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This episode was awesome, but there are two things in particular that blew my mind:

1) I could have sworn that Monferno decapitated somebody when it used Flame Wheel on TR's balloon. Seriously, it looked like Monferno just took someone's head off in that scene.

2) The kind of abuse that Ash takes in this show as a whole is simply absurd. There have been numerous instances where he has fallen at least 100 feet from the sky, and when he lands, he shakes it off like he just tripped over his shoelaces or something. This episode is a perfect example of that kind of logic. He had been hit by Flame Wheel three times, I think, and that final time, he even gets surrounded by a ring of fire from Monferno. And somehow... when all is said and done... he's perfectly fine; not even a scratch on him. WHAT KIND OF SENSE DOES THAT MAKE?!? I mean, for crying out loud, in real life, he would've f***ing died from severe burns to his entire body, and yet, even his damn clothes come out just fine! I know this is supposed to be a cartoon, but would it kill the animators to show a little realism every now and then?!

Okay, rant over. Bottom line, this episode was cool (Infernape ftw!), albeit COMPLETELY illogical concerning Ash's "burns."
My first thoughts after seeing the episode. What Ash is prepared to do for the well-being his Pokemon... Now, it's getting 7. degree burns. But the scriptwriters won't have that, and Ash gets Heatproof.
I loved James' preparational speech, when he was explaining the new plan.