questions or queries should be held via PM.
    One per person - By making a graphic I am doing you a favour, remember that, so one request per post.
    No PM Requests - Do not contact me via PM for requests, except for Bulk Requests.
    Personal Projects - I am willing to do PM Bulk Requests for people who need stuff at Clubs or Sub-Forums
    Custom Badges - If you need a set of Custom League badges for a League or Clan you can PM me.
    Three’s the Magic Number - I only accept Three Requests at a time, do not post when Accepted List is Full, but check recent posts yourself.
    Wait 3 Days before next Request - Wait 3 days after you've requested, to prevent the same people from continuously requesting and allow others a chance.
    One Image Graphics - I only make graphics with one image* except Wallpapers and Thread Banners, you must provide these images
    Sugimori Art - *You are allowed up to 6 Sugimori images in a single banner, no links required
    Image Sources - Image links must be from either Photobucket, *******, Imageshack, Wiki Sites or Serebii.Net
    Use the Form - They’re posted below, including the codes and everything, copy it exactly to show the rules have been read.
    WBG Banner - These are Banners that have No Background, just a render image, No text
    Pokemon Badges - I am taking Pokemon Badge requests again for a limited time. So when I stop that means STOP REQUESTING THEM.
    Credit me, please - See? I even said please, if you don't I simply delete your request and I stalk you via PM
    Permission - Everyone is allowed to use any graphic I make, unless the banner is personalised or you are banned.

    Lack of a form in your post gets you 2 strikes.

    HTML Code:
    [I]This Munchkin would like a [B]Banner* / Icon* / Wallpaper* / WBG Banner* [/B][/I]
    [B]Image +[/B]
    [B]Style +[/B]
    [B]Text +[/B]
    [B]Colour Preference +[/B]
    [B]Size +[/B]
    * Delete either "Banner", "Icon" , "WBG Banner" or "Wallpaper" as appropriate.
    No Text for WBG Banners

    HTML Code:
    [I]This Munchkin would like a [B]Pokemon Badge[/B][/I]
    [B]Pokemon Region +[/B]
    [B]Pokemon No +[/B]
    [B]Pokemon Name +[/B]
    [B]Main Features +[/B] 
    The Badges are made to 50x50. Only Legendaries are Front View.

    HTML Code:
    [I]This Munchkin would like a [B]Pokemon Fusion[/B][/I]
    [B]Pokemon Base +[/B]
    [B]Pokemon to Fuse +[/B]
    [B]Pokemon Colours +[/B] 
    [B]Medium +[/B] Sprite/Sugimori/Dream World/Animated Icon
    [B]Glow +[/B] yes/no
    Choose ONE of the Mediums listed in the form.



    W A L L P A P E R S



    This is where you stay for the duration of your ban [Emptied Every 3 Months]

    One Rule Broken - 1 Week
    Two Rules Broken - 2 Weeks
    Three Rules Broken - Permanant Ban


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