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Thread: Discussion Rules --- READ [UPDATED 01/10/14]

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    Default Discussion Rules --- READ [UPDATED 01/10/14]

    Pokemon Black and White Discussion Rules

    1. All main SPPF rules apply. In partiuclar, please stay on the thread topic.

    2. This forum is moderated until further notice. This means newly created threads are hidden from view unless a moderator approves them. Please do not pester the mods to approve your thread.

    3. If you want to get rates/comments on your team please use the 5th gen Ingame RMT forum section.

    4. We have a Help thread sticky! Please ask questions there.

    If you have any questions, please PM one of the moderators of the section. (A list is available at the bottom right hand side of the main section page).
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    My TSVs are 1021 and 1558

    If you have a matching egg, I will gladly hatch it for you! Please send me a PM with your FC, IGN, timezone/availability, and if you want a nickname.

    I am looking for people to hatch the following eggs for me:

    2895, 2653, 1622, 3548, 3208, 0848, 2682, 2844, 2955

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