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    Default Battle Tower Team-EX I

    Bring it. I have constructed this team to bring out true power, after years of creation (yeah, this was meant to be my first team but then I knew I had to work better so I made other teams as templates for this one) This team will break the barrier. I am about to show all I know, I will demonstrate how hax in the BT can be countered, and at the same time deal heavy damage and stall all in one. I know I said unoriginality was wrong, but this combines unoriginality with true originality. I didn't do this alone too, I did this with MillionThousand and TrapinchBarrier from Secret Tower Revolution, and with Storm Rider from "Official Invite Only Wi-Fi Zone" We all agree this is the limit breaker, Trapinch will use this team, you just have to show the way forward, give us help, we can beat Peterko.

    ~Team First Look~

    ~Epic Lead~

    Latias@Choice Scarf
    252 HP, 144 SpD, 114 Def
    Thunder Wave
    Dragon Pulse
    Calm Mind
    Right, I have reasons. The only reason I have more SpD is because special attackers are more common in the BT than physical (this changes around 3000 but this team can't get there in a million years. My goal is to beat Peterko anyway so I'm safe from that switch. Also note that special attackers run better moves than physical attackers anyway. Incase I get haxed by ScarfTaunt (Speed won't cut it as they (case reference Infernape/Absol) run 252 Speed EVs) I guess that's all I gotta explain.


    Scizor@Muscle Band
    252 Atk, 252 Spd, 6 HP
    Swords Dance
    Bullet Punch
    Brick Break
    Aerial Ace
    Full on good-team in 2 Pokémon. AA is for hax protection, and have you seen how many times Dual-Screening comes in in the late BT? Well, I've not really used a hax-proof team before, this will cut it, though. I added Speed for quicker BB/AA. It may not matter on BP, unless something lol happens. Impish is the only Defense I can use really, but don't sweat-this combo got TrapinchBarrier's team of Scizor, Torterra, and Arcanine to 1500 alone. That's why I elected him. So I could get the true power out of Scizor. I hope this guy helps out well.

    Wrap up with more directness!

    252 ATK, 252 Spd, 6 HP
    Dragon Dance
    Ice Punch
    Aqua Jet
    Boom. Two physical attackers, almost identical, adding great synenergy. This is the reason I selected Storm Rider, BTW. I tweaked their teams in a way I can't describe. Great synenergy, but an attacking downside. But then again, there's always a way to win with this team.

    ~Rate away~
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